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CATEGORY 4 3 2 1
Introduction/ *exceptional introduction *proficient introduction *basic introduction that *weak or no
that grabs interest of reader that is interesting and states topic but lacks introduction of topic.
Thesis and states topic. states topic. interest. **papers purpose is
____ **thesis is exceptionally **thesis is clear and **thesis is somewhat unclear/thesis is weak
clear, arguable, well- arguable statement of clear and arguable. or missing.
developed, and a definitive position.

Quality of *paper is exceptionally *information relates to *information relates to *information has little
researched, extremely the main topic. the main topic, few or nothing to do with
Information/ detailed, and historically **paper is well- details and/or examples the thesis.
Evidence accurate. researched in detail and are given. **information has
____ **information clearly from a variety of **shows a limited weak or no
relates to the thesis. sources. variety of sources. connection to the

Support of *exceptionally critical, *consistent connections *some connections *limited or no

relevant and consistent made between evidence made between evidence connections made
Thesis/Analysis connections made between and thesis and thesis. between evidence and
____ evidence and thesis. **good analysis. **some analysis. thesis.
**excellent analysis. **lack of analysis.

Organization/ *exceptionally clear, *clear and logical order *somewhat clear and *lacks development
logical, mature, and that supports thesis logical development of ideas with weak or
Development of thorough development of with good transitions with basic transitions no transitions between
Thesis thesis with excellent between and within between and within and within
____ transitions between and paragraphs. paragraphs. paragraphs.
within paragraphs.

Conclusion *excellent summary of *good summary of *basic summary of topic *lack of summary of
topic with concluding ideas topic with clear with some final topic.
____ that impact reader. concluding ideas. concluding ideas.
**introduces no new **introduces no new **introduces no new
information. information. information.

Style/Voice *style and voice are not *style and voice *style and voice *style and voice
only appropriate to the appropriate to the given somewhat appropriate to inappropriate or do
____ given audience and audience and purpose. given audience and not address given
purpose, but also show **word choice is purpose. audience, purpose,
originality and creativity. specific and purposeful, **word choice is often etc.
**word choice is specific, and somewhat varied unspecific, generic, **word choice is
purposeful, dynamic and throughout. redundant, and clichd. excessively
varied. ***sentences are ***sentences are redundant, clichd,
***sentences are clear, mostly clear, active somewhat unclear; and unspecific.
active (subject-verb- (SVO), and to the point. excessive use of passive ***sentences are very
object), and to the point. voice. unclear.

Grammar/Usage/ *control of grammar, *may contain few *contains several *so many spelling,
usage, and mechanics. spelling, punctuation, spelling, punctuation, punctuation, and
Mechanics **almost entirely free of and grammar errors. and grammar errors grammar errors that
____ spelling, punctuation, and which detract from the the paper cannot be
grammatical errors. papers readability. understood.
Citation Format *conforms to MLA *conforms to MLA *frequent errors in *lack of MLA
rules for formatting rules for formatting MLA format. format/numerous
____ and citation of sources and citation of sources errors.
are perfect. with minor exceptions.

Works *entries entirely correct *entries mostly correct *frequent errors in MLA *lack of MLA
as to MLA format. as to MLA format. format. format/numerous
Cited/Bibliography errors.

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