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tips + tricks
Do you have a (support) question? Adjusted design for branches or Self-Service
Check the knowledge items on the Extranet Portal customers
The knowledge base on TOPdesk Extranet has lots of From now on you can adjust the Self-Service Portal’s look and
knowledge items about the frequent topics. In fact, we add feel to match your customers’ or branches’ identity. Persons
new items every day. Here you can find answers to: logging into the Self-Service Portal will see a familiar design.
This lets you create a personalized look and feel for each
• technical questions customer, and make it recognizable for users.
• functional questions
• set-up questions Here’s how you create the designs using the Self-Service Portal
You can also find information about:
• known errors 1. Go to Modules > Self-Service Portal > Self-Service Portal
• bugs designer.
• workarounds 2. Under ‘Designs for the Self-Service Portal’ you can create or
rename a design, and set up a default design.
Now you can quickly and easily find answers to a large part 3. Under ‘Adjust to’ you select the branch or customer for
of your questions. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Then whom you want to make the design available.
register an incident directly via the Extranet. 4. Adjust the design under ‘Logo’ and ‘Search’ and save.

When users log into the Self-Service Portal, they’ll now see the
design that you set up for their branch or organization.