Princess Diana

Princess Diana is one of the most famous women in history . She is a iconic figure that has been apart of the encyclopedia of the British consciousness. She made some lasting contributions in her day. Diana's death is as controversial as the rest of years during her life. I remember when she passed away in August 31, 1997. This was approximately the time when I was about to go into high school, but I have already finished middle school completely. The coverage of Princess Diana's death played in America non-stop for months after August 1997. When I was a Freshman in High school (in early September 1997), people were still talking about it in a classroom that I was in. This coverage was longer than the coverages of Pope John Paul II's and Ronald Reagan's deaths put together. Her bloodline has been related to a myriad of human beings from politicians to other celebrities. Before, outlining then nature of her death, it's precisely time to first give attention to her birth including her early life. She was born Diana Frances Spencer in July 1, 1961. She married Prince Charles and had 2 sons. Their names are Prince William and Prince Harry. Both Princes are third in line to the throne of the United Kingdom and 15 other Commonwealth Realms. John Spencer is her father being the 8th Earl Spencer. Her mother was Frances Spencer and she is of British and Irish descent. The place of her birth was in Park House, Sandringham in Norfolk, England. Ironically, Princess Diana's parents were divorced in 1969. On her father's side, she was the descendant of King Charles II of England. Princess Diana married Prince Charles of Wales in July 29, 1981. This event occurred in Westminster Abbey. The global television audience seeing the whole thing about 750 million people. She did not say that she would "obey" him; that traditional vow was left out at the couple's request, which caused some comment at the time. Princess Diana gave birth to William in June 21, 1982. Harry was born to

Prince Charles and Princess Diana back in September 15, 1984. She was always close to her children. Princess Diana is of course related to the Scottish House of Stuart. The British Royals are related to the Germanic House of Saxe Coburg-Gotha.

The woman above is named H.E. Ana Paula dos Santos. She was the First Lady of Angola. Dos Santos worked with Princess Diana to fight against land mines in Africa. Princess Diana visited Angola in January of 1997. The Lwini Fund for Social Solidarity was created by Angola in June 30, 1998 in order to fight against land mines in Angola. They support mine victims too. H.E. Ana Paula dos Santos was born in October 17, 1963. She is from the Mbundu ethnic group. She’s a great educator and leader.

Princess Diana achieved charity work in dealing with AIDS, leprosy, and mines. The war against all human life by eugenics is every real. As late as the late 1960’s, racist Arthur Jensen and William Shockley wanted to have forced sterilization of black families to lowering the black population’s growth in America. George H. W. Bush once in that time support both men’s agenda. Charles committed adultery against Princess Diana with Camilla Shand (or Camilla Parker-Bowles). This affair was exposed in May 1992 with the publication of Diana: Her True Story, by Andrew Morton. Princess Diana finalized her divorce with Prince Charles in August 28, 1996. Diana received a lump sum settlement of around £17 million along with a clause standard in royal divorces preventing her from discussing the detail. Diana dated the heart surgeon Hasnat Khan from Jhelum, Pakistan. They ended their relationship by June of 1997. Later, she dated Dodi Al-Fayed. He was the son of Mohammed Al-Fayed. After deciding against a trip to Thailand, she accepted Fayed's invitation to join his family on the south of France, where his compound and large security detail would not cause concern to the Royal Protection squad. Mohamed Al-Fayed bought a multi-million pound yacht on which to entertain the princess and her sons. She opposed landmines in Angola and Bosnia during 1997. She is believed to have inspired the existence of the Ottawa Treaty. This treaty formed an international ban on the use of anti-personnel landmines. Princess Diana and Dodi AlFayed died in a car crash in the Pont de l'Alma road tunnel in Paris. The acting security manager

of the Hotel Ritz Paris called Henri Paul was killed too in the crash. About 2.5 billion people watched the princess's funeral. The official story is that Henri Paul's drunkenness caused the accident. Since 1997, others believe that the death was a product of a conspiracy since
the Royals opposed Princess Diana's actions. The main promoter of this view is of course

