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25 March 2017

To Whom It May Concern:

To preface: This is being sent to a multitude of individuals, groups, offices, and

institutions under b.c.c. I do not, nor does anyone else, expect a response to this.

Apologies for sloppiness, ignorance, error, and/or potentially undue consumption of the

reader's time. While a poor excuse, I am not well-versed in the fields of Legal Writing,

Political Science, Public Relations, or any other that may have aided in the following

being more organized, educated, grounded, and readable.

I disclaim any affiliation with, association with, duties toward, endorsement of,

obligations for, or sponsorships of the recipient (or where applicable, the recipient's

members, affiliates, and subsidiaries) from myself, and from the recipient (or where

applicable, the recipient's members, affiliates, and subsidiaries) to myself. I furthermore

assert is not now, nor has there ever been, a state between myself and the recipient other

than mutual non-affiliation, nor is not now nor has there ever been any of the

aforementioned relationships between us.

I release and allow the copying, distribution, quotation, and any other reproduction of

anything contained herein by anyone, with no restriction. Unless permission is expressly

granted by the recipient, I do not recognize myself as having those same rights relating to

the recipient's content.


An Appeal

for Discussion and Feedback

Regarding Economic, Public Health, Security, Sociological,

and Other Concerns Pursuant to Migration, Naturalization, and Travel

to the United States of America


First (before constructing immigration and naturalization legislation and other forms of

policy), audits, investigations, and research must be conducted in the following



If certain segments of the population, through first generation immigration(or

other form of entrance) and through their progeny, affected the socioeconomic

structures of the current system, such that it shuts out others from getting a

"foothold", or "foot-in-the-door", or even on "the back of the line"

(E.g. one of the arguments in favor of ending nation-of-origin quotas was that

Western Europeans were, and maintained themselves in, such a position.),


If certain categories of entrants (including those traveling under the VWP, those

here under non-immigrant visas, those here on immigrant visas, those here under

refugee or asylum status, and unauthorized entrants) and their progeny carry:


Economic concerns and risks, to what degrees, extents, and proportions

they exist, and which actors, if any, facilitated in the hiding or

cover-ups of these activities or this information, as well as to what

degrees, extents, and proportions they did, including but not limited


a. Effects of and related to "brain drain" from host nations,

b. Effects of "Anchor" children,

c. Effects of nepotism and ethnic in-group preference in certain


d. How many visa-holders or other categories of entrants

are required in certain fields,

e. If productive capacities and performance are as expected, from

engineering personnel, to programmers, to medical personnel,

f. Non-complementary labor displacement,

g. Public services and welfare usage in ratio to tax input,


Public Health concerns and risks, to what degrees, extents, and

proportions they exist, and which actors, if any, facilitated in the

hiding or cover-ups of these activities or this information, as well as

to what degrees, extents, and proportions they did, including

but not limited to:

a. Diseases,

b. Disposition toward smoking,

c. Unauthorized introduction of unchecked produce,

d. Unsafe or unsanitary practices, and

e. Views toward vaccination,


Security concerns and risks, to what degrees, extents, and proportions they

exist, and which actors, if any, facilitated in the hiding or cover-ups of

these activities or this information, as well as to what degrees,

extents, and proportions they did, including but not limited to:

a. Affiliations with gangs or organized crime,

b. Affiliations with the U.S.' state-actor enemies,

c. Affiliations with terror groups,

d. Breaches, leaks or theft of academic, government, and private


e. What is related to disposition toward radicalism per


f. Yet undetermined foreign affairs and national security

matters the intake of some people, in lieu of others, that are

affected in their host nations),


Sociological concerns and risks, to what degrees, extents, and proportions

they exist, and which actors, if any, facilitated in the hiding or

cover-ups of these activities or this information, as well as to what


degrees, extents, and proportions they did, including but not limited


a. Assimilation,

b. Backwardness,

c. Birth rates,

d. Crime,

e. Drug use,

f. Educational attainment and performance,

g. Gender views, including views on arranged marriages,

h. Lack of knowledge, openness to, and understanding regarding

the United States, its written and unwritten systems, and its


i. Underage parenthood, and

j. What is related to academic dishonesty,

(E.g. during the Cold War era, the above matters were most pertinent in

relation to Communist espionage, infiltration, and sabotage, and

during the end of the USSR, and after its fall, the introduction of people

used to "gaming" systems for survival and to thrive. Currently,

academic dishonesty takes place before or during the

application process with such things as the legitimacy of SATs taken

abroad, and post-receipt with such things as

outright cheating networks. )



If the currently used categories for entrants are accurate, sound, and useful,


If entrants are coming under a certain category or visa, and are violating the

rules and expectations pursuant to those categories,


If all processes related to the screening of entrants are conducted as they should,


By whom, how, to what effects, to what extent, and where visa abuse is being

conducted, covered-up, and facilitated, including but not limited to:


H1B visa abuse, where there are reports of firms using fake job listings,


Defrauding applicants with unattainable promises, and


Blackmailing the recipients once in the country,


By whom, how, to what effects, to what extent, and where naturalization abuse

is being conducted, covered-up, and facilitated, including but not limited to:


