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The founder of taekwondo is General Choi-Hong Hi, a 9th degree Master.

Today, over 70 million people in 188 countries practice Taekwondo. 4 million of them are
black belters.

When practicing taekwondo the commands are given in the Korean language.

The minimum rank to become a Master is a 6th degree black but in order to become a
Master the candidate must be invited.
1Do you want to get fit?

2Are you interested to have a new hobby?

1Do you want to learn how to fight?

2Or, do you just want to get stronger?

1If you want to achieve any of these, we encourage you to join us in learning the basics of



2Taekwondo is a Korean martial art that was founded by General Hong Hi Choi as a military

requirement. It is also a form of exercise and weaponless self-defense.

2But, what does TAEKWONDO mean?

1The word tae means foot; kwon means hand; and, do means the art or way of life.

1+2Combining them all, TAEKWONDO is the art or way of the hands and the feet.

1In training, you can either use the uniform known as DOBOK, or you can wear simply a

jogging pants a shirt.

2Now, lets begin with the basic commands.

2The first command is called charyeot.

1Charyeot means attention. How do you do it?

1Next command is kyungre.

2Kyungre means to bow. From charyeot postion, you just bow.

2And, the third command is joonbi or the ready stance.

1How to do it?

1The purpose of these commands is to help develop discipline, respect, and to show honor.

2Now that we know the commands, well now proceed on how to form a fist.
2May we ask everybody to raise their hands.

2To make a fist, first, close your fingers.

2Then, clip it once.

2Then, clip it again.

2Finally, place your thumb over your fingers so that when you hit something solid, you wont hurt


1At this moment, you already know how to make a fist. Now, lets proceed to punching.

1The punching in taekwondo is not like the punching you know in boxing. Like this one, and this


1Its done this way. You punch must be straight and must be aimed at chest level. The resting

hand stays above your belt, beside your waist. As you make another punch, you pull your other

arm back to the side of your waist. And, we do this this way. 1,2,3. Now, you know how to punch.

2Moving on, we go to the very, very basic block.

2And, it is called the Downward Block/Low Block.

2How to do it?

2Again, were requesting all of you to raise your hands.

2To do a left low block, put your left hand on your right shoulder. Then, your right hand, on the

right left side of your waist. To do it, your left hand goes down as you pull right hand to the other

side of your waist like youre slicing your tummy. Lets do it again. Left hand goes up. Right hand

goes to the side.

1Of course, if we have a left low block, we also have a right low block. Again, raise your hands.

1For a right low block, your right hand goes to your left shoulder. And, your left hand goes to the

right side of your waist. Then, right arm goes down, and pull your left arm to the side like youre

slicing again your tummy.

1Now that were done with the arms and hands, we move to the feet.

2If you also want to do it, you can find your happy place where you can move freely.

2Were going to show you how to do the basic kicks.

1First is the Stretch Kick.

1You just raise your foot as high as you can, without bending your knee. Thats it. Thats stretch


2The second one is the Front Kick.

2Its similar to Stretch Kick, except that you will need to clip your leg before and after kicking.

2So, raise you knee, kick you leg. Clip, then put it down. We do it again, like this.

1Next is the In-Out Kick.

1Its a stretch kick, but we do it from the inside going outside. Like youre doing a curve.

2Opposite of In-Out Kick, is the Out-In Kick.

2Again, its a stretch kick beginning from the outside, going inside.

1And, the next kick is the 45-Kick.

1Its similar to Front Kick, except that youll going to twist your body sidewards. Clip, side, kick,

clip, down.

2As you kick, your supporting leg also twists.

2 Now, you have learned the basics of taekwondo in under 7 minutes. We hope that you learned
something from what we have taught you. If youre interested to learn more, there are many
training centers here in Baguio where you can learn fully TAEKWONDO.
1+2 Thank you for your time and your participation.