You Can Be A Health Coach Entreprenuer By Hilton Johnson Chapter 1

Health Coaching And You
Life is a field of unlimited possibilities.
- Deepak Chopra

This is a book about you. This is a book about Professional Health Coaching. This is a book about you becoming a Health Coach Entrepreneur. Why would you want to become a Health Coach? The answer may be any of many things. You may want to become a Health Coach because you have a genuine desire to help other people. You may want to feel that you have contributed to the good of mankind as you pass through life. You may want to be recognized as a professional and hold your head high among your peers and those you care about. You may yearn to build a business of your own that will generate income and security. You may want to make more money – a lot more money! If you fit any of these wants, you have come to the right place. This book will guide you along the absolute proven path to success as an insider in one of the fastest-growing industries in the nation today. You will learn how to become a Health Coach and open the secret door to become an entrepreneur. In order to become a Health Coach Entrepreneur, you need to first satisfy yourself with the answers to these key questions: Where are the answers – the secrets – to exactly how to become a Health Coach Entrepreneur in the shortest possible time? Are you willing to work – to devote yourself to learning and to follow through with what you start? How can you convert yourself mentally into a person who knows what to do and does it with persistent consistency?
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Are you willing to think like an entrepreneur? You may rejoice! The answers to these questions are about to unfold before your eyes. First of all, if you read this book and follow the instructions carefully, you can become a Health Coach Entrepreneur. You will find the tools and specific instructions to join the chosen special professionals who go to bed each night knowing they are helping people regain, rebuild, and retain their good health. You will find ways to make life for your clients and for yourself more uplifting, more satisfying, more secure, and more genuine. You will discover how to reset your mind to become a well-paid professional, instead of an average worker, an employee, or a poorly-paid technician. You will find out how to become a Health Coach Entrepreneur and make a lot of money doing something you truly enjoy. It’s the dream of many, and it can be yours if you really want it enough to study, and to work and make it happen. By following the instructions in this book, you will discover the way to do this with minimal effort – using special coaching skills and the magic of the Internet to ease your management duties and leverage your time. You don’t want to wo rk harder and make less money as you go through life. You don’t want to spend more and more time and find yourself working, eating and sleeping, then working, eating and sleeping, over and over again each day, with less time or no time for fun, recreation, travel, or time with your family. You want to work less and do more. You want to enjoy the riches you were meant to have. The riches include a deep soul satisfaction as well as swelling bank accounts. If you wind up only achieving a big bank balance, you could find yourself asking the big question all over again after a few years – why? Being a Health Coach satisfies the longing we all have to be somebody that others respect. Helping others attain and maintain good health is one of the most satisfying things that a human being can do. Just ask anyone who has discovered this truth. After all, when you face yourself in the mirror, or when you stare up at the ceiling after the others have gone to sleep and you review your life, or
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when you drive down the road in solitude, or stand in the shower and experience a sequence of self-analysis thoughts, as we all do — you really want to feel proud of yourself, don’t you? Well, you can indeed feel very proud of yourself if you have helped others attain a better life by coaching them through the rigors of staying healthy. Anyone who has studied the facts and statistics knows that the healthy people are usually happy people. What’s more you can feel especially proud that you have not only helped other people, but helped yourself to a healthy bank account and an improved lifestyle. The statistics also show that most people (anywhere from a third to half of them) do not follow the instructions and advice of their doctor or traditional healthcare professional whe n it comes to taking medicine, doing exercise, eating properly, reducing stress and maintaining weight control. That’s where Health Coaching (as opposed to many traditional “wellness programs”) comes into play. The Professional Health Coach doesn’t just lecture clients and then hand them a printed sheet and tell them to do what it says. He/she prods, instructs, encourages, helps, motivates and praises the individual client, who decides himself/herself what his/her health goals are. It’s tough to do it alone. We all need help, encouragement, expert coaching! Coaching Really Works Most super-successful sports stars have a coach. Just about all the stars in Hollywood have personal coaches. In the past, those celebrities and many business tycoons had personal health coaches. Now everyone, in all stations of life, can afford a personal health coach – if they are willing to budget for it. You come into the picture as a Professional Health Coach when the client decides to take control of his/her physical body and get healthy, stay healthy, and practice good health habits. Practically every person realizes that to accomplish this, they need a coach – someone they can talk to and trust, to help them get started and keep up the regimen. You can be that Health Coach. You can help people shape up, mentally and physically, to become the persons they want to be – and you can make money doing so.

