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Chapter 1
New Year New You

Name of Teacher(s):
Form Duration(weeks) Grammar Items
1 3 weeks Identify and use nouns
appropriately according to context
(i) common nouns
(ii) proper nouns

Identify and use articles

appropriately according to context
i) indefinite article a and an

Domain (s) Theme Chapter 1

1) Personal People & Culture New Year, New You
2) Educational

EXPECTATIONS (content to be covered)

(questions/statements to be answered while and after lessons-similar to objectives)

1) Listen to a talk programme on New Year resolutions.
2) Speak about your New Year resolutions.
3) Read a brochure on New Year celebrations.
4) Create a poster on an event
5) Learn about common nouns, proper nouns and articles
6) Practice the sounds // & / a: /
7) Appreciate a poem


1) Inquiry-based Learning
2) Cooperative Learning
3) Pupil centeredness


1) Language
2) Values
3) Creativity & Innovation

Listening and Speaking Duration: 1 hour

Content Standard(s): 1.1 Listen to and use correct pronunciation, stress, rhythm and intonation patterns to

1.2 Listen to, engage and interpret meaningful conversations

1.3 Listen to and respond critically to a wide range of spoken, audio and visual texts

1.4 Speak intelligibly, eloquently and appropriately for different purposes, audiences,
contexts and cultures

Learning Standard(s): 1.1.1 Listen to, discriminate & pronounce accurately (i) long & short vowels
1.2.1 Listen to & respond to directions, instructions & procedures
1.3.1 Listen to spoken, audio and visual texts to: (i) retrieve main ideas (ii) retrieve
supporting details
1.4.1 Express feelings and give simple descriptions of personal experiences orally


1) Listen to a Morning Talk Programme and complete the tree map (individual)
2) Read the resolutions in the textbook and practice saying them aloud (individual)
3) Ask questions to their partners about their New Year Resolutions and write the resolutions in the tree map
4) Respond appropriately to questions asked by their friends about their New Year Resolutions (individual)

Formative Assessment:

Complete two tree maps of New Year Resolutions

Complete one double bubble map

Resources/teaching aids: Drawing paper, Water Colours, exercise books, whiteboard, marker pen Mahjong papers ,
English Form 1 textbook


Reading Duration: 1 hour
Content Standard(s): 2.1 Demonstrate understanding of a variety of texts using a range of strategies to construct

2.2 Apply a range of strategies to comprehend texts related to everyday living

Learning Standard(s):

2.1.1 Read & develop vocab skills by understanding i) similes

2.1.2 Understanding meaning of words from print media by
2.2.1 Demonstrate understanding by (i) identifying main ideas in given texts
2.2.2 Locate and organise information by using (i) graphic organiser


Practice on how to find a dictionary entry (optional)

Read a brochure and draw double bubbles maps.
Find meaning of words from the brochure

Formative Assessment:

1) Answer the comprehension question

2) Locate the words that match the meaning given

3) Fill in the flow map with correct information


English form 1 textbook, exercise book, whiteboard, marker pen


Writing Duration: 1.5 hours

Content Standard(s):

3.2 Produce a variety of texts for creative, personal, academic and functional purposes

Learning Standard(s):
3.2.2 Write for creative and personal expressions
(iii) posters and slogan


Match the headings with the correct posters (pair)

Create posters for different New Year celebrations (individual/pair)
Gallery Walk Group project

Formative Assessment:
Posters created by the pupils peers & teacher


English Form 1 Textbook, manila cards, colours, whiteboard, marker pen


Grammar Duration: 1 hour

Content Standard(s):

4.1 Identify and use language structures appropriately according to context

Learning Standard(s):

4.1.1 identify and use nouns appropriately according to context i) common noun ii) proper nouns iii) articles
4.1.4 Identify & use articles appropriately according to context: (i) indefinite articles a & an

1) Identify Common Nouns and Proper Nouns from the wordlist given (individual)
2) List down other examples of Common Noun and Proper Noun and share with other pupils (pair)
3) Complete the exercise to differentiate between Definite and Indefinite article (pair)
4) Complete the dialogue with the correct article (individual)

Formative Assessment:

Grammar Quiz


English form 1 textbook, exercise books, whiteboard, marker pen


(These action-oriented tasks ensure that all the four language skills and the Grammar elements
3 hours
taught are integrated to emulate real-life situations. These tasks and experiences will be the bridging that helps students to
overcome challenges in real life which require them to communicate in English.)
Content Standard(s):

1.4 Speak intelligibly, eloquently and appropriately for different purposes, audiences, contexts and cultures
4.2 Apply grammatical rules at word, phrase and sentence levels correctly and meaningfully

Learning Standard(s):

1.4.2 Participate in simple conversations using speech acts (i) greeting

4.2.1 Construct simple sentences correctly and meaningfully


Class is be divided into five groups and work on their roles (group work)
Produce a short sketch about various New Year celebrations to be presented to their friends from other


A short sketch


I) English Form 1 Textbook, costumes, props, etc


Literature in Action Duration: 1 hour

Content Standard(s):

5.1 Engage and respond to a variety of literary texts to express understanding of the broader world of ideas
and concepts
5.2 Use a wide range of literary texts to convey views for different purposes & audiences & relate them to

real life situations

Learning Standard(s):
5.1.2 Read and understand various literary work
5.1.3 Share personal responses of issues related to literary works and develop new ideas and solve problems
5.2.4 Share personal responses to literary works through performances


Read the poem silently and recite with correct pronunciation and intonation (individual)
Act out the poem based from the line strips given (group work)

Formative Assessment:

Pupils act out the poem


Poetry for Pleasure, Sad I Ams by Trevor Millum