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Name: Connie Tapia

Age: 67
Previous political experience: .
-- campaigned twice when I previously ran for Library Board;
-- worked on the campaign for the Librarys referendum to establish it as a separate district;
--worked to pass the Library referendum for the new library building;
-- worked on two of Karen Yarbroughs campaigns
Previous community experience:
-- previous member of NoMCO
-- previous member of MCFAC (community organization, now defunct)
Occupation: retired
Education: BA Spanish from Rosary College (Dominican Univ) and post-grad work in
What is your understanding of the role and functions of the position of library board
As a library trustee, we enact and enforce library policies and follow all state laws that relate to
libraries. We are also responsible for fiduciary welfare of the library.
What is your understanding of the librarys current financial status?
The library is recovering and moving toward financial stability. The remaining debt was retired
in March, 2016 with the Seaway Bank. The multitude of foreclosures in Maywood and the sharp
decline in the EAV of Maywood properties have resulted in an ever decreasing income for the
Are you satisfied, dissatisfied or unfamiliar with the current library executive director?
Please explain.
Stan Huntington has been a good steward for our library. During his tenure the library mortgage
has been paid off, all debt has been retired, has enacted many stringent and frugal measures to
secure the well- being of our library for our community. Over the years, the library director also
wrote and secured many grants for the library.
What is your opinion about the nature of libraries in the 21st Century, particularly in light
of evolving and potentially disruptive technologies, such as iPads, Amazon, e-readers and
the entire internet itself?
Evolving technologies are todays realities. This is our current life.
Libraries must change with the times and embrace all the available and emerging technologies if
they are to serve the community. The library has evolved over the years, and this is reflected in
the various computer courses that are offered at the library. A menu of courses is offered and the
patron avails himself of what he most needs.
What is the most important role of the library in the world today?
The library will continue to be an information center, making information available by the latest
and most efficient means.
What is your understanding of the librarys temporarily closing in 2013? What factors do
you believe led to the temporary closure? Whats your opinion of how library officials
responded to the closure? How would you help to avoid another closure? The
librarys closure was due to a dearth of foreclosures, falling EAV and a loss of population which
resulted in a drastic loss in revenue for the library. The library officials closed to re-assess what
could be done to salvage this important community institution. This resulted in running the
library with great frugality, i.e. a skeletal staff and shortened hours of operation. At this point,
economic recovery of the community would secure the library with a much healthier outlook.
Why are you best suited for this position?
I have a passion for libraries and an avid library user. I am a long time resident of our
community and know it well due to years of involvement. The library staff has toiled long and
hard for decades, and they are dedicated as they come. I fully appreciate all the sacrifices that
they have made. This is the kind of commitment needed to see our library move forward. I am
part of this work and commitment.