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02 My Week

Power up A
1 Put the days of the week in order.
Start with an M.

2 Which of these are true for you?

1 Our school day is 8.303.30.

2 Our school days are

MondaySaturday. H

3 There arent any lessons on

Saturday or Sunday.

4 There are fifty students in

my class.

My day 4 2.12 Listen and check. Listen and repeat.

3 Match the pictures on the right (AJ) with these
5 Complete the table about you. Use the sentences
in Exercise 3.

I do my homework. I get dressed. I get up. In the morning In the afternoon In the evening
I go to the shops. I have a shower.
I have breakfast. I meet my friends. I get up.
I play computer games. I talk to my friends.
I watch TV.

Word XP G me on
Look! Work with a partner. Close your books. Say a
have a shower time of day (morning, afternoon, evening). Your
have breakfast/lunch/dinner partner says two things about that time.
have history/science/ geography
A: The morning.
have fun
B: In the morning I get dressed. I have breakfast.
have a party

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02 My week

Reading Check out kung fu school!

1 Look at these numbers from The Shaolin Tagou School in China
the article. What are they is special. Its a kung fu school.
about? Guess. Match them with Sixteen-year-old Tian Tian is a
the phrases (17). You do not student there. Heres what she says
need two of the phrases. about it.

My school
There are about 40,000 students at
my school!

My school day
My day starts at 5.00 in the morning
and ends at 9.30 at night! We have
lessons in the morning and kung fu
training in the afternoon and evening.
1 have breakfast I dont go home after school. I sleep
there. We have lessons six days a week.
2 schools starts Sunday is our free day.
3 school ends
4 number of students in the class My free day and my friends
5 number of students at the school On my free day I talk to my friends, play
games and watch TV. I dont see my parents.
6 how old Tian Tian is They live far away. I only see them three or
7 how old some students are four times a year. Ive got a lot of friends at
school. Were one big family. Some students
are only three years old. My friends and
2 Read the article and check I look after them.
your answers.
Kung fu
I love my school because I do kung fu every
Skil l day. I want to be a kung fu actor. I would
Read. Look at the questions. also like to make kung fu films one day.
Read again and answer
the questions.

3 Read the article again and choose the correct Sum up

answer, A or B.
4 Complete the sentences.
1 Tian Tian has lessons on Saturday, too.
A Right B Wrong 1 Tian Tian is _____________ .
2 Tian Tian has kung fu training in the morning. 2 Her day starts at _____________ .
A Right B Wrong 3 The students have lessons Monday to _____________ .
3 Tian Tian stays at her school every night. 4 On Sunday the students _____________ .
A Right B Wrong
4 Tian Tian sees her parents every week. Speak up
A Right B Wrong
5 Tian Tian watches TV on Sunday. 5 Talk about Tian Tians school. Is your school the
A Right B Wrong same or different? Why?
6 Tian Tian has got a lot of friends at school. My school is different. I go to school at ... There are ...
A Right B Wrong

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Grammar 3 Correct the sentences.
1 Tian Tians school day starts at 8.00.
Gr mm r XP p. 115 It doesnt start at 8.00.
It starts at 5.00.
Present simple 2 Kung fu training finishes in the afternoon.
for regular activities 3 Tian Tian goes home after school.
X I talk to my friends. 4 Tian Tians parents see her every Sunday.
We play games. 5 Tian Tian wants to be a teacher.
Z I/We/You/They dont go home after school.
He/She/It doesnt go home after school. 4 Work with a partner. Say two sentences about
After he/she/it: add -s. Tian Tian. Your partner corrects the sentences.
It starts at 5.00 in the morning. A: Tian Tian has kung fu training in the morning.
Add -es after -o, -ch and -sh. B: She doesnt have kung fu training in the
She goes to school on Saturday, too! morning. She has kung fu training in the afternoon
School finishes at 9.30 at night! and evening.

1 2.34 Listen. Now you say it!

