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Schiff alarmed by Trump Honoring ally Katy Perry Why Im suing Frontiers




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Schiff: Absolute sense of alarm over Trump administration

Los Angeles Democrat conservative values. This is something the
Russians are trying to use in Eastern Europe
is leading the
and in the Baltics as a way of developing
resistance in Congress support for pro-Russian parties.
When I was in the Baltics a year or two
By KAREN OCAMB ago, he continued, this was an issue I raised with some parliamentarians who
were pursuing legislation modeled after
Theres a war going on for the soul of bills in the Russian Duma to discriminate
American democracy. Since Donald Trumps against the LGBT community. So these
election last November, more and more U.S. eorts are going on. I think the Kremlin
citizens and foreign leaders have expressed considers it a wedge issue they can use
deep concern over what appears to be the to wedge people away from the United
deliberate dissolution of governmental States but also cause internal conict
Rep. ADAM SCHIFF at The Abbey in West Hollywood in 2012.
institutions and constitutional laws, ethics within Eastern European societies in
and values, once a beacon to the world. hopes of weakening them.
At the heart of the resistance to the While Schi says there must be a strong
encroaching Trump tyranny is the ght tapped Trump Tower and that Trumps national crisis. I think its a very deep pushback, especially among members of
over Russias role in disrupting the election repeated lies about surveillance were concern for members of both parties, Congress with their counterparts in Europe,
and whether breaches and cyber-bots are damaging relations with the countrys Schi told the Los Angeles Blade in a support from the State Department and
continuing to do damage. allies. Additionally, Comey conceded that, phone interview March 17. the White House is uncertain.
Leading the fact-nding resistance in in addition to the Russian hacking of the Believe me, I understand it and I feel Two words I have yet to hear in
Congress is Rep. Adam Schi, whose 28th election, the Trump campaigns possible that acutely, he said. The day after the combination from the president are human
District stretches from West Hollywood to collusion with Russian ocials is under election, I went to the LGBT Center in and rights. And if hes not going to talk
Pasadena. A former federal prosecutor, federal investigation. the district.[H]undreds of people were about human rights at all and make it clear
Schi is the ranking Democratic chair of Is it possible that all of these events deeply worried about what this new to authoritarian and other governments
the House Permanent Select Committee and reports are completely unrelated and administration would mean. Youve now around the world that thats not a priority
on Intelligence. nothing more than an entirely unhappy seen that Center defaced with hateful for the United States any more, Schi said,
After the March 20 hearing during which coincidence? Schi asked. Yes, it is grati. Youre seeing a rise in anti- then what hope do we have for the White
Schi and his colleagues questioned FBI possible. But it is also possible, maybe Semitism around the country and hate House to be advocating for a policy that
Director James Comey and Adm. Michael more than possible, that they are not in many forms. Youre seeing members LGBT rights are also human rights?
S. Rogers, the director of the National coincidental, not disconnected and not of Congress like Steve King express white Still, there is hope. Ive been urging
Security Agency, the New York Times unrelated and that the Russians use the nationalist sentiments that would be people to pick one or two issues that
wrote: As attack dogs go, Representative same techniques to corrupt U.S. persons unthinkable at other times. And I think its they really care about and to nd out
Adam B. Schi, Democrat of California, that they employed in Europe and alarming to millions of Americans. how they can make a dierence in those,
is more labradoodle than Doberman, his elsewhere. We simply dont know, not yet. Schi has also discussed LGBT rights when Schi said. They can be LGBT issues
partisanship disguised by a thick fur of And we owe it to the country to nd out. he travels to foreign countries, including the or climate change or concerns over
intense preparation, modulated locution These are not just rhetorical ourishes Baltics. He is keenly aware of attempts by the voter disenfranchisement in minority
and gentle accusations. so Schi can get a sound bite on MSNBC American religious right to create alliances communities. Figure out how you can use
To which Schi replied on Twitter: or CNN. Hes the real deal, checking in with conservative foreign governments your skills as a layperson, as a lawyer, as a
Prefer to think of myself as a Churchillian with his constituents when no cameras based on anti-LGBT sentiment. teacher, as a writer to contribute to resisting
bulldog, but Ill accept labradoodle from are around. And he knows many of his I think this is really part of a propaganda the ill-thought-out and discriminatory
the @nytimes. constituents are terried of Trump. campaign that has many centers of policies of the administration. We each
Comey might really consider Schi There is an absolute sense of alarm gravity, Schi said. But one of the most can make a dierence and the challenge
more of a well-trained pit bull. Schis at how this administration is conducting prominent is coming out of Moscow and is to gure out where each individual can
lawyerly probing got Comey to admit that itself and whether the president of the this is a line that the Kremlin is pushing as have the most value. But there are lots
the FBI had no evidence to back up Trumps United States, who makes repeated false part of its nativist agendathat the West is of opportunities and the country deeply
claim that former President Obama wire- statements, can be believed in times of decadent, that it doesnt observe family or needs it right now.
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Griffin to Trump: Support the Equality Act

HRC president says there, or nationally as it relates to the
Equality Act because it impacts their
a good businessman
employees and its good for business.
would endorse measure I think this is a test of Donald Trump,
Grin said. Despite his actions, he has
By KAREN OCAMB continued to pretend that he is an ally to our community. This will be the test. If hes
actually an ally, hell endorse the Equality Act.
Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine set the disturbing Grins comments are not just dust
scene of America today. in the wind. Just days after last years
We are living in a stress test of our HRC gala where he called upon the
constitutional democracy, Hillary Clintons entertainment industry to shun states like
vice presidential running mate told the Georgia that were proposing anti-LGBT
packed ballroom at the Human Rights legislation, Disney, Marvel, the Weinstein
Campaigns Los Angeles gala March 18. We Company and Netix announced they
HRC President Chad Grin speaking at the HRC Gala March 18 at the JW Marriott L.A. Live
have taken this thing in for the 230-year would not allow movie or TV production in
checkup to see whether the institutions LOS ANGELES BLADE PHOTO BY KAREN OCAMB the state if the anti-LGBT HB 757 became
that were put in place in 1787 still exist. law. They joined other corporations such
And if Congress does, and the courts do, 1994. We need to ght for the notion that adds sexual orientation and gender as Apple and Salesforce and the prized NFL
and the press does, and the citizens do America has always strivedas President identity to the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Its in also threatening a boycott. Georgia Gov.
the roles that we were intended to do, this Obama used to say so eloquentlyto be a very simple, elegant bill, Takano said. Nathan Deal vetoed the religious liberty
chapter will have an end. And the end of a more perfect union. To stand up for Why would we want to dilute it with bill. This year, HRC worked to defeat anti-
the chapter will be that our system was equality for all of us. religious freedom exceptions? After the LGBT North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory
vindicated over any temporary occupant L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti noted that power Hobby Lobby decision and seeing how the over HB2 and it threatens to come after
of any of the positions in the Constitution. ows from the cities to Washington and its Supreme Court operates, we dont want to any other anti-LGBT legislators.
HRC President Chad Grin, an Angelino, time to not just resist but to take this country pass an Equality Act that in turn will be full The entertainment industry is uniquely
painted a more vivid picture. back. Since L.A. is a sanctuary city, the Los of a loophole. So, no, I would be very much positioned to elevate the voices of real
We are going to hold Donald Trumps Angeles Blade asked about undocumented opposed to that. people that are harmed and impacted
tiny little hands to the re every day, trans immigrants terried of being caught For Grin, the Equality Act will soon by Donald Trumps hateful policies, said
he said to laughter and applause. We in ICE deportation sweeps. We will protect put Donald Trump on notice. When we Grin. Theres a great example in this
wont stand by as he waves a rainbow them! Garcetti said forcefully. announced the Equality Act, out of the box, room. Donald Trump has a tiny little Twitter
ag while undermining equality behind Gay Rep. Mark Takano told the Blade we had more corporate support, more account (29.9 million personally; 16.2 under
closed doors. We wont stand by while that the Equality Caucus intends to re- business partners than we had on any piece POTUS). Katy Perry has a massive Twitter
he denies asylum to LGBTQ refugees introduce the Equality Act. I have no of legislation in our history, Grin told the account (96.6 million). Then you add Katy
eeing persecution, violence or even illusions of it passing the House or getting Blade. So we continue to grow that coalition with America (Ferrera) and everyone else
death. Or while he deports thousands of through the committee with jurisdiction, and our endorsers from the business side in this roomthis is a powerful community
undocumented LGBTQ immigrants living which is my committee, the Education and are truthfully some of the biggest job- and this community plays a critical role
in America today. Workforce committee, he said. But rest creators in the country today. in changing hearts and minds by telling
Drawing a sharp contrast between the assured (Rep.) David Cicilline and I and the And therein lies the rub for Trump, who stories and we need more of it.
previous and current administrations was other members of the Equality Caucus are promised to be the nations biggest job- Grin is unconcerned about apparent
a running theme. doing everything we can to increase the creator, says Grin. continued divisions within the Democratic
This is one of the few times when I think number of co-sponsors. The job creators of this country are Party. The Republican Party of today
all of us have realized that although the Takano said the Equality Act would standing up, more so than ever before, is the party of Trump that rejects every
hands of time go forward, sometimes they not be amended to include a religious he said. It is a unied force of businesses single minority group in this country,
can go back, said California gubernatorial liberties provision as a sweetener for standing up and speaking out, whether Grin said. We now have one big bold
candidate and former L.A. Mayor Antonio Republicans, a strategy once considered thats in North Carolina or whether its enemy: Donald Trump has unied the
Villaraigosa, who has been a strong LGBT for passing the discarded Employment in the state of Texas with the hateful pro-equality majority in this country like
ally since he was Assembly Speaker in Non-Discrimination Act. The Equality Act legislation thats being thrust upon us Ive never seen it before.
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Utterly transfixing! You will never
forget The Encounter.
- Time Out New York

This production from the genre-bending

Complicite company is one of the most fully
immersive theater pieces ever created.
- The New York Times

- The Financial Times - The Daily Mail

- The Sunday Times - The Independant

- The Sunday Herald - The Herald

- The Daily Telegraph - The Scotsman




APRIL 6 - 16, 2017

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HRC honors Katy Perry, America Ferrera

Gala embraces humble living in our own power.
Ferrera revealed she had been a lonely
appreciation for
outsider, saved by her lesbian high school
the work ahead drama teacher, Sue Freitag, who was in
the audience.
By KAREN OCAMB In my senior year of high school, when I struggled with feelings of depression and
isolation, she created a safe space for me,
Sometimes a turning point must be the 32-year-old said. I will never forget the
forced, a crowbar jammed into the stuck rst time she invited me to eat my cold pad
gears of history to get progress going Thai with her in the drama theater room. It
again. At other times, a change may was the rst time that entire year I felt like
be underway with no discernible clues I was gonna make it through high school.
to pinpoint the transformation, except She still gets depressed. Some days I
perhaps a subtle shared feeling. That was feel tired and inadequate, incapable of
the sensation during the Human Rights making a dent, Ferrera said. There are
Singer KATY PERRY dedicated her HRC Award to her gay longtime manager, BRADFORD COBB
Campaigns March 18 gala in Los Angeles, (pictured) at the HRC Gala in LosAngeles on March 18. days I would rather crawl under my bed
at which singer/activist Katy Perry and with a box of Captain Crunch and all six
actress/activist America Ferrera were seasons ofDawsons Creek.
honored as LGBT allies. But she reaches out. Its dicult to
The main ballroom at JW Marriott L.A. she felt physically sick with fear after referencing Hillary Rodham Clinton. HRC persist in light of attacks on our rights, in
Live was lled to capacity. But the setting the election. Everything weve achieved had been a big and early backer of HRC. light of attacks on our communities physical
was decidedly no-frills and instead of everything is in jeopardy, she said. Their Dunham shared how the two spent safety, and in light of attacks on our spiritual
the usual A-Gay air kisses and preening hate is historic and very real. To be honest, election night together until Dunham well being, Ferrera said, embracing the
competition, the atmosphere was warm this is bullshit. went home. America stayed. She was historic moment. We are all being called
with appreciative camaraderie and a kind of The audience felt that, too, exing their determined to be a part of history. The to rise up to a level of consciousness and a
pervasive humility, a knowing community checkbook activist muscle for the HRC Super next morning, through tears, she told me level of action that we never imagined we
gathering before an ugly storm. The still Pac, which is targeting six Republicans who and she told our friends that we could not would be called to. We are being called to
shell-shocked LGBT checkbook activists and had been reelected by slim margins in stop ghting. And Americas friends would stand together, to ght together, breathe
allies are terried that Donald J. Trump will districts won by Hillary Clinton, including do anything for her and so we wont. together, rejuvenate together.
strip away hard-won rights in the blink of anti-LGBT Rep. Darrell Issa. $102,477 was It felt as if Dunham was talking about Ferrera beamed. Anything Ive ever
a right-wingers eye. Its happened before, raised in under ve minutes. America her friend and America her country. done on behalf of the LGBTQ community, I
when Prop 8 repealed the constitutional Then came another almost imperceptible Ferrera didnt bounce out like a did in service to myself, she said. Anything
right to marry for same-sex couples in moment: gay men fully embraced the cheerleader. She seemed vulnerable I ever did for the rights of this community I
2008. Everyone wanted to do something power of women, something HRC has as she accepted HRCs Ally for Equality did because I believewith every ber of
to stop the madness. quietly done for ages, says longtime HRC Award. She noted how Superstore my beingthat my liberation is bound up
Former vice presidential candidate board member Gwen Baba. celebrates and values humor in the lives in the liberation of my LGBTQ brothers and
Sen. Tim Kaine roused the crowd, as Were a little bit of everybody. We of black, brown, Asian and white people, sisters, and in the liberation of my black
did HRC President Chad Grin, former reect the LGBT community, says Baba. undocumented, gay, disabled, born-again brothers and sisters, and in the liberation
L.A. Mayor and gubernatorial candidate But Chad is surrounded by strong women Christian and struggling teen mothers of immigrants, and refugees, and Muslims,
Antonio Villaraigosa and L.A. Mayor Eric at HRC. and that such representation matters. and sikhs, and women all over the world,
Garcetti. The transgender community Lena Dunham, actor, writer, director, I didnt grow up seeing a lot of examples and the incarcerated, and the criminalized,
was visible, starting with HRC LA Dinner creator and star of HBOs groundbreaking of short, brown, chubby, poor daughters and the uneducated, and the poor, and the
Co-chair Jessica Bair, born in Utah to a feminist series Girls, was heartily cheered of immigrant parents [who] grow up to be hungry,and, and, and, and, and.
Mormon family, who now holds a senior when she came onstage to introduce her successful actresses and loud activists, The room erupted in cheers. But the
management position in cybersecurity at best friend, Ugly Betty and Superstore said Ferrera. But, unlearning what culture night was not done. Singer/activist Katy
Cisco. HRC Board member Ashley Thomas, star America Ferrera. It feels nice to has taught us about who we are or ought
whod own in from Austin, Texas, said hear the initials HRC, Dunham joked, to be can be changed by claiming and CONTINUES ON PAGE 9
LO C A L N E W S W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM MA RCH 2 4 , 2 0 1 7 0 9

