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Dunn Loring Woods Civic Association (DLWCA) March 2017

Consider Joining the W&OD Access Trail
DLWCA Board Cleanup
The DLWCA Board is comprised of a president, two vice
presidents, a treasurer, secretary, and three directors , Last fall a number of volunteers, including DLW and
all of which are positions elected by the DLWCA SWM residents and others worked to clean up the
membership at the May meeting. The three director W&OD access trail area located at the top of Jackson
positions are elected on a staggered basis with one Parkway in SWM. This was carried out through the
being elected each year. Board members work closely Fairfax Volunteer in Neighborhoods (VIN)
with committees and volunteers dedicated to program. This was a successful project, however, it is
Neighborhood Watch, Membership, Island Care, an ongoing task to keep the trail area
Hospitality, The Lantern and its delivery, and the maintained. Another clean-up is scheduled for Sat.,
DLWCA Website and social media communication. April 22 (Earth Day) from 9AM to 2PM – Rain date is
Sunday April 23. The task involves removing invasive
The DLW community consists of 551 homes, most of plants and brush piles and cutting back new
which are owner occupied but others occupied by rental growth. This is a great project for families, Scouts
residents. DLWCA membership is open to rental working on merit badges, students looking for
residents as well as owner residents. Whether, rental or volunteer hours to help meet community service
owner residents, DLW is their home for as long as they requirements and neighbors meeting and visiting with
live here and all are encouraged to join and participate neighbors while helping to beautify the trail area. You
in the DLWCA and help enhance the DLW community. just need to fill out two simple forms for the VIN
program and be ready to get a little dirty. For
The DLWCA Board meets monthly, September through information and to sign up contact Lynn Glendinning at
June at Stenwood School usually the first Tuesday 703-204-9203 or
beginning at 7:30PM and ending no later than
9PM. There are two membership meetings in
September and May, also at Stenwood from 7:30PM
until 9PM.

New ideas and faces are most important in maintaining
the strength of any organization, including the DLWCA
Board. Participating as a board member or on a
committee takes little time and effort and is a valuable
way to maintain and enhance the DLW community, as

May Membership Meeting
well being most gratifying. It’s also a great way to meet
and become acquainted with fellow DLW residents.

Please consider running for a DLWCA Board position or Remember that Tuesday, May 16 is the next DLWCA
volunteering for a committee position that you feel may membership meeting which starts at 7:30PM in the
appeal to your interests and skills. Feel free to contact Stenwood School cafeteria. This meeting includes
any present board or committee member with questions DLWCA board elections (see article), award of the
you may have and for information on any of the board or annual DLWCA scholarship (see article) and a
committee positions. featured speaker on a subject of community
interest. In addition, there will be three door prizes
given out and great refreshments provided.

The Lantern 1
Annual Yard Sale Stenwood 5K & 1-Mile Run
The annual yard sale is planned for Saturday, May 21
(rain date Sunday, May 22) from 8AM-2PM. This year
the DLW and SWM are combining for a joint
community yard sale so this will be a really big one and
should draw lots of treasure and bargain
seekers. Announcements will be placed in local
newspapers and on social media and signs will be
placed at entrances to both communities. More
information will be coming, so stay tuned to

2016 DLW Holiday
Decoration Winners
Convention in Reno, NV in August 2016.
Join the Stenwood community for a morning of fun,
2016 washas
another great yearoffor holidayanddecorations exercise and lots of school spirit on Sunday, April 30th.
The VFC a long history advising assisting in
DLW. We will have warm-ups, music to keep us hopping,
federalThere were aand
employees number of residences
retirees. It was founded with April 9,
beautiful professional race timing, giveaways, and an award
1955, by and
NARFEunique decorations.
members residingWinners
in the of the
annual ceremony after the race.
Commonwealth of Virginia. Currently, therewere
DLWCA holiday decoration awards hard
are more
to pick but the results came in as follows: Register before April 19th to receive a shirt!
than 13,000 NARFE members within the 55 Chapters Registrations received after that date will not receive
which form the VFC. In addition, there are
1st Place - 8603
approximately Cottage
3,000 Streetof the National E-
All children registrants MUST also have an adult
NARFE Chapter residing in Virginia. These members
registrant accompanying them. If your child plans to run
2nd Placecurrent and
- 2635 retired Court
Wooster federal employees,
with a friend's family, please send written notification
spouses, and survivor annuitants. Chapter 1116 meets
3rdAmerican Legion
Place - 2627 Post 180
Bowling Green in Vienna
Drive on the Second
Tuesday of the month. For info on NARFE, go to
Packet Pick-Up:
Thanks to all who took the time and effort to Friday, April 28, 6:00-8:00 pm in the kiss & ride circle of
decorate. It makes DLW a joy to drive around at night Stenwood
to see is a former
the variouseditor
displaysof the
exhibitsShe also
a true served
feeling Race day pick up will start at 7:15 am at Stenwood
on the DLWCA Board of Directors
community and the holiday season. for over 10 years
and was the first Chair of the DLWCA Scholarship More Details:
Committee. • Wheelchairs and strollers welcome--children in
Save the Date! strollers do not need to pay a registration fee
• Water stations are planned at Stenwood and 5K turn-
Convention in Reno, NV in August 2016.
around point
Here is a list of upcoming dates/events to remember • Bathrooms will be available at Stenwood
in our has a long history of advising and assisting
community: • Limited parking will be available at Stenwood and
federal employees and retirees. It was founded April 9, along neighborhood streets (please carpool or walk if
1955, by NARFE members residing in the you can)
Commonwealth of Virginia. Currently, there are more • No dogs, please.
than 13,000 NARFE members within the 55 Chapters
which form the VFC. In addition, there are VOLUNTEERS - We need you! Many volunteers are
approximately 3,000 members of the National E- needed to make this event a success—
Saturday, April 1st – Girl Scout Clothing & Junk Drive
NARFE Chapter residing in Virginia. These members contact Deanna Heier ( to
(Stenwood Elementary)
include current and retired federal employees, volunteer.
spouses, and 22nd – W&OD
Aprilsurvivor Trail Chapter
annuitants. Cleanup1116 meets This is also a great service hours opportunity for older
Friday, April Legion
at American 28 – Deadline
Post 180for
in Scholarship Entry
Vienna on the Second kids/neighbors and Stenwood alumni.
TuesdayApril th
of the30month. For info 5k
Sunday, – Stanwood Fun Rungo to
Tuesday, May 16th – May Membership Meeting More information can be found @
Saturday, May 21st – Annual Neighborhood Yard Sale under Announcements.
Kathy is a former editor of the Lantern. She also served
on the DLWCA Board of Directors for over 10 years Convention in Reno, NV in August 2016.
and was the first Chair of the DLWCA Scholarship The Lantern 2
Convention in Reno, NV in August 2016. The VFC has a long history of advising and assisting
federal employees and retirees. It was founded April 9,

