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BYU-Idaho Scroll
Lead print and video sections of Scroll
368 W 1st N, Apt. 6
Oversee all content being published by Scroll
Rexburg, Idaho, 83440
Determine what content will be published and
what will not based on quality and news value
Manage Scrolls website through WordPress
Conduct training meetings for Scroll staff
Act as a representative for Scroll when meeting
Brigham Young University-Idaho with advertising agency, university administration
Anticipated degree: Bachelor and faculty
of Science in Communication Utilize Google, Facebook and WordPress analytics
(Dec. 2017) to increase Scrolls reach and influence
ScrollBuzz Editor
BYU-Idaho Scroll
Lead a team of four staff writers
WordPress Helped staff writers produce quality online content
Adobe InDesign Edited articles for grammar, AP style and inverted
Blogging Experience pyramid
Experience in sales Trained all Scroll staff on using a new content
Team management management system through presentations and
Editing one-on-one training
Proficient in Spanish Assistant News Editor
BYU-Idaho Scroll

Assisted the news editor in editing daily and weekly

OTHER EXPERIENCE news articles
Designed pages for print using Adobe InDesign
Missionary for The Church Mentored staff writers by discussing their stories
of Jesus Christ of Latter-day with them one-on-one.
Saints Taught writers newsgathering and writing skills
Taught Hondurans Church Staff Writer
theology in their native language
BYU-Idaho Scroll
of Spanish and provided training
to new missionaries in the field. Generated relevant content regarding BYU-Idaho
Newsdesk content campus news and activities
management system Wrote two stories that were published on the front
page of Scroll
Write and design for Newsdesk Interviewed students, faculty and other relevant
and create training videos for sources for stories
students learning to operate it. Met weekly deadlines consistently