HRC gala honors allies Perry, Ferrera

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 8 and a lot of the world seemed curious The Crouches preached prayer. Most truth. Oh, my goodness, what a revelation!
enough to sing along to. of my unconscious adolescence, I prayed And not the last chapter of the Bible!
Perry was also revealing, suggesting she Perry grew up on anti-gay Orange the gay away at my Jesus camps, Perry Perry choked up talking about Cobb,
had been bi-curious growing up. County-based televangelists. My rst revealed. But then in the middle of it all, one of the greatest champions of my
Im just a singer-songwriter, honestly. I words were mama and dada, God and in a twist of events, I found my gift, and my life for almost 15 years. My life is rich in
speak my truths and I paint my fantasies Satan, Perry said. Right and wrong were gift introduced me to people outside of my every capacity because of [LGBT people].
into these little bite-size pop songs. For taught to me on felt boards and, of course, bubble. My bubble started to burst. They are trusted allies that provide a safe
instance, I Kissed a Girl and I Liked It. through the glamorous Jan Crouch crying Perry befriended LGBT people, including space to fall, to not know it all and to make
Truth be told, I did more than that, she diamond teardrops every night on that her manager, Bradford Cobb, to whom mistakes, she said. I hope I stand here
said. But how was I going to reconcile that Vaseline-TBN television screen. When she dedicated her award. These people as evidence for all that it doesnt matter
with the gospel singing girl raised in youth I was growing up, homosexuality was were nothing like I had been taught to where you come from, it is about where
groups that were pro-conversion camps? synonymous with the word abomination fear, Perry said. They were the most you are going. Real change, real evolution
What I did know is that I was curious, and and hella place of gnashing of teeth, free, strong, kind and inclusive people I and real perception shift can happen if we
even then, I knew that sexuality wasnt as continual burning of skin and probably have ever met. They stimulated my mind open our minds and soften our hearts.
black and white as this dress. Mike Pences ultimate guest list for a and they lled my heart with joy, and they People can change believe me.
Perry acknowledged that she hasnt barbecue. No way! No way! I wanted freaking danced all the while doing it. The LGBT community may need to
always gotten it right, but she also knew the pearly gates and unlimited fro-yo These people are actually magic, and they believe and work on that to win over
that her 2008 hit started a conversation toppings. are magic because they are living their Trump voters before the 2018 elections.

Equality California welcomes

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Equality California opposes Gorsuch

Equality California has sent a letter to members of the United States Senate urging
them to oppose conrmation of Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch.
In the letter, Equality California disputes Trump administration claims that Gorsuch is a
moderate. In fact, Gorsuchs legal opinions are rooted in originalism, the belief that the
Constitution should be interpreted in a manner consistent with those who drafted and
ratied it nearly two and a half centuries ago, Equality California said in a statement.
He is far to the right of the majority of Americans who believes in womens reproductive
freedom, marriage for same-sex couples and the separation of church and state. He sided
with employers in two federal cases supporting an employers right to refuse to pay for
contraception as part of employee health coverage if doing so violates the employers
religious beliefs. This viewpoint regarding religious liberties has serious implications for
LGBT people.
The letter to senators states in part:
On behalf of our 800,000 members, Equality California is deeply concerned about Mr.
Gorsuchs judicial rulings and philosophy and his zeal to expand religious liberties, as
demonstrated by his signature argument in the Hobby Lobby case. In his opinion, Mr.
Gorsuch supported the denial of birth control coverage for employees in their company-
Groundbreaking on The Anita Rosenstein campus.
provided health plans if an employer claims that denying such coverage is based on
PHOTO COURTESY OF THE LOS ANGELES LGBT CENTER religious beliefs Merely signing an ACA opt-out form, Gorsuch wrote, posed a moral
dilemma for such employers because it made them complicit in something they found
LAs LGBT Center breaks The letter to all 100 members of the United States Senate was signed by Equality
California Executive Director Rick Zbur and National Policy Director Valerie Ploumpis.
ground on $118 million project STAFF REPORTS

The Los Angeles LGBT Center broke ground March 18 on the $118 million
Anita May Rosenstein Campus, a facility that will provide support services for
San Diegos Out at the Park set for April 21
LGBT youth and seniors. Plans call for 100 aordable housing units for seniors
and transitional support for homeless LGBT youth. San Diego Pride announced plans to team up with the Padres for OUT at the Park, as the
Nearly a decade ago, we began to dream of a project unlike any other: a Padres take on the Miami Marlins at 7:10 pm on Friday, April 21 at Petco Park.
beautiful multi-generational campus with new and expanded social services, San Diego Prides event at Petco Park has been held for many years. Memorably, at last
together with aordable housing for seniors and youth, said Center CEO Lorri years event, a technical error resulted in a recorded female soloist singing the National
L. Jean. More than that, we dreamed of uniting it with The Village at Ed Gould Anthem instead of the San Diego Gay Mens Chorus members who were in center eld.
Plaza, our arts, cultural and educational facility. Combined, the two locations will According to a statement from San Diego Pride, Emerging out of this incident has come
oer more integrated services for LGBT people than any other place in the world. a deeper dialogue between the San Diego Padres and the LGBT community, which has
Im enormously grateful to the many donors, community and elected leaders, primed San Diego for what promises to be the best OUT at the Park to date.
and nancing partners who are making the dream a reality. The need for the The San Diego Padres have been amazing, said Bob Lehman, executive director, San
Anita May Rosenstein Campus has never been greater and so is the need for the Diego Gay Mens Chorus. They partnered with our LGBT community this past year to
health and mental health services that well be able to expand in our McDonald/ make incredible things happen. The Padres have now set the gold standard for LGBT
Wright Building when we relocate sta and programs to the new campus. inclusion among all professional sports. We are so proud to return to Petco Park to sing
The groundbreaking was attended by dozens of community notables, the National Anthem together with them and our entire community.
including Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, Council member David Ryu, and the The Padres are grateful to San Diego Pride and the San Diego Gay Mens chorus for their
donor for whom the project is named, Annetta May Rosenstein. Rosenstein has guidance and collaboration in strengthening our relationship with the LGBT community
pledged more than $7 million to the project. over the past 10 months, said Padres Vice President of Community Relations Sue Botos.
The Center has raised $35 million of the $118 million needed to complete the We are proud of the partnership that has grown from a series of very honest and genuine
130,000 square foot project. The Rosenstein campus will be the largest of eight facilities conversations, and we look forward to standing together at Petco Park in April.
operated by the center and will also become its new administrative headquarters. Each $25 OUT at the Park ticket purchase includes a seat in the OUT at the Park section,
TROY MASTERS a commemorative Padres hat, a $5 donation to San Diego Pride or the Americas Finest
City Softball League and access to the pre-game VIP space in Park at the Park.
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1 2 MA RCH 2 4 , 2 0 17 W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM CO V E R ST O RY

Back to the future resistance

Inspired by Womens West Village, fought back and won.
Though police turned re hoses on the
March, LA Pride organizers
crowd, it swelled to thousands; chorus
embrace protest movement lines of drag queens and lesbian and
gay youth overtook barricades, taunting
By TROY MASTERS police with campy chants and performing a Rockette-like show for the jaw-dropped
police. Occupy take over, take over
Resistance is the stu LGBT Pride was they shouted. Fag power! Liberate the
once made of. bar! Were the pink panthers! They pulled
Los Angeles in the late 1960s, like much cobblestones from the streets, smashed
of America, was a hotbed of resistance of windows, threw bottles, even uprooting
every kind: the womens movement, the parking meters and cornering terried
hippie movement, the antiwar movement policemen while singing a campy version
and, yes, even a nascent movement for of We Shall Overcome.
LGBT rights, all combined here to fuel the While news of the riots spread quickly
winds of change. The LGBT community in around the world, Angelenos Rev. Troy
Los Angeles, as in New York and around Perry, Rev. Bob Humphries and Morris Kight,
the country, lived under constant threat formed Christopher Street West (CSW) to
of ocial violence and the oppression of honor the uprising in New York and to tap
pervasive hostility. into a burgeoning sense of gay power by
In 1966 Los Angeles, aection between launching the worlds rst Gay Pride Parade.
men was ocially condemned as a mental On June 28, 1970, thousands of jubilant
illness and viewed as a moral disorder. Rev. TROY PERRY was one of the founders of Christopher Street West. people celebrated and danced their way
Sexual relations between people of the PHOTO BY JONATHUNDER; COURTESY OF WIKIMEDIA west along Hollywood Boulevard, some
same sex even hand holding was chanting two, four, six, eight, gay is just
a crime. Careers were destroyed by who were charged with lewd conduct for harassment of LGBT people protesting at as good as straight and hoisting placards
whisper or innuendo and extortion was simply kissing, according to witnesses of the corner of Sunset and Hyperion. calling for equality and justice.
rampant. There were precious few safe the time and published accounts. Until recently, the action, groundbreaking At the time we had no idea what we were
social spaces for LGBT people other than A community that had long hidden though it was, has rarely been hailed as creating, we just wanted to acknowledge a
a dozen or so nightclubs in close proximity in the shadows suddenly found itself such. It has been almost buried in LAs courageous group that stood up to being
to one another near Silver Lake Black seeking intersectional allies. Police psyche. Even Troy Perry, one of the founders bullied by police. It was a microcosm of
Cat, Rams Head and Stage Door and a violence against civilians was attracting of Christopher Street West, says he never what was taking place throughout the
couple, like The Patch near Long Beach. more attention than ever and activist viewed the Black Cat as a demonstration for country and we thought, what better way
And so when routine police raids on groups, like Personal Rights in Defense LGBTQ rights but as an action against police to make noise, get attention and excite
these establishments escalated and and Education (PRIDE) distributed iers brutality at that time in LA. our community than by dressing up and
turned violent, the community was deeply that read, PRIDE DEMONSTRATION: Two and a half years later, in June 1969, putting on a parade, said Perry.
traumatized. Finally, a breaking point came join Negroes, Mexicans, hippies and a police raid on New Yorks Stonewall Inn Over the years the event evolved along
on New Years Eve 1967 when a celebration demonstrate against the Establishment captured the attention of the world, however. with the community.
at Black Cat turned into a bloodbath; at war on minorities. The Southern California Six powerful days of resistance in It moved to West Hollywood and
ve minutes past midnight, plainclothes Council on Religion and the Homophile 1969 between young gay, lesbian, and became a fee-based, three-day festival to
police ocers began tackling patrons, urged action by activating a phone-tree transgender people and the New York help pay the growing expense of the event.
swinging billy clubs and pool sticks, with the message that Homosexuals, who Police Department continue to dene It was never without controversy, but fast-
dragging people into the streets, pulling have always been dependably meek, are who we are as a people, a movement and forward to 2016 and both the festival
bartenders facedown over broken glass ghting back. a community. After an intense escalation and the parade had nearly collapsed in
across the bar, chasing patrons down the An unprecedented number of people of brutal police raids on gay bars in New the heat of withering criticism over the
streets, breaking bones and doing severe turned out one of the rst mass gatherings York City, patrons of the Stonewall Inn,
bodily injury to some, arresting 16 people in the United States protesting police a Christopher Street bar in Manhattans CONTINUES ON PAGE 14
1 4 MA RCH 2 4 , 2 0 17 W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM CO V E R ST O RY