2 Write the sentences again. Use I, you, he, she,
it, we or they.
1 TianTian talks to her friends in her free time.
She talks to her friends in her
free time.
2 TianTian and her friends play games on Sunday.
3 The kung fu school doesnt end at 3.30 on Friday.
4 My friends and I look after the young students.
5 My father is very happy.

Write on
5 Write four sentences about your week. Use
these phrases.

do my homework get up
go to my friends house
go to school play games watch TV

I get up early in the morning.

I dont do my homework every day.

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02 My week

Vocabulary Months
Free time activities 4 Put the months in order.

1 Match the activities with the pictures A and B. April August December February
A B January July June March
1 volleyball A May November October September
football B

5 2.67 Listen and check. Listen and repeat.

A B computer games ___
card games ___ Word XP
Use at + time, on + day and in + month.
I get up at 7.30.
3 A B swimming lessons ___ We have swimming lessons on Monday.
singing lessons ___ Our holiday starts in July.

6 Complete Stefans blog with at, on or in.

4 the drums ___
the guitar ___

My school holidays
A B We have a one-week holiday 1) in
5 a party ___
December and April. On the last day of school
fun ___
classes finish early 2) ____________1.00.
We have three holidays. One is 3)____________ May
and we have another holiday 4) ____________
A B November. 5) ____________ August my parents have
6 to the beach ___
a days holiday 6) ____________ Assumption Day.
to the cinema ___
We go to the beach with all my family and we have
a picnic. My dad plays the guitar. Its my
favourite day!
2 Match these verbs with the activities in Exercise 1.

go have play
G me on
3 2.5 Listen to Stefan. Which activities from
Exercise 1 does he do? When does he do them? Write six activities. Work with a partner. Say an
Complete his diary. activity. Your partner says play, have or go.
A: Card games.
B: Play card games.
Monday play computer games
Wednesday Speak up
Thursday 7 When are your school holidays? What do you do
Friday in your holidays? Tell the class.
Saturday My school holidays are in


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Listening 4 2.9 Listen again and complete Tanias notes.
Power up
1 Whats your favourite subject? Put the subjects
in order for you (1 = your favourite subject).
Interviewwith Angelo
1 time canoe comes: half past ___________
in the morning
2 number of children
art English geography on canoe: ___________
3 name of Angelos brother: ___________
4 journey time: ___________ minutes
5 Angelos favourite subject: ___________

history maths science

2 How long is your journey to school? Exam
A 015 minutes? You can write numbers in letters or numbers.
B 1530 minutes? thirty 30 seventeen 17
C 3045 minutes?

Listen up Gr mm r XP p. 115

Present simple
3 2.8 Listen to Tanias interview with Angelo.
Use do/does for questions and short answers.
Which of these questions do you hear?
do + I/we/you/they
1 Do you walk to school? Do you walk to school?
2 What time do you go to school? Yes, I do./No, I dont.
3 Does your brother go with you?
does + he/she/it
4 Do you meet your friends on the journey?
Does your brother go with you?
5 Do you and your friends like school?
Yes, he does./No, he doesnt.

5 2.1011 Listen. Now you say it!

6 Put the words in the correct order to make more
interview questions.
1 do / have breakfast / you / before school?
Do you have breakfast before school?
2 with your friends? / walk to school / do / you
3 your teacher / does / to school with you? / go
4 do / do / you / when / your homework?
5 school? / like / you / do
7 Answer the questions in Exercise 6 about you.

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02 My week

Speaking 4 Work with a partner. Practise the questions

and answers. Take it in turns to be Jenna.
Power up
Interviewer: Do you have English lessons on
1 What time do you do
Monday or Tuesday?
these things?
Jenna: No, I dont.
Interviewer: Do you have maths on Monday?
Jenna: Yes, I do. I have maths on Monday
and Tuesday.
Interviewer: What time does your maths lesson
Jenna: It starts at eight oclock.
Interviewer: Do you have art in the morning or
I do my homework at about eight fifteen. in the afternoon?
Jenna: I have art in the morning.
L nguage XP
5 Make four more questions for Jenna. Ask and
Time check answer with your partner.
2.00 = two oclock 2.30 = two thirty/half past two 1 what time / have / lunch?
2.15 = two fifteen 2.45 = two forty-five 2 you / like / geography?
3 what time / your music lesson / end?
A: What time do you have maths?
4 you / have / history / on Tuesday?
B: I have maths at

