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Day 1

Think and Tell

Look at the pictures. Tell what emotions doe each pictures shows.

Find and Learn

Read the short selection carefully

Mang Cardings Catch

Mang Carding is known for being a good fisherman in their town. One
morning he went to the river to catch fish. With determination he threw his fishing line
onto the river and patiently waited for his catch. Suddenly he felt a tug on his line. His
heart beat faster as he positioned his feet firmly on the ground. He pulled the line with
all his might hoping to see a big fish at the hook of his fishing line. He stared at his
catch with disappointment.

Answer the following questions

1. Where Mang Carding did goes one day?

2. What do you think did Mang Carding catch?
3. How did Mang Carding feel about his catch?
4. .What do you think did Mang Carding do?
5. If you were Mang Carding what will you do after seeing
what was in his fishing line?
Try and Learn
Show the proper gesture for the following sentences

1. Mang Carding went to the river.

2. He threw his fishing line onto the river.
3. He patiently waited for his catch.
4. Suddenly, he felt a tug on his fishing line.
5. He pulled his line excitedly.
6. He stared at his catch with disappointment.

Do and Learn
Pass the message

Group 1 - Our team won the championship !

Group II No, You dont have the permission!
Group III Oh, I didnt see you come in!
Group IV I cant figure this out.

Learn some more

The teacher will give a sentence about the following pictures. In your
own words restate what the teacher said.

1. 2. 3.

4. 5.
Read and learn
Listen as the teacher reads the story. In your own words write 5 sentences you heard.

The Fox and the Stork

The fox and the stork used to be friends. They were always together until one day. The
fox told the stork to come to his house for dinner. The truth was that fox wanted to play a joke on
the stork.
When the dinner time came, the fox put the soup on the shallow container before the stork. The
fox easily slurped it., but he stork could only wet the end of her long bill. The poor stork went
home as hungry as when she came.
The fox apologized to the stork for not liking the soup. Soon the stork invited the fox to
dine with her at home.
So the fox visited the stork. The stork served their dinner in a jar with a very long neck
and a narrow mouth. The fox could only leak the outside of the jar.

Talk about it
Based from the story The Fox and the Stork answer the following questions.
Give your answer through gesture
1. What did the fox do one day?
2. Why did he invite the stork for dinner?
3. What did the stork feel after the dinner?
4. Did the stork liked what the fox do to him? What did he do?
5. How did the fox feel after their dinner?.

Write about it
Listen to the teacher as she reads the following sentences. Restate the sentences in your
own word by writing it in your paper.

1. The grasshopper is hopping and dancing all day.

2. The ant is working and saving food.
3. It rained all day.
4. The grasshopper has no food to eat.
5. The grasshopper realizes that it is important to save food for the rainy day.


To restate a sentence heard you must listen carefully and

remember the main points .

Day 2
Think and Tell
Look at the pictures

What does the girl doing?What does the boy doing?

Find and Learn

Read and study the following sentences

1. Science explains many of our questions, and it creates wonderful things too,
2. Some scientist study languages, but they dont speak all the languages.
3. All scientists are working to improve peoples lives, but not all of them succeed.
4. I have to study, or I will fail.

Answer the following questions:

How many ideas made up each sentence?
What little words are used to connect these ideas
Would the connected parts be complete by themselves?
When connected parts give similar ideas, what connector is used?
When connected parts give opposite ideas, what connector is used ?
What connector is used when there is a choice to be made?

The conjunctions that make up FANBOYS are for, and, nor, but, or,
yet, and so. Each of these words has a different use.

1. He is sad, forhis parents are fighting

2. I was in the library and Jimmy is in the classroom.
3. He doesnt know how to write nor does he know how to read.
4. He can sing well but he doesnt know how to dance
5. Ill go to Lilys house or Ill go shopping.
6. Dulce was the oldest of the girls, yet her accent was the most prominent.
7. Laura didnt go with her parents so she just cleaned the entire house.
Try and Learn
Create a compound sentence by combining the two simple sentences below
with the connector and, or, but

1. Terry likes hamburgers. Jenny likes egg.

2. Make sure to sleep well. You will not wake up on time.
3. Gardening is a wonderful hobby. It is not expensive.
4. Jason plated the garden. Susan planted the seeds.
5. Ramon and Joseph love to garden. They are very busy with athlete

Do and Learn
Circle the correct conjunction that completes each compound sentence
1. I have fifty dollars, (yet/ and / so) I still cant afford the new video game.
2. I didnt study hard enough, (yet/ and / so) I didnt pass my latest exam.
3. You are a new student, (yet/ and / so) you have to learn the class routine.
4. Do all your homework, (and/ or/ but) else you will fall behind.
5. Always respect your elders, (yet/ and / so) you may earn their trust.