LA Pride embraces call for protest march

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 12 LA Pride has for years been partially
subsidized by West Hollywood because
direction of the event and whether history it is estimated to generate more than
or LGBT identity even matters. $5,000,000 in tax revenues.
From its founding in 1970 to 2016, Complicating matters for CSW, in
the parade reected the concerns of January 2017, several senior board
a community ghting for basic dignity, members resigned and complained
political rights, against violence and for publicly that the top-down management
government recognition of a health crisis style of the board resulted in making
that killed hundreds of thousands of gay their service useless. Chief among their
men. In recent years, as the community complaints was the requirement of non-
enjoyed civil rights victories and gained disclosure agreements that prevented
social, cultural and political power, the board members from discussing
Parades identity began to blur. organizational matters outside the board.
Last year, when CSW attempted to The board members who resigned were
rebrand the three-day festival into a representative of the issues that sparked
Music Festival, critics derided the group the most concern in 2016; a prominent
for attempting to turn LA Pride into Gay transgender woman, a senior man, a
Coachella. CSW, they said, was hell-bent documentarian of LGBT history, a legacy
on ignoring the events legacy and on CSW president and a Latino man and
edging out more senior members of the chairman of LA Leather Pride Week.
community. CSW President Chris Classen, The resignations resurrected
perhaps unintentionally, reinforced that community frustrations about CSWs
notion while addressing the controversy LA-based philanthropist, activist and entrepreneur BRIAN PENDLETON called for a protest march. direction yet the organization appeared
to the West Hollywood City Council, PHOTO COURTESY OF PENDLETON to be singularly focused on the impact the
saying that by adding the word music to closure of West Hollywood Park had on
the title of L.A. Pride is a subtle welcome issued a statement saying it had made Department arrested 20-year-old James its Music Festival plans. But the election
to a younger generation who does not a few missteps along the way that have Wessley Howell, an Indiana man, who was of Donald Trump and his anti-LGBT vice
inherently understand the historical left valued members of our community found with an arsenal of assault ries, president, along with the installation of an
context of the event. feeling left out or underappreciated. This ammunition and explosives in his car; he almost uniformly anti-LGBT cabinet was
Indeed, his plan, by rearranging or was never our intention. Weve heard your told police he wanted to harm people at top of mind for the community at large.
removing sacred elements of the festival, concerns and objections and we sincerely the Los Angeles Pride festival.
seemed to minimize the visibility of apologize. It seemed to work. A pall was cast over the annual LA Pride #resistmarch
lesbians, transgender, Latino and leather But events conspired to remind Parade but in a deant move, Christopher
community members and paid no homage everyone about the historical context Street West chose to continue with the Enter LA-based philanthropist, activist and
to seniors or to history. Even country- of the event a response to violent Parade and it quickly became a march entrepreneur Brian Pendleton, inspired by
western people felt theyd been given the oppression that gave rise to Christopher honoring of the victims in Orlando. the womens march (which attracted several
boot in favor of a post-gay Music Festival. Street Wests existence. But questions about CSW just wouldnt hundred thousand people to downtown LA)
Groups formed to protest CSW and go away. seized on what he saw as pent-up demand
critics blasted the organization at the Mourning for Orlando In late 2016, it was revealed the for action that he, perhaps incidentally,
groups open board meetings and City organization had lost several hundred felt could give LA Pride revitalized mission.
Council meetings. Ivy Bottini, a 90-year- Los Angeles, like everyone in America, thousand dollars, renewing outrage and He posted a frustrated comment on
old lesbian resident of West Hollywood was stunned to wake up on the morning provoking allegations of mismanagement. Facebook, before my rst cup of coee,
demanded change: I consider the board a of June 12, 2016, to the news that a West Hollywood Mayor Lauren Meister, declaring that the parade should be turned
lame duck board...It doesnt feel like CSW madman had opened re on the dance concerned about city involvement into a protest march.
understands what Pride is. oor of a gay nightclub in Orlando, with potentially troubled non-prot A Facebook page and other social media
CSW corrected most of its mistakes killing 49 people and wounding dozens organizations, required nancial
and issued a mea culpa. Last May, CSW more. That morning, Santa Monica Police disclosure from subsidized organizers. CONTINUES ON PAGE 15
CO V E R STO RY W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM MA RCH 2 4 , 2 0 1 7 1 5

Trumps attacks on minorities inspire protest movement

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 14 you for the Resistance to be front and
center in this years pride march?! YOU
using #resistmarch was created along should be taking the lead and embracing
with a website, https://www.resistmarch. the legacy of Stonewall. Arent you
org, and the idea went viral. More than humiliated that LA Pride is ahead of HOP
33,000 people have joined. on this? Why court controversy and retreat
Pendleton found himself on the board into the dank well of process? Come on
of CSW. folks, youre better than this!
There was a hesitation to have me join Meanwhile, in Washington, D.C., a
the board, he said. CSW has policies National March is taking shape, planned
and procedures about how to add board for Sunday, June 11, that was instigated by
members and in order for me to join, I a New York activist who also took to social
understand, the board had to waive those media to call for a march.
procedures. But once the groundswell of David Bruinooge, 42, a Brooklyn, N.Y.,
grassroots support became so strong it resident, said he was inspired to create
was clear that it made the most sense for a Facebook page announcing the march
CSW to add me as an exception. on Jan. 21 while he was watching the
He refused to sign the controversial Womens March on Washington at home
non-disclosure agreement. on television.
The idea has been adopted by I was watching the events unfold on TV
Christopher Street West, sending the and I was very proud and inspired by all the
parade o into a whole new direction that women, the strong women in our country
more closely resembles the intentions of who were kind of taking this to the street and
its founders. getting their voices heard, he told the Blade.
The march will even begin at the 1970 And in the back of my mind as an openly gay
founding location at Hollywood Boulevard man I thought the gay community should be
and Highland to La Brea before continuing doing something like this to follow up on the
The last LGBT march on Washington was the National Equality March on Oct. 11, 2009.
onto Santa Monica Boulevard and into momentum, he said.
He said he intentionally chose June 11 for
Over the past 40 years, local merchants the march because its the same day that
have grown to rely on the events ability Hollywood N.O.W., California Womens against human rights. D.C.s Capital Pride Festival is scheduled to
to attract more than 100,000 people and Law Center, Victory Institute, The Next Weve been ghting for our rights for be held on Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W. near
generate millions of dollars in income, Family, LASC, Project Angel Food, Tegan decades now but the last eight years, the U.S. Capitol. Bruinooge said his thought
according to studies by the City of West and Sara Foundation, Trans Can Work, weve had wind in our sails and seen was the march would start in the morning
Hollywood. Organizers are hoping to at West Hollywood City Council members tremendous progress. Not wanting to and end at the site of the Pride festival.
least double the participation this year. Heilman, Duran and Horvath, Christopher have any of our rights rolled back, we Rev. Perry said in a statement to the
Signicantly, the Resist March idea Street West, Los Angeles County Board of stand up with our trans brothers and Los Angeles Blade, As the co-founder of
requires outreach to allied communities Supervisors, Los Angeles County Oce of sisters whose fates are being decided Christopher Street West, I am thrilled to see
and that work is in full swing. Among the Assessor, Los Angeles City Attorney, by state governments. In South Dakota, them change the 2017 pride parade to a
the growing number of signees: Equality and Gina Belafonte. LGBTQ people can no longer adopt. We human rights march. For me its always been
California, Los Angeles LGBT Center, APLA Pendleton told City Watch, This year, want our rights restored. about humanizing our community, standing
Health, Human Rights Campaign, The because of the political winds and forces, The idea has spread around the country. up for those who need us most, and giving a
Trevor Project, Family Equality Council, were sort of wrapping the iconic rainbow In New York City, Matt Foreman, the voice to those who are sometimes invisible.
Asian Pacic AIDS Intervention Team, City ag of LGBTQ around women ghting for former executive director of the National Marching for human rights ts squarely
of West Hollywood, Women Against Gun reproductive rights, the dreamers who Gay & Lesbian Task Force, has also been within the principles of CSWs founding. Ill
Violence, IBEW Local 11, UNITE HERE! Local want to stay in this country and recent advocating for a Resistance March there. see you all on June 11th!
11, CA NOW, National Council of Jewish immigrants who want to come here, On Facebook he wrote: WTF Heritage of LOU CHIBBARO JR.
Women NARAL Pro-Choice California, anyone who feels impacted by the forces Pride?! Why do people have to plead with contributed to this report.

Gorsuch calls same-sex marriage settled law

But LGBT advocates object
to nominees record in
Hobby Lobby case


Amid opposition from LGBT rights

supporters to the conrmation of Neil
Gorsuch to the U.S. Supreme Court,
President Trumps nominee referred to
same-sex marriage as settled law, but
was otherwise relatively tight-lipped about
his views during his conrmation hearings.
Grilled by members of the Senate
Judiciary Committee about his judicial
philosophy, U.S. Circuit Judge Gorsuch on
Tuesday maintained equal justice under
the law words enshrined at the top of the
Supreme Court building was a radical
idea, but one hed uphold, when asked
about application of the law to LGBT people. same-sex marriage. I know he testied in the Romer case, that was the year the state had an anti-
Pressed by Sen. Al Franken about The Supreme Court of the United Gorsuch said. I cant specically recall the gay amendment on the ballot and asked
marriage equality specically, Gorsuch States has held that single-sex marriage specics of his testimony or that he gave a the nominee whether same-sex marriage
replied, It is absolutely settled law, but is protected by the Constitution, deposition. should be subjectedto popular vote.
added, theres ongoing litigation about its Gorsuch said, using single-sex marriage When Durbin sought more information Senator, I dont recall any involvement
impact and its application right now. terminology commonly cited in Europe, from Gorsuch on the impact Finnis had on in that issue during that campaign,
When Sen. Richard Durbin (D-Ill.) asked but rarely in the United States, to refer to his views, Gorsuch referred to rulings he Gorsuch said. I remember going to Ohio.
the nominee about his views on LGBT marriage equality. made on the bench as a member of the When Franken asked the nominee if he
people, Gorsuch seemed irritated and Durbin brought up LGBT people in the U.S. 11th Circuit Court of Appeals. wasaware of the marriage issue in 2004,
responded, What about them? and as context of questioning of John Finnis, I think the best evidence is what Ive Gorusch replied, Certainly, I was aware
Durbin sought to clarify, the nominee whom Gorsuch identied as a mentor written, Gorsuch said. Ive written or about it.
retorted, Theyre people. during his time at Oxford University. A joined over 6 million words as a federal Pressed further by Franken for his views,
Asked by Durbin to point to a statement conservative one-time law professor, appellate judge. Ive written a couple of Gorsuch added, Any revelation about my
or decision favorable to LGBT people, Finnis delivered a deposition in the books. Ive been a lawyer and a judge for personal views about this matter would
Gorsuch oered his judicial philosophy early 90s in favor of Colorados anti- 25 or 30 years, and I guess Id ask you, indicate to people how I might rule as a
that all individuals are entitled to equal gay Amendment 2, a law that prohibited respectfully, to look at my credentials and judge. Mistakenly, but it might, and I have
treatment under the law. cities from enacting non-discrimination my record. to be concerned about that.
Ive tried to treat each case and each ordinances based on sexual orientation. In another exchange with Franken, When Franken pointed out the U.S.
person as a person, not a this kind of The Supreme Court struck down the law in Gorsuch conceded the issue of same- Supreme Court has ruled in favor of
person, not a that kind of person a the 1996 Romer v. Evans decision. sex marriage is settled law, but same-sex marriage nationwide and asked
person, Gorsuch said. Equal justice Referencing a passage in which Finnis acknowledged subsequent litigation is Gorsuch how his views have changed since
under law is a radical promise in the compared same-sex relationships to ongoing on its impact and kept his cards 2004, the nominee remain tight-lipped.
history of mankind. bestiality and said antipathy toward LGBT close to his vest on his personal views. My personal views, if were to begin
Durbin pressed Gorsuch to clarify people is based not just on religious Referencing Gorsuchs help with former speaking about my personal views on this
whether that applies to sexual orientation, reasons, but societal views, Durbin asked President George W. Bushs 2004 re- subject, which every American has views
prompting Gorsuch to invoke the 2015 Gorsuch whether he was aware of his election campaign in Ohio as a member
Obergefell v. Hodges decision in favor of mentors statements. of Lawyers for Bush, Franken noted CONTINUES ON PAGE 17

Gorsuch tight-lipped, but says marriage is settled law

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 16 the Obergefell decision as precedent. that judicial viewpoint in his dissents to himself and said, The majority in that case
Obergefell is a precedent of the United major gay rights cases, such as the U.S. argued that it was. Gorsuch repeated
on, would send a misleading signal to the States Supreme Court, Gorsuch said. It Supreme Court decision in favor of same- his view the concept of equal protection
American people, Gorsuch said. entitles persons to engage in single-sex sex marriage. under the law is quite signicant.
The Minnesota Democrat sought to marriage. Thats a right that the Supreme Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) sought When the Minnesota Democrat asked
move on to another topic as Gorsuch said Court has recognized. It is a precedent of the clarication from Gorsuch on originalism, Gorsuch whether hed apply that approach
he wanted to nish his thought about not United States Supreme Court entitled to all referencing, among other rulings, the to minority groups, such as women, LGBT
being able to disclose personal view, but the deference to precedence of the United 1996 Virginia Military Institute decision, people and racial minorities, Gorsuch
Franken said, Youve given a version of States Supreme Court, and thats quite a lot. which determined the states exclusion replied, A good judge applies the law
this answer before. I understand. Much of the concern over Gorsuch of women from the school violated without respect to persons. Thats part of
The issue of marriage equality came concerns his subscription to the judicial the right to equal protection under the my judicial oath.
up later in the hearing when Sen. philosophy of originalism in which jurists 14th Amendment. Scalia, in his dissent, Seemingly unsatised with the response,
Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii) brought it up seek to determine lawmakers original wrote the decision was creating a new Klobuchar pressed Gorsuch further,
when asking Gorsuch about his views intent of enacting statutes before ruling Constitution, not keeping to the original prompting him to reply, I dont take account
on whether the Constitution protects on them, a practice criticized as a means meaning of the U.S. Constitution. of the person before me. Everyone is equal
intimate and personal choices. Gorsuch to deny justice to minority groups, Asked by Klobuchar whether the ruling under the eyes of the law.
again declined to express his personal including LGBT people. The late U.S. was based on the original meaning of the
views, but underscored the importance of Associate Justice Antonin Scalia advocated Constitution, Gorsuch kept his views to CONTINUES AT LOSANGELESBLADE.COM

Rainbow ag stomped outside congressmans office

Capitol Police after he left, replaced the ag, it says. ag, which his oce refers to as the
They then notied the Congressmans Pride Flag, has been displayed outside
investigating incident
sta, who caught up to the man, veried Lowenthals Capitol Hill oce since
he was the one who had stomped on 2013 along with an American ag and a
By LOU CHIBBARO JR. the ag before escorting him into the California state ag.
custody of Capitol Police ocers, the Lowenthal represents Californias 47th
U.S. Capitol Police are investigating statement states. congressional district, which includes the
an incident on March 15, in which a Eva Malecki, a spokesperson for the city of Long Beach, located about 25 miles
visitor to a congressional oce building Capitol Police, told the Washington Blade south of Los Angeles. He is a longtime
in Washington removed a rainbow ag the matter was under investigation. She LGBT rights supporter and has marched
hanging from the wall beside the door to said Capitol Police have a policy of not in LGBT Pride parades in his district
the oce of Rep. Alan Lowenthal (D-Calif.) releasing additional details about ongoing beginning when he served previously as
and repeatedly stepped on the ag. investigations, including the name of an a state senator and assemblyman and
The unidentied male visitor acted individual being investigated. as a Long Beach City Council member,
on his displeasure with the ag minutes Keith Higginbotham, Lowenthals Higginbotham said.
after he entered Lowenthals oce and communications director, said the This shocking demonstration of hate
Rep. ALAN LOWENTHAL (D-Calif.) displays a
angrily exclaimed his belief that the Pride Pride ag outside his oce. sympathetic visitors who witnessed the is just another example of the shadows
ag outside the oce was inappropriate incident at the Cannon House Oce of intolerance that have grown longer
alongside the American ag, according to Building told Lowenthal sta members in recent days, Lowenthal said in a
a statement released by Lowenthals oce. that the attacker was visiting from North statement. To all our brothers and sisters
The man left the Congressmans oce, and proceeded to repeatedly stomp on Carolina and was with his family members who endure through these hateful acts:
removed the Congressmans Pride Flag it, the statement says. Other visitors in when the incident unfolded. we stand with you, and we will continue to
from its holder, threw it to the ground, the hallway verbally reprimanded him and Higginbotham noted that the rainbow ght for you.

