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Microsoft Office file extension list

List of file types used by various applications from Microsoft Office productivity suite and
Office 365 apps.
This category of file extensions contains file types from the Microsoft Office productivity suite and its
individual programs. The latest edition, Office 2016, is available for Windows and OS X in several editions
that offer various combinations of productivity software and also as a subscription based platform - Office
365. The latest editions of Office offers the following programs:

Word (all editions)

Excel (all editions)

PowerPoint (all editions)

OneNote (all editions)

Outlook (Home and Business and higher)

Publisher (Professional and higher; Windows only)

Access (Professional and higher; Windows only)

Skype for Business (Professional Plus and higher; Windows only)

Additionally, there are two programs from the Office suite that are not part of any of the suites at
this time, namely Visio and Project. These two can be only obtained as part of Office 365

Over the years, users became familiar with most of the common Microsoft Office file extensions,
with .doc, .xls, and .ppt files being probably the three most known. With the release of Office 2007,
Microsoft was trying to leave those well-known extensions in the past and replace them with the new XML-
based formats that have a 4-letter file extensions, with "x" being appended to the original extension, so for
example .doc became .docx, .xls -> .xlsx, .ppt -> .pptx etc. The key difference is that the original files
were saved in binary form and the new ones are XML-based. These new formats are still being used in the
latest 2016 edition of Microsoft Office, but the older formats are still supported and can be opened in their
respective programs.
Another change introduced in the 2007 Office release was that there are different extensions for files that
have macros enabled and those that do not. Macro-enabled documents include a file name extension that
ends with the letter "m" instead of an "x". For example a macro-enabled Word 2007 document has
the .docm extension and thereby allows any user or software to recognize documents that allow additional
code (macro).

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file extension docx Microsoft Word Open XML document

file extension pptx Microsoft PowerPoint Open XML presentation

file extension xlsx Microsoft Excel Open XML workbook and spreadsheet

file extension one Microsoft OneNote document

file extension pub Microsoft Publisher document

file extension vsdx Microsoft Visio drawing

file extension doc Microsoft Word document (prior version 2007)

Microsoft Access database
extension mdb

Microsoft Access main database
extension accdb

file extension rpmsg Microsoft Restricted Permission Message

file extension mso Microsoft Organization Chart chart data

file extension xlsb Microsoft Excel binary workbook file

file extension xls Microsoft Excel 97 to 2003 workbook

file extension oft Microsoft Outlook template

file extension asd Microsoft Word auto-save document

file extension mpp Microsoft Project plan

file extension thmx Microsoft Office theme

file extension xlsm Microsoft Excel Open XML macro-enabled workbook

file extension snp

Microsoft Access report shapshot

file extension pst Microsoft Outlook personal storage table

file extension obi RSS subscription file from Microsoft Outlook 2007 and above versions

file extension olm Outlook for Mac e-mail database

file extension xsn

Microsoft Office InfoPath template form

file extension ost Microsoft Outlook inbox off-line folder

file extension vsd Microsoft Visio diagram document

Microsoft Access database lock file
extension laccdb

file extension ppt Microsoft PowerPoint 97 to 2003 presentation

file extension dotx Microsoft Word XML document template

file extension dot Microsoft Word document template (up to Microsoft Word 2003 version)

file extension docm Microsoft Word Open XML macro-enabled document

file extension xlam Microsoft Excel Open XML macro-enabled add-in file

file extension mde

Microsoft Access compiled database (application)

Microsoft Access runtime mode database
extension accdr

file extension onepkg Microsoft OneNote package file

file extension wbk Microsoft Word document save backup

file extension pptm Microsoft PowerPoint macro-enabled Open XML presentation

file extension xla Microsoft Excel add-in

file extension xltx Microsoft Excel Open XML workbook template

Microsoft Access compiled execute only database
extension accde

file extension ppsm Microsoft PowerPoint macro-enabled Open XML complete slide show

file extension pip Microsoft Office personalized settings

file extension vss Microsoft Visio smartshapes data

file extension ppsx Microsoft PowerPoint Open XML complete slide show

file extension crtx Microsoft Office chart template

file extension xlt Microsoft Excel 97 to 2003 workbook template

file extension svd Microsoft Word document autosave file

file extension slk

Microsoft Symbolic Link format

file extension xlb Microsoft Excel Toolbars file

file extension xlm Microsoft Excel macro

Microsoft Project database
extension mpd

file extension xlw Microsoft Excel workspace

file extension potx Microsoft PowerPoint Open XML presentation template

file extension xar

Microsoft Excel AutoRecover backup

file extension grv Microsoft SharePoint WorkSpace Groove file

file extension iaf Microsoft Outlook exported account and email setting

file extension pa Microsoft PowerPoint add-in

file extension pps Microsoft PowerPoint 97 to 2003 complete slide show

file extension ops Microsoft Office profile settings

file extension dotm Microsoft Word Open XML macro-enabled document template

file extension acl Microsoft Office automatic correction list

file extension pot Microsoft PowerPoint 97 to 2003 template

file extension oab Microsoft Outlook offline address book

file extension mdt
Microsoft Access database template

file extension mpt Microsoft Project template

file extension xl Microsoft Excel spreadsheet

file extension xltm Microsoft Excel Open XML macro-enabled workbook template

file extension ade

Microsoft Access compiled project

file extension ppam Microsoft PowerPoint macro-enabled Open XML add-in

file extension vst Microsoft Visio flowchart

file extension xsf

Microsoft Office InfoPath form definition

file extension mda

Microsoft Access add-in

Microsoft Access database template
extension accdt

Microsoft Access workgroup information
extension mdw

Microsoft Access digitally signed database
extension accdc

file extension sldx Microsoft PowerPoint Open XML slide

file extension vdx Microsoft Visio drawing XML file

file extension xll Microsoft Excel add-in file

file extension mar

Microsoft Access report shortcut

file extension mat

Microsoft Access table shortcut file

file extension ppa Microsoft PowerPoint 97 to 2003 add-in

file extension maf

Microsoft Access form shortcut file

Microsoft Access add-in
extension accda

file extension vsx Microsoft Visio stencil XML file

file extension prf Microsoft Outlook profile file

Microsoft Access macro shortcut file
extension mam

file extension potm Microsoft PowerPoint macro-enabled Open XML template

file extension puz Microsoft Publisher packed document

file extension xlc Microsoft Excel Chart file

file extension wll Microsoft Word add-in file

file extension vtx Microsoft Visio XML template file

file extension sldm Microsoft PowerPoint macro-enabled Open XML slide

Microsoft Access project
extension accdp

file extension xslb Microsoft Excel data

Microsoft Access database wizard file
extension accdu

file extension maq

Microsoft Access query shortcut file

file extension cnv Microsoft Word text conversion file

Microsoft Access data access page file
extension maw

file extension h1q Microsoft Help merged query index