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1. Piece of sub-continental land that is surrounded by water from all the sides?

- island

2. Piece of land that is almost (from 3 sides) surrounded by water?

- peninsula

3. Person in-charge of a Football Match?

- referee

4. Person who watched at a show, game or other event?

- spectator

5. Last game in a sporting competition which decides the champion?

- final

6. Painting / photograph / sculpture of a person's head?

- portrait

7. Painting of countryside / Nature views?

- landscape

8. Medical practitioner sepcializing in children and their diseases?

- paediatrician

9. Specialist in treating disorders related to heart / blood vessels?

- cardiologist

10. Organs in the Chest that helps us to breath?

- lungs

11. Organ that is responsible for pumping blood in our body?

- heart

12. Study of living things?

- biology

13. Study of interactions among organism and their environment?

- ecology

14. Study of stars and other celestial objects?

- astronomy
15. Medical instrument used for listening hearts sounds or breathing?
- stethoscope

16. Optical instrument used by Astronomers to make distant objeccts appear nearer?
- telescope

17. An apartment located below street level?

- basement apartment

18. Apartment on the higest floor of an apartment building?

- penthouse

19, What is the name of ground military forces?


20. What is someone that cant see called?

- blind

21. What do you call the middle of something?

- centre

22. Whose job is it to treat people that are ill or have an injury at a hospital?
- doctor

23. What is the process of teaching and learning called?


24. What kind of book is written by a person about their own life?

25. What is the red liquid that flows through a body?


26. What is the payment of a students education by an organization called?

- scholarship

27. What is piece of paper with official information written on it?

- document

28. What is the name of a building where you can borrow books?
- library

29. Who is a person that makes bread, cakes and pastries?

30. What organ controls your speech, feelings, body movement and thoughts?

31. What piece of equipment shows a person what direction they are traveling?

32. What is a series of events that happen in your mind while you are sleeping?

33. What is a that person belongs to an organization called?

- member

34. Who cuts mens hair?


35. What is it called when two or more people are speaking to each other?

36. What is a violent conflict between two or more countries?


37. What do you call the number of people living in a specific area?

38. What do you call a person that cant hear?


39. What is the day that someone is born?


40. What plan shows how much money is available and how it will be spent?

41. What is the name of a system of government in which the people elect their leaders?

42. What planet do we live on?


43. What is the job of someone that looks after your teeth and gums?

44. What is the time period before noon is called?

ante meridian
45. What is the time after noon called?
post meridian

46. What organ do cardiologists specialize in?


47. A long depression in the surface of the land that usually contains a river is called?
- valley

48. What is 3/4th of percentage called as?

- 75%

49. Circumference, radius, diameter form which geometrical shape?

- circle

50. What does an optic person deal with?

- spectacles

51. If you have pain in teeth whom do you consult?

- dentist

52. Name the device of computer having name same to that of an animal.
- mouse

52. How many years are in a decade?

- 10 years

53. Whenever a person goes to an interview, would he be in an enthusiastic mood or sad mood?
- enthusiastic mood

54. What special document do most people carry during international travels?
- passport

55. What would you call one half of the percentage?

- 0.005

56. What do we call the alphabetical list, at the end of the book, that tells you where to find specific
information ?
- index

57. At what ceremony, the students receive their degree or diploma at end of their study ?
- graduation day
58. What is the chemical formula of water ?
- H2O

59. What is the name of H2o?

- water

60. Which Animal is not a mammal? Butterfly, cow or Goat?

- butterfly

61. How many years you study for an Undergraduate program?

- 3 years

62. If you forget the way what will you buy to find your destination?
- map

63. If something is POST ,then what does Post mean?

- after

64. In hospitals and other shops who gives medicine?

- pharmacist

65. If you face any heart related issue whom you will contact?
- cardiologist

66. What do people wear, if they cant see very well?

- spectacles

67. In which branch of science, periodic table comes?

- chemistry

68. When something comes at halt , what does this mean ?

- stop

69. After secondary education, students can study in colleges as well as....?
- universities

70. If a button has come out of shirt, what would someone most likely use to put it back on ?
- needle

71. What general part of the day is known as dawn?

- morning

72. What does king or queen wear on their head at official ceremonies ?
- crown
73. What are winter , spring ,summer and autumn?
- seasons