Mohammed Al-Fayed since his son Dodi died. He accused MI6 and Prince Philip or the Duke of Edinburgh of being complicit in the deaths of 3 people. Mainstream inquests from 2004 and 2007 say that the crash was by negligent by Henri Paul and the pursuing paparazzi. There are still questions unanswered about the whole incident though. The book entitled, "Memoirs of a Radical Lawyer" talks about how there were unexplained regular and sizeable sums of money going into Henri Paul’s several bank accounts over the three months before the crash. The crash came into a concrete pillar number 13 in the Alma Tunnel in Paris. Princess Diana didn't die by the crash. She was semi conscious. She died because of blood lost. It was strange that she only went into the hospital over 2 hours when the hospital was only 3 miles from the crash site. Princess Diana lived in fear of British MI5 & MI6 secret service operatives. Henri Paul was said to have been 3 times above the drinking limit even before body samples were retrieved of him according to John MacNamara (he was Al-Fayed Chief of Security). John said that disinformation came by security forces about the death of Princess Diana. An hair sample from Henri Paul wasn't big enough to see sufficient evidence of massive drug/alcohol use. Paul's liver was normal. Many people around Paul in the night said that Henri Paul's demeanor wasn't drunk. Henri Paul passed a rigorous testing for flying a plane days before the crash. The exam showed no sign of Henri being a heavy drinker at all. Professor Peter Vanezis (he was the Director of the Human Identification Center from Glasgow University) said that there is no tie of Paul being an alcoholic from the autopsy. Even Gerald Posner said that there is ample evidence of negligence of Henri Paul's blood sample (of being not refrigerated increasing the risk of contamination). There was 20.7% of carbon monoxide in his blood. Yet, Henri Paul doesn't have a headache, he's talking to people, etc. just before the accident. Dodi didn't have carbon monoxide in his blood. Some speculate that this wasn't Henri Paul's blood and the French authorities are researching this issue strongly. All charges were dismissed against the paparazzi. Thousands of pages of investigatory papers have been kept from the public. Princess Diana's acts were known about by Western intelligence agencies according to ironically Gerald Posner. Richard Tomlinson is the former British MI6 Intelligence Officer. He said that Henri Paul worked for MI6 and he have seen his file before back in 1992. Richard said that Henri Paul worked with MI6 by the time of his death. Posner said that he worked with French intelligence too. Paul had that he had thousands of dollars in Paris accounts. In 20 minutes past midnight, Princess Diana and Dodi left the Hotel. Mohammed wanted Dodi to stay in the Hotel. The Mercedes was chased by a car and by one motorcycle. The motorcycle forced the Mercedes to go into the tunnel. The motorcycle Uno according to a witness shown some flash causing the Mercedes to crash in the tunnel. This caused the deaths of Princess Diana, Henri Paul, and Dodi Al-Fayed. Richard Tomlinson said that the crash was very similar to the MI6 laser strike plan to assassinate Molodovic. The Uno white car was owned by an Anglophile (with British plans). His name was Anderson. In May 5, 2000, Philip Anderson was found burned to death inside of a car. The French intelligence said that it was suicide, but suicide don't normally occur in that fashion. Just before her death, Princess Diana said that; "...You are going to get a big surprise with the next thing I do..." (Lady Diana, Chicago Tribune). Mohammed Al-Fayed said that Princess Diana and Dodi Al-Fayed came into Paris in order for Dodi to pick up an engagement ring. How did the Royals in Buckingham Palace responding to the growing relationship between Princess Diana and Dodi al-Fayed? Prince Philip was openly opposed to the relationship even though Diana wasn't with Charles anymore. Prince Philip is a known racist, so that is typical of him. According to John MacNamara, Prince Philip called Dodi Al Fayed an "oily bed hopper" which is bigoted and wrong of course. Prince Philip didn't want Dodi, who is an Egyptian, to be the stepfather of William and Harry. Princess Diana is said to have mention according to the Sunday Mirror on January 4, 1998 that: "...Someday I shall go up in a helicopter and it'll just blow up. MI5 will do away with me..." The security advisor of Mohammad Al Fayed and veteran of Scotland Yard John MacNamara said that he was threaten with imprisonment if he continued any further investigation. MI6 regularly work with the Royals to see if threats to the Royals exist. NSA have documents and the CIA admitted that they have records about Princess Diana. Australian journalist John Morgan claimed he was disclosing a “tidal wave of evidence” that undermined the official conclusion that her death was an accident. Michael Mansfield QC, who represented Mohamed al-Fayed in the inquest into the death of his son Dodi and the former royal,

said Diana claimed she had an 'exposure diary' in which she was going to unmask the people most closely involved with the British manufacturing of land mines. Some of the British elite were involved in the arms trade. Some have praised Princess Diana too much bordering on worshipping her as a Goddess. Diana is a Goddess in Roman mythology. She is the Goddess of nature,

childbirth, hunting, and the protector of the weak. Her Greek equivalent was Artemis. In essence, she is called the Sacred feminine. Temples dealing with Diana are all over Europe. In ancient Rome, there existed in the boundaries of the city or in the wild. The oak tree groves were considered sacred to the Goddess Diana. In the occult, the Goddess is personified as the Moon. This is the oppose of the sun god masculine archetype. The feminine power is also related to the planet Venus or the rose.