Learn some more

Complete the sentence by using the appropriate conjuntions to form a compound

1. The computer crashed ___I lost all my works

2. My husband was working, ___I went shopping.
3. I like chocolate ice cream ___ don't have it very often.
4. I am on a diet ____still want a cookie.
5. He did not take the money, ___ it was not the right thing to do.

Read and learn

Read the short paragraph and find all and the compound sentences.


In the early days when the sky was still low, two brothers name Ingat and
Daskol lived with their parents on earth.
As their names indicate, Ingat was careful in everything he did and was
therefore his fathers right hand man.He was always helping with the work in the field and his
parents were very pleased with him.
On the other hand, Daskol did his work sloppily. In the absence of a daughter
in the family, the house work came to be Daskols responsibility. He fetched water, cleaned the
house and mother did the cooking. He also did the pounding of the palay that his father
harvested. Daskol lived up to his name being natural lazy and impatient, he did not like the work
of pounding.
One day, Daskol had to pound a greater quantity of palay than usual. He was
irritated because every time he raise the pestle, it would hit the sky. His anger added to his
strength so he raised the pestle higher. Every time it hit the sky, the sky would be raised. In his
hurry, Daskol did nit notice that the sky was rising. When he finished pounding rise, he looed up
and discovered that the sky had risen, and it is where it is today.

Talk about it
Connect the correct independent clause using the correct coordinating conjunctions
(and, so, for, nor, but, yet)
A. B
1. I did something wrong. A. They did something for us.
2. My parents are busy. B. I apologized.
3. Henry stayed home. C. Im also a singer.
4. I am an athlete. D. Did they study for the exam
5. They didnt do their project E. He is sick

Write about it
Complete the sentence to make a compound sentence

1. Their new house is small but _______________

2. Her mother cooks dinner and _______________.
3. They were all hungry so ___________________.
4. She did not cheat in the test for ______________.
5. Should we start our class now or _____________.

A compound sentence contains two independent clauses. You can combine two simple
sentences together with a comma and a coordinating conjunction to make one compound
The conjunctions that make up FANBOYS are for, and, nor, but, or,yet, and so. Each of these
words has a different use.

for-means because and-means another, addition

nor-means not, but-shows contrast ,
or-means a choice yet-shows contrast
so- gives result

Day 3
Think and Tell
What is the difference between the two?

house home

Find and Learn

Using the picture give the denotative and connotative meaning of the following words

red rose


Try and Learn
Read the following words. Tell whether if the given meaning is a denotation or

1. family group of related individuals

2. bird a feathered animals with wings
3. childish - immature
4. unusual - bizarre
5. underweight scrawny

Do and Learn
Give the connotative meaning of the underlined word.

1. I recognized the familiar smell of my roommates cooking.

2. Sometimes my thin friend annoys me.
3. Kevin interest in car turns into a hobby.
4. My old laptop has finally died.
5. Tom showed pride after winning the prize
Learn some more.
Find the denotative meaning of the following words

1. overweight - ( chubby, obese, weighing more than normal )

2. appetite - ( a strong desire, hunger, craving )
3. broken ( defeated, fractured, beaten
4. fresh ( clean and pure, impertinent, disrespectful )
5. vigor ( determination, good health, passion

Find the connotative meaning of the following words.

1. short ( tiny, little, fleeting )
2. height - ( measurement from base to top , violence )
3. slim ( thin, skinny, slender )
4. dumb ( stupid, lacking the power of speech , mute )
5. greasy- ( coated with oil, unappealing )

Read and learn

Read the short poem, find the words showing denotation or connotation

My mistress eyes are nothing like the sun;

Coral is far more red than her lips red;
If snow be white, why then her breasts are dun;
If hairs be wires, black wires grow on her head
Write about it
Decide whether the following is an example of denotation or connotation.

1. If the sun comes out, the snow will melt.

2. He has a good self-esteem.
3. Let us be a happy family and love one another.
4. Last year, I have a blue Christmas.
5. With a heavy heart, she called his number.

Denotation refers to the literal meaning of a word, the "dictionary definition."

Connotation refers to the associations that are connected to a certain word or the
emotional suggestions related to that word.

Day 4
Think and Tell
Look at the pictures below

Arrange the pictures in order when they happened

Find and Learn .

1. Vocabulary Development

Arrange the jumbled letters to form the word describe

a. andlnerow - owner of a big track of land

b. nneaxed added to
c. owntpolepe - people living in a town

2. Read the story carefully

Have you gone to Pasay City? What are some of the places of interest in
Pasay City? We are going to study further about Pasay, which is now a
city .

