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Avenido, Jan Marlo Z.

Housing 4AR4 Class of 2018

Assignment 1

TECHNOLOGY: M2 Panels Systems

Contact Person: Anna Kristina Cura
0811 The Infinity Tower, 26th St., BGC Taguig City
Contact No. T: 556-0200
Validity: June 23, 2016 to June 23, 2019

Polystyrene Panels Sandwiched by 2.75mm G.I wire mesh and 3mm cross-
connecting wires. Used for internal and external wall partitions with load bearing
properties and others such as acoustic and heat insulation, fire retardant, seismic
resistant and rust free metals.

Advantages of Polystyrene Panels

High load bearing capacity at low weight
Effective and durable thermal insulation
Absolute water and vapour barrier
Air-tightness for controlled environments
Long life, low maintenance
Lightweight, fast and economic construction
Hygienic food grade finish
Most cost effective insulation material available
Australian manufacture permits shorter lead times and prompt delivery

COUNTRIES APPLIED: Nicaragua, Philippines, Australia, Kenya

COST: Php 1,042.84 per square meter

TECHNOLOGY: Yoonni Septic Tank
Contact Person: Mr. Soon Baek Seo, President; Ms. Susana Lopez, Manager
Esguerra St. Longos, Pulilan, Bulacan
T: (044) 795-0807 / M: 0922-8325596 / 0917-8520535
Validity: January 8, 2014 to January 8, 2019

Yoonni Septic tank is a recycled three chamber purifying septic tank made from
LDPE plastic. It is composed of a tank body having an associated cover mounted on
the top position The cover has a vertically disposed vent while the tank has an inlet
and outlet post. The septic tank has a reinforcement consisting of lateral and
longitudinal plastic ribs making it durable and easy to install. The three major
sections of Yoonni Septic Tank are: 1) The aerobic chamber, where setting and
decomposing occurs; 2) the filtered strainer, where setting and decomposing also
occurs and suspended solids are filtered and the 3) the aerobic chamber, where
aerobic micro-organisms attached to plastic microbial support continue the removal
of BOD up to 65%.

COUNTRIES APPLIED: Korea, Philippines

COST: Php 3,700.00 for 1,200-Liters capacity

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