74. What is the sweet food produced by bees ?

- honey

75. What do we call organs in our chest that we use to breathe ?

- lungs

76. In English calendar, if March comes before april, then which month will come after April?
- may

77. An older unmarried woman

- spinster

78. Sleep enjoyed in the afternoon

- siesta

79. Language which is confused and unintelligible

- jargon

80. The one who has no money

- pauper

81. A man whose wife is dead

- widower

82. A place where dead bodies are kept

- mortuary

83. One whose business is to find out criminals

- detective

84. The government runs by the dictator

- autocracy

85. One who prepares plans for buildings

- architect

86. A great lover of books

- bibliophile

87. A place where fishes are kept

- aquarium
88. One who tests eyesight and sells spectacles
- optician

89. The science of animal life

- zoology

90. One who kills animals and sells their flesh

- butcher

91. A disease which spreads by contact

- contagious disease

92. A man who thinks only for himself

- egoistic

93. An animal living both on land in water

- amphibian

94. A building for keeping and feeding horses in

- stable

95. A string of beads used for counting prayers

- rosary

96. A government publication relating to order, notification, etc.

- gazette

97. Art and science dealing with language

- grammar

98. A vehicle to carry dead bodies

- hearse

99. A grass eating animal

- herbivorous

100. Things of different nature

- heterogeneous

101. The point where the earth and sky seem to meet.
- horizon

102. Someone who is fond of entertaining guests

- hospitable
103. A serpent with many heads
- hydra

104. One who pretends to be what he is not

- hypocrite

105. Worship of idols

- idolatry

106. A handwriting that cannot be read

- illegible

107. A sound that cannot be heard

- inaudible

108. Incapable of being burnt

- incombustible

109. Something that cannot be believed

- incredible

110. Something that cannot be cured

- incurable

111. Something that cannot be avoided

- inevitable

112. Something that cannot be explained

- explicable

113. The act of killing an infant

- infanticide

114. Not limited by person or number

- infinite

115. Something that is quickly and easily set on fire and burned
- inflammable

116. That cannot be satisfies

- insatiable

117. The one who is unable to pay his debts

- insolvent
118. Something that is not applicable
- irrelevant

119. A one who travels from place to place

- itinerant

120. Anything which is related to youth and young

- juvenile

121. An animal of Australia with great leaping power

- kangaroo

122. One who know many languages

- linguist

123. The eclipse of moon

- lunar

124. Animals which give milk

- mammals

125. Handwritten book

- manuscript

126. A person who die for his country

- martyr

127. One for whom the money is the most important thing
- materialistic

128. A cinema show which is held in the afternoons

- matinee

129. Belonging to the middle ages

- medieval

130. Very particular about very small details

- meticulous

131. Someone who moves from one place to another

- migratory

132. A person who does not believe in the institution of marriages

- misogamist
133. A person who hates woman
- misogynist

132. A government by a king or a queen

- monarchy

133. The practice of having one wife or husband

- monogamy

134. Medicine which induces sleep

- narcotic

135. One who is a new comer

- neophyte

136. Person publicly authorized to draw up or attest contracts etc

- notary

137. One who is new to a trade or profession

- novice

138. Article of food rich in nutrition

- nutritive

139. Having a lot of fat in ones body

- obesity

140. A notice of death in a newspaper

- obituary

141. A thing no longer in use


142. A study of ocean

- oceanography

143. All powerful, possessing complete power and authority

- omnipotent

144. A one who is presents everywhere

- omnipresent

145. A one who knows everything

- omniscient
146. An animal that eats any kind of food
- omnivorous

147. One who look at the bright side of the thing

- optimist

148. A person without mother and father

- orphan

149. A place where orphans live

- orphanage

150. One who believe in traditional values

- orthodox

151. A supposed cure for all diseases or problems

- panacea

152. Study of disease

- pathology

153. Killer of ones own father

- patricide

154. Properties inherited from ones father

- patrimony

155. One who loves his/ her country?

- patriot

156. Payment made in consideration of past service


157. One who looks on the dark side of things?

- pessimist

158. Lover of mankind

- philanthropist

159. Study of stamp collection

- philately

160. Study of words and their roots

- philology
161. The study of the body
- physiology

162. One who leads others

- pioneer

