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The following text is for questions 16 and 17.

Unlimited calls & texts from Lycamobile to Lycamobile : from the 1 November to
30 November 2012, customers with a minimum balance of 20 can enjoy free and
unlimited calls & texts from Lycanmobile UK to Lycanmobile UK. Any changes to rates
will be notified on the rates section of our website at or call our
customer services team on 020 7132 0322 to check rates or fore more information

international Landline or mobiles destinations and it is valid for 7 days from the day
activated. The Monthly Value Pack costs 20 and gives 250 or 500 or 1000 minutes to
call to selected International Landline or Mobile destinations and it is valid for 30 days
from the day activated. You may only have one type of value pack active during the
appropriate subscription period. This promotion is valid from 01/11/2012 to 30/11/2012.
Visit or call customer service on 0207 132 0322 for more
information and participating counties.

16.How long is the Pack valid if you buy a monthly value pack of 20?
A. One week
B. One month
C. Two weeks
D. A half month
E. Unlimited
17.Unlimited calls and texts are offered by Lycamobile UK for calls . . . .
A. Using the monthly value pack of 20
B. Using the weekly value packHotel
of 5 Work
C. Made from LycamobileOneUK Month Training Course
D. Made with the UK only
Suitable young men and women are invited to apply for places on the one month training
E. To Lycamobile
course on hotel work organized by the Hong Kong Institute of Hotel Management.
Tuition is free of charge and studentd who succesfully complete the course will be
offered employment in the Colonys leading hotels.
st nd
The training course will take place from Monday 21 July to Friday 22 August,
from 9 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. daily, except Saturdays and Sundays.

Applications for places on the course are welcome for students now i n their third year at
secondary school, who have good knowledge of English, and have interest in hotel work.
The following text is for questions 18 and 19
Application forms may be obtained from :

The Hong Kong Institute of Management

Box 948
The South China Times

The closing date for appliacations is April 29th.

18. Those who succesfully complete the course will be given . . . .
A. Free tuition
B. A further training course
C. Jobs in big hotels in the colony
D. A Animal
to stayis a in
the divided
colonys subject, with hotels
leading a great deal of passion,
for one monthemotion,
E. ideas on both sides
Membership regarding
of the Hong the
Kong ethic oh the practice.
Institute oh Hotel Some individual support
19. testing
What and some others
requirement oppose itsby
is needed applicant to apply for the hotel
work training?
The to
A. Able scientific
speak community
Mandarin is strongly is favour in animal testing. The medical
B. Secondary that school
have occurred
graduateas a result of animal testing are consodered reason
C. Goodto continue
knowledgethe practice, with the aim of reducing human suffering and saving
of English
D. Reputable
human lives. Animaluniversity
testing aidsgraduate
researches in finding drugs and treatments to improve
health and medicine. Many medical work
E. 2-year experience in hotel treatments have been made possible by amimal
testing including cancer and HIV drugs, insulin, antibiotics, vaccines and many more.
Animal testing also helps to ensure the safety of drugs and many other subtances humans
use or are exposed to regularly. Scientists typically use animals for testing puspose
because they are considered similiar to humans.

The contra on the issue of animal testing is that countless animals are
experimented on and then killed after their use. Others are injured and will still live the
rest of their lives in cativity. Many of these animals received tests for subtances that will
The following text is for questions 20 to 22.
never actually be used for public consumption and use. Animal testing generally costs an
enermous amount of money as the animals must be fed, housed, cared for and treated
with drugs or experimental subtances. The price of the animal themselves must also be
factored into equation.

As a result of the controversy, regulations and laws should be enforced. At the

very least, animal suffering should be minimized and that animals should be respected
during their care. If animal testing is to continue, animals must be abused.
21. Which of the following is the reason why scientists use animals for
A. Animals are the same as humans
B. Animal and humans are regarded be alike
C. Animals can reduce human suffering
D. Medical treatmens can be given to animals
E. Cancer and HIV can be found in animals
22. The main idea of paragraph 3 is . . . .
A. The practice of animal testing is intolerable
B. Animals need to be fed, housed, and cared for
C. Drugs and experimental subtances are useless
D. Animal testing costs enormous amount of money
E. Animal testing causes many animals live in captivity
23. From the text above, we can conclude that . . . .
A. Medical experiments should be limited
B. Pet lovers are in favour in animal testing
C. Animal testing is against the laws and regulations
D. Vaccines used today have beeen tested on animals
E. Patients never get benefit the practise of the animal testing

The following text is for questions 23 to 25.

