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Jent Affairs & Dean of Student: 9.4499 2% of ROLLINS | >: March 24, 2017 Marshall Polston RO1112724 Dear Marshall, | have determined that it is necessary to summarily suspend you under the Summary Suspension section of The Code of Community Standards, a copy of which is enclosed. In my judgment, your actions have constituted a threat of disruption within the operations of the College and jeopardize the safety and well-being of members of the College community and yourself. During the period of the summary suspension, you are not permitted to attend classes or participate in college activities or privileges. You may appeal this summary suspension to resident for Student Affairs within five business days (no later thg on arch, 31, 2017). In addition tfthe summary suspension, yam mandating that you refrain from any contact Dr. Areeje Zufari until the end of the academic year 2016-201 Ontact Order will be automatically renewed each academic year unt you are no longer enrolled at the College. For purposes of this mandate, contact is defined as, but not limited to, personal interactions, disturbing personal property (i... vehicle, residence hall room), phone calls, notes/letters, e-mail, text messages, social media, or any online contact from both on and off campus. Additionally, you are to refrain from having others contact Sarah Ismail on your behalf or discussing this matter with other students. Failure to comply with this directive will be interpreted as harassment or retaliation and a failure to comply with the request of an authorized college official. This may result in an immediate summary suspension and in disciplinary action. Upon graduation, any attempt to contact this student may result in additional measures of protection by the college or by the other party. Should there be an occasion when you must contact with either party, you must obtain prior permission from this office. If you have further questions or concerns, please contact my office directly.