LGBT juror non-discrimination bill reintroduced

Prohibits rejection of jurors Two days later, Sens. Jeanne Shaheen in trials attorneys for plaintis in civil Northern California ruled in 2014 that its
(D-N.H.) and Susan Collins (R-Maine) jointly cases and prosecutors in criminal cases unconstitutional for a potential juror to
based on orientation,
introduced the Senate version of the same as well as attorneys for defendants have be excluded solely because of his or her
gender identity bill but which bears a dierent name, the an opportunity to strike or disqualify a sexual orientation. But that ruling covers
Jury Access for Capable Citizens and Equality limited number of potential jurors without only the seven western states and Hawaii
By LOU CHIBBARO JR. in Service Selection, or ACCESS, Act of 2017. providing a reason. that are in the 9th Circuit.
Both bills state that their intent is to Although the Supreme Court has ruled Supporters of the Juror Non-
LGBT supportive members of the U.S. prohibit the exclusion of individuals from that using such challenges to exclude Discrimination Act and the Jury ACCESS
House and Senate last week reintroduced service on a federal jury on account of jurors based on their race or gender is Act say the legislation is needed to extend
legislation that would prohibit sexual orientation or gender identity. unconstitutional, the high court ruling the 9th Circuit ruling nationwide.
discrimination against LGBT people in the As of early this week, three other did not apply to sexual orientation or Aaron Hunter, a spokesperson for Davis,
process of selecting jurors for trials in the senators signed on as co-sponsors, Sens. gender identity. A federal law expanded said Davis and other House supporters of
nations federal courts. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.), Patty Murray the Supreme Court ruling by banning the legislation are hopeful that it will gain
In the House on March 13, Rep. Susan (D-Wash.), and Ed Markey (D-Mass.). discrimination in the selection of jurors traction in the current 115th Congress
Davis (D-Calif.) introduced the Juror Non- Sixteen House members 14 based on race, religion, sex, national origin, even though it has never made it out of
Discrimination Act of 2017, which calls Democrats and two Republicans signed and economic status but also did not cover committee since it was rst introduced in
for amending an existing law that bans on as co-sponsors of the House version of sexual orientation or gender identity. 2012. The 2017 version of the legislation
discrimination against prospective jurors the bill as of early this week. Meanwhile, in a development hailed has been referred to the Republican
on the basis of race and sex to cover Legal observers have pointed out by LGBT rights attorneys, the U.S. controlled Judiciary Committees in the
sexual orientation and gender identity. that during the jury selection process Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit in House and Senate.
LO C A L N E W S W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM MA RCH 2 4 , 2 0 1 7 1 9

HHS seeks to dump LGBT elders from U.S. health survey

Trump administration included a question in its surveys seeking
to identify the transgender population
questions reliability
in the United States, citing diculty in
of sample asking the questions and being assured of
responses. The absence of those questions
By CHRIS JOHNSON was a source of frustration at the National
Center for Transgender Equality, which
LGBT advocacy groups are opposing the collected its own information on the
Trump administrations announced plans transgender population in its 2015 U.S.
to remove questions seeking to identify Transgender Survey.
gay, lesbian and bisexual elders in a U.S. Kelly Mack, an HHS spokesperson, said
health survey, saying the move represents a in response to the criticism the question
systematic plan to undermine LGBT progress. on sexual orientation was included in
Services & Advocacy for LGBT Elders previous surveys as part of a trial eort,
announced Monday the launch of a but is now being eliminated because it
campaign to oppose the Department didnt yield sucient information.
of Health & Human Services proposed The questions have been included in
elimination of the questions from the previous ACL surveys as part of a pilot
National Survey of Older Americans Act test, Mack said. These pilot questions
Participants, or NSOAAP. The survey is HHS is seeking to eliminate a question for LGBT elders in a health survey. are no longer proposed for inclusion in
intended to evaluate the eectiveness of the surveys. The sample size of responses
programs funded by the Older Americans to these questions while piloted has not
Act, such as services for home-delivered hate crimes protections legislation, Dont public comment period on changes in the been sucient enough to date to allow for
meals, homemaker services and the Ask, Dont Tell repeal and a version of the collection of information and those are reliability and reporting.
National Family Caregiver Support Program. Employment Non-Discrimination Act. In due May 12. Mack added HHS will seek to receive
Michael Adams, CEO of SAGE, said 2013, Price participated in an event call Laura Durso, vice president for LGBT public comment on the proposed 2017
in a statement the proposed change hosted by Tea Party Unity and said a caller research and communications at the Center survey for an additional 30 days beyond
jeopardizes assurances LGBT elders will was absolutely right about potentially for American Progress, said in a statement the 60 days required under the Paperwork
receive benets under those programs. negative health and scal impacts of the proposed roll back makes it impossible Reduction Act. A clarication for the Federal
Caring about our LGBT elders means measures promoting LGBT rights. to know whether the Department of Health Register notice, Mack said, will be out soon
making sure they have access to publicly The declaration that HHS was and Human Services is equitably serving to highlight the proposed changes.
funded senior services, which can be literally considering eliminating the notices was LGBT people in need. The proposed elimination of the
life-saving, Adams said. Now, it appears published March 13 in the Federal Register, Without the information provided in these questions on sexual orientation in the
that the Trump administration wants to the daily journal of the U.S. government surveys, we cant ensure that LGBT seniors NSOAAP is the latest move from the Trump
make believe LGBT older people dont that includes rule changes. have equal access to important government administration to reverse administrative
exist, by erasing them from this critically LGBT elders or questions on U.S. surveys services or that LGBT people with disabilities changes in favor of LGBT people seen
important survey. We insist that this are nowhere explicitly found in the notice. have equal access to independent living under President Obama.
decision be reversed and that the federal Instead, the notice provides a link to services that empower them to live full and Most notably, one such change was
government commit to serving all elders in descriptions of previous surveys and a link self-determined lives, Durso said. We cant the elimination of guidance to schools
need, including those who are LGBT. to a proposed draft of the 2017 survey, ensure that the administration is fullling assuring transgender kids have access
The Trump administration announced incorrectly saying there will no change to its duty to eliminate the barriers that shut to the restroom consistent with their
plans to remove the sexual-orientation the new survey. But a look at the survey vulnerable LGBT people out of the safety gender identity. Earlier this month,
questions from the NSOAAP shortly after reveals a change: The elimination of a net. By walking back data collection on LGBT the Department of Housing & Urban
the conrmation of Tom Price as secretary question on whether respondents identify populations, this administration is saying Development also withdrew plans seeking
of health and human services. as lesbian, gay or bisexual, which had been that they would rather erase disparities than to ensure homeless shelters notify
As a U.S. lawmaker, Price had an anti- included in each annual survey since 2014. end them. transgender people they cant be subject
LGBT record, including support for a U.S. According to the notice, federal agencies No question in the survey ever addressed to discrimination there and for a survey to
constitutional amendment banning same- are required under the Paperwork transgender status. Even during the evaluate the eectiveness of the LGBTQ
sex marriage nationwide and opposition to Reduction Act to allow 60 days for a Obama years, the U.S. government never Youth Homelessness Prevention Initiative.
2 0 MA RCH 2 4 , 2 0 17 W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM I N T E RN A T I O N A L N E W S

A trans lawmaker in Honduras?

An activist in Honduras would
become the rst openly transgender
candidate elected in the country if
she were to win a seat in the Central
American Parliament.
Kendra Stefani Jordany, who
is a member of the Liberty and
Refoundation (LIBRE) party from the
city of San Pedro Sula, nished 18
State Dept. defends anti-LGBT activists appointment
among the list of 20 candidates for
the Central American Parliament who The State Department on Monday once again defended the decision to appoint a
received enough votes in the March representative of an organization that strongly opposes LGBT and intersex rights to the
12 primary to qualify for the general U.S. delegation to an annual U.N. womens conference.
election. The United States does seek to include individuals from civil society organizations with
Jordany is the rst openly trans diverse viewpoints and allow them to observe the U.N. in action during the Commission
person to ever win a primary election in on the Status of Women, acting spokesperson Mark Toner told the Washington Blade
Honduras. during his daily press brieng.
Its an immense historical The State Department last week announced Center for Family and Human Rights
achievement, she told the Blade on KENDRA STEFANI JORDANY is a Executive Vice President Lisa Correnti and Heritage Foundation Associate for Social Issues
transgender woman from San Pedro
March 17 during an interview from Sula, Honduras, who is running for a at the U.N. Grace Melton is among the members of the U.S. delegation to the conference
San Pedro Sula. seat in the Central American Parliament. that is scheduled to end on March 24.
The Central American Parliament, PHOTO COURTESY OF KENDRA STEFANI JORDANY The Southern Poverty Law Center has designated C-FAM as a hate group, noting its
which is part of the System of Central strong opposition to LGBT and intersex rights.
American Integration, promotes The Human Rights Campaign, the Council for Global Equality, Human Rights First and
human rights and political stability in the region. Honduras, El Salvador, OutRight Action International have urged Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to rescind the
Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama and the Dominican Republic are members of appointments. C-FAM President Austin Ruse on March 15 described OutRight Action
the Guatemala City-based body. International as a radical homosexual group that has started a global campaign to
Honduras general elections are scheduled to take place on Nov. 26. Jordany have Lisa (Correnti) removed from the U.S. delegation in a fundraising letter it sent to its
told the Blade that she will hopefully be among the Central American Parliament supporters.
candidates who remain on the ballot. This radical group charges that C-FAM is a hate group because we do not accept the
Jordany, 28, began her advocacy more than a decade ago when she was 16. homosexual agenda, wrote Ruse.
She is currently studying journalism in San Pedro Sula. Jordany is also planning OutRight Action International has accused C-FAM of violating federal ethics laws with
to travel to the Dominican Republic next week in order to attend a conference its fundraising appeal.
the Gay and Lesbian Victory Institute is co-organizing. OutRight Action International Executive Director Jessica Stern on March 17 asked
Violence and discrimination based on gender identity remain commonplace in U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley to remove Correnti from the delegation and
Honduras. San Pedro Sula, which is located in the northwest corner of the country, ban C-FAM from the U.N. Commission on the Status of Women while their fundraising
ranks as one of the worlds most violent cities that is not in a war zone because of practices are under investigation.
street gangs and drug trackers and Honduras Military Police that target them. The question we are asking now is: Is it ethical for a civil society representative to
Ren Martnez, a prominent San Pedro Sula-based activist who was a member directly prot from the appointment to a U.S. government delegation, or is this a conict
of President Juan Orlando Hernndezs ruling National Party, was killed in June of interest, asked Stern in her letter to Haley.
2016. A trans activist in San Pedro Sula with whom the Blade spoke last month To us, this seems very much like a conict of interest, and we urge you, as head of the
said she has survived two assassination attempts over the last year. delegation and ambassador to the U.N., to please remove C-FAM from the U.S. delegation
Jordany told the Blade she has not received any threats because of her to the Commission on Status of Women, added Stern.
campaign or activism. She also said she would work on non-LGBT and intersex Toner on Monday did not specically respond to the Blades question about OutRight
issues if elected. Action Internationals allegation.
We must build alliances, said Jordany. He said Correnti and Melton can attend formal commission meetings and side events.
MICHAEL K. LAVERS Theyre not, however, authorized to negotiate or speak on behalf of the United States,
he added.
V I E W PO I NT W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM MA RCH 2 4 , 2 0 1 7 2 1

The ruling referenced Article 183: An act undertaken in exercise of a right without
abuse shall not be regarded as an oense.
Which means if youre exercising your freedoms and not hurting anyone, theres no
crime, Gay Star News reports.

