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Unit 5 Language summary

Nouns fact not many Adverbs
Family/Relatives family tree a few Time expressions
aunt foreign language few (almost) always
brother freedom Other right now
children government average these days
cousin household dear (+ name) this week/month/year
dad housework elderly Other
daughter men lonely abroad
father money married alone
grandfather only child one-on-one away
grandmother people related together
husband percent secret
mom (wildlife) photographer single Preposition
mother population stay-at-home (mom/dad) of
nephew (birthday) present stressful
niece project stuck Conjunction
sister pros and cons urban because
sister-in-law women young
son Pronouns
uncle Verbs
wife anyone enjoy
no one get (married)
grow(ing) up
adult Adjectives
age move
Quantiers spend (money)
attention all
challenge stand
nearly all tell
college most
couple travel
many vote
elevator a lot of/lots of
email wait

Asking about family Exchanging information
Tell me about your family. about the present
Do you have any brothers and sisters? Are you living at home?
How many brothers and sisters do you have? Yes, I am./No, Im not.
I have. . . brother(s) and. . . sister(s). What is your brother doing?
Im an only child. Hes traveling in. . . .
How old is your sister? Is anyone in your family. . . right now?
Yes, my. . . is. . .
Expressing interest
What an interesting. . .
Expressing relief
Thank goodness!

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