Pasay City is considered the gateway to the Philippines by air. The Ninoy
Aquino International Airport lies within its confines. Within its limited area of only 19
square kilometers live 386,702 residents. Squezzed into it are five colleges and
universities, seven flying schools and public and private hospitals.
Pasay has had a long and colorful history. In per Spanish time, Rajah
Soliman named it after his daughter, princess Pasay. A greater part of Pasay formed
part of Nanayan, now St. Ana , a trading upstream along the Pasig River.
In 1727 Pasay was annexed to malate to provide easier access to the
Malate Parish. It was also at this time that Pasay was named Pineda, a Spanish
landowner of the place who provided protection for the town people. At that time
marauding brigands attacked and victimized many residents.
Pasay has grown by accretion. On October 12, 1903, the Municipality of
Malibay, earlier created on Feb. 2, 1889, was annexed to the Municipality of Pasay.
Then ,on January 1,1942 Pasay was incorporated into greater Manila.
After the Second World War . In 1945 , Pasay reverted as a Municipality of Rizal
On August 16,1947, it became a city by virtue of Republic Act No. 183 and
was renamed Rizal City . But three years later in 1950, it reverted to its former name
Pasay City.
Pasay City celebrated its 130 th anniversary on December 2, 1993, as a
pueblo or town, for it was on this day 130 years ago when civil and ecclesiastical
authorities allowed the residents to manage their political and religious affairs. Now
Pasay City contributes much of the countrys proeperity and progress.

Comprehension check up

1. Who is the Rajah in the story?

2. What is considered the gateway to the Philippines by air?
3. When was the Pasay annexed to Manila to provide easier access to Malate
4. In what year was Pasay incorporated into the greater Manila area?
5. When was Pasay reverted as municipality of Rizal province?
6. By virtue of Republic Act No. 183 when was Pasay renamed Rizal City ?
7. In what year was Rizal City reverted to its former name Pasay City?
8. When did Pasay City celebrate its 130th anniversary?
9. How are the details in the selection arranged?

Try and Learn

Based from the selection read have the pupils finished the timeline by arranging the
events that occurs in Pasay City. Write

Pre- Spanish Time Rajah Soliman named the town after his daughter Princess Pasay.


February2, 1889

October 12, 1903

January 1, 1942


August 16, 1946


December 2, 1993
Do and Learn
Arrange the following events according to time order

1. My friend is a candidate for first honor

---This year he has been a consistent outstanding pupil.
---When he was in grade three, he topped his class.
---Last year he was number one in his class.

2. The grade five level pupils would go on a field trip.

---The teacher checked the attendance before they boarded the bus.
---The bus reached the destination at 9 oclock in the morning
--- The pupils assembled early in school

Learn some more

Arrange the following events according to time order.

1. The Comelec proclaims the winning candidate.

2. Rodrigo Duterte filed his candidacy for president.
3. The Board of Election Teller transmitted the election return to central server.
4. Filipinos casted their votes through VCM.
5. The Comelec organized a presidential debate

Read and learn

Read the nursery rhymes that shows chronological order of what happened.

Jack and Jill

Jack and Jill

Went up the hill
To fetch a pail of water,
Jack fell down
And broke his crown
And Jill came tumbling after.
Up Jack got
And home did trot
As fast as he could caper,
Went to bed
To mend his head
With vinegar and brown paper
Talk about it

The Lion and the Mouse

Once when a lion, the king of the jungle, was asleep, a little mouse began running up and
down on him. This soon awakened the lion, who placed his huge paw on the mouse, and
opened his big jaws to swallow him.
"Pardon, O King!" cried the little Mouse, "Forgive me this time. I shall never repeat it and I
shall never forget your kindness. And who knows, I may be able to do you a good turn one of
these days!
The Lion was so tickled by the idea of the mouse being able to help him that he lifted his
paw and let him go.
Sometime later, a few hunters captured the lion, and tied him to a tree. After that they
went in search of a wagon, to take him to the zoo.
Just then the little mouse happened to pass by. On seeing the lions plight, he ran up to
him and gnawed away the ropes that bound him, the king of the jungle.
"Was I not right?" said the little mouse, very happy to help the lion.

Comprehension Questions
a. Why does the King lion awaken?
b. Why did the lion did not eat the mouse?
c. What happened to the lion one day?
d. Who saved him from the hunters?
e. How did the mouse save the lion?
f. What lesson did you get from the story?

Write about it
Arrange the following events according to time order then write your answer in a
form of paragraph
Life Cycle of a Butterfly
The pupa will turn into a an adult butterfly
A butterfly starts life as a very small, round, oval or cylindrical egg.
They form themselves into a pupa.
The egg hatches, the larva will start his work and eat the leaf they were born

Text type (structure and language}

Time order it gives information in order of occurrence.
Critical words, first, second before, after, finally, the, next, earlier.