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If you are currently in a health-related profession (nurse, technician, chiropractor, dietician, doctor, massage therapist, fitness trainer), you can add Health Coaching to your business or practice and elevate your status and earning power as a Health Coach Entrepreneur. If you are already a health coach but not making anywhere near the money you desire, and you follow the guidelines and detaile d instructions in this book, you can become an entrepreneur and make a lot of money as you help your clients achieve better lives. If you are in direct sales and market health products, you can augment your income substantially by becoming a Health Coach Entrepreneur. If you are not connected presently in any way with the health and fitness industry, you can utilize your natural talents, abilities and previous knowledge and learn how to become a Health Coach Entrepreneur. It’s up to you. If you are satisfied with your present lifestyle, work and income, don’t bother to read any further. But if you want to improve your lifestyle dramatically and look forward to your work every morning as you wake up, as you watch your wealth grow steadily, then take heed of the advice and instructions laid out for you here in this book, which is the product of successful experience.

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Chapter 2

What Is Health Coaching All About?

Buddha said: Gandhi said:

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought.” “A man is but the product of his thoughts - what he thinks, he


We have in this country the absolutely best diagnostic equipment and the best-trained doctors, nurses and technicians in the world. Yet heart attacks are killing millions before their time. Diabetes is making life miserable for millions and killing many thousands yearly. Obesity has reared its ugly head as one of the leading causes of illness among adults and children. The U. S. Center for Disease Control reports that more than 66% of adult Americans are overweight. Debilitating illness is robbing millions of hard-working people of the most important asset they have – their health. Why is this happening? People are not taking care of themselves. People put in time every day feeling tired, unhappy with drudgery and boredom, when they could be enjoying a happy life, feeling spry and enthusiastic. In short, most of the people in America are not as healthy as they could and should be because they neglect the fundamentals of staying healthy. Countless documented studies prove that most serious illnesses are preventable with lifestyle changes. However, a surprising number of people ignore the professional advice they are given. Between a third and half of patients routinely ignore medical advice, whether it’s a simple prescription for medicine or morechallenging lifestyle changes. When you consider the complications, diseases, disabilities, time spent in hospitals, and deaths that are attributed to ignoring common sense, healthy