Princess Diana died in the Pont d’Alma Tunnel. This place was in the 13th pillar. The number 13 is a sacred number in esoteric thought that deals with the Knights Templar, other mythologies, and other events. Back then, it was a dedicated “sacred” site that was dedicated to the Moon Goddess Diana. The Encyclopedia of Wicca & Witchcraft
states on page 176 that Diana, as the Moon Goddess, belonged to the "torch-bearing class of deities who themselves were always connected in some manner with the Underworld."

Paris even was ruled by Merovingian Kings and they once followed the cult of Diana (according to Clive Prince’s “The Templar Revelation”). The Merovingians are some of the ancestors of the same people that rule most of the geo-political policies in the world today. There is even a memorial torch at the Pont D’Alma. The torch is an old symbol representing the illuminated people (or the so-called “enlightened” individuals who have secret knowledge in dealing with the occult). The torch is found in the Masonic Statue of Liberty in NYC. Lady Diana’s memorials in London, England have an oval shaped fountain and a sanctuary. The image of the rose in in the memorial too. The five petal flower represent the feminine archetype (in dealing with Venus, the Moon, etc.). Even the big rose window of the Notre-Dame de Chartres in Paris deals with the Virgin Mary. The truth is that Mary is a very gracious, courageous women. Yet, even the Scriptures say that she didn‘t remain a virgin throughout her lifetime. She had other children as well. Interestingly, the date of Diana's death is precisely 18 (6+6+6) days after August 13th, which according to author Charles Leland ['Aradia: Gospel of the Witches'] was the ancient "sacred" (Witchcraft) festival day of the Moon Goddess Diana with the number 13 representing the Moon and Diana herself. It is interesting to
note that Queen Elizabeth II alluded to a strange knowledge she herself had when conferring with Paul Burrell in 1997, shortly after Diana was killed, by saying "...Be careful, Paul. There are Dark Forces in this country which we know not of..." which is quite an interesting statement coming from someone like the Queen of all England. The Memorial at Harrod’s Store has the symbols. It’s a department store that is found in London. The store is owned by Dodi’s father. The image has the pictures of Princess Diana and Dodi Al-Fayed in an vescia psicis pattern. The vescia piscis represents feminine energy according to Manly P. Hall and John Yarker (who are both Freemasons). The vescia piscis deal with interlocking circles or the Yoni (which is found in the middle part of the interlocking circles. Yoni comes from the Sanskrit meaning divine passage). The Harrold’s store has 2 candles with a pyramid.

It’s easy to witness to see that these powers are the Royal Knighthoods, Masonic groups, and the Vatican Groups with even more power than the Queen. Knight of the Order of Sts. Michael & George Sir John Sawers is the MI6 chief. The Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England (and the Order of Saints Michael & George head) is the Duke of Kent. The Duke of Kent and his brother Prince Michael of Kent have links to Rome as well. The Duke of Kent’s wife (named Katherine or the Duchess of Kent) converted to Roman Catholicism in 1994 and her son Nicholas Windsor in 2001. The wife of Prince Michael of Kent is Roman Catholic. The wife is in the senior Dame (Dame Grand Cross of Justice) of the British and Irish Delegation of the FrancoNeapolitan branch of the (Papal-loyal) Constantinian Order. The former head of the
SMOM (or Andrew Bertie) was the fourth cousin twice removed of Queen Elizabeth II. The current head of the SMOM is Matthews Festing from the UK.

Mansfield said that Princess Diana was trying to go into Cambodia later in 1997 to oppose land mines. Diana wanted to set up an institute for the victims of land mines that had been exploded. It's a fact that even in the mid-1990's (via audio, videotapes, and letters), Princess Diana feared that she would be killed in a car accident to make it look like an accident. In one letter from