Day 5
Think and Tell

Show pictures. What can you say about the pictures? What are they?

These are some of the visual media that we use to convey

information or messages

Find and Learn

Vocabulary development
social media

Watch the video under this link
The importance of visual content

Answer the following questions:

What is the importance of visual media to everyone?

What are the different visual media that we can use ?
What is the importance of using visual media?

Try and Learn

Read and Understand

Generally speaking, there are five main functions of the visual arts: ceremonial, artistic
expression, narrative, functional, and persuasive. To these can be added beauty, in effect, the
desire of the artist to simply create something beautiful with little or no thought to any
significance beyond that objective.
The ceremonial purpose of the visual arts is to celebrate or acknowledge an event or era, or to
contribute to a ritualistic activity, such as a dance celebrating one of the season or a peoples
flight from captivity or hunger. One of the more common forms of ceremonial art is quilting, in
which the patterns employed have some symbolic importance, or the use of ceremonial garb by
Native Americans participating in a Pow Wow.
Artistic expression refers to the desire or need on the part of the artist to express his or her
emotions or feelings regarding a particular subject, including his- or herself. Many abstract
artists, for example, Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko (although the latter rejected that
categorization) are assumed to be expressing emotions or beliefs through their art, which lends
itself to multiple interpretations and references to the known state of the artists being during the
period in which the individual work of art was created. Pablo Picassos art was known to be
heavily influenced by his emotional state during specific periods of his life.
The narrative purpose is to tell a story or relate the history of ones people. Again,
quilting is a classic form of the use of visual arts to communicate a story. The African American
community, in particular, uses patterns and colors in quilting to convey the history of slavery and
emancipation. Film, another form of visual art, is frequently used to tell a story, such as with
Steven Spielbergs film about the Holocaust, Schindlers List, in which he used black and white
photography to provide a documentary and more somber feel to the film, while incorporating
rare color footage to illuminate a detail and lend significance to the item or individual in
question. David Lean used footage designed to simulate Russian winters in his film Dr.
Zhivago that highlighted the enormous expanse of Russian plains covered in deep snow.
Functional visual arts refer to structures or tools that are actually used in day-to-day
activities yet are designed to be aesthetically pleasing in addition to being functional.
Architecture is the most prominent of the visual arts to incorporate functionality in designs.
Major architects like Frank Lloyd Wright, I.M. Pei and Frank Gehry are well-known historical
figures for their success in combining art and function. The buildings for which architects are
commissioned to design obviously have to serve a function, whether it is as a museum, hospital,
house, or theater, yet are expected to be unique and challenging. Functional art can also be
quite small, such as the coffee maker or fruit peeler designed to look futuristic while also
performing their intended functions.
Persuasive art is intended to convey a message. Advertising for television, billboards,
magazine, and other visual media is a form of persuasive art, in that images are selected and
manipulated in order to convey a message or subliminally influence a consumers decision. A
common form of persuasive visual art is propaganda posters and cartoons intended to denigrate
a particular category of people, such as a racial or religious minority, or to foster emotional
reactions among viewers for or against a particular political cause. During the Cold War, the
Soviet Union used propaganda to convince its own people as well as others of the
righteousness of its cause and the moral and political depravity of U.S. policies. Nazi Germany,
under the authoritarian hand of Joseph Goebbels, used propaganda posters and newspaper
editorial cartoons to demonize Jews and facilitate the inculcation of a culture of genocide.
Tobacco companies use this form of visual art to associate cigarette smoking with masculine
virility and feminine mystique and power.
A final purpose of the visual arts can be considered the conveyance of beauty. While
each of the major practitioners of expressionism had his own back story, much of the art
produced by the French Impressionists like Claude Monet and Pierre-August Renoir simply
represent beauty for its own sake. While some expressionist painting, like that of Georges
Suerat and Vincent Van Gogh, is more closely tied to the emotional states of the artists, much
was intended to beautify the surroundings.
Do and Learn

Use this picture of an advertisement in discussion

1 What feeling or emotion does the picture shows?
2 What do you think is the purpose of the advertiser in putting that graphic in her
3 Does the poster attract attentions to costumer? In what aspect?
4 What idea does the poster or advertisement want to give to people?

Learn some more

Infer what is the purpose or message it gives

1. What feeling or emotion does the picture shows?

2. What do you think is the purpose of the advertiser in putting that graphic in her
3. Does the poster attract attentions to costumer? In what aspect?
4. What idea does the poster or advertisement want to give to people

Write about it
Observe the picture. Try to figure out the message its message

1 What is the images main message?

2 What time period is the postcard image from?
3 What are the symbols in the image?
4 What do they convey and to whom?.
5 Who and how are people depicted

The main functions of the visual arts/ media are: ceremonial, artistic
expression, narrative, functional, and persuasive .