Calif. strategizes against health care overhaul

SAN FRANCISCO Health care experts say the prognosis is not good for California
creating a single-payer health care system this year, even as fears grow over the
impact of Republican federal lawmakers plans to gut the Aordable Care Act, the
Bay Area Reporter reports.
Gay state Sen. Ricardo Lara (D-Bell Gardens) and lesbian state Sen. Toni Atkins
(D-San Diego) last month introduced their Californians for a Healthy California Act
(Senate Bill 562), which is backed by the California Nurses Association, to jumpstart
the process of creating a universal health care system that would cover all 39 million
Californians, including the estimated 3 million undocumented immigrants living in
the state.
They have yet to release a more detailed plan for how the state would achieve that
goal but have pledged to do so in the weeks ahead, the Reporter article notes.
Access to aordable and quality health care is not only critical, it should be a right
for everyone in California, Atkins said, according to the Bay Area Reporter. In light
of threats to the Aordable Care Act, its important that we look at all options to
Although Lebanon is one the most progressive countries in the Middle East regarding LGBT maintain and expand access to health care. The Healthy California Act is an essential
issues, Article 534 of the Penal Codeprohibits sexual relations that are contradicting the laws part of that conversation.
of nature.
Past attempts to do so have failed in California, such as when voters rejected a
statewide ballot initiative in 1994. And out former lawmakers have seen opposition
from insurance companies and other special interests sink their past legislation.
Lebanon plans LGBT sexual health week Former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger twice vetoed bills carried by lesbian former
state Senator Sheila Kuehl, now a Los Angeles county supervisor. And gay former
state Sen. Mark Leno (D-San Francisco) saw his 2012 bill to establish a single-payer
LONDON Lebanon is hosting itsrst-ever LGBT sexual health week and will focus on health care system pass out of the Senate only to die in the Assembly, the Reporter
the marginalization of the community, Gay Star News, a U.K. outlet, reports. notes.
The Lebanese Medical Association for Sexual Health (LebMASH) will run the health
week, which will focus on how the marginalization of the LGBTI community aects
mental health.
Conversion therapy voted down in Tampa
In a series of videos the health campaign tackles the myriad of issues LGBT people
face living in Lebanon. TAMPA, Fla. Local LGBT members celebrated a major win Thursday in the Tampa
One of the videos features Dr. Fadi (no rst name given), a sexual health specialist. City Council, ABC Action News reports.
As a doctor, my mission includes raising awareness and not just treatment. But Im Council members unanimously voted to ban mental health professionals from
unable to fulll my duties when it comes to the sexual health of (LGBT) people and using gay conversion therapy.
this worries me, he said in the video. Supporters of the ban dressed in purple.
Fadi explained a lot of LGBT people avoid going to doctors for fear of mistreatment Under the ordinance, anyone caught providing conversion therapy to a minor
and discrimination. would be ned up to a $1,000. Repeat oenders would face a ne up to $5,000, ABC
Although Lebanon is one the most progressive countries in the Middle East reports.
regarding LGBT issues, it is still taboo. Article 534 of the Lebanese Penal Codeprohibits Dozens shared their stories of personal trauma under the practice. At least one
having sexual relations that are contradicting the laws of nature. opponent also spoke before council. Those providing strictly religious counseling like
But in January, Lebanon came one step closer to decriminalizing homosexuality. clergymen are exempt from the ban under the rst amendment.
A judge ruled that, homosexuality is a personal choice, not a punishable oense. A second reading of the ordinance takes place next month, ABC Action News reports.

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In this rst issue of the Los Angeles Blade, we SENIOR CONTRIBUTING WRITER
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of purpose that was palpable at the March 18 CONTRIBUTORS
Human Rights Campaign gala in downtown CHARLES KAISER, ALAN MILLER, TIM MILLER, MAER
Los Angeles. We revisit the early days of local DAVID EHRENSTEIN, STEVEN ERICKSON, LILLIAN
West, an organization that has appeared to ROBIN TYLER, CHRIS AZZOPARD, ALLEN ROSKOFF,
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Holly Hughes strikes back at

Trumps defunding of the arts
Examples of the power of the arts are
Legendary lesbian cited, usually canonical masterpieces or
performance artist workshops for children.
I cant argue with any of that. But the
speaks out elimination of the NEA plays well in huge
parts of the country. It taps into the anti-
By HOLLY HUGHES intellectual and anti-elitism sentiments
that brought us Donald Trump. And stop
Here we go again with the plans to it with the statistics about how we only
eliminate the National Endowment for pay 63 cents per person, or that we spend
the Arts, the National Endowment for less on the arts than some small country
the Humanities and the Corporation for in Europe. These folks want that 63 cents,
Public Broadcasting! and they are happy to be the anti-Europe.
Republicans have been bent on I also dont buy the voices that claim
demolishing these agencies since the the ght is peripheral. The budget
rst year of the Reagan administration. proposals, along with Trumps policies on
Because lots of this funding went to immigration and travel celebrate cruelty
institutions and individuals across the HOLLY HUGHES is best known as one of the NEA Four, with whom she was denied funding from the and elevate greed. The harm enshrined
country, the eort went nowhere. NEA, and for her work with the Womens One World Cafe. within cant be overstated. Peoples lives
But in the late 80s, the GOP tried are going to be upended. People are
again, spurred by pressure from the going to die.
emergent religious right wing. Its hard Karen Finley and the three homosexuals, Deal and Great Society safety net, or even Do we mean it when we say that art is
to remember, but there was a time when a label that was more accurate. Three other censorship battles around parental central to the human experience? Then we
the GOP was not synonymous with the of us were gay, two openly so, and the advisory stickers on hip hop albums or must connect our arguments for the NEA
modern equivalent of the at earth poignant feminist rage of Karen Finley the suppression of life saving information to our opposition to these other policies.
society. But in the culture wars of that rendered her queer as well. At issue was about safer sex. Its lovely to spend an afternoon at the
time, the religious right I think we can never the work itself, though I doubt that It didnt go well! I failed. The NEA Metropolitan Museum of Art, but if we
just call them the right rose to power the late Sen. Jesse Helms would have survived, but the budget was slashed cant locate the value of that experience
by attacking public funding for arts. liked it, but our sexuality and gender and most of the funding for individual in some relationship our defense of public
This time, though, the right didnt expression. Before yanking my funding, artists went away. Or I should say we health care and public education; and our
try to attack the arts in general; they the chair of the NEA described my work in all failed. There were some other voices larger ideals such as our support for open
went after specic types of expression. one sentence: Holly Hughes is a lesbian speaking out as advocates for the arts borders, for our desire to foster social
Feeding on the anxiety unleashed by the and her work is heavily of that genre. but they tended to present culture as in justice in a diverse society, our art habits
AIDS epidemic, the critics focused on art Twenty-seven years ago, I was very this uncomplicated valentine of American seem like escapist luxuries.
work by and about marginalized peoples active in trying to defend the NEA; the exceptionalism; Mom, apple pie, the ag These arguments are hard to make.
and their bodies. Targets included media kept oering a platform, I felt it and modern art. It felt false, elitist and I tried and failed. The case for the NEA
Andre Serranos aestheticized photos of was my responsibility to step up. It didnt unconvincing. is not only the case for the NEA, or if it
religious icons and body uids, Robert go well; a broader debate about the value So much has changed, but the defense is, we are going to fail. The case doesnt
Mapplethropes portrayals of interracial of arts funding, not to mention the entire of the NEA et al sounds so much the same. lend itself to sound bites. It needs to be
homoeroticism, on artists and writers domestic budget, kept turning into a The right is not carrying on about more than the list of abstractions I gave
responding to the devastation of AIDS and referendum on the work of a few artists. the works of late David Wojnarowicz or you above. The argument has to be artful,
the callous response of the government. I I was asked to speak in terms of personal Marlon Riggs; but the champions of NEA doing what art can, fueled by empathy,
was one of the dozens of artists targeted harm, to play such an appealing victim of funding are making many of the same grounded in experience but charged with
as one of the four performance artists censorship that I could melt the hearts arguments they made in 1990. Heartfelt imagination, an argument for the arts
whose funding was revoked under of those who wanted to quarantine all statements about the transcendent must build these connections, raise the
political pressure. LGBT people. I was never given enough power of the arts and humanities, of the questions, and can possibly provide a
Though this group came to be known as time to put my story in a larger context centrality of expression to the human larger blueprint for a broad opposition to
The NEA Four, we were originally labeled such as the destruction of the New experience across time and cultures. the entire Trump agenda.

Nevertheless, I persist:
Why Im suing Frontiers the embarrassed center of a whirlwind of given an explanation. Nevertheless, she but when that fell through, I didnt let
Tossed out to make way stories and comments. persisted, McConnell said. people see my depression. I eyed the
for millennial writers Now another gust may be coming so, That was a gut-check. I realized I had stash of Oxycontin left over from my knee
as someone who believes in transparency silenced myself to be nice, to be fair, to replacement surgeries. The 12 Step mantra
(Ive been clean and sober for 36 years), I be brave all the learned traits growing one day at a time, the emails and calls
thought Id share with you directly whats up female in a military family. The struggle from friends and the unconditional love of
going on and why. is apparent in my Facebook post where I my two rescue dogs pried open a pinprick
Last February, after I was anything- changed my announcement from having of light in the dark pall inside my head.
but-lawfully laid o from Frontiers, I been red to having been laid o, even But Elizabeth Warren persisted. She
was faced with a question of whether to though it felt like I had been red. stepped outside the Senate chamber and
proceed with a lawsuit against Frontiers, a And it did feel like being red. Despite kept reading the King letter in the dim
company now facing bankruptcy issues, or my hard-earned reputation, despite light of Facebook live. Silence=Death, I
KAREN OCAMB is senior contributing writer for just move on. working diligently to contribute to both remembered. Why should I die inside to
the Los Angeles Blade. I was undecided. My 12 Step program the publication and the LGBT movement, avoid being called a nasty woman by
suggests taking the winning out of despite having to put up with what at the bosses at Frontiers? Indeed, if I didnt
an argument to protect ones sobriety. times wasa hostile working environment le my discrimination lawsuit, I would
I have been a professional journalist But then Senate Majority Leader Mitch where I was expected to shrug o antics be complicit in their eort to erase me. I
for a long time and do not like inserting McConnell explained why it was OK to and comments and endure sneers when hugged my dogs, I gave my stash of Oxy to
myself into a news story. However, formally silence Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who I complained, I was tossed out to make my doctor and discovered that the answer
after posting an announcement on my was reading a 1986 letter by Coretta Scott way for millennial writers according to a to my quandary got me to the same
Facebook page about being laid o from King critical of Attorney General nominee published interview with the owner. conclusion.Nevertheless, I, too, persist.
Frontiers in late February 2016, I became Je Sessions. She was warned. She was I put on a brave face. I had a job prospect Iled the lawsuit on March 21.
M A R C H 2 4 2 0 1 7 V O L U M E 0 1 I S S U E 0 1 A merica s L G B T N e w s S ource L O S A N G E L E S B L A D E . C O M 2 7

Jimmy Brooks as Yenny in bwoy.


On race and privilege in the LGBT community

Filmmaker John G. Youngs bwoy debuts in LA


People are properly amazed at what hand for Q&A sessions about the film and story for bwoy? are and what theyre really feeling.
Moonlight was able to accomplish with its production process after the 7:30 p.m. Young: It was inspired by several ideas.
its small $1.5 million budget, but consider screening on March 31, and after the 9:55 First, that online relationships allow us Blade: Where did the title come from?
this: Thats 75 times what writer/director p.m. showing on April 1. to mold how we present ourselves to Young: It refers to the Jamaican patois
John G. Young had to work with for his bwoy is Youngs fourth feature, and his each other, that it can be about omitting for boy. But often bwoy is used in
latest feature, bwoy. first since 2009s Rivers Wash Over Me. information as much as outright lying. conjunction with batty bwoy, a derogatory
The tale of an upstate New York man The Village Voice hailed Youngs first movie, Second, how a virtual relationship can phrase used against gay men in Jamaica.
who, after tragically losing his young son, 1995s Parallel Sons, as one of the most still have intimacy, that real feelings and
escapes into his first gay relationship with promising independent films of the decade. affection can develop for people without Blade: Have you had a long-distance
a much younger Jamaican man he meets We spoke to Young about his latest, and ever meeting physically. And finally, online relationship like the one in the film?
online, bwoy will open on Friday, March the challenges of working on a shoestring. how people who are dealing with grief Young: Ive certainly had long distance
31 at the Laemmles Music Hall for its first and denial can use anything to distract
limited engagement run. Young will be on Los Angeles Blade: What inspired the themselves from dealing with who they ContinueS ON page 38
2 8 MA RCH 2 4 , 2 0 17 W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM 2 0 G A Y Q U E ST I O N S F O R: J O R G E V A L E N C I A

