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ISSUE 309 JULY 14TH 2010

Prophetic Brief
Insight and Analysis for the 21st Century

A Time to Reap
Building as a Correct Response to Crisis in the Earth
Most people of our generation will A Time to Reap
Steve Schultz remember the song Turn, Turn, Turn
recorded by The Birds in 1965, and Revelation 14:14 “Then I looked,
Contributing Author drawn nearly entirely from Ecclesiastes and behold, a white cloud, and on
3. They sang about at “time of war and a the cloud sat One like the Son of
time of peace”, and the song lives on Man, having on His head a golden
today through its use in movies (Forest crown, and in His hand a sharp
Gump) and television (The Wonder sickle. 15 And another angel came
Years). In acknowledgment that the song out of the temple, crying with a
came straight from Solomon, an ancient loud voice to Him who sat on the
Israeli king, author Pete Seeger donated cloud, "Thrust in Your sickle and
45% of his royalties to the Israeli reap, for the time has come for You
Committee Against House to reap, for the harvest of the earth
Demolitions (ICAHD), an Israeli peace is ripe." 16 So He who sat on the
and human rights organization dedicated cloud thrust in His sickle on the
to ending the Occupation and achieving a earth, and the earth was reaped.
just peace between Israelis and NKJV
Palestinians. Seeger said “in addition to We are living in a time when the harvest
the music, I did write six words.”
Everything has an appointed time; is it a
I asked Steve to work with time for reaping in the earth?
me on this edition of the God tells us through Solomon
newsletter, and it is a result (Ecclesiastes 3:1-8) that there are times
and seasons that occur in the earth, and
of our combined efforts. he begins by saying that there is a time
Steve works closely with me for everything indicating that even
destruction and judgment have an
in SWM and in prophetic appointed time. When we looked in the
last newsletter at BPs formative history
development within and the likely relationship to the current
Congress WBN. Gulf oil spill as book-ends of sowing and
reaping, our thoughts have to go beyond
one event into the wider scope of the of the earth is ripe. Angels are flying in
the earth – sent by God – and are setting
He is the apostolic leader of times and seasons in which we now find
in motion tumultuous events best
ourselves. It is clear that cataclysmic
Preparing the Way Network events are on the increase, and not just in described by the overarching phrase: the
one facet of life such as oil and time to reap has come. The Gulf oil
(PTWN), an apostolic economics, but across the wide scope of crisis is only one aspect of reaping; there
network of churches. He is life – political, social, economic, are many others as we come into the time
environmental, etc. In the last 12-24 when the world’s cup of iniquity is
also the Senior Elder of The months we have seen: a) a global becoming full. The question for us is:
how must we respond during this divine
Community (TC), a Kingdom financial crisis that continues to bog
season of reaping that has been initiated
down national economies b) multiple
Community based in earthquakes causing devastation across upon the earth?
all corners of the globe c) the
Fayetteville, AR. Steve also disintegration of social norms and values Many in the body of Christ – very sincere
serves on the Apostolic Core such as marriage and family d) a volcanic and well meaning brothers – will begin to
ash cloud that shut down Europe’s lift up their voices in “repentance”,
Team of Congress WBN. airports and nearly crashed the asking that God would spare them/their
continent’s economy e) the near country/the earth from His judgments
disintegration of the Greek economy, which are sweeping across the nations.
averted by a $1 trillion bailout This reflexive response is often tainted
spearheaded by Germany, etc. What is with nationalism, self-preservation, fear
going on? of suffering, and many other incorrect
ISSUE 309 JULY 14TH 2010

Ezekiel 22:30
I looked for a man among them
who would build up the wall
and stand before me in the gap
on behalf of the land so I would
not have to destroy it, but I
found none. 31 So I will pour
out my wrath on them and
consume them with my fiery
anger, bringing down on their
own heads all they have done,
declares the Soereign Lord."

positions. Praying that crisis would pass against the Lord exists today not only
might seem like the correct action, but if within Babylon but also within the walls
the crisis is God-ordained and propagated of the church in the earth:
as part of His just judgment, then praying We are living in a time
for avoidance would obviously be a ✓ failure to honor and properly relate to
misdirected response. authority when the harvest of the
✓ oppression of the weak
In simple terms the paradigm is, “If we ✓ sexual depravity earth is ripe. Angels are
gather and pray and repent, then God ✓ the lust for resource with no regard
will deliver us from evil, destruction, and for the welfare of others flying in the earth – sent
suffering.” But the correct response must ✓ a disregard for righteous values and
be predicated upon the proper standards by God – and are setting
understanding of what it means to ✓ violation of accurate relationships
“repent.” When most believers hear the
term repent, they automatically think in
✓ self interests reigning supreme
✓ prophets who conspired to devour the
in motion tumultuous
terms of verbally crying out, moaning
and wailing their shortcomings and
people’s resource by proclaiming
false visions
events best described by
transgressions before God. While
confession of sin is a valid practice, it In light of such rampant sin, God is
the overarching phrase:
falls completely short of the reality of
true biblical repentance. I would not
looking for a man who will build up the
wall. When the whole system is corrupt
the time to reap has
begin to question their sincerity, but one
can and should evaluate the degree of
and God is faced with a failing standard,
His response is to seek for a man who come. The Gulf oil crisis
their accuracy, especially in light of what can stand during a day of judgment.
Ezekiel wrote about what God actually Inside of all the wrongness He’s looking is only one aspect of
requires during a time of reaping. for a standard to be built, He wants to see
a man building, and finding “a man” reaping; there are many
Judgment Requires that we among them modifies God’s intention.
others as we come into
When they are materialistic, we have
Ezek 22:30 "I looked for a man forsaken the wrong standards of the time when the world’s
among them who would build up measurements of success. When they
the wall and stand before me in the h a v e s h u t t h e i r e y e s t o G o d ’s cup of iniquity is
gap on behalf of the land so I requirements, we are a people of intense
would not have to destroy it, but I perception and spiritual sight. When their becoming full. The
found none. 31 So I will pour out prophets whitewash the wall, our
my wrath on them and consume prophets are builders who are
constructing accurate and effective lives.
question for us is: how
them with my fiery anger, bringing
down on their own heads all they They are mixing the holy and the
profane, but we separate them and make
must we respond during
have done, declares the Sovereign
Lord." a distinction between that which is
righteous and that which is not.
this divine season of
Ezekiel ministered during a time similar
to ours, throughout Chapter 22 he What is God Looking For? reaping that has been
chronicles the sins rampant in the nation.
It is a long list of violations against the
In the midst of Judah’s transgressions and initiated upon the earth?
coming judgment, God was peering into
standards of God, and the same defiance the earth with a specific intent to find a
ISSUE 309 JULY 14TH 2010

