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Patrick Mackaaij
is a marketeer at team Worcade.

Access to the right data with

permission groups and filters
TOPdesk has many cards and modules. It can be hard to manage them, especially if
all your operators have access to every part of TOPdesk. Thanks to TOPdesk Permission
groups, you can manage the operators access to these modules and cards. In some cases
operators still dont have enough overview. Using Filters in TOPdesk Enterprise helps you
secure drop-down lists and cards on three levels.

TOPdesk Permission groups Operator filter

Permission groups in TOPdesk let you manage the operators access An operator filter grants operators access to assigned cards. This lets
to TOPdesk sections, such as modules. In most cases these modules you use one TOPdesk environment with several departments at the
comprise cards and settings. The TOPdesk administrator manages these same time.
permission groups via Modules > Supporting files > Permission groups. You can expand your access to:
With Permission groups, you can grant TOPdesk operators rights to
read, adjust and create first and second line calls. C
 ards assigned to operator groups of which the operator is
a member
 ards assigned to other operator groups, but not yet assigned to a
TOPdesk Filters specific operator
A permission group grants access to everything in the group and filters C
 ards assigned to operators in one of the operator groups of which
nothing. To make managing access to cards easier, TOPdesk Enterprise the operator is a member
offers three types of filters: operator, branch and category filters. You C
 ards not yet assigned to an operator.
can use these filters in almost all TOPdesk modules and Report Wizards.
They ensure that the only visible cards are those the filter gives By default, an operator can only see operator groups of which he
access to. The TOPdesk administrator manages the different filters via is a member. If necessary, you can allow the operators to see all
Modules > Supporting files> Filters. operator groups.

Branch filter instance, when two category filters are linked to the same operator,
The branch filter lets you grant an operator access to cards that belong he or she will see values from both categories in the drop-down list.
to a specific branch. For instance, you can give a contact person at a
specific branch rights for cards that only apply to his or her branch.
You can expand the access to: Pragmatic exceptions
TOPdesk has a number of pragmatic exceptions for using filters.
Cards that arent yet linked to a branch An operator always sees a card if its assigned to him, so he can
Cards of a sub-branch (if there is a main branch) start processing this card. Once the card is in progress, the operator
Cards of other sub-branches (if there is a sub-branch) continues to see the card as long as hes the last person who changed
Cards of the main branch (if there is a sub-branch) the card.
Specific branches appointed by you An operator with administrator rights can always see all cards,
regardless of whether filters are applied.
By default, operators can only choose operator groups of his or her
own branch. But you can also allow operators to choose from all
operator groups. Solving puzzles with TOPdesk Consultancy
Filters can have a significant impact on your operators workflow.
The branch and operator filter, for instance, can affect visible rooms
Categorization filter and objects in the planner of the Reservations Management module.
The Categorization filter limits an operators access to cards that When you apply a filter, it can lead to an operator only seeing the
were categorized specifically. This is useful when the categorization change activity of an extensive change, but not the change itself.
in your organization is divided into departments such as IT, Facilities Is working with filters a complex puzzle in your situation?
and HR. You can combine this filter with the Branch filter, for instance, TOPdesk Consultancy is happy to help. Contact us and well figure it
to specify access to cards even further. You can also expand access to out together.
cards that havent been categorized yet.
You can limit the effect of the category filter to just creating a
shorter category list by going to Settings > Functional Settings > Working together with service professionals
General, Category filter only filters drop-down lists. Operators can Do you work with suppliers? Then Worcade is a practical alternative for
continue to see cards that are categorized differently. using filters. Worcade is a collaboration platform that lets customers
and your suppliers communicate more easily, more effectively and with
more fun. You stay in control of which details you share. As a customer,
Combining filters you easily start a conversation with your supplier via the Worcade tab
You can apply multiple filters for one operator. For instance, you can in a TOPdesk call. You simply tick the elements of the call card you want
set up that an operator may only see cards from their own branch, to share with your supplier. Your supplier then receives an email with
with the services category. In that case the branch and category the link to a web page in Worcade, where he or she can process your
filters are combined. call immediately.
If an operator if linked to more than one filter of the same type
(branch, category or operator), then this works cumulatively. For


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