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Republic of the Philippines

City of floilo


DECEMBER 15, 2016.

City Vice Mayor & Presiding Officer

Hon. Lady Julie Grace L. Baronda Member

Hon. Ely A. Estante, Jr. Member
Hon. Jeffrey P. Ganzon Member
I-1on. R Leone N. Gerochi, ,4.sst. l'/oor J,e(t<ier Member
Hon. Reyland V. Hervias, J,iga ng mg(1 Baranga}' />res. Ex Officio Member
Hon. Mandrie T. Malabor Member
Hon. Plaridel C. Nava II Member
Hon. Armand S. Parcon Member
Hon. Eduardo L. Pefiaredondo, Noor J,eaJer Member
Hon. Liezl Joy Zulueta-Salazar Member
Hon. Jose Efrain G. Trefias III Member
Hon. Candice Magdalane A. Tupas, M.D. Member


Hon. Joshua C. Alim (On Vacation I.eave) Member



Sponsored by Hon. Lady Julie Grace Baronda and

unanimously co-sponsored by Hon. Eduardo L

I Pefiaredondo, Reyland V. Hervias, Hon. Plaridel C. Nava

11, Hon. Liezl Joy Zulueta Salazar, Hon. Jose Efrain G.
Trefias Ill, Hon. Mandrie T. Malabor, Hon. R Leone N.
Gerochi, Hon. Candice Magdalane A. Tnpas, Hon.
Annand S. Parcon and Hon. Ely A. Estante, Jr.

WHEREAS, consistent with P.O. 1067, otherwise known as the Water

Code of the Philippines, water is vital to national development and it has become
ncreasingly necessary for government to intervene actively in improving the
management of water resources;

Page 2

WHEREAS, DILG Memorandum Circular No. 2016-04 encourages Local

Chief Executives, Presiding Officers and members of the Sanggunian to enact an
ordinance establishing guidelines on water conservation, look into the water cycle
stages in formulating policies, from rainfall or other sources to strategic collection,
appropriate use, adequate treatment, and proper discharge of water;

WHEREAS, global climate change has already had observable effects on

the environment. Warming temperatures, changes in precipitation and rw1off, and
sea level rise have affected and will likely continue to affect water supply and
quality. Changes to our water resources affect many sectors, including energy
production, infrastructure, human health, agriculture, and ecosystems;

WHE.REAS, due to the recurrence of dry spells and droughts in lloilo City
especially during dry seasons, there is a need to establish a water efficiency.
protection, and conservation council to oversee, develop, and implement proper
water conservation and protection programs that are sufficien!ly flexible to meet
future demand and development of water resources;



SECTION 1. Title

This Ordinance shall be called "An Ordinance Establishing the Water

Efficiency, Protection, and Conservation Council of lloilo City."

SECTION 2. Declaration of Policy

It shall be the policy of the City of lloilo to intervene actively in improving

the protection and management of water resources, through the creation of a water
conservation council for the proper implementation of various programs aimed
towards water security and sustainability.

TION 3. Scope and Application

All possible programs geared towards the protection, conservation, and

efficient use of all water sources of lloilo City. This Ordinance shall gear on the
water security of the City in its day to day activities, and in times of calamities.

SECTION 4. Definition of Terms

For the purpose of this ordinance, the following terms shall be defined as:

a. Grey water: recycling of wastewater produced from baths,

showers, clothes washers and lavatories.

Reg. Ord. No. 2016-335 .D~. 15 201.Q Page 3

b. Groundwater: water from water tables aod water hidden in

the soil;
c. Man-Made Water Bodies: meaos aoy maomade stream,
fountain, waterfall, reflective pool, or other maomade water
feature which contains water that flows, is recirculated, or
that is sprayed into the air, aod is constructed for decorative,
scenic or laodscape purposes, except the following bodies of
l) A water feature constituting a wetlands project or
located in a recreational facility which is owned or
operated by a governmental entity;
2) Mao-made lakes;
d. Rainwater: water from rain aod other forms of precipitation
that is found on roofs aod cisterns;
e. Rainwater Harvesting: a technique used for collecting,
storing aod using rainwater for domestic use, laodscaping,
firefighting. irrigation, aod other potential uses.
f. Sources of Water: The water available for a community or
region. This includes Grey Water, Groundwater, Mao-made
water bodies, Rainwater, Storm water, Surface water, aod
the like;
g. Storm water: water from rain aod other forms of
precipitation that is found in drainage systems;
h. Surface water: includes oceaos, rivers, lakes, ponds, and
any other above-ground collection of water;
i. Water: the clear liquid that has no color, taste, or smell,
that falls from clouds as rain, that forms streams, lakes, aod
seas, and that is used for drinking, washing, among others.
j. Water Conservation: Is the beneficial reduction of water
loss, waste or use. The goal is to use only the water you
need. (e.g. turning off the water while brushing your teeth
or taking efficient products aod using them for shorter
duration (e.g. showerheads)
k. Water Conservation Council: or maybe referred herein as
"The Council" or "WaterCon", is a multi-sectoral
composition of persons from related aod relevaot
organizations and councils that shall take the lead in
ensuring the implementation of the provisions of this
I. Water Demand Management: Closing the gap between
available supply and increasing demand by reducing water
use rather than by just augmenting supply. Demand
management allows reallocation of short supplies to other
m. Water Efficiency: reducing the amount of water used to
accomplish a certain function, task or results. "Doing more
with less water". (e.g. having a product or appliance at the