Covering-up dishonorable conduct of non-citizen servicemembers,



"Looking the other way" or outright cheating on the Naturalization

Interview, and


"Sham" or mala fide marriages of citizens to non-citizens,


By whom, how, to what effects, to what extent, and where the overstaying of

visas is being conducted, covered-up, and facilitated,


By whom, how, to what effects (including on the correctional and public

services sectors), to what extent, and where the unauthorized entrance (and

trafficking of contraband) is being conducted, covered-up, and facilitated,


Cost-Benefit Analyses of implementing various responses to these issues,

including but not limited to those listed below,


What effects, economic, public health, security, and sociological (including

demographic), the addition or secession various states (such as California, Puerto

Rico, the Philippines, and the provinces of Alberta and Yukon) to or from

the Union may have, and


Other concerns or issues for which audits, legal investigation, and research are

needed. (Please feel free to make some additions or amendments as you see fit.)


The results of the audits, legal investigations, and research should inform the ensuing

immigration and naturalization legislation, related executive action and bureaucracy, and

court decisions on all levels of government, as well as proposed amendments to the

Constitution of the United States of America.

Even before the results of such audits, research, and investigations are

completed and confirmed, the following set of proposals seem, in

some combination, reasonable as a baseline for the construction of new

immigration, naturalization, national security, and related regimes:


Restricting all forms of amnesty and "paths to citizenship" currently in place, and

restricting proposals for extensions of and additions to amnesty and

paths to citizenship,


Repealing of all relevant portions of the Immigration and Naturalization Acts and

related laws, going back to before 1924, including but not limited to the

1990 Diversity Lottery and the Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1965,


Replacing the immigration system with a more stringent one, under the idea that

immigration to the United States should be small in quantity, steady, and

potentially closed as per the discretion of the American People, in the interest of

maintaining national security, public health, and socioeconomic cohesion,

including but not limited to:


A strict points system,


Extra vetting, especially for those from troubled and troubling regions

and backgrounds,


No so-called "family reunification" or chain migration,


A possible caveat which may be included for to give preference

for immigration from Western countries, viz. Western

countries in:

a. East Asia:

i. Japan,


iii.South korea, and


iv. Taiwan


i. Andorra,

ii. Austria,

iii. Belgium,

iv. Denmark,

v. Finland,

vi. France,

vii. Germany,

viii. Greece,

ix. Iceland,

x. Ireland,

xi. Italy,

xii. Luxembourg,

xiii. Netherlands,

xiv. Norway,

xv. Portugal,

xvi. Spain,

xvii. Sweden, and

xviii. United Kingdom,

c. North America


d. and Oceania

i. Australia

ii. New Zealand


Keeping perennial and thorough applicant screening/scrutiny, audits, legal

investigations*, and research into- and where applicable punishments for**- the

wrongdoing and the facilitation of wrongdoing, and (in the cases of officials and

contractors in all levels of government, those testifying under oath, and those in

the private sector legally required to report honestly to governments of all levels,)

the spread of wrong information, as well as the facilitation of covering up

information in the following areas:


Abuses and misuses of the visa systems,


Determining true demand for work visas, in total and in specific



Impropriety among law enforcement agencies, law enforcement

officers, officials in all levels of government, and civil service in



Impropriety during Naturalization Interviews,



Leaks, theft, and academic dishonesty, especially in regards to more

technical fields, and on industrial and national security levels,


Mala fide marriages for naturalization purposes,


The employment of illegal entrants and visa overstays,


The harboring of illegal entrants and visa overstays,

*(Investigations may include an informant component, whereby undocumented

informants of a multitude of visa overstays and unauthorized entrants may receive

leniency in return.)

**("Punishments" or threats thereof may variously be done through

administrative and governmental procedures such as motions of no confidence,

motions of censure, removal from office procedurally or electorally, district cuts,

through the judiciary via convictions in criminal courts and judgments in civil

courts) or through party apparatuses, in such ways as running candidates against

politicians not on board, and removal from assignments. ),


In terms of "magnets"- those which attract people here, and those which keep

people here:


Cutting off "Sanctuary Jurisdictions" from funding, services, projects,

grants, and appropriations (as well as ramping up investigations,

prosecutions, and even setting up or allowing some to

operate as "flytraps"),


Regulating, taxing, and/or seizing of remittances,


Restricting or qualifying the provision of welfare and public services on

all levels of government,


The controlling, legalizing, regulating, and taxing of various controlled

substances (as they relate to drug-runners' and drug dealers'

incentives for operating in the U.S.),


The expansion and enforcement of E-Verify for employers,


The repealing of Birthright Citizenship, even if it requires a

Constitutional Amendment to repeal the 14th Amendment,

grandfathering those here already to prevent legal and

administrative concerns,


For those wishing to enter, the U.S. should institute:



A renewed and expanded NSEERS, using biographic and biometric data

for both entry and exit,


A renewed vetting process for those of troubled or troubling

backgrounds and regions,


Greater scrutiny on travel into the U.S. from air, water, and land,


Greater border protections, to be outlined in the following section,


On the matter of the border, the U.S. should institute or otherwise increase some

sort of marine, terranean, and subterranean defenses. The "wall" may at its least

amount to corrosion-proofed double-fencing along the border, with

surveillance and barbed wire, and "ink and stink" between the fencing to mark

unauthorized entrants, with rebar drilled into bedrock to thwart tunneling and

perhaps malodorants introduced to suspected or possible tunnels as well. More

sizable options may include corrugated sheet metal walls, and Bremmer

Walls. At its most substantial, border security may appear as follows:


A wall, with height and razor wire substantial enough to thwart

climbers, ladders, ropes and pulleys,



A wall, with depth, seismic sensors, and aforementioned rebar and

malodorant measures to thwart tunnellers,


A wall, with thickness sufficient enough to thwart rammers and drillers,


A wall, with a length all across the border,


Day and infared camera surveillance,


Lookout from tower sentries,


Foot patrol,


Manned and unmanned air patrol, Vehicular patrol,


Vehicular patrol,


Water patrol in the Rio Grande,


Water patrol in the Gulf of California


Water patrol in the Gulf of Mexico,



Water patrol in the Pacific Ocean,


On the matter of refugees and asylum seekers, the U.S., in conjunction and

consultation with the world community, should consider:


Auditing and controlling the arming, funding, and training of

unaccountable and terror-affiliated, terror-overtaken, or terror-

capitulating proxy fighters, and working to end the Russo-US

proxy wars,


Establishing internationally recognized Safe Zones abroad,


Establishing Ethnic Self Determination toward creating

Semiautonomous and Autonomous Regions,


Plenary agreements to create new borders that better reflect the ethnic,

political, and religious issues facing many parts of the world,


New Marshall Plan/Warsaw Pact to buffer the new regions

governmentally, societally, economically, militarily, in security and

in institutions, and prevent them from falling into radicalism,



Establishing a Sunni/Shia/Kurd mutual understanding and order while

the US pulls the leash on its Sunni proxies and Russia does so on

their Shia proxies,


On matters of foreign policy and trade agreements, the U.S. may consider:


A birthrate reduction effort in the developing world,


A corruption reduction effort in the developing world,


An education effort in the developing world,


A prosperity-amplifying effort in the developing world, e.g. letting them

set up infant industries,


Aiding internal security efforts abroad as we aid them at domestically,


Aiding border security efforts abroad as we aid them domestically,


Aiding deportation efforts abroad as we aid them domestically,


Aiding Repatriation efforts abroad as we aid them domestically,



Aiding the processing and demarcating of various categories of entrants

abroad (e.g. between asylum seekers and economic migrants) as

we aid them domestically,


Sending law enforcement, and if need be, armed forces to Mexico,

Central American nations, and/or South American nations, which

may very well be done with the permission of the governments

of those nations, or as a condition for resolutions and

settlements of various legal claims the United States has against

those nations, and/or as a condition for various agreements

between the U.S. and those nations,


Dispatching a team of "Technical Security Advisers" consisting of

criminologists, sociologists, psychologists, current and former

intelligence personnel, current and former military, security and PMC

personnel, and current and former law enforcement officers

(especially old colleagues of Daryl Gates, Bill Bratton, and

Gregore Sambor, who have effectively overseen the LA, NYC, and

Philadelphia police departments during crime waves) to our

European and other allies, especially as a condition of one or

more agreements the US and these countries may be party to.


The team would help bring the nations' law enforcement agencies up to

speed, ensure proper weapons training, encourage proactive

policing and teach creative interview tactics. The US, through the

team or otherwise, should encourage the nations' recording and

dissemination of detailed psychographic and demographic profiles of

arrestees, and the international standardization of categories and

recordkeeping thereof. If an ethnic community leader or

criminology department is being denied pertinent information to

issues disproportionately faced by certain groups, those very groups

are being jeopardized and alienated by not allowing social

services and policing tactics to be tailored toward them.

The United States may use economic (e.g. trade and travel), military (e.g.

placement or removal of bases and exclusion from NATO

operations), and diplomatic (e.g. intense deliberation, negotiation, and

compromise) means of pushing these policies among its allies, in

carrot-and-stick approaches, so that they quickly find both the

will and ability.


The seizure of the revenues from foreign-run criminal operations and terror cells

found operating in the U.S. or those nations, and by people initially not

authorized to be there, or whose authorization to be there has been


subsequently removed under due process, can and should be used by those

nations' respective governments to help pay for the above initiatives, and


Other responses or means of responding to the relevant issues not yet stated.

(Please feel free to make additions or amendments as you see fit.)


This is what the Citizens of the US and the people of the world want and need. We

must get it through, and let the politicians and apparatchiks know we will not stand

for the current system. Should they fall through on our demands, they should know

that the marching of tens of millions of Americans on DC in protest alone will have

the grand buildings and monuments crumble to the ground, the City's exterior to

match its interior, descending into the Potomac under the weight of our objections,

joining the place physically where it has been for a decades proverbially- the Swamp.