Day 1
Think and Tell

Do a message relay using the tongue twister below

I scream, you scream,

we all scream
for ice cream

Find and Learn

Vocabulary Words
Find the meaning of the words in column A from column B
A. B
1. beak edge of a glass or container
2. half-dead b.a large container
3. pitcher c. very tired
4. brim d.the hard pointed part of the bird
e. no life

Read the short selection carefully then answer the questions below:

The Crow and the Pitcher

A crow, half-dead with thirst, came upon a pitcher
that had once been full of water. When the crow put its beak into
the mouth of the pitcher, he found that only very little water was
left in it, and that he could not reach down enough to get at it.
He tried so hard to reach the water, but could not. But then,
a thought came to him. He picked up one stone and dropped
it into the pitcher. He looked another and dropped it. He did this
again and again until the water came to the brim, afterwards,
he drank and drank.

1. How did the crow feel that day?

2. What did the crow see?
3. Why did the crow drink the water from the pitcher
4. How did the crow make the water come to the brim?
5. What did the crow do when the water in the pitcher come up?

Try and Learn

Try to tell the following sentences in your own words.

1. A crow, half-dead with thirst, came upon a pitcher that had once been full of water.
When the crow put its beak into the mouth of the pitcher
2. He found that only very little water was left in it, and that he could not reach down
enough to get at it.
3. He tried so hard to reach the water, but could not. But then, a thought came to him.
4. He picked up one stone and dropped it into the pitcher. He looked another and
dropped it.
5. He did this again and again until the water came to the brim, afterwards, he drank
and drank.

Do and Learn
Read the paragraph carefully . Choose 5 sentences you like most and restate it in
your own words.

One man bought a beautiful house with an orchard. Nearby an envious man lived in the old
house. He was constantly trying to ruin the mood of his new neighbor: he threw garbage under
his gates and made other nasty things.
One day the man woke up in a good mood, went out onto the porch and saw a bucket of
slops there. The man took this bucket, poured out the slops, cleaned a bucket, put the most ripe
and delicious apples there and went to his neighbor. The neighbor heard a knock at the door
and gleefully thought: Finally I got it!
He opened the door expecting for a quarrel. However the man gave him a bucket of apples
saying:The one who is rich with something, shares it with others..

Learn some more

Teacher will tell something about the picture. Listen carefully and write down at
least 2-3 sentences you remembered.
Read and learn
Read the short election then answer the questions below

The Donkey and the Sponges

A man drove his donkey to the seaside and purchased there a load of salt. The man and
the donkey went home at once. While crossing a stream, the donkey stumbled and fell into the
water. He lay there for some time until he regained his energy. Upon arising, the donkey was
delighted to find that he had lost his burden. After that, the donkey again had a chance to cross
the same stream, but this time he carried a load of sponges. Remembering what happened
before; he stumbled intentionally and again fell into the stream. The donkey was surprised when
he found out that, his load became many times heavier than before

1. What was the donkeys burden on his first journey?

A. a load of salt
B. a load of hay
C. a load of sponges
2. Why was he delighted after falling into the stream the first time?
A. His burden became heavier than before.
B. His burden was removed by his master.
C. His burden became lighter than before.
3. What happened the second time he crossed the stream?
A. He purposely fell into the water.
B. He accidentally fell into the water.
C. He fell into the water with his master.
4. Why was the donkey sorry in the end?
A. His burden was changed.
B. His burden became heavier than before.
C. He lost his burden.
5. What is the lesson of the story?
A. Obedience is always rewarded.
B. Doing work the easy way is not always the best way.
C. Look before you leap.
Talk about it
Read the short paragraph and answer the questions below

Scientists found out that Mercurys atmosphere is very hot. Venus is hot too. Mars and
Pluto are too cold and their atmosphere is made up of too much carbon dioxide just like those of
Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. The planet Earth on the other hand has atmosphere
which is made up of oxygen. Earth also receives enough light and rays from the sun which
makes the planet fit for life.

Choose the letter of the correct answer

1. What is the selection about?
A. The Atmosphere of the Planets
B. The Gases in the Atmosphere
C. The Atmosphere of the Earth
2. A person who studies the planets atmosphere is called ___________.
A. scientists
B. poets
C. inventors blood 9
3. What makes the other planets too cold?
A. enough carbon dioxide
B. too much oxygen
C. too much carbon dioxide
4. What gas makes up the Earths atmosphere?
A. carbon dioxide
B. oxygen
C. nitrogen
5. What makes the planet Earth fit for life?
A. enough light and rays from the sun
B. less heat light and rays from the sun
C. no heat and light rays from the sun

Write about it
Listen to your teacher while reading the following sentence then restate it in your own

1. A rich man in a certain town once owned a dog and a cat, both of which were very useful to
2. The dog had served his master for many years and had become so old that he had lost his
teeth and was unable to fight anymore,
3. The dog was a good guide and companion to the cat who was strong and cunning.
4. The master had a daughter who was attending school at a convent some distance from
home, and very often he sent the dog and the cat with presents to the girl.
5. One day he called the faithful animals and bade them carry a magic ring to his daughter.


