Talia Rice

WHITE LIES by Talia Rice

Copyright © 2010 by Diamond Publicationz

Prologue |OPEN UP,} YASMIN YOSEF COACHED HER YOUNG PATIENT. She stood bent over so their faces were level with each other. The twenty-one year old patient¶s cracked lips were held tightly together. The skin was starting to curl up in patches and flake off. The orderlies repeatedly applied Carmax to her lips only to come back hours later to the same ashy mess as before. ³You gone open up? You have to eat at some point, you¶re disappearing.´ Yasmin let out a little laugh but got no response in return. She stood straight up still holding the spoon with a thick orange liquid she assumed was tomato soup while her other hand sat perched on her hip. Her eyes scanned the small, claustrophobic padded room. Then down at the withering girl. Her arms were wrapped around her torso as though she was hugging herself all of the time. ³I wouldn¶t eat in this shit hole either girl.´ She stroked the patient¶s silky hair. Most of its luster had gone but Yasmin still loved to touch it when she came in. The girl did not seem to mind; at least she did not flinch or protest in any way. Yasmin was not positive if the girl could talk. Since she has been working on this wing she has not uttered a word. She always seemed off in another realm; never looking directly at anyone but some entity inside the person. ³Well if you don¶t want it, I¶ll eat it. I haven¶t sat down and ate since yesterday.´ Yasmin looked back at the door. Normally all doors remained opened while orderlies are tending to patients and if a patient is high risked two orderlies were to work the patient. This one had high risk written all over her file but there were not enough orderlies that night and she never caused any trouble.

She planted herself on her knees at an angle so if someone was to stroll past they would not see her tearing the patient¶s food up. Her assumption was right, it was tomato soup. Yasmin wrinkled her nose. ³Needs some«salt,´ Yasmin commented. What made her stammer a little was her patient. For the first time since being admitted the oddly stunning patient connected her eyes with an orderly. Yasmin tilted her head and the girl followed suit. Her hazel eyes appeared as clear an lucid as any normal person. The whites of her eyes were no longer red tinged but an eggshell white. No trace of the effects of the cocktail medications that were being pumped in her around the clock existed. ³You alright? You wanna eat now?´ Yasmin offered. She held out the spoon. The girl eyed it with the same bewilderment look she had given Yasmin. Then she swiveled her head back around. Yasmin froze. Her eyes changed to coffee black water. Yasmin never saw someone¶s eyes literally change colors. The work of the devil is what her mama would say. ³Ay.´ Yasmin placed her hand on the girl causing her to jump a little. A corner of her mouth started to quiver like a wolf¶s snarl. Yasmin looked back wishing someone would peak their head in. She never saw it coming though. The patient managed to untie her arms from the straight jacket and grab a hold of Yasmin¶s head. Her thumbs pressed into the orderly¶s eyes until she heard a pop. A yellowish liquid bubbled out unto her fingers, and then a gush of dark red blood squirted in the patient¶s face. She pounded her fist into the girl¶s face as the little life that was left in Yasmin seeped out. By the time Yasmin was found the patient was in the corner using Yasmin¶s blood as paint on the cushioned wall.

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