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principles and medical specialists, the cost is staggering – the dollar cost and the psychological costs as well. So What Is The Solution? The solution pure and simple is this: Help people not to get sick in the first place! People mean well. Down deep, everyone really wants to be healthy. They buy exercise and fitness equipment. They join health clubs. They make New Year’s resolutions. They mean well, but they get off track easily and quickly – because they don’t have a good system for staying on track. Health Coaching helps people get on track to a better lifestyle and stay there. Health Coaching makes a better lifestyle possible by making the individual accountable. Yes, that’s one of the fundamental secrets of why Health Coaching works. Health Coaching is really a form of life coaching. It is specifically related to improving the overall physical well-being of each individual client. Aimed at improving the quality of each client’s diet and fitness lifestyle, Health Coaching has been proven to be 91% successful in reaching goals. It is a process whose time has come. A Burgeoning Fast Growth Opportunity The health industry in the United States is a multi- trillion-dollar industry. It encompasses one-sixth of the total economy. It is the most profitable and the fastest-growing industry that exists today. Health Coaching, a niche market within the overall health industry, represents one of the most outstanding opportunities available to make a better life for yourself and for others. Health Coaching addresses the “thinking and feeling” component of wellness. Trained to listen and support, rather than simply dole out advice, Professional Health Coaches are attracting more attention than ever — from individual patients and from the healthcare industry itself, desperate for solutions. The market for potential clients is not limited to millions of individuals. A growing number of employers, healthcare institutions and consumer groups are discovering that coaches can make a decided difference in
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ways traditional practitioners cannot, especially in the areas of prevention and education. According to a study by Public Personnel Management : “When training is combined with coaching, individuals increased their productivity by an average of 88% as compared to 22% with training alone.” As a result more and more groups are setting up Health Coaching programs within their organizations, and you can profit from this trend. Various studies have concluded that every dollar spent by employers to promote healthy lifestyles saves about three dollars in employee healthcare costs. This means that you can offer a company, or a clinic, or an organized group your special skills and know-how – just once – and suddenly you have dozens or perhaps hundreds of clients. It’s called the power of leverage. Secret Number One About Professional Health Coaching: Empowered Clients Come Up With The Answers Themselves Every coaching client will feel empowered because the Professional Health Coach educates them on how to make a change — for example, how to quit smoking or start exercising more, eat fewer snacks, control their weight, or eat healthier foods. What’s more, the coach will guide them to continue their modified everyday lifestyle of health. In trying to change a person’s lifestyle, psychological research confirms that if you can structure your goals so that they are very specific and timebound, and if you include a reward and a support mechanism, you have a much greater chance of success. The trick is for the Health Coach to structure advice and instructions so that what the clients do makes them feel good. This means that the coaching procedure is a two-way interactive process – the client is not told what to do but actually decides what to do based on self instinct and common sense. The good coach takes the time to understand subtleties about the client’s character. He/she is constantly questioning, probing and challenging, to help the client think through daily lifestyle decisions in a more intense and comprehensive way than they’ve done before.
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The skillful coach finds out what will make life more satisfying for each individual client. The Health Coach who understands spiritual principles and self-development techniques is the most effective in helping clients adopt healthful habits. The successful Health Coach knows that one of the cornerstones of the coaching profession is a simple truism: Most people know what to do and want to do it, but they don’t believe they can. They need support. Most people are looking for someone to help whip them into shape. The coach’s challenge is for the client to leave each session saying, “I’m good. I can do this.” The ongoing relationship between coach and client — and the trust and accountability it inspires — defines the fundamental difference between a Health Coach and other healthcare professionals. It Pays Off! Certified Health Coaches earn over $191 per hour these days working by telephone and over the Internet. Do the math and you will see that working only 20 hours per week without leaving home can bring in more than $12,000 per month – that’s over $144,000 per year! Do you work more than 20 hours per week now? Do you earn that much? With more bookings, and increased experience and skills, you can earn even more – a lot more. In fact, there is no ceiling to the amount of money you can make as a Health Coach Entrepreneur. We will probe more deeply into how you can do this in later chapters.

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Chapter 3

A Golden Opportunity
There comes a special moment in everyone’s life, a moment for which that person was born. That special opportunity, when he seizes it, will fulfill his mission – a mission for which he is uniquely qualified. In that moment, he finds greatness. It is his finest hour.
- Winston Churchill

