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Asma Shedewa



Seeking to obtain a position with a well-respected organization and

environment where I am able to utilize my skills, experience, and hard
work ethic to further my career and the facility. Experienced bilingual
and child care worker.



Expert knowledge of computer software packages.

Get along well with employers and coworkers. Self-motivated; able
to learn on own initiative. Excellent record of dependability and
Sensitive, caring and professional attitude toward staff, patients,
and their families.
Responsible, dependable, punctual; take pride in work.


Volunteer, Henry Ford Elementary Dearborn, MI 09/2012-01/2013

Helped kindergarten students. Taught them how to count and read,

helped with the lessons, and helped teach them to behave. I also
helped organize activities for the students and helped keep the
room organized for the teacher as well.

Volunteer, American Moslem Society Dearborn, MI 09/2012-12/2012

Kept the place clean, helped people around the mosque get to
where they want to go, helped keep it organized, helped with class
activities, and helped with bake sales and donations.

Tutor, Salina Intermediate School with Access

Worked after school to help students with their homework. Besides helping them
with their homework, we had two different classes everyday and they would change
everyday something new. We had science, reading, writing, math, gym and boys/girls
Fordson High School: Senior
Henry Ford Community College: Dual Enrollment