October of 1996, Diana stated, "I am sitting here at my desk today in October, longing for someone to help me & encourage me to keep strong & hold my head high. This particular phase in my life is the most dangerous. My husband is planning ‘an accident’ in my car, brake failure and serious head injury in order to make the path clear for Charles to marry.” Just before the car
entered the tunnel every police radio in Paris mysteriously died, preventing a quick response which could have saved Diana's life. Just before the car entered the tunnel every security camera in the tunnel mysteriously died, preventing us from ever seeing footage of what caused the crash. There are eyewitnesses reporting snipers and gunfire within the tunnel. Even the crime scene was cleaned within hours of the crash. This is against normal procedure since you supposed to preserve the crime scene long than a few hours. According to a Guardian newspaper article shown in 2007, the onboard ambulance doctor was Jean-Marc Martino. Another ambulance driver was Michael Massebeuf. According to Massebeuf, the ambulance doctor wanted him to drive extra slow, because of the condition of the Princess. The driver Massebeuf had an escort of many police motorcyclists. Massebeuf was the average speed of the ambulance was only 25-30 miles per hour when it traveled into the hospital. Even more wild is that Massebeuf said that the doctor wanted the

ambulance to park within walking distance of the hospital (because Diana was in a critical condition). They parked for 5 minutes without doing nothing to rush Diana over to the hospital (called the Hopital de la Sapletriere). Why did an 11 minute journey last 2 hours. Some believed that these events caused Princess Diana to die. The Mercedes used to transport Dodi and Diana from the Ritz was mysteriously swapped for a car that had been stolen only weeks earlier. Even Paul's friends and relatives said that he rarely drank alcohol. Lord Steven's previous enquiry into Irish Republican Army terrorism unearthed links to British intelligence but seemed to disappear down the memory hole. So, the conclusion is that Princess Diana wanted to be independent from the establishment. She went out with an Egyptian man named Dodi Fayed that angered the British Royals, who didn't want an Arabic man have influenced in their so-called "sacred' bloodline. Princess Diana opposed MI6 and the mining industry (with ties to the corporate world). She to the elite's eyes was a loose cannon that had to be stopped one way or the other. Princess Diana was becoming very political and her death was a product of murder. Chris Everard’s research in his DVDs called “The Illuminati Volume 3” and

“Lady Die” show more political and esoteric information as it relates to the death of Princess Diana. According to Everard, the black Mercedes was stolen at gun point and its microchip was removed (in order for the vehicle to be controlled via remote controlled). “Princess Diana: The Hidden Evidence” is a book that was written by Jon King and John Beveridge. The book says that MI6 and MI5 officers had advanced warnings of the crash which killed Princess Diana, Dodi Fayed, and the driver Henri Paul. These documentaries proves that the occult document the elite and especially European Royalty. Both documentaries have information that I have never learned before like the Goetia, the rituals of Aleister Crowley, and other tidbits. I don’t agree with Chris on every issue, but his information is important to research in learning about the new world order agenda in a more concrete or concise fashion. Secret Societies like Freemasonry, Witchcraft, and the rest of the occult have a stronghold in the UK and America. The British Royals hypocritically executed independent people accused of being occultists, yet they worked with famous occultists like Dr. John Dee (including alchemists like Sir Francis Bacon and Sir Isaac Newton). They are the patronesses of Freemasonry and the Order of the Garter. The Order of the Solar Temple is another esoteric group that was created in June 24, 1966. In 1997, ex-members of the group claim that Princess Grace had been ordained as a High Priestess in an erotic ancient ritual (from the Order of the Solar Temple). This group is an evil cult and their was a mass suicide of the Solar temple cult back in March 23, 1997. This was when 74 of its members have died via suicide in Quebec, Canada. Freemasonry is a group that re-act murder, say blood oaths of allegiance to their “god,” and they have rituals to drink wine out of a human skull. Even John Lawrence’s “Freemason a Religion?” book prove that Masonry isn’t about being pro-Bible, but pro-pagan occult (they praise JAH-BUL-ON of course. Over 600,000 Mason live in the UK and over 3,000,000 Masons live in America). Chris Everard said that King George’s death in the 1930’s allowed Queen Elizabeth’s family to ascend the throne. Their family are the Windsors. Many of the Windsors had relatives that allied with the Nazis. Princess Diana was surrounded by Freemasons. Even Queen Elizabeth II was the Grand Patroness of Freemasonry. Every knows that Prince Philip is a population control proponent (He has Germanic heritage). Prince Philip was the friend of Stephen Ward. Ward was a pimp, an artist, and an occultist. The British Royal family have been imperialists, murderers, and corrupt people for centuries. Princess Diana searched for MI5 recording