Sometimes when things go wrong, a golden opportunity is created. That’s what is happening right now. The healthcare industry in the U.S. has gone awry. Ask any doctor, professor, or business leader and they will verify there is a health crisis in America and around the world. Whenever there is a crisis, however, there are millions, and even billions to be made. A famous billionaire once mentioned that if you want to be successful, look within your industry or field of expertise and find a need that is not being met, figure how to meet that need, and you will become a billionaire. This widely recognized healthcare crisis that prevails today opens up a marvelous opportunity for millions of people. What’s wrong, and why is this an opportunity for you? The answer is “There Is A Health Problem.” People’s health has been getting worse for many years. A few people know what is wrong and how to fix it. Those few are set to make a fortune because they know what to do to turn a crisis into an opportunity. Because the people in-the-know have specific plans to ease the crisis and point the nation down the road to better health, wellness and common sense habits, they are in a position to charge a handsome fee for their awareness of what’s wrong and how to fix it. You can become one of these chosen few. You can create a unique profitable business – a niche business that takes advantage of the health crisis and provides you with an income and a new lifestyle that can exceed your fondest dreams.
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As you read on, this book will show you how you can become a Certified Health Coach. We all know this is the age of the Internet. Picture yourself as one professional who coaches and manages a lot of clients – maybe hundreds. You do this by weaving together your know- how and skills, the telephone, and the magic powers of Internet web-based technology. Envision a system and a technique that has the Internet doing most of the work, leaving you plenty of free time to enjoy the money you will make. Think out of the box and visualize yourself making a turnaround in your lifestyle that puts you in the upper zone of the happy financial achievers – a zone you yearn to occupy. Why A Health Coach? Think of it this way: The health problem is really the patients themselves. Only a few years ago, health coaching as a profession was practically unknown outside the corporate world. Today, health coaching is one of the fastest growing small businesses in America. It is still a ground floor opportunity. This is not a fad. This is a solid, ongoing, growing business opportunity. The opportunity that has opened up for you boils down to this -- you can personally take advantage, now, of this new wonderful door to success. You can go right through the door and cash in. You can improve your lifestyle tremendously and gain a personal satisfaction of achievement that will not only make you feel good about yourself, but can also open the door for others to share your good fortune. And what is that good fortune? The sky’s the limit. You can set your own limits -- you can open up your mind to a wondrous fortune beyond your greatest dreams. Just how do you go about stepping through the magic door? It’s very simple. You step into the lives and the minds of people who are in need of help – people who are frustrated with what the health industry leaves uncompleted at present. You become a personal coach who picks up where the doctors and medical technicians leave their patients dangling.
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You enable people (your clients) to avoid getting sick in the first place. Most doctors spend their time treating symptoms, because most people consult with a doctor only after undesirable symptoms occur. This practice of treating symptoms after illness commences is not the fault of the doctors, however. Every good doctor continually advises his/her patients to practice good health habits and try to avoid sickness. People often neglect to eat proper foods and/or take the advice and recommendations of skilled medical technicians and doctors. They refuse to exercise. Instead, many people listen to poorly informed friends and strangers; some go out and buy “magic elixirs” that promise through advertising to keep them healthy. Others do absolutely nothing and presume an unseen force will take care of them and guide them to do the right things to stay healthy. Then there’s the almost universal syndrome most of us suffer from – we refuse to believe we could get sick and die. We don’t want to think about that at all. In short, a lot of people act like human beings! They find it difficult to initiate, let alone continue the actions necessary to be healthy, even if they know what those actions should be. They won’t do it on their own. They need help, encouragement and personal support. They need a Health Coach. You can become that coach -- a good Health Coach who realizes that the essence of good health is common sense, backed up and reinforced continuously by personal responsibility. The professional, trained Health Coach knows how to help clients understand the truth that is already inside every person, and he/she uses that knowledge to trigger voluntary actions by each individual client to avoid getting sick. Also, the successful Professional Health Coach knows that all clients will need to be able to afford a health coach. The system you will learn makes this possible – it makes it possible for each Health Coach to make a big income without charging more than the average person can afford to pay, and without working many hours per week. You may ask: How is that possible?
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The answer lies in the concept of simultaneously selling a lot of people a service each one can afford. It’s not a new concept. Many famous multimillionaires have built their fortunes that way – selling a lot of low-priced items to many people vs. selling high-priced services or goods to a few. The dilemma in the past for personal coaches has been how to serve and manage a large string of clients without overworking themselves. That dilemma is happily solved by the use of an Internet software program that enables you to deliver first class, personal attention to hundreds of clients without having to do one-on-one coaching. Utilizing the power of this unique Virtual Coaching Office Internet software system, your income will not be limited by the time you have available each week to coach clients. You will coach a large number of clients, each paying a small monthly sum they can afford, as opposed to individually coaching a few clients at large hourly rates. You will make a lot more money than you could earn by coaching individually only. (Of course you can also coach a few selected clients one-on-one at a high hourly fee.) Each client will get your personal attention and advice, just as though you were spending one-on-one coaching sessions with them in person or on the telephone. The secret lies in managing your own time – letting the Internet program do most of the work required to schedule and keep track of multiple clients – a task that can be overwhelming for a coach trying to do everything personally. The Virtual Coaching Office is just what its name implies. It is your electronic helper – your invisible staff -- that frees you up to do the skilldependent job of coaching. Through this program, each of your clients can quickly and easily look up specific information that you recommend, at their leisure on their own computer – thousands of pages of accurate medical information written by doctors. The clients can and must report what they are doing or not doing by entering their personal information into the Internet program. They will be automatically reminded to keep their promises to you, and you can check on the progress or lack of progress of each client individually in the privacy of your own home office at a time you choose.

