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Clasa a VII-a
18 martie 2017


I. Correct the mistakes. (10 points)

1. I use to watch a lot of TV, but now I dont.
2. Eric is going jogging every morning before work.
3. When did Queen Victoria died?
4. Look at the notice! You neednt eat on the train.
5. When it will stop raining, we will go to the park.
6. There is that new restaurant who I went to last month.
7. Is Ben the boy who sister you like?
8. I told you to not get dirty.
9. The novel was wrote by Hemingway.
10. Bill likes ice cream, does he?

II. Choose the right answer: (15 points)

1. Look at these scarves. one do you like best?
A. What B. Which C. That
2. The roads are slippery. Remember to drive !
A. careful B. carefuly C. carefully
3. I was so tired that I just in bed all day yesterday.
A. lied B. lay C. laid
4. Do you remember what happened? ~ No, I dont remember .
A. anything B. nothing C. none
5. One of must go there in person.
A. we B. our C. us
6. If it , we will go hiking this weekend.
A. wont rain B. do not rain C. doesnt rain
7. You have been playing tennis for almost two years, ?
A. dont you B. havent you C. isnt it
8. He skating almost every day when he was a child.
A. goes B. went C. was going
9. I havent seen my cousin George we were both ten years old.
A. since B. when C. as
10. Her eyes are red. Im sure she .
A. has been crying B. was crying C. have cried
11. He will not win the competition he trains harder.
A. if B. when C. unless
12. Alice is exhausted. She has been for almost two hours.
A. writting B. writing C. writeing
13. If you are late again, the teacher furious.
A. will be B. are C. is
14. Im sorry I said that. Please, angry with me!
A. dont be B. be not C. arent
15. That is one of songs he has ever written.
A. the good B. the better C. the best

III. Read the text and answer the following questions. (25 points)
Few people have packed more into a day trip than Michael and Lilian Long from Kent who took the
ferry from their home in England to Boulogne in France in 1987. On Easter Sunday this adventurous
couple went for a short walk around the town. In no time they were spectacularly lost and showing all
the qualities of born explorers.
We walked and walked, Mrs. Long recalled, and the further we walked to try to get back, the
further we walked away from Boulogne.
Unable to speak French, they felt embarrassed about asking the way, so they walked throughout
the night until finally the next morning a driver gave them a lift to a small village they did not
recognize. Here they caught a train to the wrong destination Paris. In the French capital they spent all
their remaining money on catching what they thought was the express train back to Boulogne. After an
enjoyable trip they arrived in Luxembourg at midnight on Monday.
Two hours later police put them on the train back to Paris, but it divided and their half ended up
in Basle, an attractive medieval town in the north of Switzerland.
Having no money, they tried to find work, but without success. The railway company offered
them a free ticket back to Belfort, thinking that this was where they had come from. Once they got off
the train, our heroes hiked forty-two miles to Vesoul, hitched a lift to Paris and then nearly boarded the
train to Bonn in Germany.
Diverted just in time to the right platform, they finally reached Boulogne a week after they had
set out on their walk. They had covered a distance of almost 1,700 km without luggage, maps or any
idea of where they were. When he arrived at Dover harbour, Mr. Long said it was the first time they
had travelled abroad and that they would not be leaving England again.
1. When Mr. and Mrs. Long first got lost, why didnt they ask the way?
2. Why did they go to Switzerland?
3. Why were they given tickets to Belfort?
4. How long was the distance they had covered?
5. Would they travel again?

IV. Write a story beginning with the following sentence: (50 points)
Ill never forget that day. Whenever I close my eyes
Write 120-150 words on your answer sheet. Do not forget to give your story a title.

Not: Toate subiectele sunt obligatorii. Timp de lucru: 90 minute.