lowest flow rate possible, and ensuring that water supply is

conveyed, distributed and used efficiently.
n. Water Resources: water sources that are useful or
potentially useful. Uses of water include agricultural,
industrial, household, recreational, and environmental
activities, and the like;
o. Water service provider: a service that distributes and
provides a supply of water throughout the city;
p. Water supply: a water source; or a means, or process, of
supplying water usually including reservoirs, tunnels, and

SECTION 5. The Water Efficiency, Protection, and Conservation Council of

Iloilo City (WaterCon)

A Council on Water Efficiency, Protection, and Conservation or

"WaterCon" shall be created in Jloilo City to ensure the proper implementation of
this Ordinance and to coordinate with all agencies necessary in implementing the
same. Said Council shall meet at least once every quarter, or as frequent as
necessaf)', or as the need arises.

TI1e WaterCon shall be composed of the following:

l. Chairperson: City Mayor
2. Vice Chairperson: SP Chairperson on Social Services and
Disaster Relief
3. M.embers:
a. SP Chairperson on Public Services, Environmental
Protection and Ecology
b. SP Chairperson on Health and Sanitation
c. Liga ng mga Barangay President
d. City Risk Reduction and Management Officer
e. City Planning and Development Officer
f City Environment and Natural Resources Officer
g. City Health Officer
h. City Engineer Officer
1. Representative from the Academe
J. Representative from the local water utilities
k. Representative from the business sector
l. Representative from the Department of Natural
Resources - Environmental Management Bureau
m. Representative from the Iloilo River Development
Council (IRDC)
n. Two (2) Representatives from a Non-
Govemmental Organization (NGO) and/or a Non-
Reg Ord.No.2016-335Dec.15 2016 Page5

Governmental Agency that is concerned with

water management.
o. Other representatives as may be determined by the

The City Mayor shall issue an Executive Order for the composition of the

SECTION 6. Secretariat

A Technical Working Group from the City Disaster Risk Reduction

Management Office (CDRRMO) and the City Environment and Natural Resources
Office (CENRO) shall be created and will act as the secretariat of the WaterCon
and shall also be responsible for all the documentary processes of the Council.

All members of the WaterCon shall assign an official alternate from their
respective office. This alternate shall assume the roles and responsibilities of the
member whenever the member is unavailable.

SECTION 7. Roles and Responsibilities of the WaterCon

The Water Efficiency, Protection, and Conservation Council shall assume

the following roles and responsibilities:

I. Regulate the exploration, distribution, extraction, and utilization of

water sonrces in the City of Iloilo, in accordance with National and
Local laws and policies;
2. Conduct inventories and mapping of water resources and all other
related data on water;
3. Identify, facilitate, and recommend legislation for the regulation of
requirements for water conservation in residential, commercial,
industrial and institutional establishments, in compliance with
existing sanitation and water conservation laws;
4. Be oriented and updated on recent technologies, techniques, and
information on water demand management to ensure the optimum
performance of the Council;
5. Formulate and initiate a 3-year Water Management Action plan
that will include, but not limited to the Preparation and undertaking
plans and programs on water management as stipulated in the
subsequent section;

ECTION 8. Water Efficiency, Protection and Conservation Programs

The City of Iloilo shall actively encourage the civil society, the academe, the
inter-faith community, and the business sector in undertaking environment-related
Reg Ord. No_ 2016:335. Dec. IUQlQ Page6

acttv1t1es, specifically in orgamzmg, educating, motivating, and disseminating

information to the people in order to address water-related issues and problems.

Water conservation programs shall include, but not limited to, the following:

I. Conduct of Barangay-based public education and information

programs to disseminate the importance of water;
2. Promotion of the use of rainwater harvesting facilities in all
3. Installation of water saving devices like water aerators,
specifically at the household level;
4. Conduct of tree-growing and other reforestation activities in
partnership and cooperation with environmental organizations,
the academe, and the like;
5. Integration of lectures on water conservation and water demand
management concepts in all schools;
6. Adoption of technologies promoting water conservation, which
may include water conserving gardens, grey water reuse in
irrigation, anlong others;
7. Cleanup, rehabilitation and restoration of rivers, creeks and
other tributaries and water resources; and
8. Development, distribution, utilization and conduction of
Information, Education, and Communication (JEC) and
behavioral change materials on water efficiency and
9. Conduct behavioral adaptation on water conservation measures;
I 0. Develop water conservation strategies and incentives;
11. Conduct of water audit and corresponding reports;
12. Ensure the clean and potable access of water before, during, and
after calamities.