My family of three went to see an early screenering of the new Disney movie, Brave
yesterday, so i thought I would write a quick mommy review of the movie.

Disney definitely breaks the standart Disney Princess mold with this movie as
Princess Meride is a fun, outgoing and wild girl that for once is not in search for the love of a
prince. The characters in the movie are entertaining and i loved the way that Scoutish culture
comes out in the movie. I found myself wishing for more music though, which is one of the
things that I truly love about past Disney movies. I would compare this movie more with
Shrek than a movie like Tangled

As to the age of the kids that would like this movie I would have to say maybe 5 years
old and up. The movie is not quite enganging enough for very young viewers, which was a
little disappointing for our three years old. There were parts of the movie that our daughter
enjoyed, but it is enganging enough for younger viewers in the audience and made them cry,
so be forewarned of this if youre bringing children under the age of five years old.

Ive always been a big fan of Disney movies so on a 5-star scale I would rat ethis 4-
star movie. Its definetely not a favorite, but I give it four stars for the relationship that build
between Merida and her mother . I think this offers a great lesson to appreciate your family
and truly listen to each others needs and concerns.

24. What does the writer think of the music in Brave?

A. Too much
B. Too little
C. Wild enough
D. Demonstrative
E. Very beautiful
25. What does the reviewer think of the movie?
A. It is definetely not her favorite
B. It has a good music composition
C. It is the same as the other Disney movies
D. It does not have any lesson for the children
E. It gives a bed impression of a mom and a daughter
26. How does the writer feel about the movie?
A. Amazed
B. Frustrated
C. Appreciative
D. Disappointed
E. Not worthy
has another kind of animal besides kangaroo, that is wombat. While
The and wombat
following text are physically
is for dissimiliar,
questions 23 they both share the common marsupial
to 25.
feature of having a pouch. The pouch of a wombat is, perhaps strangely, backward facing.

This is of evolutionary benefit to the wombats natural behavior though. As wombat

use their rodent like front teeth and powerful claws to burrow, and their backwards
pouches prevent their offspring from getting covered in dirt.

Though these stubby creatures may appear cute, they commonly become increasingly
aggressive as they reach adulthood. The wombat is, however, still cuddly enough to have
its own day, which is celebrated every October 22.
27. What is the similarity between kangaroo and wambat?
A. They are aggresive
B. They have long legs
C. Their rodent-like front teeth
D. The position of thier pouch
E. Thwy belong to marsupial animal
28. The information given in the text describes that wombat . . . .
A. Is a strange animal
B. Has backward pouch
C. Is a powerful animal
D. Looks like a kangaroo
E. Has the same physical with kangaroo
29. Based on the text, we may conclude that wombat . . . .
A. Can make a hole
B. Is an animal like kangaroo
C. Is a big and strange animal
D. Is kangaroo evolutionary
E. Is always a dangerous animal.

Questions 29 to 31 : complete the following text with the words


Now she came to me and was reluctant to help me when I got in trouble. She
would always calm me when I was angry, she would always come back helping me,
she would always get me a glass of water when I (29) . . . in nightmares. She would
always cheer me up when i cried helpless. She would never let me carry (30) . . . than
I could hold. But why? Why did she do that? She would always comfort me when
my parents fought.

Honey, do you want a glass of water? Anna asked me, pulling my bed-sheet
(31) . . . to my neck, with a glass of water in her right hand. I got up and saw her
while face in the dim moonlight.
210. ...
A. Lifted up
B. Picked up
C. Brought up
D. Woke up
E. Stood up
31. ...
A. Opportunities
B. Burden
C. Chances
D. Prospect
E. Responbility
32. ...
A. Close
B. Deep
C. Beyond
D. Narrow
E. Huge