To restate a sentence/ statement heard you must listen carefully

remember the main points .

Day 2
Think and Tell

Look at the pictures

Give a sentence from the pictures. Combine your sentences into one sentence

Find and Learn

I have here two columns of sentences .Notice the difference between the simple and
compound sentence.

Simple Sentence Compound Sentence

1. Kevin and Patrick are good 1. Kevin and Patrick are good
neighbors neighbors and they have become
They have become the best of the best of friends.
2. Kevin loves fishing 2. Kevin loves fishing but Patrick finds
Patricks finds it boring it boring.
3 They go home before dark. 3. They go home before dark or they
They waited for the beautiful sunset waited for the beautiful sunset.
4. Kevin usually played his guitar. 4 Kevin usually plays guitar and
Everyone sings or dances everyone sings or dances.
Try and Learn
Study how each coordinating conjunctions are used in the following examples

For - Explains reason or purpose (just like because)

I go to the park every Sunday, for I love to watch the ducks on the lake.
And - Adds one thing to another
I go to the park every Sunday to watch the ducks on the lake and the shirtless men playing
Nor - Used to present an alternative negative idea to an already stated negative idea
I dont go for the fresh air nor really for the ducks.
But - Shows contrast
The soccer in the park is entertaining in the winter, but its better in the heat of summer.
Or - Presents an alternative or a choice
The men play on teams: shirts or skins.
Yet - Introduces a contrasting idea that follows the preceding idea logically (similar to but)
I always take a book to read, yet I never seem to turn a single page.
So - Indicates effect, result or consequence
Ive started dating one of the soccer players, so now I have an excuse to watch the game each

Do and Learn
Choose the most appropriate conjunction to go in the blank.
1. Please bring me a towel, _____ I can dry the dishes.
A. but B. not C. so
2. Take you clothes and shoes to your room, _____ put them away.
A. and B. so C. yet
3. Our teacher does not allow cell phones in class, _____ does she use hers during class.
A. or B. nor C. yet
4. Mom bought a new shelf for my room, _____ I now have a place to put my trophies.
A. yet B. so C. but
5. You can turn your paper in during class, _____ you can email it to Mr. Harris by
tomorrow morning.
A. so B nor C. and
Learn some more
Use the coordinating conjunctions and, nor, so or to complete each compound sentence.

1. Please bring me a towel, _____ I can dry the dishes.

2. Take you clothes and shoes to your room, _____ put them away.
3. Our teacher does not allow cell phones in class, _____ does she use hers during class
4. Mom bought a new shelf for my room, _____ I now have a place to put my trophies
5. You can turn your paper in during class, _____ you can email it to Mr. Harris by
tomorrow morning.

Read and learn

Read each sentence in the paragraph. Identify the compound sentence

The girl scouts of Julian Felipe elementary School camped for three days. One night,
they told stories after supper.. Then they went back to their tents and they fixed their beddings.
The school leader visited each tent and the campers were very happy for that.. The next day the
girls got up early and all of them jogged around the campsite. Their breakfast afterwards was
simple but it was nutritious.. Next, the girls prepared for the hije and uphill and down the

Talk about it
Tell something about the picture using compound sentence

Write about it
Form a compound sentence from the simple sentences given.Use or, and but to combine each
pair of sentence

1. School can be fun.

It is exciting.
2. The Science experiments need time and patience.
They are interesting to perform.
3. In, Physical Education we can learn many kinds of dances.
We are also taught different ball games.
4. Our Music teachers teach Filipino songs
Sometimes we learn foreign songs.
5. Mathematics seems challenging
A compound sentence is made up of two or more independent
clauses usually joined by the conjunctions and, or and but. And expresses
addition, or tells choice, and but shows contrast. Other conjunctions that may be
used are yet, so and for. Yet means but at the same time, so means therefore,
and for means because.
A comma is usually used before the conjunction in a compound sentence

Day 3
Think and Tell.

Look at the picture, what can you say about the development of the baby?
Are they in a chronological order

Find and Learn

1. Vocabulary Words
Use a dictionary to find the meaning of the italicized word.
a. Her mother saw Rhona at a distance already unconscious.
b. A cat knocked down a lighted kerosene lamp.
c. Rhona hurriedlybrought her brother and sister on the ground.
d. Rhonas mother accidentallybroke a drinking glass.

