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Every day is "Spring Festival" in the Beijing Subway.

Traffic is like human blood, which can

not be locked. CCTV titled a few days
ago a column "the Beijing Subway
towards the spring", and reported that
the Beijing subway is full of
passengers and employees of the
metro with difficulties. That's what
prompted me to make this PPS.
The Beijing subway was founded in 1965; from January 2014 has a total of 17
lines in operation. 16 metro lines form it, airport train station has 273
operators, there are 37 stations of transhipment, the total length of
operational lines is 465 km.
Now, the daily average of passengers is around 10 million people, maximum
number reached has been 11,055,200 passengers. The maximum capacity is
8-9 people per square meter.
Patiently waiting
Especially due to the frequent congestion of urban transport, the
construction of the metro and its massive use was necessary.
Beijing has the city's fastest population growth in recent years.
Metro traffic also but it is still insufficient.
Especially in the morning and evening peak hours, the "Spring Festival" is
transformed into entire "festival of spring, packed.
Invasion of people...
Transshipment station, seems like the picture of the ants in the nest.
Transhipment station...
The 10 busiest metro stations are: Da Wang Road, Xi'erqi, Dongzhimen,
Xizhimen, Beijing, Jinsong Sanyuan bridge train station, Fuchengmen and
Jishuitan, ITC.
This is the famous station Xierki crowded: image of each day.
In the eleventh season Xi erqi converge two lines: 13 Beijing metro line
and the trans-shipment of Changping Line station.
XI'erqi in the morning rush hour.

Perfectly aligned passengers to board the next train... If they fit.

XI'erqi in the morning rush hour.
XI'erqi in the morning rush hour.
Xi'erqi in the morning rush hours.
Officer helping to enter the wagon.
More from Xi'erqi at ruch hours.
Spring Festival looks more like a war.
Queue before the Beijing metro station.
Imagine the degree of compression in the interior of cars.
Jianguomen station next to the Beijing railway station.
Jianguomen station serves first and second line.
Peace Arch station on line 2.
Xizhimen station on lines 2, 4 and 13 ro-ro line.
Crowd waiting at Xizhimen station.
Crowd waiting for you at Xizhimen station.
Trying to access the line 2.
Flow of people walking toward the line 1.
People waiting on the platform.
Travelers waiting for the train with resignation.
Accessing the wagon as soon the doors are opened.
To shoving, some will be lowered without touching the ground.
The wagon is crammed immediately.
The wagon is crammed immediately.
Another full wagon.
The same story repeated, wagon full, full...
Employees of the metro helping passengers to get in the car to be able to
close the doors.
Employees of the metro helping passengers to get in the car to be able to
close the doors.
Wagon crowded by about 8 or 9 people per square meter. Although the
standard was 5 people per square meter and has been increased to 6 people,
the capacity exceeds by time.
Passengers watch how the last people are stuffed into the wagon.
Finally the door can be closed.
The car finally packed, the doors were just closed.
Look at the faces of the passengers inside.
The wagon was full.
A volunteer also pushes.
Face of suffering.
Mother with a child...
Faces glued to the glass.
Faces glued to the glass.
It is also difficult to get off of the wagon so employees helped her get out.
Travelers run away from the wagon as soon the door opens.
Millions of office workers spend several hours a day to go to work.
What is their state of mind?
Metro staff try to do their not easy work.
And thus all the days are the days of the "Spring Festival...
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