Clasa a VII-a
18 martie 2017

Subject I 10 points = 1 point x 10

1. used to 3. die 5. stops 7. whose 9. written

2. goes 4. mustnt 6. that / where to 8. not to get 10. doesnt he

Subject II 15 points = 1 point x 15

1. B 4. A 7. B 10. A 13. A
2. C 5. C 8. B 11. C 14. A
3. B 6. C 9. A 12. B 15. C

Subject III 25 points = 5 points x 5

Answers 1-5:
- information correctness (2p);
- grammatical correctness (1p);
- word order and accuracy (1p);
- spelling (1p)

Suggested answers:
1. They didnt ask the way because they were unable to speak French and because they felt
embarrassed about asking the way.
2. They went to Switzerland because their train divided and their half ended up in Basle, an attractive
medieval town in the north of Switzerland.
3. The railway company offered them tickets to Belfort, thinking that this was where they had come
4. They had covered a distance of almost 1,700 km.
5. They would not be leaving England again.
Subject IV 50 points

Marking Scheme for the Narrative Composition 7 th form

Analytical Excellent Good Adequate Limited Incomplete/

Criteria 10 p 8p 6p 4p Poor 2 p
Content The story is The story is fairly The story is The story is faulty, The story is
completely relevant completed with all partially completed including serious incomplete, the
to the topic, the sequencing with slight logical logical impediments sequencing of the
describing elements of a impediments in in the sequencing of narrative moments
places/events/charac narrative. sequencing the events. being inconsistent.
ters/atmosphere/rea moments of the
ching climax, narrative.
including the final
reactions of the
Organization/ There is complete There is a fairly There is partial There is serious Paragraphs are
Cohesion logical connection completion of completion of the inconsistency in the incomplete, both
of paragraphs due to paragraph task. Paragraphs are organization of the linking devices,
a judicious use of organization due to partially complete paragraphs due to mechanics and
linking devices, scarce misuse of due to unfinished the misuse of the length requirements
mechanics and linking devices, ideas and scarce use linking device, having been
length requirements. mechanics and of linking devices, mechanics and disrespected.
length requirements. mechanics and length requirements.
length requirements.
Vocabulary/ A wide range of A range of The range of A limited range of A very narrow
Spelling vocabulary is used vocabulary is used vocabulary is vocabulary is range of vocabulary
appropriately and appropriately and adequately used in present within the is present; errors in
accurately accurately in the the story; errors in story; less common word
throughout the story; occasional word items of vocabulary choice/formation
story; precise errors in word choice/formation are rare and may be predominate;
meaning is choice/formation are present when often faulty; spelling errors can
conveyed; minor are possible; more sophisticated spelling errors can make the story
errors are rare; spelling is well items of vocabulary make text obscure at times.
spelling is very well controlled with are attempted; understanding
controlled. occasional slips. spelling can be difficult.
faulty at times.
Structures/ A wide range of A range of A mix of complex A limited range of A very narrow
Punctuation grammatical grammatical and simple grammatical range of
structures is used structures is used grammatical structures is present grammatical
accurately and accurately and with structures is present along the story; structures is present
flexibly throughout some flexibility throughout the complex language is within the story;
the story; minor along the story; story; errors are rare and may be errors predominate;
errors are rare; occasional errors present when often faulty; punctuation errors
punctuation is very are possible; complex language is punctuation errors make the text
well controlled. punctuation is well attempted; can make text obscure at times.
controlled with punctuation can be understanding
occasional slips. faulty at times. difficult.
Register and Style The register of the The register of the The register of the The register of the The register used in
/ narrative narrative narrative narrative the narrative
Effect on target composition is composition is composition is composition is composition is
reader totally relevant to relevant to the task partially relevant to inconsistent due to inappropriate for
the task, being with slightly the task, with a the mixture of this type writing.
organically incongruent lapses narrow styles. The effect on the
integrated all along within the inconsistency of The effect on the reader is non-
the discourse. discourse. style, leading to reader is non- relevant.
The interest of the The text has a good halts in the logical relevant.
reader is aroused effect on the reader. development of
and sustained ideas.
throughout. The effect on the
reader is