163. One who copies from other writers?

- plagiarist

164. A government by the rich

- plutocracy

165. The practice of having many wives

- polygamy

166. One who know many languages

- polyglot

167. A figure with many angles or sides

- polygon

168. A place where ships seek shelter

- port

170. A book published after the death of its author

- posthumous

171. Medical examination of a dead body

- postmortem

172. A short message added on to the end of a letter after the signature
- postscript

173. Water fit for drinking

- potable

174. An animal that preys on other animals

- predator

175. To form an opinion against anybody baselessly

- prejudice

176. Tendency to quarrel

- pugnacity
177. One who is particular about the purity of one's language
- purist

178. The study of ancient societies

- archeology

179. A person of good understanding knowledge and reasoning power

- intellectual

180. What is the list of the business or subjects to be considered at a meeting called
- agenda

181. One who possesses many talent is referred as

- versatile

182. A person who is above hundred years

- centenarian

183. A flesh eating plant


184. A game in which no one wins


185. A life history written by oneself

- autobiography

186. A person with evil reputation

- notorious

187. A paper written by hand is known as

- manuscript

188. detailed plan of journey-

- itinerary

189. The environment related to organisms is called as

- ecology

190. A thing that is fit to be eaten

- edible

191. An exact copy

- facsimile
192. Anything that leads to death
- fatal

193. A person who eats too much

- glutton

194. Likely to break apart easily-

- brittle

195. A person living in a foreign country

- foreigner

196. Perceptible to ear-

- audible

197. One who does not make mistakes

- infallible

198. One who goes on foot

- pedestrian

199. The science which treats with life

- biology

200. What are the words called which have the same meaning
- synonym

201. A person living at the same time as another

- contemporary

202. Through which light cannot pass

- opaque

203. A man dances to the tunes of his wife

- henpecked

204. An instrument for viewing object at a distance

- telescope

205. Cure of all diseases

- panacea

206. Custom of many husbands

- polygamy
207. What is fear of water called
- hydrophobia

208. A woman whose husband is dead

- widow

209. That which is against law

Answer: illegal

210. Things of same nature

- homogenous

211. A list of names. Books

- catalogue

212. A pleasant song used for causing children to sleep

- lullaby

213. A school for small children

- kindergarten

214. A coworker in the same institution is a colleague or a peer

- colleague

215. An assembly of hearers at a conference or concert

- audience

216. A shed for motor cars

- garage

217. A medicine that prevents infection by killing germs

- antiseptic

218. Arena is a
- a place for wrestling

219. What is a dormitory?

- sleeping room in an institution

220. Grand central terminal, Park Avenue, new york is the worlds largest:-
- the largest railway station

221. Entomology is the science that studies

- insects
222. How many bones do a human being has?
- 206

223. How many intestines does a human being has?


224. What is baby called when in the womb of mother?

- foetus

225. How many players are there in football team?

- 11

226. Which one is a domesticated animal: cat, camel or tiger

- cat

227. The bones around your chest that protect organs such as the heart are called what?
- ribs

228. The two holes in your nose are called?

- nostrils

229. The meet of cow is known as beef or pork

- beef

230. Are humans omnivore, herbivore or carnivore?

- omnivore

231. What is the sweet substance made by bees?

- honey

232. What is the capital of Italy- Rome or Tokyo?

- Rome

233. Trying to predict the weather is known as weather _______

- forecasting

234. The place where fishes are kept is known as

- aquarium

235. Archery is the national sport of which country-

- Bhutan

236. What instrument is used to measure angles in geometry?

- protractor
237. Which size of the newspaper is smaller? Tabloid or broadsheet
- tabloid

238. How many milligrams in a gram?

- 1000

239. What is the largest cat in the world?

- tiger

240. Who is the president of USA?

- Barack Obama

241. In what season do apples most commonly mature?

- autumn

242. Which is the largest fish in the world?

- whale or shark

243. Which is the tallest animal on the earth-giraffe or zebra?

- giraffe

244. Who takes care of the sheep?

- shepherd

245. Which is the highest mountain in the world?

- mount Everest

246. What is the antonym of content?

- dissatisfied

247. What is the antonym of anxiety?

- calmness

248.What is the cry of lion called?

- roar

249. What does this picture describe?

- sports