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YOU WON'T FORGET ME by FRED SPIELMAN Lyric by KERMIT GOELL M Sung in the M-G-M Picture "TORCH SONG" 3 YOU WON'T FORGET ME Lyric by Music by KERMIT GOELL FRED SPIELMAN Moderate Tango Tempo f Moderate Tango Tempo = ME Though you may try p-mf vw | _ Im part of — mem - too won-der-ful to die, Copyright MCMXLVI by EDWIN H. MORRIS & COMPANY. Inc. Copyright MCMXLVII by EDWIN H. MORRIS & COMPANY, Inc., New York, N.Y. International Copyright Secured Made ia U.S. A ‘AI Rights Reserved Including Public Performance for Profit 2 rd — Aa it will hap - That now and = they ———————_ You'll fall to Tre p lr FRY oper — wond -'ring if we should-n't have tried a - gain.______________ YOU WON'T FOR- —3— e |e te ——— On nights like this speieeueeees Tbe mooniewill| Fur — the shad-ow of my "Cee