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BEYOND THE BLUE HORIZON iv RICHARD A. WHITING & W. FRANKE HARLING. a Eta Picture ; Thal JACK eT NI Nol Bios VR Pai ae al ~ 3 rN, 2 “Monte Carlo” Beyond The Blue Horizon Song ‘Tune Ukulele oF Banjul ee ine Ukulele or Banjulele Banjo rey LEO ROBIN GGEA RICHARD A. WHITIN . and W. FRANKE HARLI Moderato VCICE PIANO “Dai. CHdim. Dmi. cr Fr eae BA Pp Blow whis- tle * Letters over UKE diagrams are names of chords adaptable to Banjo or Guitar in original key. Ukelare. by S. MoZotldi Copyright MCMXXX by Famous Music Corp, 719 Seventh Ave, N. ¥. C. Copyrighted in South America by Harry Kosarin, Rio de Janeiro “oT with BS is fa care how fast. Fe = > Gmi Gri 7 add E + Ha j i from dark-ness in-to Femi, Bmi7 dawn, > > Gri CT Dmi7 Gm add & Cmit rain in-to the rain - > > FT Cmit FT ET F7 ET FT i all my grief and woe, What mat-ter where I Es Ht ie __(Wke tacet) REFRAIN Gf Chaim. Bh Emi. F7 Be ota, # D-mf Not fast HH iti yond —the_blue | 2-mf' a tempo GT Cmi7 beau-ti- ful day, —__ Good bye wait- ing BL Baim. Gr Fos G7 Cmi. My life has on- ly _ be- gun ——_. Pin espe —— poco rall. ee 1 t Faug.5 x Be- sun. > a Sf vemge Sf dim nf