devices sent to try to discredit her public image. That is why many patriotic British people and America have strongly fought against evil by the Oligarchy spanning a very long time. Princess Diana met people from all the world in hospices, hospitals, war zones, she met with Muslim people including human beings from the Third World, and other locations. She existed very much Independent form the intensions and goals that transpired among the elite British Royals (with links to multinational corporations that aid in the construction of mines and other militarized devices). Princess Diana wanted mines to be curtailed worldwide. As early as 1993, Princess Diana have given her bulter and lawyer hand written notes for safe keeping. In 1994, Princess Diana was harassed all of the time by the media (or the paparazzi. According to Chris Everard, the paparazzi are infiltrated by spies). There is a torch in the Diana Memorial too, which is similar to the torches (in the forms of eternal flames) to commemorates the assassinations of President John F. Kennedy, Israel Prime Minister Yitzhak, and Dr. Martin Luther King. Now, Prince Charles calls himself called to save the world. He is referring to support Ecumenicalism, the mainstream environmental movement, and globalization. He mentioned these pronouncements before.

Her or Princess Diana’s life proved that we will go through valleys in life. Yet, we shouldn’t use our problems as an excuse to relinquish our personal responsibility. We should use the pain in life as motivation to be more righteous, reject any form of racism or bigotry, and live out the true meaning of our values. Not to mention, you need personal responsibility and legitimate assistance to people in compassion. In other words, personal responsibility should never be exploited in order to promote ending all social services or to allow people to starve in the streets either. A comprehensive approach is a better solution to solve socio-economic (& moral) problems than a simplistic approach. We should oppose the anti-intellectualism that is

common in our society as well. Liberty is a precious thing. We should guard our own liberty and promote the liberties of all mankind. For if a person‘s legitimate liberty is threaten regardless of their background, then our liberties are at stake as well. The oppression against any group of people by persecution or any other nefarious tactic threatens our freedom too. The truth is that growing jobs and lowering unemployment should take priority above the deficit situation. You grow jobs and then you can handle the high deficit in our financial system. Some Republicans want even legitimate unemployment benefits sent to people to be stifled. Both Republicans & Democrats in their leadership are funded by Wall Street elites and other high level people. Cartels in the oligarchy want GMO foods, farming businesses that‘s independent to end, the war on terror, and other evils in our society. These are facts that Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, Bill O‘Reilly, and others don‘t want people to know. These puppets yell about welfare, but don’t talk about the Federal Reserve System that gives billions of dollars to international bankers. The state isn’t God either as their power should be curtailed to prevent it from enacting oppressive policies. The free market isn’t omnipotent. Only Almighty God is omnipotent. There is an universal higher moral law that exists above the majority opinion at any time. In other words, certain unalienable rights exist among men that can‘t be restricted regardless of what era of time we live in.

With a dedicated effort, any human being can triumph over difficulty, exhibit courage, and contribute greatly in the realm of human history. It

may be the way of some in a corrupt mindset to be as a brainwashed slave, but I reject that goal. It‘s way of the truth to stand up for the truth. Our value doesn’t deal with self destructive behavior. It deals with appreciating your own identity and trying your best to help others in the world. Sometimes, a man or a woman has to struggle to overcome challenges. In our time, it’s definitely a necessity to buy extra food, help people that need help (whether via food, shelter, etc.), and prepare for a bigger depression if a large depression comes about. Cultural degradation is easily proven in the West. You can walk outside and see it. There is an abundance of materialism and antiintellectualism that rewards ignorance (while having hatred of independent thinking). So, the lesson is for us to be mentally strong, not fear anything but God, and strive to be better morally & spirituality. In the 21st century, I’m not backing down to evil and conformity for the sake of conformity. I’m getting older now. One of things about getting older is that you become more tolerant in your outlook in life and your personal mentality. We have every right to stand up for ourselves verbally and use self defense in any legitimate means necessary. Taking moderation in fighting evil is just as unjustifiable as embracing nihilism.

Use your voice to make a difference in the world. Maybe the truth is not to solely think national. Maybe, it’s fine to think international since our problems exist worldwide and it effects all people globally.
By Timothy

Here’s inspirational Quotes from Princess Diana to close:
“…Anywhere I see suffering, that is where I want to be, doing what I can…”

“…Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you…” “…Everyone of us needs to show how much we care for each other and, in the process, care for ourselves…” “…HIV does not make people dangerous to know, so you can shake their hands and give them a hug: Heaven knows they need it...”

“…Nothing brings me more happiness than trying to help the most vulnerable people in society. It is a goal and an essential part of my life - a kind of destiny. Whoever is in distress can call on me. I will come running wherever they are…”

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