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HAL LEONARD CONCERT BAND SERIES ARMED FORCES SALUTE THE CAISSON SONG @ SEMPER PARATUS @ THE MARINES' HYMN @ Ist TROMBONE THE U'S. AIR FORCE @ ANCHORS AWEIGH “Arranged by BOB LOWDEN Maestoso Hie z ae March Tempo A @ eco tenpo eee 6 sen, BD Som nd ——=~ . =—, imp poco rit. $= -— SEMPER PARATUS ey Wilt feeing 3 Pent et. ett! = Word and Mans by Captain FRANCIS SALTUS VAN BOSKERCK, U.S.C. Copyright © 1838 and 1855 by Sam Fox Pabshing Compan, I New York. NY: ‘rs arangenet copy 90 by Sam Fox Pubuhng Conny in, Pum Des, Ca igen USA." Inenaonl Copan Serve All Rights Reewed ‘By ROBERT CRAWFORD 3 Cn. ALFRED H-MILES. USNR.) 4nd Contin © 198 by Cr Fer Ie New Yr “Capri enone! © Copyright 190 Renewed 198) ROBBINS MUSIC CORPORATION. New York, N.¥ [A Rights Reeve teat Cony Sear © copy 40 (ewe 15), 97,10 ROBBINS MUSIC CORPORATION. New York NY fae sangeet by permason of he aber eternal Copii Sted A Rahs Roenved Magein USA Ist TROMBONE THE MARINES’ HYMN {TUE CAISSON SONG “THE MARINES HYMN Sy EDMUND L. GRUBER ‘Ths azragenen © 9 HAL LEONARD PUBLISHING CORPORATION “Ti srangemens © 180 HAL LEONARD PUBLISHING CORPORATION eee 7 Trcrasenl Copyah Seed All Ra Rove, /ARMED FORCES SALUTE—2 (12: mp 1st TROMBONE, IE U.S. AIR FORCE A ARMED FORCES SALUTE—3 ae ‘poco rit no vib, ™— nf ANCHORS aweicu 7)