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FMU Classroom Observation Report

(Use for CORs and ADEPT Observations During Student Teaching)

Teacher Candidate Name: Hayley Pate Lesson Date:

Evaluator Name: Lisa MIdcalf Lesson Time: 1:00 1:30 pm

School Name: Lake City Early Childhood Center Subject: Reading Informational Text
Type of Observation: (Choose One)
Midterm Cycle: COR Midterm ADEPT. Final Cycle: COR

Indicators Evaluator FEEDBACK
Instructional Plans 3 Plan was well thought out and appropriate for
the grade level
Student Work 3 Students were asked to find various text features
Assessment 3 Assessment was measurable to the standard and
Indicators Evaluator FEEDBACK
Standards and 3 Objective is clear with a strong connection to
Objectives standard. Instruction followed standard and
objective well.
Motivating Students 2 Motivation was given throughout lesson. A
suggestion for the start of the lesson: You asked,
Can you tell me what a text feature is? You
allowed only 1 student to answer. Even if the
first student gives the correct answer, always
see if other students have another idea. Allowing
more than 1 student to answer a question allows
for students to pay attention better and also
gives them a sense that you value all answers.
You also want to be sure that all students are
actively engaged in the lesson. While you were
reading parts of the worksheet, several students
were not following along. You want to be aware
of the students who are not with you in the
lesson and get them back on track.
Presenting 3 You used the smartboard very effectively. Also
Instructional Content having the big book as a review at the beginning
of the lesson was good.
Lesson Structure and 3 The pace of the lesson was very effective.
Activities and Materials 3 You had many different activities throughout the
lesson: 1) Review of text features with a big
book; 2) Smartboard finding of text features; 3)
Guided Practice; 3) Independent Practice; 4)
Review of text features at end of lesson. One
thing that I think may have helped the students
as far as materials go is instead of having a
worksheet with the text features on it, it may
have been more effective if they worksheet was
made into a book. The reason I mention this is
that you want the students to practice what they
had been taught. In a real book (such as the big
book that you showed to them) the glossary is at
the end of the book. However, on the worksheet,
all 4 pages were on one side of the paper. I
guess Im thinking that making the material as
authentic to what the students will actually
encounter will help them to remember the
Questioning 3 Questions included Can you tell me what a text
feature is? Can you give me an example of a text
feature? What is this text feature tell us?
Questions were asked for review as papers were
being picked up good use of time.
Academic Feedback 2 Great feedback throughout the lesson. One thing
I would like for you to work on is walking more
around the room when students are working. You
did walk around when the students were working
independently but also walk around during
guided practice to see if the students
understand the task they are to perform. Dont
wait until you check the work together for the
students to see if they are correct. Just doing a
spot check will help you gauge how the
independent work will go.
Grouping Students 3 The lesson included whole class
instruction/practice as well as individual practice
Teacher Content 3 You did a great job with connecting this lesson to
Knowledge previous lesson scaffolding is an excellent
strategy to build on prior knowledge.
Teacher Knowledge of 3 Lesson allowed for visual, auditory, and
Students kinesthetic learning styles (big book,
highlighting, smartboard participation)
Thinking 2 You helped the students think about the
importance of knowing how text features help
them to be better readers. One thing that I
would like you to think about for future lessons
use Show and Tell. What I mean by this is that
you dont want to just tell students information
but also show them. While you were going
through the big book you came to the index at
the back of the book. You told the students that
if they wanted to look up the word bird (I cant
remember the exact word that you showed
them) they could go to page 4. What you need
to do is show them how to go back to page 4
and show them where they can find that word on
the page.
Problem Solving 2 I would like to see more why questions asked
to the students. This will help them to think
more critically but also give them practice on
justifying their thinking. For example, If I
wanted to learn more about _______, why would I
use the index? Why does the glossary help me
with words that I dont know?
Indicators Evaluator FEEDBACK
Expectations 2 In your plan you have the student expectations
written out, but you did not clearly relay these to
the students.
Managing Student 3 You are effectively redirecting the students who
Behavior are off track.
Environment 3 The classroom environment is very inviting and
conducive to learning.
Respectful Culture 3 Students were respectful in listening to their
classmates as well as working together.
Indicators Evaluator FEEDBACK
Growing and 3
Reflecting on Teaching 3
Community 3
School Responsibilities 3
Professional Demeanor 3
and Behavior

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