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You can even manage the entire program from a vacation spot or any location with Internet access. In short, you will be able to schedule your time as you want to spend it, and each client will receive professional attention. The Virtual Coaching Office will take care of many details formerly requiring the personal time of the coach, while at the same time providing each client with customized information and reminders. You, the coach, set the individual requirements for each client. The Virtual Coaching Office, which is a revolutionary step forward, takes the role of keeping in touch with the client and making custom information available to each client. It’s a system that was developed at great expense to make it possible for you to leverage your time, and thus your profitability. What You Do As a Professional Health Coach, what do you do? You motivate, encourage, coax, point the way and cause positive action that benefits your client. You ask questions of your clients and help them bring to the surface the problems that beset them. Then you show them how to realize the solutions that solve the problems. You prod, you congratulate, you remind, you celebrate. You act as a sounding board, and most important of all, you hold your clients accountable. What you do not do is instruct, command, demand, punish or intimidate. You know the old saying “You can’t push a rope.” You never tell your clients what to do, but you gently encourage them and lead them to the way they can solve their problems and fulfill their desire for better health. That’s the mark of the truly professional coach, as contrasted to the wannabe. This remarkable technique of coaching is explained in detail in a later chapter of this book.

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Chapter 4

The Entrepreneur Mindset
How You Can Make Money By Making The Right Decisions
Entrepreneurs are simply those who understand that there is little difference between obstacle and opportunity and are able to turn both to their advantage.
- Machiavelli

Learning to be a successful Health Coach is bilateral. It includes learning how to coach and how to think like an entrepreneur. An entrepreneur doesn’t think like an employee. He/she thinks in terms of creating something and making things happen in concert with other people. Even if you plan to limit your professional practice to solo coaching, you must search your soul and agree to reprogram your mind to be someone who will succeed at making money – enough money to provide the lifestyle you prefer. Most of us have been conditioned to fear shortcomings and to avoid taking risks, thus bottling up our true potential. Habits and thought patterns learned in early childhood, taught by family, school, friends, the movies and online media, books by self-proclaimed experts, and strangers, become engraved onto our subconscious mind and stay there unless we re-program our minds. The re-programming process takes some time. It doesn’t happen instantaneously. We must keep repeating, repeating and repeating what we want our inner mind to remember. We must make it a habit to think success. We must never let up reminding ourselves what kind of person we strive to be. The Power of Personal Decision If you want to go beyond being a solo act, and become a genuine entrepreneur who earns far above the average income, you should give particular attention to your mindset as you enter the coaching profession.