Jorge Valencia

The Point Foundation leader

answers 20 gay questions

How long have you been out and who I know its not very original, but Id have A sense of soul/spirit/intelligence. That
Jorge Valencia, executive director was the hardest person to tell? wanted a dierent presidential outcome beyond the physical world or body, our
of the Point Foundation, can work a I came out 25 years ago. this past November. Every day, I feel as soul/spirit/intelligence existed and will
red carpet like a man on an important The hardest people to tell were my though were moving backwards. continue to exist.
mission.And he is. parents. I told them when they made a
His life has been about embracing visit to my sisters home in MD. Whats been the most memorable pop Whats your advice for
change. At 27, he came out in a public We had dinner, I told them and culture moment of your lifetime? LGBT movement leaders?
way, something he had struggled to I left so they had time to process Reality TV. Ill never forget Pedro Zamora Listen.
do in part because he was raised a in a and what seeing his life on TV meant to
traditional, albeit Mormon, Latino family. Whos your LGBT hero? so many. What would you walk across hot coals for?
The notion that I could love someone Ive always been inspired by the life of My family.
of the same gender didnt even seem like Harvey Milk. When Point Foundation was On what do you insist?
an option, he said. I didnt have any selected as one of the beneciaries of the I insist on respect for oneself and each What LGBT stereotype annoys you most?
role models, nor did I know of any LGBTQ MILK premiere in San Francisco, I couldnt other. There arent any specic LGBT
adults. have been more humbled. stereotypes that annoy me. What does
And so, when Jorge embraced being What was your last annoy me is that we are quick to label
a gay man, he did it with gusto and is Whats Los Angeles best Facebook post or Tweet? actions by some as stereotypes.
now doing everything he can to promote nightspot, past or present? On Facebook, I recently posted a
a safe educational experience and I only wish I knew! Its ever reminder of our upcoming New York Whats your favorite LGBT movie?
environment for LGBT kids. evolving in Los Angeles. Point Honors event honoring Uzo Aduba Brokeback Mountain and MILK.
I didnt realize so many people and Dustin Lance Black on Monday, April
around me as a kid were going through Describe your dream wedding. 3rd at The Plaza hotel. Whats the most overrated social custom?
the same thing, we were all living in A small, intimate wedding with good friends Specic attire for events.
the closet for fear of being rejected by who are considered family. This became a If your life were a book,
families, communities and educational reality for me last February 2016. what would the title be? What trophy or prize do you most covet?
institutions, he said. I never conded in Gay, Mexican Mormons from Texas do Nobel Peace Prize.
anyone. What non-LGBT issue are you most Exist.
As executive director of Point passionate about? What do you wish youd known at 18?
Foundation, Valencia has devoted his life Im very passionate about doing all we If science discovered a way to change I wish Id known at 18 that even when family
to reversing that. He spends each day can to assist the helpless, like animals. sexual orientation, what would you do? and friends may have rejected me for being
making sure LGBTQ students can achieve As such, the work of animal shelters and Absolutely nothing. Im proud to be an gay, that there would be a very loving and
their full academic and leadership animal adoptions move me. out, gay man. supportive community to hold me up.
potential despite the obstacles often
put before them to make a signicant What historical outcome What do you believe in Why Los Angeles?
impact on society. would you change? beyond the physical world? Why not? The weather.
F E A T U RE W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM MA RCH 2 4 , 2 0 1 7 2 9

Woof! LA Leather Pride Week is here LA LEATHER PRIDE EVENTS


Sat., March 25, 9p.m.-12 a.m.,
By STAFF REPORTS Sanctuary Studios LAX
Ms. L.A.LeatherVictory Party,
Mr. L.A.LeatherContestant
Introductions and L.A. Bootblack
Contest. Sun, March 26, 3-7p.m.
at Bullet Bar
VIP Cocktail Reception, Wed.,
March 29, 6-9 p.m., Tom House
Ocial Meet & Greet for Mr.
L.A.Leather2017, Thurs., March
30, 9-11 p.m. at Precinct
The Roast of Jerey Erdman Mr.
LALeather2016, Thurs., March 30,
10-11:30 p.m. at Precinct
The Assembly Uniform Reception,
Friday, March 31, 7-10 p.m. at
Rough Trade Gear
Maximus Cigar Social, Friday,
March 31,10 p.m.-12 a.m., Eagle LA
Den L.A. Presents:CODE!, the
Ocial LALeatherWeekend
Dance & Play PartyFriday, March
31, 9 p.m.-3 a.m. at Sanctuary
Studios LAX
AFTERMATH - LALeatherPride
The LA Leather Pride nalists. After Hours, Friday, March 31,
PHOTO BY DUSTI CUNNINGHAM 9 p.m.- 5 a.m. at Threshold LA
LeatherDog Pound, Friday,
LA Leather Pride kicks o 10 days of the L.A. scene unique. In the end, we are before the AIDS crisis Los Angeles was at March 31, 9 p.m.-2 a.m.
celebration beginning with the Ms. Los able to make meaningful contributions the center of a moment of sexual freedom at Bullet Bar
Angeles Leather Contest on March 24 and to our charity partners: Tom of Finland and American culture took notice. Many Mr. LALeather2017 Contest,
culminating in the O-Sunset Street Fair Foundation, ONE Gay & Lesbian Archives, of the fetish codes still in use today began Saturday, April 1, 7-10 p.m.,
on Sunday, April 2, where record-breaking and SAGE. here. Make no mistake, the LA Leather The Globe Theater
attendance is expected. Local bars and other organizations hold scene is thriving. Legion Dance, Saturday, April 1,
LA Leather Pride is produced by the Los contests to select their representative for Whats striking about the LA scene is 10 p.m.-4 a.m., The Globe Theater
Angeles Leather Coalition, a non-prot Mr. LA Leather. The winner is selected we refuse to settle for mediocrity and O-Sunset Festival, Sunday,
organization. at the Mr. LA Leather contest held on we encourage new forms of play, said April 2, 11 a.m.-7 p.m., Santa
We are about making a connection Saturday, April 1 at The Globe Theatre, Morales. These are among reasons that Monica Blvd. (between Myra Ave
between the producers of the (Mr. / Ms. LA followed by the ocial after-party. Other makes Los Angeles a unique place. We and Gateway Ave)
Leather) feeder contests, clubs, bars and ocial and not-so-ocial parties can be believe you will experience our message Ocial L.A.LeatherPride Closing
businesses in Southern California, said found by visiting gayinla.coms calendar of renewed focus on unabashed fun, Party and Victory Celebration,
Marlon Morales, chair of LA Pride 2017. section. Mr. LA Leather will compete in the playful, sex. Sunday, April 2, 5-10 p.m. at
Our purpose is to showcase and create International Mr. Leather contest held in For more information about LA The Faultline.
a space to celebrate the amazing range Chicago on May 29. Leather Pride, visit their web site:
of fetish and kink interests that make This years theme is L.A. CODE; just
3 0 MA RCH 2 4 , 2 0 17 W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM F E A T U RE

Making waves on the airwaves



It was last Halloween weekend when topics that are fun or dierent as a little
Joshua Johnson got the call that hed been relief from the top of the news cycle, so I
named Diane Rehms successor. think its been good.
Rehm, who began her eponymous
National Public Radio call-in show BLADE: Whats your strategy to turn
that shed hosted since 1979, retired this into more of a Johnny Carson-to-Jay
in December and as of Jan. 2, 1A is Leno kind of succession as opposed to,
broadcast in what had been The Diane say, a Pat Sajak kind-of thing?
Rehm Shows timeslot. JOHNSON: The only thing we can do is
Johnson had subbed for Rehm two control each days program and thats what
days last September and shadowed her I try to focus on. I never worry about the 37
another day. Based in San Francisco for years that came before me. Thats Dianes
the last six-and-a-half years where he was legacy and thats solid and done. . If you
morning news host for KQED while also worry too much about the distant future, you
teaching podcasting at the University of miss the opportunity to really knock out today.
California (Berkeley), Johnson was in Palm
Springs visiting friends with Joe Gallagher, BLADE: Has the learning curve been
his boyfriend of a year and a half, when about what you thought it would be?
he got the call. He says its a moment hed JOHNSON: I tried to come in with very
been working toward since age 6. few expectations other than it would be
This wave of peace washed over me really, really hard and it has been. . But
and I just got very calm, says the 36-year- weve gone down from me working like 16-
JOSHUA JOHNSON says launching a new daily two-hour radio show is a mountain of work even
old South Florida native. It was like my sts under the best of circumstances. 17-hour days to more like 12-13, so thats a
nally unclenched after weeks of waiting. big step forward. Its just a mountain of
I didnt have that moment of, Oh my God, work even under the best of circumstances.
Im going to do the show. It was just kind of says, with his huge relatability. on early numbers. BLADE: Whats been your favorite
like, Finally Ive been waiting on this for There was something about his own Johnson, as loquacious as youd expect, sat episode so far?
my entire life and now its going to happen. curiosity and his manner that was really with the Blade in a WAMU conference room. JOHNSON: I dont have one. We did
1A is a live, two-hour daily WAMU radio appealing, he says. Especially the idea His comments have been edited for length. a Sunday show a few weeks ago on the
program out of D.C. distributed nationally that he was very much interested in civil immigration ban and we just let stations
by NPR each weekday at 10 a.m. that seeks dialogue, taking time to develop arguments BLADE: How do you feel its going so far? air it if they wanted to. But we probably
to provide deep conversation about the and not always chasing the next shiny ball. JOSHUA JOHNSON: Its going well. Very, havent done my favorite show yet or
thorniest issues of our time delivered with Those pieces came together and the stars very busy. Theres no lack of things to talk even conceived of it. I think for me to start
insight, intimacy and personality. Its both a began to align and that was it. about for sure, but its good. Launching grabbing onto favorites at this point would
new, freestanding show but also a successor Nobodys universally loved in this era a national show, any new show, is a set the bar too low for what we want to be.
to the Rehm show, whose legacy of civil of Internet trolling, but early signs are heavy lift to say the least, but we have an I dont think what weve done in our rst
dialogue and analysis its team hopes to strong for Johnson. 1A is being carried amazingly good team and weve had lots month will compare to what well be doing
continue.In California, 1A airs on 90.3 KAZU on 204 stations with more expected in of support from listeners and stations. a year from now or ve years from now.
in Monterey, Salinas and Santa Cruz. April (The Diane Rehm Show was carried Weve found interesting ways to talk about
Producers were initially almost certain on 198) and WAMU says the show was the whats going on in the world and to divert BLADE: When things are crazy, do you
theyd hire a woman to succeed Rehm. No. 1 regional performer in its time slot from the headlines that have everyones get energized or stressed by that?
We werent 100 percent sure, but you throughout January, the latest month for attention to talk about other topics that JOHNSON: Probably a little bit of both. I
know, sort of in the high 80s or 90s, says which gures were available. WAMU says may be getting lost in the shue around tend to be the kind of person that the crazier
Rupert Allman, 1As executive producer. it expects the show will have a weekly the new administration. And weve also
Johnson won the search team over, Allman audience of about 2.5 million soon based found ways to take a breath and just do CONTINUES ON PAGE 31
F E A T U RE W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM MA RCH 2 4 , 2 0 1 7 3 1

Joshua Johnson on succeeding an NPR legend

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 36 became that one thing that I knew if I didnt get something you couldnt just get outlets that dont follow that standard I
go after, Id regret the rest of my life. anywhere else? If ESPN is doing round- dont need to worry about people who deal
things are around me, the calmer I get, which the-clock sports coverage, do we really in that kind of foolishness.
is how I survived breaking news. But you BLADE: Had you been a big listener of need to hear about sports on NPR too?
have to be on the outer edge of your comfort The Diane Rehm Show? JOHNSON: But we dont talk about the BLADE: How do you decide if youre
zone in order to grow, so I just accepted that JOHNSON: Yeah, I listened to her in South Super Bowl like ESPN would talk about it. going to pick up a thread after a break
that was going to be the way it was going to Florida on the station where I grew up, We didnt get caught up in stats and whos or not?
be some days or maybe even most days. WLRN. I never thought Id be her successor, up and whos down. We talked about it more JOHNSON: It depends whats coming up
but yeah, I listened to her for years. broadly, about what was going on in Houston after the break. If we have a guest we need
BLADE: Was it hard to leave San and sort of the politics around the event, the to get to or we have other questions that
Francisco? BLADE: How do you decide on the cost of buying an ad there and so on. We tried segue into that thought. Being in the studio
JOHNSON: It was really, really hard balance between meat-and-potatoes to make it really fun. One thing public media is basically air trac control because we have
but this opportunity was worth it. news topics and lighter stu? serves is to give people a diverse view on the guests in the studio, remote guests, my script,
JOHNSON: I dont think its a matter of world. Anybody who thinks public media is my questions, Im watching the clock, I have a
BLADE: Have you had any time to balancing lightness against substance. The designed to be all meat and potatoes all the timer that counts down to certain elements,
explore Washington much yet? show we did on country music was very time has clearly never heard Car Talk or then I have another screen that shows me
JOHNSON: No. I live a few blocks from substantive. What were always trying to Wait Wait Dont Tell Me. These are just e-mails and Tweets and Facebook posts and
the station here in Van Ness, so I walk to gure out is what is it about todays show that wonderful shows that are about interesting if we receive a voicemail during the show, we
work because I cannot take a snow day. a fan would tell their friends, You gotta listen things that make life worthwhile and we cant can play that. I have my laptop, which has
And everything I need is right here, the to todays 1A. Why? How do you answer pretend that doesnt matter. more communication, Im in touch with the
grocery store, the gym and so on. Once I that? if you start there and work backwards, control room and the newsroom upstairs
get a better handle on the workload, Ill be you can build a great show. So even if its a BLADE: Does the 1A format give and its all happening at once. There are all
able to get out more and see the city. lighter topic like country music today or the you more opportunity to weigh in than these dierent elements that I have to make
Grammy Awards or the Super Bowl, we other journalism posts youve had? balance so its a lot of plate spinning. It will be
BLADE: Were you intimidated to accept? never want it to feel like, OK everybody, we JOHNSON: No. My job is still to be an dierent every single day and I have to gure
JOHNSON: Not really. . I think I was know life is really hard so were just gonna analyst of the days events. This is not the out in the moment what were going to next
more grateful and humble. I felt very give you some sugar and candy for an Joshua Johnson show. Its not my platform and if its duplicative of what we just said, how
ready. Like, Yeah Ive been preparing hour. Thats not good enough. Even if its to tell you what I think about the news. Im much time we have left and so on.
for this for 30-plus years. not politics or not some trouble-in-the-world still a reporter. But that doesnt mean I cant
topic, it still has to be time well spent. Plus, I call out inconsistencies. The other day we BLADE: How many people work on
BLADE: You say you had this dream get bored easily, so I get tired of talking about had a guest who kind of fudged an answer the show and are any of them veterans
since age 5 or 6. How was this type of the troubles of the world all day. . It cant be on climate change and I (called him out). But of Dianes show?
thing even on your radar at that age? all sugar but it cant be all steak. I can do it in a way that hews to evidence and JOHNSON: I think we have 11. Two of
JOHNSON: Well, Kermit the Frog played fact and not just my belief. them were former producers on her team.
a reporter on Sesame Street. . I grew BLADE: Some people are saying The rest are new hires.
up seeing Ed Bradley on 60 Minutes theres been more sugar though lately. BLADE: Theres so much obfuscation
or Bernard Shaw on CNN or Dwight The Super Bowl show got some ak. in partisan discussions, though. How BLADE: Do you anticipate getting
Lauderdale on my local Miami ABC station. JOHNSON: It depends whose table youre do you press people for clarity without more mileage out of the Trump
Seeing those black men doing what I dining at. I think there are dierent ways sounding partisan, at least at times? administration than you otherwise
wanted to do just instantly clicked for me. to talk about dierent things. I did have JOHNSON: The way weve been doing it would have?
I always had an anity for broadcasting. I a listener who got very snooty about the what we do works. You do your homework, JOHNSON: Theres more to life in
just didnt know what form it would take. Super Bowl show . but there are many you do smart shows, you ask smart questions Washington so I dont look to any one sector
aspects to a cultural event like that that are and you dont worry about whether people of the news as my bread and butter. Also,
BLADE: So was it something you worthy of discussion. Just because people like you or are comfortable with it. Im here public radio is very committed to the idea of
chose or did it choose you? listen to NPR doesnt mean they dont watch to perform a service as a journalist. For me localism so we cant allow the current political
JOHNSON: Well, it has to be both. Just football and just because they listen to NPR to start worrying about it now is to doubt the climate to eclipse all of that because then youre
because destiny knocks doesnt mean you doesnt mean they dont like pop music. very reasons I came here. Facts still matter, basically saying that localism doesnt matter
have to answer. It went through a lot of the truth is still the truth and there are still anymore so we keep that all in perspective.
permutations of whether I would answer or BLADE: True, but hasnt NPR always such things as facts. People know and
how I would answer and then eventually it sort of been that hub where you could understand what the NPR standard is and CONTINUES AT LOSANGELESBLADE.COM
3 2 MA RCH 2 4 , 2 0 17 W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM F E A T U RE

The arts in peril?



