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A Semi-Detailed Lesson Plan in World Studies [Social Studies III]

[This LP is good for 2 days (2 hours)]

I. Objectives
At any portion of the lesson, students should be able to:
a. Evaluate the present situation of the Philippines in terms of labor force,
technology, customs, and systems of government;
b. Realize the characteristics that developing countries should strive in
order to reach the state of a developed nation;
c. Perform a 3-minute scenario of globalization which shows
interdependence of one country with another country in terms of labor
force, technology, customs, and systems of government.
II. Materials
News articles in the Philippines
Visual aids in PPT and in Manila paper, Cartolina, typewriting, old
III. Reference
Topic: Globalization
Pagayon, Liza S. (2010). Social studies in perspective. Second ed. Diwa
Learning Systems Inc. Makati City, Philippines. p. 292-294.

IV. Procedures / Developmental Activities

A. Drill
a. Review the recent lesson by letting the students ask questions
to their classmates. Give points / credits to the students who
raised and/or answered a question.
B. Motivation
a. There will be a simple game titled Whats the Bid, thats the
Bid! The class will be grouped into 4. Each group will be given
an amount of 100,000 Php which they will use in bidding. The
teacher has prepared 4 news excerpts. Each news has specific
amount that each group has to buy it on their preferred amount
[same with the bidding procedure]. Starting amount of each
news article are: 10K, 15K, 20K, 25K,
C. Activity
a. Now, each group has news excerpt and left amount of money.
The news excerpt they have will be used in the next activity.
b. After the game we had, what do you think we are going to do in
our lesson? [students answers may vary] Ok. For our lesson
which is about Globalization, you are expected to [the teacher
will present the objectives]. If the objectives are already clear to
the students, the class will proceed to the activity proper.
c. Each group has to evaluate the present situation of the
Philippines based on the news excerpt and their prior
knowledge. They are going to write their evaluation on visual
aids [manila paper, cartolina, typewriting, old calendar].
d. Each group does not have any materials. They are going to buy
visual aids to the teacher. There will be a bidding procedure
e. After writing down their inputs, they are going to present it to
the class.
f. The teacher will process the activity by asking the following
i. Based on the news excerpt and prior knowledge you have,
do you think the Philippines has chance to go further on
its status?
ii. What way/s do you think can resolve this problem? Do you
think we need to seek assistance on developed countries
like United States or China? [The teacher will show a
graphic organizer about the developed and developing
countries that joint by the word GLOBALIZATION
Discussion about this term will take place.]
iii. What do you think are the aims of the idea of
iv. Going back to the question we had about the chance of
the Philippines to progress, we are going to predict the
possibilities based on the guidelines which determine if a
country is developed or progressive.
v. The teacher will project the guidelines on a Power point
presentation. Each group is going to write the predicted
year of its attainment on the right side. Consider this:

Guidelines Prediction
Having a stable economy Example: 2020
which would lead to an
efficient system of banking
and capital;
Establishing clear principles
regarding external/ foreign
talks which would bring an
increased percentage of
exchange of goods and
Implementing national
reforms which would sustain
competition among markets;
Establishing an efficient
government that would help
realize the virtues of peace
of peace and harmony;
Providing for ample
education, training, and
research and development
which would support a
higher level of production;
Having an organized
administration of external
debts to ensure enough
wealth necessary for
vi. What are your bases of assigning those digits? Are those
bases would be applicable to other nations? Explain.

D. Summary / Generalization
a. What group has the highest amount left on their bank? Do you
want to increase it? If so, summarize all the activities we had.
The amount you will receive depends on the clarity,
organization, and evidence of your explanation.

E. Valuing
a. The big word we had for this discussion is about
interdependence. As an individual and as a student, how will you
properly use the essence of interdependence? Do you think the
Philippines can maintain its interdependence with other
countries? How?
b. You will have better understanding on maintaining the
globalization involvement of the Philippines through the final
activity we will be doing.
F. Application
a. Each group has to perform a 3-minute scenario of globalization
which shows interdependence of one country with another
country. You have to choose a developed country like US, China,
Russia, etc. and developing countries including the Philippines.
Each group may research way/s to extend help to poorer
nations. Then, show an idea of globalization. Your performance
will be graded based on the following criteria:
i. ContentThe task elicits the correct performance from
the student.
ii. ClarityStudents know exactly what to do.
iii. FeasibilityThe task is practical.
iv. Fairness and AccuracyNothing in the task will give an
inaccurate picture of student skill. All students have an
equal chance to achieve.
v. SamplingThe task adequately cover all dimensions of
the learning target to be assessed.
Point systems are follows:
Content: 10 pts.
Clarity: 5 pts.
Feasibility: 5 pts.
Fairness and Accuracy: 5 pts.
Sampling 5 pts.
TOTAL: 30 pts.
b. After the performance task, the teacher will process by raising

G. Evaluation
Direction: Underline the correct term inside the parentheses to
complete each statement.
1. (Globalization, World Trade) describes the changes
in the societies and economy as a result of the
increase in the international trade and cultural
exchange. It also refers to liberalization or free
trade economy.
2. A (developed, developing) country is a nation that
enjoys a relatively high standard.
3. (Developed, Developing) countries are low-income
4. (Outsourcing, Importing) is a way of transferring
technology by means of processing components of
a product in another country.
5. (Bailout, Subsidy) is a fund given by government to
support local industries.
H. Assignment
a. Have an advanced study about the problem of growing world
population. Refer to different sources.

*This lesson plan follows the Constructivism Approach.

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