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Directions: Print this worksheet to make it easier for you to

follow along and answer the questions. You will answer the
following questions by clicking on the link that is provided for
that specific question. The question is answered directly on
that link so you shouldnt have any trouble completing this but
if you do, feel free to contact me. Have fun!

Nutrition and
1. What is nutrition?

2. Why is nutrition important? List the reason why below:

3. Compare and contrast the benefits of having a good nutrition

versus the risks of a having a bad nutrition.

4. Why is it important to eat vegetable? Think of some ideas on your

own of why they are important and then follow the link to compare
your answers to those that you have listed. List both your reasons
and the reasons given on the website.

5. What do you think the recommended amount of daily fruit

intake for your age is? Make a estimation before you look up
the recommended intake. Then list the health benefits of

6. Can a salad made up of only vegetables be considered a

meal? Why or why not?

7. What was the name of the book that established guidance

based on food groups and household measures? What year
was it established?
10. What are five reasons why you should exercise?

11. What are some exercises that you do on a daily basis? Are you
involved in some of the activities that are listed?

12. How much exercise should someone your age do throughout the

13. What are some things you can do to increase your level of
physical activity?

14. Being overweight and obese is increasing in children, what are

some ways you can prevent this from happening?