Artists and art advocates are apoplectic have on the economy and the role arts play
that President Trumps proposed federal in education, healing and innovation, he
budget, released last week, contains not a said in an e-mail. Grants from the (NEA)
cent for the National Endowment for the have aorded LGBT writers the time and
Arts (NEA), the federal arts funding agency freedom to take risks and small presses the
that has beneted many LGBT artists. opportunity to publish work that otherwise
It was reported in January that may have never found an audience.
Trump was considering privatizing the Last year, Cincinnati Opera received a
Corporation for Public Broadcasting $35,000 NEA grant to support the world
and eliminating the NEA and National premiere of Fellow Travelers, an opera
Endowment for the Humanities as part by composer Gregory Spears and librettist
of a wider program of federal budget Greg Pierce, adapted from the novel by
cuts. While things are status quo for now Thomas Mallon, that depicts 1950s life
like most federal agencies, the NEA is for gays in the federal government who
operating under a continuing resolution were forced to stay in the closet or lose
for scal year 2017 that goes through April their jobs. It enjoyed 10 nearly sold-out
many in the arts world are concerned. performances last June and garnered
The grants and programs that the NEA strong critical reviews.
administers are powerful examples of We were planning to do this whether or
how the arts are a vital and valuable part not we had the NEA grant, but it denitely
of our everyday lives, Victoria Hutter, helped, says Ashley Tongret, director
A scene from Cincinnati Operas world premiere production of Fellow Travelers by Gregory Spears
assistant director for press/public aairs and Greg Pierce that depicts 1950s life for gays in the federal government. of public relations for Cincinnati Opera.
for the NEA, wrote in an e-mail to the It wasnt the largest source of funding
Blade. In communities across the nation, or even the tipping point, but it was a
NEA-supported projects ensure that states, the District of Columbia and U.S. oce in 1981 but changed his mind. wonderful piece of the elaborate puzzle of
the arts are accessible to all Americans territories, supporting artistic endeavors Controversies such as Immersion (Piss fundraising that we did.
through arts education, healing arts and of all kinds. Christ), a photo by Andres Serrano that Other recent NEA grants that have gone
arts-based community development, For scal year 2016, the NEAs $147.9 shows a crucix photographed in a cup of to LGBT-themed work include:
as well as through projects that feature million budget was about .004 percent urine (it was a winner in an NEA-funded $60,000 in 2017 to Washington
dance, music, visual arts, literature, folk of the federal budget. About 80 percent art competition) have resulted in NEA National Opera, part of which will be used
and traditional arts and more. of that appropriation is distributed as funding being down from where it was in to support performances of Champion by
Established by Congress in 1965, the grants and awards to organizations and the 1990s. Terence Blanchard and Michael Cristofer,
NEA is the independent federal agency that individuals across the country. About 40 To some arts organizations, NEA money a two-act, jazz opera about welterweight
works to give Americans the opportunity percent is awarded directly to states while can be a huge boost. Theres no gay- or boxer Emile Grith, who was bisexual.
to participate in and experience the arts. about 60 percent goes to organizations LGBT-specic category of an NEA grant, $10,000 in 2017 to the Chicago
Its funding is project-based and goes and individuals directly. About 40 percent but LGBT artists and artists who make art Sinfonietta to support a concert program
to thousands of nonprots each year, of NEA-supported activities occurred with LGBT themes have long beneted featuring works that explore issues of
along with partnerships and special arts in high-poverty neighborhoods and from the funding. gender, sexuality and identity. Under
initiatives, research and other support 33 percent went to serve low-income This is unacceptable, says Tony the direction of Michael Morgan, David
that contribute to the vitality of our audiences, the NEA says. Valenzuela, executive director of the Contes work Elegy for Matthew, written
neighborhoods, students and schools, Republican administrations have Los Angeles-based Lambda Literary in memory of hate crime victim Matthew
workplace and culture. The NEA is previously been suspicious of the NEA. Foundation. By eliminating this funding, Shepard, will be performed.
the only funder, public or private, that Ronald Reagan reportedly planned to the administration is waging an assault
provides equal access to the arts in all 50 eliminate the NEA when he came into on free expression, on the impact the arts CONTINUES AT LOSANGELESBLADE.COM
F E A T U RE W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM MA RCH 2 4 , 2 0 1 7 3 3

Rebooting in the Desert



Tired of Los Angeles trac and looking outt and enjoy the live performances, the
for a sizzling good time? Come to Palm Dinah dancers, and your fellow revelers.
Springs and enjoy some of the biggest and Its not an April Fools Day joke: There
best events in the country. The weather is really are four dont-miss events on
almost sure to be sunny (the desert boasts Saturday, beginning at 10 a.m. with the
more than 350 days of sunshine per Wet and Wild Pool Party at Hilton Palm
year!), so dont forget your sexy swimsuit. Springs. Spend the day by the pool with
Youll denitely want to spend some all the wonderful women attending the
time lounging poolside. And many of the Dinah and be prepared to be blown
upcoming events have sponsor hotels; be away by the multiple performances and
sure to check out their websites for deals. appearances by many of your beloved
Palm Springs hosts two of the biggest artists/celebrities. As the day gives way to
events of the year for the LGBT community: early evening, head on over to the Pond
White Party (May 58) and The Dinah Estate for the NCLR Palm Springs Garden
(March 29April 2). Jerey Sanker presents Party (
White Party Palm Springs again this year, palm-springs-garden-party/), hosted by
Jerey Sankers White Party Palm Springs this year teams up with ELIAD COHEN, pictured, for the
and it promises be bigger and better Palm Springs version of the Papa Partys decadent, bacchanal exploration of music, leather, and co-chairs Barbara Carpenter and Gary D.
than ever. Each year this event seems to fantasy. Soto and the National Center for Lesbian
improve. Its always popular and well run, Rights executive director Kate Kendell.
which makes it all the more enjoyable to be This event, which runs from 57:30 p.m.,
a part of. The party kicks o on Friday, May there will be world-class DJs spinning to Closing (10 p.m.8 a.m.), is a high-energy will be your dose of seriousness, as one
5 at noon at the host hotel (Renaissance keep everyone in the right groove. You dance party with an amazing light show, of the discussion topics will be President
Palm Springs might even meet a new dance partner. international DJs, and hot men from all Trump and the challenges we face.
pspbr/wp2017/)s enormous pool. There Everyone gets drafted for the Saturday corners of the world. Ready for some laughter? The Dinah
will be plenty of music, sun, drinks, and night Military Ball (10 p.m.5 a.m.), where Ladies wont want to miss The Dinah, hosts a comedy show on Saturday night
friendly men in bathing suits. The event all good men will be wearing their dress which kicks o with an ocial pre-party on that begins at 8 p.m. at the Hard Rock
goes all weekend long, which means there whites. DJs, dancing, awesome lighting, Wednesday, March 29 at 8 p.m. at Hilton Hotel. Have a laugh and a cocktail while
is something going on practically 24 hours and a surprise performer make this an Palm Springs. This will provide plenty of enjoying the show. The Hollywood Party
a day. Friday night at 10, Sanker teams up event that you wont want to miss. Looking time to mingle, meet other partygoers, is your Saturday night dance event and
with Eliad Cohen for the White Party Palm for an after event? Keep the party going at and make plans with your new friends. after a hearty day of activities, dancing,
Springs version of the Papa Party (https:// Climax, which throbs until 8 a.m. The ocial kicko party is Thursday, May mingling, and meeting is precisely what, which Sanker calls Sunday is another day and another pool 30 at Zeldas Nightclub, where there will be the doctor ordered.
a decadent, bacchanal exploration of party. One Day In Heaven (10 a.m.4 plenty of hot women and live performances The nal day of Dinah Shore weekend
music, leather, and fantasy. p.m.) brings the popular London nightclub by some of your favorite performers. Of goes out with a bang, beginning with
Whats the perfect follow-up to a late- to poolside Palm Springs. Be sure to relax a course, the Dinah dancers will keep you the Sunday Funday Pool Party at the
night dance fest? A relaxing pool party, bit before heading over to the Sunday Tea motivated to get your groove on. Hilton. Get wet with all your new friends
of course. On Saturday, head to the Dance (3 p.m.10 p.m.). This amazing outside TGIDF! The rst pool party of the before cruising over to Zeldas at 9 p.m. on
Renaissance, where youll nd yourself event comes with plenty of hot bodies and weekend lets you know the weekend has Sunday for the closing night party.
Addicted to Boys (10 a.m.7 p.m.). warm breezes and features a Ferris wheel arrived Thank Goddess Its Dinah Friday! While these two memorable weekends
Enjoy a refreshing poolside cocktail while and a live performance by Belinda Carlisle Things get started at noon at the Hilton kick o the 2017 party season in Palm
watching a fashion show of hot models before ending with a bang with a spectacular Palm Springs. That night, enjoy the White Springs, there is always something to do in
previewing the new swimwear line from reworks show in the Palm Springs night sky. Party at the Hard Rock Hotel (beginning the desert oasis with its year-round events
Addicted ( Naturally, White Party Palm Springs nal event, at 8 p.m.). Let loose in your favorite white and sunshine.
3 4 MA RCH 2 4 , 2 0 17 W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM LO S A N G E LE S CA LE N D A R

E-mail calendar items to
two weeks prior to your event. Space is
limited so priority is given to LGBT-specic
events or those with LGBT participants.
Recurring events must be
re-submitted each time.


LA Leather Pride kicks o a week

of parties and related events. Visit or see page
32 for full details and ticket packages.
25th Annual Art of Motion Picture
Costume Design-FIDM Museum & Galleries
(919 S. Grand Ave., #250). FIDM Museums
annual exhibition has become a tradition
for LA locals and movie lovers alike. Runs
through Saturday, April 22, 10 a.m.-5 p.m.
Andy Warhol: RevisitedatBergamot
Station (2525 Michigan Ave. in Santa
Monica) is a touring exhibition making
its current home in Los Angeles. Runs
through Saturday, June 10, 11 a.m.-7 p.m.
Andy Warhol: Revisited stops in LA through June 10.
George Takei at the Japanese American
National Museum (100 N. Central Ave.)
through Aug. 20, 12-5 p.m. explores the
life and career of the pioneering actor, for an informal discussion of his new book. A Tennessee Williams Birthday (5905 Wilshire Blvd.), 1-3 p.m. $2 members,
activist, and social media maven. KinkFit! at The Stockroom (28091/2 Salon at TOM House from 5-7 p.m. An seniors (65+), and children (17 & under);
Sunset Blvd.), 2-3 p.m. circuit train your informal chat about Tennessee Williams $4 general public. Note: Tickets can be
The LGBT Bar Association of L.A.s way through some of your favorite BDSM and Pancho Rodriguez plus readings purchased at LACMAs on-site ticket Oces.
38th Annual Gala, Taking Our Pulse: practices. Whether youre new to the from short story Desire and the Black
The Beat Goes On at theNatural History lifestyle or looking to target more specic Masseur. Tea and cake will be served, as WEDNESDAY, MARCH 29
Museum of Los Angeles County (900 areas of interest, this event will kick start well as a complimentary whiskey shot. For
Exposition Blvd.), 7-11 p.m. honors the your mind into kinky shape. more information, and to RSVP, contact: Voter Phone Bank: Block the Budget
Hon. Maureen A. Tighe, U.S. Bankruptcy Simply diVine - LGBT Food & Wine Reconciliation Bill with Los Angeles LGBT
Judge, Central District of California with FestivalatVillage at Ed Gould Plaza (1125 Centers The Leadership LAB. Make strategic
the Co-Presidents Award. North McCadden Place), 6-9 p.m. Simply MONDAY, MARCH 27 phone calls to key senators to block the
Grunt party at Eagle LA (4219 Santa diVine, the premier food and wine event bill, 5-9:30 p.m. Contact leadershiplab@
Monica Blvd.) 8 p.m.-2 a.m. with DJ Ryan for LGBT people and their allies returns. La La Leather at MCC in the Valley for details.
Jones, $6 cover. (5730 Cahuenga Blvd., North Hollywood),
Braingasm Trivia Night @ Gym Sports SUNDAY, MARCH 26 7-10 p.m. A concert of classic and original THURSDAY, MARCH 30
Bar (8737 Santa Monica Blvd.), 8:30-10 lm music performed in gear by members
p.m. I Love the 90s Trivia party, $10 per Impulse Drag Brunch at Flaming of the Los Angeles Leather Community in LAs raunchiest party, Big Fat
player or $40 per team. Saddles (8811 Santa Monica Blvd.), 12-3 the tradition of the beloved Classic Meets DickatFubar (7994 Santa Monica Blvd.),
p.m. Start your day with friends, comedy, Fetish concerts held in Berlin. Fetish/ 9 p.m.-2 a.m.
SATURDAY, MARCH 25 food and mimosas. leather gear encouraged, $15. Take it o Thursdays Absolut
Cuties Queer Carnival at Cuties Underwear Party at Faultline (4216
Getting Ahead of the Gayme, book Coee Bar (710 N. Heliotrope Drive). A TUESDAY, MARCH 28 Melrose Ave.), 9 p.m.-2 a.m. No cover, free
launch and discussionatRockwell VT (1714 sex-positive queer carnival with cheeky pants check.
N. Vermont Ave.), 1-4 p.m. Join author and games and services. 18+ only, $10 gets you Screening of Postcards from the Edge
professional matchmaker Mason R. Glenn entry plus 5 tickets to use at the booths. at theLos Angeles County Museum of Art CALENDAR POWERED BY GAYINLA.COM.