Speak up
In a speaking exam, you answer questions about
2 Work with a partner. Ask and answer about your you and your life. Think about your answers.
day. Tell the class.
Carlos does his homework at about eight fifteen. 6 Work with a partner. Ask and answer about
your timetables.
3 Work with a partner. Look at Jennas timetable Do you like ? What time ? Do you have ?
and complete her sentences.
7 Work with a partner. Student A, look at page
113. Student B, look at page 119. Follow
Monday Tuesday the instructions.
8.00 maths music
9.00 art sport
10.00 break break
10.15 science maths
11.15 history geography
12.15 lunch lunch
1.00 geography science
2.00 go home go home

1 My school starts at eight oclock.

We have a break at in the
2 I have maths on and
3 I dont have art on
4 My history lesson starts at
5 My history lesson ends at


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Writing 3 Read the article again and find examples of
these things.
Power up 1 a time seven oclock
1 Whats your favourite day? Why? 2 an age
3 a number (not a time or an age)
2 Read text A in the article and find two new 4 a day
time phrases with on and at. Read text B and 5 a country
complete it with the time phrases.

Mels parents have got a llama
farm in Britain. On school days
Mel gets up at seven oclock,
but at the weekend she gets
up at six oclock. There are
thirty llamas on the farm and
Mel helps at the weekend.
She goes for a walk with the
llamas on Saturday. Its her
favourite day!

Joseph Evans is eighteen
hool day
and he has an unusual sc
s bus dr iver!
because hes the school
r, too. Joseph
Josephs dad is a bus dr ive
________ .
gets up at half past six 1)
he dr ives to
Then, at half past seven,
takes fifteen
his school in Wales and he
Joseph doesnt
other students with him.
, of course.
dr ive the bus 2) ________
ay he can
His favourite day is Mond
dr ive the bus again!

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Switch on
My week

Plan on
Kung Fu School
4 Match the quiz questions (15) with the answers.
You do not need three of the answers.

School quiz
1 How many students are there in the school? 995
2 This subject starts with m. What is it?
3 What time do the students have lunch?
4 What time do lessons start in the morning?
5 Do the students play football?

maths 9.15 Monday science
12.30 230 995 Yes, they do.

5 Look at the quiz. Find examples of these things.

1 a number 3 a subject 1 Guess. Watch the video and check.
2 a time 4 a day
1 At the Shaolin Tagou school, where are the
students from?
L nguage XP A from all around the world
B from China
You can ask: 2 In the morning the students have three lessons.
Do the students play football? Which?
What time do lessons start? English geography history
maths science

Write on 2 Answer the questions.

1 Has Tian Tian got free time in her week?
6 Make a quiz! Write five questions about your
2 Does Tian Tian leave the school on Sundays?
school or Tian Tians school. Write five correct
3 Does Tian Tian like reading books?
answers and three wrong answers.
4 Who is Tian Tians favourite actor?
Questions A Bruce Lee B Jackie Chan
What time do lessons end? 3 Do you like the Shaolin Tagou school?
Do the students have English lessons? Why/Why not?
Yes, they do. On Friday. At 3.30.
Skil l 4 Write a video script about your school and your
school week. Film or take photos of your school
Use capital letters (A , B, C, D, E, etc.) for days
and classroom.
and months.
Use a question mark (?) at the end of a question. This is my school/classroom/desk/best
Use a full stop (.) at the end of a sentence. friend ...
School starts at ... and finishes at ...
7 Give your quiz to a partner. Can he/she match In the morning/afternoon we ...
your questions and answers? On Monday/Tuesday/etc. I/we ...