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All truly successful entrepreneurs think outside the box, and they do so without even realizing it, because they have created inside themselves a different mindset. Of course, you want to help people get and stay healthy. That’s what the whole idea of Health Coaching is all about. You know you will gain a deep satisfaction when you help someone get on track and stay on track toward a healthy life. But don’t forget about yourself. Convince yourself that it’s definitely okay to make a lot of money while you help others, because it really is. You have the inborn ability to become whatever you want to be. If you set your mind on a goal, you can reach that goal. If your goal is to become a happy, financially secure person who has achieved that happiness and security by helping others, one way to achieve it is by becoming a professionally trained Health Coach Entrepreneur. Just keep reading to find out the key secrets. Your Subconscious Mind Is The Key To start with, you must condition your subconscious mind (some call it the unconscious mind). The subconscious works 24 hours a day, seven days a week controlling everything you do. It’s virtually invisible. It controls your breathing, your heartbeat, your bodily healing, your emotional reactions to all of the events and actions in the world around you. It works whether you are sleeping or awake – whether you are toiling or loafing. It is somewhat like the operating system in a computer. It takes care of the fundamentals in the background, behind the scenes, and keeps your conscious mind free to pay attention to what is happening at any moment. If you feel the need to escape the invisible bonds that have held you back, and expand your thinking, accumulate wealth, gain true happiness, experience the joy of fulfillment – if you want to free yourself and develop your secret hidden power to manifest the things you want in your world, you can! It is something you can do. Scientists have proven it. Successful experts can help you and guide you through how to do it.

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First of all, you must know that you are on this planet for a specific purpose. You have a divine right to accomplish something great in this lifetime. Ironically, many of us have not yet uncovered what that purpose is. Hopefully this book will reveal to you that your purpose is to be a successful Health Coach Entrepreneur. Here, now, is your opportunity to achieve more than you ever imagined you could. Don’t let it slip away. No matter where you are currently in life, you can shift your attention, adjust your focus, and start to attract that perfect state you have always sought into your being and your world. You already have within yourself the powers of the universe to create the life of your dreams and service to others. It’s time to put those powers to work. How Can Health Coaching Make It Happen? Once you decide to set your mind in motion toward a better lifestyle by becoming a Health Coach Entrepreneur, you open up countless new opportunities to learn new things – techniques, trade secrets, procedures, skills, systems and unique ways to make money. Once you learn the fundamentals and you implant the knowledge and skills into your conscious and subconscious mind as habits, you will be eager to expand upon them. You will begin early on to realize that there are many ways to cash in on your new- found knowledge. A few examples follow: • Group Coaching You will discover that you can coach a group of people simultaneously via telephone seminars, charging each client a reasonable fee, but collecting for yourself an aggregate of hundreds of dollars for each hour of your coaching time. Suppose you charge each client $49 for the session and you teach ten people at the same time. That’s $490 for one hour of your time. Suppose you do that four times each week (two days with two sessions each day). That’s $1,960.00 per week for four hours of
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coaching. If you double your clients – that is, if you coach 20 people during those sessions, do the math -- that’s $196,000.00 per year, with two weeks off thrown in for a great getaway vacation. That’s called leverage. Don’t forget that you can do this work from a resort location, so you aren’t limiting yourself to two weeks’ total vacation per year. It’s just a finite example of one type of lifestyle you can create for yourself. You will be the architect to design the work pattern and income pattern you desire. • Let Others Help Promote You Another way to put leverage to work for you is to enlist the help of other business- minded people to promote your business to their customers, prospects and friends. Many entrepreneurs have e- mail lists to which they send newsletters on a regular basis. They have spent years building their lists. You can negotiate with some of these success- minded individuals to include a promotion for your services in their newsletters by giving them a handsome monetary reward for each prospect that responds and buys your coaching service. This is just one example of a joint venture whereby you sell by giving something away. Other methods of marketing are explained in a later chapter. • Repurposing Your Work Yet another method you will learn is that you can record your audio coaching sessions and re-package them into DVD sets for sale to new clients, and you can replay the recorded sessions to different small groups. • Live Lectures You will learn that you can deliver live lectures to groups of people and then sell them your DVDs, booklets or books you

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publish, as they leave the room. • The Virtual Coaching Office You will be pleased to find out that you can multiply your income and save time by using the special Virtual Coaching Office that was explained earlier. This Virtual Coaching Office empowers your clients to become interactive over the Internet – reporting to you how they are performing and being able to look up thousands of pages of pertinent medical and health information themselves. This same computer program makes managing your time, scheduling, and keeping in touch with your clients a breeze. • Team Support Perhaps best of all, you will learn how to become a partner in a group of experienced, dedicated people who are at your beck and call after you complete your training. None of us can do it all alone. You will have the friendly, dedicated, professional support of an unmatched team of experts – and you will even have the opportunity to ignite a new source of income by joining the team yourself as a Junior Partner.