particular quality of human being which willingness to migrate into new spiritual
goes beyond intercession . . . . positions. It is crafting people’s thinking A Developed PROPHETIC
systems so that the eyes of their
I looked for a man . . . . In the midst of understanding are open to see what God is
reaping, God is looking for a man who is doing and the fresh requirements he is
positioned correctly in the earth. This is placing upon us. A fresh look at
not an individual person or a singular
church congregation, it is a global body of The wall . . . . A wall represents a Prophetic
people who have the same values as boundary or a definite point which Operations
heaven, who have not been who have separates two specific spheres. This from a
hoodwinked by darkness and the indicates that correct building activity Kingdom
deceptions of the Babylonian realm. This should bring a clear demarcation between Viewpoint.
“man” is very oriented towards the Kingdom of God on the one hand, and
constructing correct life and building Babylon on the other. When judgment is Coming Soon>
precisely what God requires. The occurring the first thing required is to
ministries which are representing the "Come out of her, my people, so that you
grace of Christ Himself are commanded to will not share in her sins, so that you will
build “…until we all come to the unity of not receive any of her plagues (Rev 18:4). our efforts counted on behalf of the many.
the faith and of the knowledge of the Son Coming out of Babylon is not building
of God, to a perfect man, to the measure some type of natural fortress, but a Ezekiel 22:30 – "I looked for a man
of the stature of the fullness of Christ building of spiritual culture which among them who would build up the
(Ephesians 4:13). functions as a spiritual wall – it wall and stand before me in the gap
demarcates a different value system while on behalf of the land so I would not
Among them . . . . The corporate man God also preventing Babylon’s wickedness have to destroy it, but I found none.
is looking for is living right in the middle from entering. It is a place where such
of judgments and reaping that is taking things as faith, courage, hope, We have the glorious opportunity of
place in the earth; we are “a man who is sustainability of a correct standard, changing this verse and ensuring that when
among them.” We live in the earth as covenant and community, love, internal God looks for a man He is not disappointed;
normal human beings but we are growth, longevity, righteousness and we have to validate His intention to find a
connected to heaven and God is our point many other qualities are celebrated and corporate man living “among them” but not
of resource, not Babylon. Like Christ who rehearsed. The wall is building Kingdom being like them. But we can’t do it by crying
was God in the flesh, God does not communities and Kingdom entities that and bemoaning the state of the affairs in the
require an angel or some strange creature interface with Babylon but are not earth. The question for us is: are we going to
to fulfill His purposes, He requires infected by her viral ways. cry and lament, or are we going to build?
ordinary people like you and I to live in
the earth during times of crisis and to be And stand before me in the gap on behalf
unmoved. of the land . . . . We must continue to
build a people who can stand in the day of
Who would build up . . . . The key adversity and bring correct representation
activity God is looking for is building. in the midst of the separation between the
These are those who are embracing a accurate and the inaccurate, the holy and
building capacity and shifting into clear the unholy. When God was looking for a
strategic action which causes people to man who would stand in the gap he was 2778 Cumberland Blvd
become impenetrable to the crisis that looking for more than just an accurate
surrounds them. Building is conscious man who obeyed His law. He was looking Suite 163
activity of gathering correct resource, for a man whose correct life could stand Symrna GA 30080
discerning the shapes and forms of the on behalf of the incorrectness of the rest
structure and systematically managing a of the nation. That is how he filled the Tel: 678.302.3052
process which produces strong secure gap. The position of standing in the gap is
individuals. It is not only prayer that is done before God, not before man. The
required, for if Noah had only prayed with people might not realize their need for a
his family and not built what God man to stand there but God is looking for © 2010 Scott Webster Ministries.
required, he and his household would a corporate man who recognizes the gap, All Rights Reserved.
have drowned with the rest of the world. has the capacity to fill it, and the will and
Internal building starts with the skill of self sacrifice to do so before Him. © 2010 Copyright by SWM, copy and
duplication without permission is prohibited.
bringing people into a new position of Building correctly must flow from a
spiritual hunger which leads them into a sacrificial heart and a willingness to have

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