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The US is the most predatory entity in the world today.

the day the Japs made their surprise attack on Hawaii, the US
has carried out very extremely vengeful acts of killing and
destroying on other people. Long after it achieved its victory
over the Japs, it has continued to violate and assault numerous
nations very most inhumanely and continues to do so even now.
During the Pacific fighting, the US rained firestorms on Jap
cities and towns even though not all of them were of military
significance. Their aim was straightforwardly clear - kill as
many human beings as possible and to render all their hometowns
utterly and totally uninhabitable.
Over in Europe, the US did pretty much the same thing. German
cities and towns suffered the very same fate as those in the
Far East. Actually German cities suffered even worse than their
Jap counterpart. Many cities were often attacked several times
in one day with the bombers deliberately bombing in such a manner
that rescue crews found it exceedingly diffcult to do their work
at limiting civilian casualties and fatalities on the ground.
It was outright total killing and destroying without any mercy
or compassion. Or terribly cold slaughter. The kind dished out
by unchallenged conquerors like the famous Genghis of yore.
Today the US is becoming even worse than ever. The US is not
only extremely vengeful but has also become very unrestrainedly
predatory now. And very terribly bloodthirsty.
Today in the Far East the US is trying to whip up justifications
for a new war in that region. It has never forgotten how it got
so unceremoniously kicked in the behind despite possessing and
having very big mountains of the best weapons of war that their
almighty dollar could buy during that immediate post-WW2 period.
Today, it is trying day and night to trap North Korea into making
some kind of mistake and thereby justifying a terrifying attack
or a terrifying all-out lunge on Pyongyang.
The US behaved very provocatively and made sure that its presence
in the Korean peninsula would never be questioned. Besides crying
'wolf' virtually all the time, the US conducted endless military
exercises with their South Korean lackeys while carefully making
sure that the tension was kept high by belching belligerent noises
at the hapless North Koreans and blaming them for it afterwards.
The US Pentagon today is fully aware that there is a much bigger
fish in the western Pacific (aka Far East) than just that highly
impoverished North Korean nation. But before getting to that big
fish, the US must bait the smaller one first. To bait it, the US
must cook up something.
On March 26 the South Korean navy conducted an anti-submarine
exercise in the Yellow Sea and one of its anti-submarine ships
mysteriously exploded and sank in the very shallow waters.
South Korea later put blame on the North after an 'international'
panel concluded that it was a certain type of torpedo that sank
the ship. However, other more neutral experts have poured doubts
on the findings and have suggested that an underwater naval mine
or other similar device was responsible. Suspicions were raised
on the fact that initially the presence of US units at the scene
(at the time of the sinking) was kept a secret.
Examinations of the data used by the 'international' panel have
raised serious doubts about the neutrality and authenticity of the
panel's findings. Testimony given by the survivors of the ship
also failed to corroborate the conclusion of a torpedo attack
sinking the vessel. Sonar equipment on board the ship also never
recorded any approach of a torpedo especially a noisy big-sized
heavy torpedo.
Clearly, the sinking of the vessel was a very cleverly laid out
ploy to spark a new confrontation or war near Korea. The vessel
was most likely sunk by a (relatively) stationary and stealthy
underwater device activated by remote control or when it signalled
that it had detected a huge overhead metallic object. The presence
of a US ship not far from the vessel raises many serious questions
in this regard.
US sailors have long been famously known for many incidents that
involved false flag operations around the world, from the waters
of the americas, the Middle East to Europe and even off Vietnam
and several other places in Asia.
The US military in the Pacific along with their Seoul lackeys are
fully determined to pin the blame on the luckless North Koreans
but at no time will they permit truly neutral parties to inspect
or examine evidence especially evidence on the US ships.
We must never forget that during the totally unsanctioned 2003
invasion of Iraq, the US employed many illegal and or immoral
weapons with very great abandonment and denied their use and only
admitted using them after being confronted with irrefutable or
irrebuttable evidence.
The US has always viewed foreign nations and societies as their
testing ground for all sorts of evil and dangerous weapons. This
despite being saddled with very huge and enormous problems that
could easily bring about a global collapse or very unrestrained
chaos and mayhem around the world.
Even now the US is busily developing and making very dangerous
weapons allegedly for use against 'global terror'. The US is
now aiming to deploy conventional Tridents which employ a low-
trajectory flight path to attack 'enemies like bin Laden' and
exotic missiles like the X-51 rocket which can strike any target
any time and anywhere in the world within mere minutes of its
launch (from a military aircraft circling in the air faraway).
The world must know that the US is a very most extremely vengeful
spirit or entity which has never failed to conduct itself in a
very unfair and ruthless manner towards others.
The US has never forgotten how it was kicked out of North Korea
in 1950. The US commander in Korea at the time of the cessation
of hostilities remarked that it was the first time that the US
was forced to sign an armistice without achieving final victory
on the battlefield.
Today with mountains of very advanced weapons the US thinks it is
now time to continue where it was forced to let off in N. E. Asia.
The US is indeed a very vengeful nation that has no compunctions
at all in conducting mass killings and massacrings of humans who
live outside its borders. It is a very extremely and powerfully
bloodthirsty country that has even no considerations for its own
allies never mind those who do not usually or readily bow before
The US has regularly killed civilians and even soldiers allied to
it and has also treated other people's territories or airspace as
fully belonging to it. It is most callous besides being extremely
bloodthirsty. Blood is blood never mind where it came from.
The world must be aware that the US is one entity that would make
Genghis looked like a kindergarten kid in comparison.
Today we have an even more dangerous foe in our midst compared to
the Genghis of yore. This modern type of Genghis is fully ready
and capable of wiping out the entire world at the drop of a hat.
It has both the desire and ability to remake humanity according
to its own recipe.
The US is a most dangerous entity and also an extremely vengeful
nation. It is the most perilous threat to the rest of the world.
Never forget it !!! ALWAYS be alert to this deadly threat !!!