2. Have you heard of Rhona Mahilum?Read the story of her tale of courage and

One day when Rhona and his brother and sisters were sleeping, a cat
knocked down a lighted kerosene lamp, and soon the house started burning. RHona
hurriedly brought her brother and sisters out of the house one by one. She drew watr
from the well and threw it onto the fire. Then she rolled on the grass when her clothes
and hair caught fire.In another place away from the home, Rhonas mother
accidentally broke a drinking glass. Then, she sensed that something wrong was
happening in their house.. Rhonas mother found her children sleeping on the grass
except Rhona. Her mother saw Rhona at a distance unconscious. Her mother walked
for many hours to bring her to the hospital where she was treated.. Officials and
citizens in Rhonas hometown and province heard of her
brave deed. They helped the family.
3.Comprehension check up
a. How the fire started in Rhonas house?
b. How Rhona save her brothers and sisters?
c. How Rhona caught fire and saved herself and half of their house from burning?
d. How Rhonas Mother sensed what was happening to their house and children?
e. How Rhonas mother saved her daughters life?

Try and Learn

Arrange the following ideas in order. Then write it in a form of a paragraph.

_____After paying, wait for your name to be called

_____Fill out the registration form.
_____Present your receipt to claim your ID
_____Go to window and get your registration form
_____Pay the registration fee at the cashier.

Do and Learn
The events in the stories below are not in the correct order. Arrange them in sequence to
make a short story. Write them in paragraph form.

1. A Boy Scout Hero

Arturo saved a widow and her child from the storm.

Arturos family went to the school for shelter.
The scoutmaster praised Arturo for his bravery.
A strong typhoon began.
The boy scouts left for the jamboree.

Learn some more

2. Early Peoples Covering

They simply dried newly stripped animal skins and wore those with their hair
The earliest people had no covering other than their skin.
Finally they rubbed fat into the skins, thus making rough leather which was
better than untreated skin.
The men used leaves of plants as clothes to keep out heat and animal skin
to keep out the cold.
Later they scraped off the hair and hung the skin in the smoke of fires

Read and learn

Rearrange the following sentences to form a good story. Write them in paragraph form.

They applied the iodine test and discovered which part stores starch. (5)
The pupils opened up the corn grains and examined the different parts. (4)
The class wanted to know the parts and uses of the corn grain. (1)
The teacher divided the class into four groups. (2)
The pupils drew the corn grain showing the endosperm, cotyledon and
embryo. (6)
Each group brought materials for the experiment. (3)

Talk about it
Read the short selection then arrange te events according to time order

The Best Treasure

A certain farmer had several sons. He wanted them to become farmers. When
the farmer was dying, he called his sons and said to them. Boys, I am about to leave you. I
have hidden my wealth in the vineyard. Search for it, it is all I have to give you. His sons
thought that their father had buried a treasure in the vineyard. When the father died, the sons
dug in the vineyard, to search for the treasure. They did not find the hidden wealth, but they
had fine crops of grapes.

___ a. His sons thought that their father had buried a treasure in the vineyard.
___ b. He wanted them to become good farmers.
___ c. They did not find the hidden wealth, but they had fine crops of grapes.
___ d. A certain farmer had several sons.
___ e. Their father had hidden his wealth in the vineyard

Write about it
Read and understand the following sentences. Arrange them in a logical order to make a story.
Rewrite them in paragraph form. Give a title to your paragraph.
They become nymphs and live underwater.
After a few days, the eggs hatched.
Finally, they become full-grown dragonflies.
First, the dragonfly lays egg on the water.
As the nymphs grow, they shed their skin many times

The order in which events happen in a story, or how ideas are arranged in a composition is
called sequence of events or ideas. This helps you understand what you are reading. It is
important to note time signals such as In 1985,
five years after, first, next , or finally.


Day 4
Think and Tell
Look at the pictures of a thin and a fat girl

Describe the girl in the first picture/second picture

The girl is fat
The girl is chubby.
The girl is skinny.
The girl is scrawny.
Which of the words fat and chubby fives a positive connotation? Negative connotation?
Which of the words skinny and scrawny gives positive connotation? Negative

Find and Learn

Have the pupils watch a video clip about positive and negative connotation

What is a positive connotation? Negative connotation

Try and Learn

Study the following sentences and give the positive and negative connotation of the word.
1 I recognized the familiar smell of my roommate's cooking.
negative connotation: stench
positive connotation: aroma
2 Scrapple is an inexpensive meal.
negative connotation: cheap
positive connotation: thrifty
3 We stopped for lunch at a diner in West Virginia.
negative connotation: greasy spoon
positive connotation: caf or bistro
4 My parents are committed conservationists.
negative connotation: tree huggers
positive connotation: environmentalists..
5 My old laptop has finally died.
negative connotation: decrepit
positive connotation: venerable

Do and Learn
Think of a Positive and negative connotation for the following word

Positive Connotation Negative connotation


Learn some more

Tell whether the following word is posite or negative connotation

1 childish
2 stingy
3 economical
4 headstrong
5 fun-size
6 difficult
7 determine
8 self- focused
9 firm
10 underweight

Read and learn

Read other example of positive and negative connotation Try to use it in a sentence.