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1 Choose the correct answer, A, B or C. 5 Match the words in the first box with the words
and phrases in the second box.
1 In my bedroom the clock is on the wall.
A between B above C on
2 Theres a cushion ____________ the bed. have (x3) go (x2) play (x3)
A on B in C between
3 My electric guitar is ____________ to the chair.
A in front B next C on basketball computer games dinner
4 Ive got a noticeboard on the wall ____________ a shower swimming lessons the guitar
my desk. to the beach to the cinema
A above B on C under
5 Theres a bin ____________ the chair and the desk.
A between B in C next play basketball
6 The poster isnt behind the door; its on the wall
____________ the door.
A under B in C near
6 Complete the blog with one word for each space.

2 Choose the odd word out.

1 football cinema drums guitar
2 kitchen bathroom garden bedroom
3 shelves bed computer garage
4 upstairs lift poster balcony
5 window door wall cupboard
6 geography desk maths science
7 May April Tuesday March chool days are the
8 breakfast lunch party dinner
same every day.
I get 1) up
3 Write a room or a part of the house from early at 7.00. I 2) ____________
Exercise 2 for each sentence.
a shower, 3) ____________ dressed and
1 Theres a shower and bath in this room. then I have breakfast. I 4) ____________
a bathroom to school at 8.00. I like school. Ive got a lot
2 Theres a chair and a bed in this room.
of friends and we have fun. Aer school I
3 Theres food in this room.
4 This is a place for a car. go home. I 5) ____________ my homework
5 This is outside a house, but it isnt a garden. and then I 6) ____________ dinner with
my family. Aer dinner I read a book,
7) ____________ TV or 8) ____________
4 Read the clues and complete the words. computer games. I talk 9) ____________
1 You have these with a teacher. lessons my friends on the phone and then I go
2 a school subject h 10) ____________ bed.
3 a place next to the sea b
4 the day after Tuesday W
Tell me about your day!
5 not December N
6 You read this. b


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7 Put the words in the correct order. 10 Read the blog. Choose the best answer, A, B
or C for each space.
1 are / four / people / in / There / my family.
There are four people in my family.
2 I / a brother. / got / havent
3 a blue / got / Its / door.
4 watch / my room. / in / I / TV
5 there / Is / a desk in / your room?
6 Spain. / best friend / in / lives / My
7 you / got / a big house? / Have
8 you / Do / to / go / school / on / Saturday?

8 Choose the correct words.

1 This is a letter from/of my best friend.
2 Hello. This/ This is John.
3 Heres a photo of/about my dog.
4 I like this book of/about kung fu.
5 We go/goes to a big school. I live in a big house. There 1) _________
6 My friend play/plays the drums. a lot of rooms. The kitchen 2) _________
7 Do/Does you walk to school? downstairs, of course. Theres a living
8 There isnt/arent any books in your room. room downstairs, too. The bedrooms are
My bedroom is next to the bathroom.
9 Choose the correct answer, A, B or C.
Ive 3) _________ a lot of things in my
1 Are there any stairs in your house? bedroom. There 4) _________ some cool
A Yes, it is. posters on the walls and a computer
B Yes, there are. on my desk. I 5) _________ got a TV in
C Yes, there is. my room I 6) _________ watch TV.
2 Do you go to a big school? 7) _________ play my guitar and I read
A Yes, I do. books. I love my room. 8) _________ you
B Yes, there is. like your room?
C Yes, I does.
3 Have you got a brother?
A No, he hasnt.
B No, I havent.
1 A is B are C isnt
C No, I dont.
2 A is B are C isnt
4 Do you have maths on Monday?
3 A got B have got C havent got
A No, Im not.
4 A is B are C arent
B No, I havent.
5 A dont B havent C hasnt
C No, I dont.
6 A do B dont C doesnt
5 Is your house on Smith Street?
7 A I B You C They
A Yes, it is.
8 A Do B Are C Does
B Yes, it does.
C Yes, there is.
6 Do your lessons start early?
A Yes, it does.
B Yes, they are.
C Yes, they do.


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