Eligibility and Application Procedures

Children and grandchildren currently living with a Dunn Loring Woods resident are encouraged to apply for this
scholarship. Applicant must be a high school senior planning to attend college full-time by Fall/Winter 2017. The
scholarship’s value is $1000.

All applications must be postmarked by April 28, 2017.

All applicants must provide the following:
 Written recommendation/character reference from a teacher or counselor. Recommendation on school
letterhead must be submitted with application package.
 Copies of entrance examination scores as applicable. List of awards and/or community service activities on
a separate page. Provide enough information so that the selection committee will know what you did, but do
not exceed one page.
 All applicants will need to provide one stamped, self-addressed business-sized envelope which will be used
to acknowledge receipt of your completed application.
 One wallet-sized picture of applicant.

Incomplete applications will not be acknowledged.

All applicants must submit a typed, double-spaced essay on this topic: "Describe one or more service projects
you participated in during high school, how you got involved and what you learned from this involvement."

Essay must not exceed two pages.

The top five candidates may be invited for an interview.

We hope to announce the winner’s name at the Annual Membership meeting on Tuesday, May 16, 2017. Winners’
names and pictures will be featured in the next Lantern.

Please mail all materials in one package, unfolded, in a #10 business size envelope, postmarked by April 28, 2017
to Dunn Loring Woods Civic Association, Attention Scholarship Committee, P.O. Box 238, Dunn Loring, VA 22027.

The Dunn Loring Woods Scholarship Program is administered by the Dunn Loring Woods Civic Association.

The formal application can be found on our website:

The Lantern 3
Volunteer Help Needed Girl Scout Clothing & Junk
To run a Civic Association of 551 homes we are always Drive Through April 1
in need of volunteers.
Stenwood Elementary Girl Scout troop 5986 wants to
Please consider calling some of the folks listed to see help you with your spring cleaning this year!
where you can help us out.
We are collecting used clothes and other items as a
July 4th Flag Coordinator to shadow Iman Butler this community service project to give to others in need.
year and become his replacement 2018. He can be
reached at 703-698-0708. If you've got anything you want to get rid of, please
email or text 703-220-5369 and
Neighborhood Watch Coordinator please call Ken we'll pick it up!
Quincy at 703-573-7919 and also we do need Drivers
for November, Syracuse Circle does it for the Month of Or bring it to Stenwood Elementary School parking lot
October. Call Ken Quincy or email him at on Saturday, April 1 from 9-10:30 am. to volunteer for doing the
Watch some time in November. Requested items include, but are not limited to:
clothing, shoes, bedding/towels, accessories,
Substitute Lantern Delivery Volunteer we are always CDs/DVDs, books, and sporting goods.
in need of a couple of volunteers to help deliver the
Lantern Thanks for your donations!
Lantern Distribution Coordinator - DLWCA is in dire
need of someone to take on the Volunteer Job of the
Coordinator of the Volunteers who deliver the DLWCA
Lantern Newsletter. It requires about 3 Hours total 8 –
10 times a year. Dunn Loring Woods Civic
The job entails the following, Association Board
1. Pick up from the Printer the pre-folded newsletter President – Ken Quincy
2. Count the number of Newsletters needed and 1st Vice President – Melvin Rose
package them for the different routes. 2nd Vice President – Frank Piazza
3. Deliver the Newsletters to the Volunteers homes. Treasurer – Steve Bergeron
4. Touch base with your Volunteers from time to time Recording Secretary – Rae Schoffstall
Corresponding Secretary – Wayne Comer
Hope this sounds like a job you would like to volunteer
for the association Director (3 year) – Iman Butler
Director (2 year) – Eleanor McCann
If interested in either of the Lantern positions, please Director (1 year) – Bill Moffett
Call Pat Stout , 703-573-9293 for more information or Neighborhood Watch – vacant
email Membership – Pat Stout
Island Care Committee – Neal McKinney
Hospitality – JoAnn Donnelly

Editor, The Lantern – Kate Anthony
Lantern Distribution Coordinator –

Technology Team – Stephen Bates &
Sarah Rasnake

Email us!

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