June 16, 2008

Welcome to our First Newsletter of 2008

Tip to Boost Employee Morale Treat them with Respect
• This tip sounds like a no-brainer, but it can make a world of difference to employees. Don’t swear, lose your temper or ignore your staff, especially in front of other employees. Treat employees with the courtesy and respect they deserve — say please and thank you, ask about their weekend, and take an interested in projects that they’re working on.

Celebrate Summer - June 20, 2008
Take Advantage of Great Vacation Spots Here in Alabama
The steadily increasing gas prices are affecting everyone. However, don't let it keep you from getting away this summer for a much deserved vacation. We have great Vacation destinations right here in Alabama: Below are a few of many:
1. U.S. Space & Rock Center (in Huntsville): contains the US largest collection of space memorabilia and rockets including the Pathfinder shuttle simulator and Saturn V moon rocket. 2. Guntersville State Park (in Guntersville): overlooking 69,000 acre Guntersville Reservoir. Something for everyone; hiking, swimming, camping, golfing and nature programs. 3. Alabama Adventure (in Bessemer) winner of Alabama's 2007 Attraction of the Year. 4. DeSoto Caverns Park (Southeast of Birmingham): offers guided tours through the state's largest cave which is 12 stories high and larger than a football field. There are also a variety of family attractions in the park outside the caverns. 5. Gulf Shores Beach (Gulf Shores, Alabama): one of two seaside resorts in the state of Alabama You can find out about all these attractions in Alabama, and others in the state too, At http://www.vacation2usa.com/pl_state_alabama_attractions.php

10-Cost cutting Vacation Tips
1. Purchase necessities BEFORE you leave and save! 2. Rent a Condo or Home instead of a Hotel Room 3. Spend the day away from the attractions. 4. Find an Alternative to airport parking (i.e. family member or friend shuttle) 5. Check rental car prices (may be cheaper than wear and tear on your car and cheaper than shuttle prices) 6. You gotta eat! (stay where breakfast is Free) 7. Take advantage of multi-day passes at attractions. 8. Limit expenditures for limitless fun. 9. Take the gimmies! 10. Take advantage of coupons. http://www.travelcoupons.com/alabama/alindex.htm

Top Tips for Saving Gasoline
1. Slow Down 2. Shift Gears 3. Keep Windows Closed on the Highway 4. Drive Proactively 5. Avoid Rough Roads 6. Keep your Car in Good Working Order 7. Remove Excess Weight 8. Don't Idle for Long Periods of Time 9. Replace Air Filters 10. Tighten the gas cap Staffing firms enable companies to react quickly to changing business dynamics 11. Pump up your tires 12. Use the right oil 13. Use the lowest grade octane 14. Don't cut corners on maintenance 15. Clear the roof 16. Go easy on the air conditioner 17. Don't be idle 18. Go easy on your foot

Are you in Compliance?
What you need to know about the Federal Minimum Wage The federal minimum wage provisions are contained in the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). The federal minimum wage for nonexempt employees was raised in May of 2007 increasing it from $5.15 per hour, set in 1997 to: $5.85 per hour, effective July 24th 2007 $6.55 per hour, effective July 24th 2008 $7.25 per hour, effective July 24th 2009 Every employer of employees subject to the Fair Labor Standards Act's minimum wage provisions must post, and keep posted, a notice explaining the Act in a conspicuous place in all of their establishments so as to permit employees to readily read it. To be compliant with federal employment law, your business must post the Fair Minimum Wage Act of 2007.

Personnel Staffing gives your business quick access to top talent. Whether the need is for one employee or many employees, now or weeks from now, we enable our clients to react quickly to changing business dynamics by supplementing their permanent workforce with qualified workers. We find, screen, and qualify candidates, enabling you to choose the best talent for both temporary and permanent positions. Our clients tell us many times our staffing employees are as good as or better than their regular employees.

3 Vital Things Supervisors Should Say…
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"Gee, I never knew that." "Where does it say I was supposed to do that?" Aren't those the quintessential responses whenever employees are called to the carpet? Let's put a stop to that right now. Here are some things that supervisors should say to employees. 1) These are our policies. Your employees should be familiar with policies that pertain to them. The policies probably range from work rules, to bans on gambling, fighting, and drugs, to how to apply for FMLA leave and report harassment. Go over them at meetings, orientation sessions, whenever you can fit it in, and get employees to sign off that they understand what the policies say. 2) These are my expectations for you. Make it clear to individual employees what your expectations are. What should they accomplish, and how should they accomplish it. Establish measurable goals whenever possible. 3) Here's how you are doing. Talk to people about how they are doing at meeting expectations. Don't wait for formally mandated annual review time-talk now so they have a chance to improve. When talking about performance, be honest. There are few things more pathetic than a manager trying to explain how a terminated employee 's performance could have been "so poor we had to fire him" when his appraisals show all "good" ratings.

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We have a strong applicant base to fulfill our client's needs. Our successful track record and growth, we believe, is a direct result of the quality services provided to our client companies and employees. PSI's 27 year history of excellence is something our company is very proud of.