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TENDERLY Lyric by JACK LAWRENCE Music by WALTER GROSS Aa Be -euausar- sume eRs susae” ~se a = a” a JOAN CRAWFORD in M-G-M’s TORCH SONG Co-starring MICHAEL Tenderly Musle Lyric by JACK LAWRENCE WALTER GROSS Valse moderato Voice Bb Bet Ebm7 abe The eve-ning breeze ca-ressed the trees TENDER -LY; Pp— Fn? Abm Eb Om? Fm7 Eb Abm fess = S= = ed st ——— =| J ae > os trees em-braced the breeze Lye =a = = - Copyright MCMXLVI by EDWIN H. MORRIS & COMPANY. Ino. Copyright MOMXLVII by EDWIN H. MORRIS & COMPANY, Inc., ‘New York, N.Y. International Copyright Secured ‘Made in 0.8. A ‘All Rights Reserved Including Publio Performance for Profit ton io I cast for - get How two hearts met breath-less - ly. ———___ =z te ‘Abm By Bain cot yy tm BR fan 5 ce arms op-ened wide and closed me in - side;You took my tips, you took my a ral 2 \ by tema? wy Fm? Aim 7 Bb atempo Bhai BY? love so TEN-DER - LY. ‘The eve-ning ae — Satempo of