Talk about it
For each pair of words and a phrase, list the one that is positive in the Positive
Connotation category, the one that is negative in the Negative Connotation

1 slim, skinny, less than average build

2 fragrance, odor, a smell sensed by the olfactory nerve
3 a young age, youthful, immature .
4 assertive, firmly confident, pushy
5 hobby.avocation,obsession

Denotation Positive connotation Negative connotation

Write about it
Choose the correct word to complete each sentence.

Negative connotation

1. He made me feel ____( uneasy. , frightened )

2. Some of the makeup were ______ (annoying, amusing)
3. Mike ____ or to go on the ride. (nagged, reminded)

Positive connotation
1. Our trip to the amusement park was ____ (fine, wonderful )
2. We saw _____ animals in the zoo. ( fascinating, weird )
3. Some of the Monkeys were _____ (hilarious, funny )


When you look up a word in the dictionary, you will find its literal (denotative)meaning.
However, the emotions and associations connected to a word is known as its
connotative meaning. Depending on our experiences, certain words have
apositive, negative, or neutral connotation.

Day 5
Think and Tell

Look at the poster, what message the poster gives?

Is this picture considered a multimedia? What element of multimedia is present in the


At the end of the lesson yu will learn the different element of multimedia and how
it contribute to the meaning of the text.

Find and Learn

Read the short story

The Greatest Treasure

Once upon a time, the greatest treasure in the world was hidden in a chest. The
chest was locked and was inside a cave that could only be found with the help of a map.
A monkey found the key to the chest in a tree, an elephant managed to move a boulder which
stood in the way, and a snake found the map under some stones. All of them tried to find the
chest on their own, without success. An owl realized this and gathered the animals together to
work as a team. The animals took his advice and, after many adventures and difficulties, they
managed to find the chest.
When they opened it, there was just one single piece of parchment inside. It said that if they had
gotten this far then they had already found the greatest treasure in the world: that of friendship.
The animals realized this was true, and they happily
remained friends for life.
Watch the video of the story The Greatest Treasure
Try and Learn
Study the following


Text is the basic element of multimedia. It involves the use of text types, sizes, colors and
background color. In a multimedia application, other media or screen can be linked through the
use of text. This is what you call Hypertext. To produce an effective multimedia program there
are three things that need to be considered. They are:
*The position of the text on the screen.
*Length of the message
*And legibility of the text.

Graphics make the multimedia application attractive. They help to illustrate ideas through
still pictures.
There are two types of graphics used: bitmaps (paint graphics) and vector (draw graphics).

A multimedia application may require the use of speech, music and sound effects. These
are called audio or the sound element. There are two basic types of audio or sound: analog and
digital audio.

Video provides a powerful impact in a multimedia program. In multimedia applications, the
digital video is gaining popularity because of the following reasons:
Video clips can be edited easily. The digital video files can be stored like any other files in the
computer and the quality of the video can still be maintained. The video files can be transferred
within a computer network it allows non-linear editing in any part of the video. However, these
digital video files are large in size. Transferring these files can take a long time especially when
using the Internet.

Animation is a process of making a static image look like it is moving. In multimedia, digital
animation is used. Digital animation can be categorised into two broad area: 2D (2 Dimension)
and 3D (3 Dimension) animations.

Source :

Do and Learn
Complete the table
Evaluating the Attributes of Different Multimedia Elements of a Webpage

Webpage URL:

( Use the same video. ) The Greatest Treasure

Multimedi Attributes Values Comments / Remarks

Eg. Text Font size 8 Too small and the text cannot be read
clearly. Suggested to change the font
size to 12

Learn some more

Tell what element of multimedia is associated with the pictures

1. 2.
3. 4.


Talk about it
Read the information below

Write about it
Analyze how the following elements of multimedia contribute to the meaning of the
text. Match column A to column B

A. B.
1. text A. It makes the static image like moving
2. graphic B. It gives a powerful impact
2. animation C. it gives message that can be read
4. video D. It makes the presentation attractive
5. sound E. reinforce the understanding of
Information presented

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