SECTION 9. Water Management Action Plan

The WaterCon shall formulate a 3-Year Water Management Action Plan that
I embody all the water efficiency, protection, and conservation programs that
y be determined by the same.

The action plan shall be reviewed every year.

SECTION 10. Integration of Plans with the City

The Water management Action Plan should be harmonized with, but not
limited to, the City Comprehensive Development Plan, Groundwater Management
Plan, Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Plan, Local Climate Change
Action Plan, and the Comprehensive Land Use Plan.

&_~Drd_ No. 2016-335. De_LJ2,__2016 Page7

The WaterCon is encouraged to work across departments and sectors to

review plans for expansion, constrnction, and other urban development to ensure
that water is available and water sources are not compromised.

To ensure the integration of the Water Efficiency, Protection, and

Conservation Action Plan in the plans of the City, it shall be submitted to the
Office of the City Mayor, down to the City Disaster Risk Reduction Management
Council, City Planning Office, City Environment Office, City Health Office, and
Metro Iloilo Water District for information and guidance.

SECTION 10. Monitoring and Evaluation

The City Planning and Development Office (CPDO) shall take the lead in
the bi-annual monitoring and evaluation of the implementation and effectiveness of
tl1e different water conservation programs identified in the Water Management
Action Plan.

Results of the monitoring and evaluation shall be submitted to the WaterCon

and will be communicated bi-annually.

The WaterCon shall submit its annual accomplishments, monitoring reports,

and evaluation reports, to the Chief Executive, the City Council, and the City
Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council (CDRRMC), for information and
guidance. The same report shall be integrated into the City's annual report.

SECTION 11. Recommending Authority

Upon determination by the Office of Civil Defense (OCD) of the existence

of drought or dry spell, the WaterCon shall recommend to the City Disaster Risk
Reduction Management Council the need to declare a State of Water Calamity
upon the review of the status of water security of the City.

SECTION 12. Inter-agency and lnter-LGU Linkages

E r purposes of this Ordinance, the City of lloilo shall closely coordinate

with ~acent local government units for a more comprehensive and collaborative
on to water supply and conservation problems.

It shall also coordinate with the local water utility agency and other relevant
agencies that are in charge with water utilization and water conservation.

SECTION 13. Water Audit

To improve baseline data on water and strengthen the campaign on water

'/LA efficiency and conservation, the City through the lead of the Office of the City
-y, Environment and Natural Resources in cooperation with the Water service


Reg. Ord. No. 2016-335 Dec_ 15 2016 Page 8

providers shall conduct a water audit regularly and not limited to large water
consumers to determine potential water savings, estimate leaks and repairs,
regulation of water-efficient devices, usage of alternative water resources, and
suggest possible legislative and executive measures to address the same.

SECTION 14. Research

The City shall appropriate a budget for the WaterConto conduct studies and
researches for the use, protection, conservation and demand management of water.

ll1e WaterCon in cooperation with the Office of the City Environment and
Natural Resources shall lead the conduct of an end-use research to determine how
water is currently used in different sectors and by the general public. The research
can thus, help in the decision-making processes of proper authorities on how it can
water conservation be made more efficient.

The end-use behavioral research shall be used for the development of

Information, Education and Communication materials, policies, and ordinances.

Jn collaboration witl1 the City's water service providers, the WaterCon shall
examine, and study mine subscription data to determine where leaks may be
occurring, and recommend water audits and repair.

It shall be encouraged to engage and collaborate with both public and private
sector and the academe in conducting the researches or studies.

SECTION 15. Appropriation and Sources of Fund

The City of lloilo shall appropriate or raise funds to subsidize necessary

expenses for the establishment and/or operation and maintenance of water
efficiency and conservation facilities through appropriate local property taxes and
enforcement of a service fee system.

Furtl1er, the City of lloilo may pursue funding assistance from both local and
foreign sources, either public or private, through mutual agreements subject to
existing accounting and auditing rules and regulations.

SECTION 16. Separability Clause

Jn the event that any part or provision of this Ordinance is held

unconstitutional r invalid, other parts or provisions not otherwise affected shall
remain in ful orce and effect.
Reg Ord. No. 2016-335 Dec. 15 2016 Page 9

SECTION 17. Repealing Clause

All other ordinances, or provisions thereof~ inconsistent herewith are hereby


SECTION 18. Effectivity

This Ordinance shall be published in a newspaper of local circulation and

shall take effect immediately on January I" of 2017.

ENACTED, December 15, 2016.

I hereby certify to the correctness of the above quoted ordinance.


Sec tary to the Sanggunian{



nat.~,('RN 16-12-172/ (L'oro!!ary)