E-mail calendar items to
two weeks prior to your event. Space is
limited so priority is given to LGBT-specic
events or those with LGBT participants.
Recurring events must be
re-submitted each time.


Sunday Night Live Music at Wangs

March 26, April 2 at Wangs in the Desert -
(424 S Indian Canyon Dr.). Join Wangs every
Sunday for live entertainment on the Zen
Patio. Happy Hour goes all night long in the
bar and on the patio and there are several
small plate specials. March 26, April 2.


Chapatti by Christian OReilly Pearl

McManus Theater - (Palm Springs
Womans Club, 314 S. Cahuilla Rd., Palm
Springs). When Dan and his dog, Chapatti,
cross paths with Betty and her 19 cats, an
unexpected spark shows the importance
of human companionship. March 31
April 2


Grooves at the Westin - Peter White

The Westin Mission Hills Resort and
Spa - (71333 Dinah Shore Drive, Rancho
Mirage). Smooth jazz master Peter White
brings his endearing style and immense
talent on acoustic guitar back to Grooves
at The Westin. April 1.
Southern Baptist Sissies by DEL SHORES is featured at the Desert Rose Playhouse. Tower of Power & Average White Band
at The Show at The Show at Agua Caliente
Casino Resort Spa - (32-250 Bob Hope
FRIDAY, MARCH 24 This exhibition presents the work of 12 Disgraced by Ayad Akhtar - Coachella Drive, Rancho Mirage). Known for timeless
American women artists active in New Valley Repertory Theatre at the Atrium instrumental mega-hits like Pick Up the
Southern Baptist Sissies by Del Shores York City and the San Francisco Bay area (69930 Highway 111, Suite 116 Rancho Pieces the bands songwriting stretches
Desert Rose Playhouse (The Desert Rose in the late 1940s and 1950s. March 24 Mirage) Pulitzer-winning drama about a across several Grammy winning decades.
Playhouse is located at 69-620 Highway April 6. Pakistani-American couples conicted
111, Rancho Mirage, CA) Storyteller Mark On the Grid: A Look at Settlement identities. March 24 April 2. MONDAY, APRIL 24
Lee Fuller journeys through his pain while Patterns in the High Desert The Alan Jackson at The Show at The
creating love and acceptance in the church Architecture and Design Center, Edwards Show at Agua Caliente Casino Resort Spa Lovesport, a New Comedy by Tony
and clubs of Dallas. March 24 26 and Harris Pavilion (The Palm Springs Art - (32-250 Bob Hope Drive, Rancho Mirage) Padilla Pearl McManus Theater - (Palm
March 31 April 2. Museum, 300 S. Palm Canyon Dr.). Lay of Country superstar Alan Jackson brings Springs Womans Club, 314 S. Cahuilla Rd.,
Women of Abstract Expressionism My Land, a major sculptural work by the his Keepin It Country Tour to the desert. Palm Springs) A witty, fast-paced comedy
at The Palm Springs Art Museum - (300 Joshua Tree-based artist Andrea Zittel. March 24 March 25 from award-winning playwright Tony
South Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs). March 24 April 6. Padilla. April 24 26
3 6 MA RCH 2 4 , 2 0 17 W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM SP O RT S

Gender illusionist wins skating competition



A Filipino Chinese gender illusionist kind of blended in.

won gold at the 2017 Pacic Coast Adult She left San Diego for more self-
Sectionals ice skating competition earlier discovery. Following her passion of
this month in Burbank, Calif. becoming a professional ice skater,
Serane Chinky Ong, 38, made the she moved to Venice, but later became
sectionals her rst competition ever, homeless and unemployed. When a
and is using the moment to come out Good Samaritan gave her an opportunity
as a gender illusionist, rather than as for shelter, she resumed working in the
transgender, a title she nds dicult restaurant industry. She used this new
accepting. In her view, people in that freedom of keeping her gender choice
spectrum often dont like their appearance anonymous and to blend into society as
or physical attributes, feeling that they are a female. Its also where she renewed
trapped in the wrong body, which causes her love for ice skating. Working various
them to alter their features. jobs, she managed to take lessons and
I just grew my hair, grew my eyebrows, test up to the highest levels, but she never
stayed t, thats pretty much it, whereas competed because of her indecision
most transgender [people] use surgery to indicating gender.
look more feminine. I am not doing that Men didnt compete with women and
because I am still the same person. vice versa so the thought of lling out the
Born in the Philippines, shes the application brought on too much anxiety.
youngest of 10 siblings and was raised by Even though shes adopted a typically
an older sister after her father died. Her female appearance, she signed up as
sister, unable to care for her, placed her a male competitor in this, her rst,
in a boarding school where she says she competition. She sought guidance from
was physically abused by the high school other elite skaters and coaches hoping
boys. She ran away several times only to to create less controversy signing up
SERAFINE CHINKY ONG won gold at the 2017 Pacic Coast Adult Sectionals.
return. Ong internalized the abuse, not competitively with men.
knowing how to vocalize her suering SCREEN CAPTURE COURTESY OF ICENETWORK Competitively, I dont want to skate with
to family members who, she said, had women because I logically feel that its not
personal issues of their own. Years went by before Ong could tell her whole new set of complications while looking the right thing to do.Professionally, I want
It was rough growing up being dierent mom about her situation. for employment. to have the exibility to skate both.
but I stayed silent, Ong said. Not having I didnt know how to discuss my In the Los Angeles ne dining business, Her coach told her that if she was going
any role model aected my relationship situation with my mom so I had to gure they would sometimes ask for headshots. to compete, she better be ready. She
with family and peer groups. things out by myself, because I didnt I saw the dierence when you came in wasnt. Ong decided not to compete until
Her other siblings were either married, in trust anybody.She knew already. She was wearing a suit and tie, compared to when I this month, at the Adult Sectionals, where
college, or working in the family business. just hurt because she felt she wasnt an styled my long hair looking feminine, like an she won rst place in the gold category,
As a young boy, she spent most of her adequate mom. exotic Asian beauty.You get more attention. the highest level of the adult skating track.
time with her sisters, but she never let While time was spent adjusting to American Although she never withheld information I decided to skate because I wanted to
anyone know about the confusion she was culture and dealing with her personal about her gender, Ong wouldnt volunteer it, make my coach and my club proud.
experiencing. The abuse from her school transformation, she attended college, picked either. She said shes been red from jobs by She has felt comfortable in ice skating
put her in survival mode. She became an up recreational ice skating, and worked in managers who looked into her background. appearing feminine while in practice,
introvert to family but allowed herself the hospitality industry. Years later, she left I believe I lost my jobs because I dont while registering as a male in competition.
to be an extrovert elsewhere. When her home to pursue her personal journey.With think they really worked with anyone in Her family and friends have accepted
mother moved to the United States and the challenges of her new identity, she had the trans community except with those who she is. When asked what she would
remarried, she sent for her youngest child the opportunity to experiment with her alter that are amboyantly gaythats why I call say to those that hurt her, she replied, Im
to join her in San Diego. ego, Chinky, a female. This brought on a myself a gender illusionist because I just standing here with a rst-place trophy.
3 8 MA RCH 2 4 , 2 0 17 W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM A RT S & E N T E RT A I N ME N T

bwoy takes on race and privilege

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 27 that the most important thing money buys
you is time. So there are probably a few
relationships as well as online friendships. things that I would have done dierently
It doesnt take much imagination to had I had more money, but mostly for me
combine the two. With the Internet you it would have been having a few extra days
can put yourself anywhere in the world to shoot. On a 10-day schedule, two extra
which means you can irt with others days can make a big dierence.
as if youre living anywhere, even if youve
never been there. Blade: What have some of your own
favorite lms been recently?
Blade: Your lms have all focused on Young: Ahhhh! So many good lms! I
biracial relationships. Assuming its no really appreciated Moonlight of course,
coincidence, why is that an important especially because of the conversation its
element in your work? created between LGBTQ people of color
Young: Im denitely interested in the and those who dont identify as such. Im
way race, ethnicity, sexuality and privilege fascinated by what constitutes a gay lm
work. Of course as Ive matured and what doesnt. Does it matter in this
Parallel Sons, my rst feature, was made case if most of the actors and director
over 20 years ago! my vantage point has identify as straight? How do the characters
changed. Yet Im still interested in these Filmmaker JOHN YOUNG on the set of bwoy. in Moonlight both reinforce stereotypes
themes, because theyre often the fabric, PHOTO COURTESY OF JOHN G. YOUNG and push back against them? Its been a
however unacknowledged, of our lives. long time since any lm, let alone a Best
Why and how do we objectify the other? the best actors for the role in question. Id does that compare to the budgets Picture winner, has created a place for
How do we act out unconsciously with and much rather nd an actor who can really youve had for other lms? this kind of self-probing conversation. I do
towards others? How does sex interrupt inhabit the character, even if they dont Young: Yes, bwoy was made for 20K.All want to mention that I think the lm owes
and confuse these questions? What does entirely t the physical description. of my lms have been made with what a debt of gratitude to queer lmmakers
it mean to have privilege in the LGBTQ is considered micro budgets. For this of color whove come before, including
community? Blade: Have you spent much time in lm I worked backwards, looking at the Nisha Ganatra, Stephen Winter, Marlon
Jamaica, and do you feel connected to physical resources I had and the money Riggs, Cheryl Dunye, Rodney Evans,
Blade: Upstate New York also seems the plight of gay people there? I could raise. I then developed a story Dee Rees and Patrik-Ian Polk, to just name
to always feature in your lms do Young: Id like to think that I feel around those resources. With budgets this a few.
you live there? What makes the area a connected to the plight of marginalized small, I look at the story itself as the actual
good lm location? and persecuted people anywhere, but for production value of course along with Blade: What do you do besides
Young: I was raised in upstate New York LGBTQ folks in Jamaica its still especially the acting! Human pain can be explored making lms?
and have a weekend house there, so for dangerous: Consensual sex between men just as easily and just as profoundly on the Young: I teach screenwriting and
me the area is a great location, because I can still be punished with up to ten years set of a multimillion-dollar blockbuster lm production at Purchase College in
have a strong emotional connection to it. of hard labor. Of course, Jamaica sells as across a kitchen table in a no-budget Westchester, New York. But, I also love
Ive also always been fascinated with the itself as a paradise, an idea that appeals to indie. Luckily, I was able to work with Novo to build things with my hands. Because
fact that you can have areas of New York Brad, the lead character in my lm, whos Novus Productions on this they have making a lm can take years, I really enjoy
State that are only several hours from NYC, desperate to escape his life. The question a great track record of producing super- the immediacy of creating an object in
but feel more like rural Kansas. In bwoy, in the lm is: Who is a Jamaica a paradise low-budget lms, and are committed to several hours or days, and then being able
I wanted to capture the gray bleakness for? The wealthy tourists who often creating movies which feature stories to have the results.
of winter upstate, something I know well, dont leave the resorts they visit, or the about LGBTQ people of color.
and how it can contribute to isolation and homeless gay teenagers who are forced to Blade: Whats your next project?
loneliness, another theme in the lm. live under bridges and in gullies? Blade: Do you prefer working with Young: Ive been working on a longtime
small budgets? Are there things you labor-of-love project that chronicles the
Blade: Do you tend to use local actors? Blade: Ive read that you made bwoy wouldve done dierently in bwoy if relationship between Juan Dubose and
Young: Sometimes I use local actors in with just $20,000, is that right? How your budget had been larger? Keith Haring during the heyday of New
small parts, but I really believe in nding were you able to do it so cheaply? How Young: Every indie lmmaker will tell you Yorks East Village art scene.
threatened. We are
When any Americans rights are under threat, all our rights are
s. We are people
LBGTQ+. We are people of color. We are people of dierent faith
. We are people
of all genders and no gender. We are immigrants. We are dreamers
tiful intersections
with disabilities. We are parents. We are allies. And we are beau
jeopardy. Forces
of these. But most of all, we are American. Yet our rights are in
basic human
are gathering in government that intend to take away our hard-won
peaceful protest
rights. Together, we must resist. On June 11, march with us in
from Hollywood & Highland to the heart of West Hollywood.

Join the resistance at