These are but a few examples of tried and true techniques to make money by Health Coaching. There are many more ways to amplify and accelerate your earning power, which you will learn as you become a Certified Professional Health Coach. Meanwhile, let’s get right into the specifics of how to become a Health Coach in the next chapter.

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Chapter 5

The Cooperative Coaching™ Model
There is no use whatever trying to help people who do not help themselves. You cannot push anyone up a ladder unless he be willing to climb himself.
- Andrew Carnegie

Health Coaching is about helping people to help themselves. Your role as a Professional Health Coach is to help each of your clients achieve and live a healthy life, and a healthy life is a balanced life. In order to help your clients attain, and maintain a balanced life, you must first determine how they feel about themselves. After all, you cannot plan a roadmap to go anywhere without knowing your starting point, can you? The best way to find out where you are starting with a client obviously is to determine your client’s present state of health and well-being. The best way to do that is to engage the client in a self- analysis of his/her state of health and daily health habits. Each of your clients is unique, and they will know how they feel, and what their habits are -- how they live each day. It is up to you to help them expose and sort out inner feelings regarding not only their health and health habits, but also their overall lifestyle. You must help them uncover what they already know. The Question Is: How Do You Do This? Cooperative Coaching is the answer. The Cooperative Coaching Model takes advantage of the fact that all people have within themselves the ability to discover the root cause of problems they face. They just need some guidance and directed gentle coaching to put Nature’s magic forces to work. How does Cooperative Coaching work?

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Let’s examine one method that uses a well-known tool – you might think of it as the health wheel approach. You need to get your clients involved in self-analysis. You must encourage them to start the process of discovery. You must lead them into proactive participation that will enable you to find the fine points that need attention in their lives – the specifics that you should focus on to do a professional job of coaching them. One very effective way to accomplish this is to have your client actually draw a wheel (a circle) on a piece of paper, and then the two of you discuss the wheel, how to customize it to your client’s personality, and how to balance it as much as possible. Depicting the client’s wellness and lifestyle as a wheel is a proven tool to show just how balanced or un-balanced your client’s present lifestyle is. It is a technique that can be applied to all your clients. It allows you to find out what is troubling your client so that you can implement a sensible program of improvement. A win-win situation, it allows you to transform an unbalanced lifestyle — with bad health habits — into a balanced life, with good health as the cherished prize for the client and a feeling of professional accomplishment for you the coach. Here’s how to use the drawing of a wheel to get your client involved in a proactive Cooperative Coaching mode: First, ask your client to get a pen or pencil and a sheet of paper, and draw a circle. It can be about three to six inches in diameter. Then tell him/her to draw a plus sign and an X inside the circle, dividing it into eight segments. The sections need not be neat, or even, or precise, or exactly the same size. The idea is to create a hand-drawn circle wit h eight segments. After the circle is drawn, the client must then write – just outside the rim – a brief title for each wedge. The wedges are to be identified as eight areas of health. The following eight areas are suggested, but they can be different words, or arranged in a different order, if you feel they should be for your particular client:
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Because you will probably be asking your client to do this procedure while you are coaching over the telephone, be sure you go slowly, pause often, and ask your client to assure you at each step that they understand completely what they are doing. Give them plenty of time to write the descriptions. Do not invoke a sense of hurry. It’s okay to repeat any or all of the instructions. This is not a school test. This is a psychological procedure that will reinforce in your client’s mind what you are talking about because it involves several of their senses, namely sight, sound, and motor skills. The Wheel Within A Wheel Your client will get the picture. The two of you now have a tool with which to continue the coaching session. Your next task is to persuade your client to think about and talk about each of the sections of the wheel, one by one. (Let him/her know that this is a coaching session that is vital. Do not adopt an instructional attitude, but rather try to develop a friendly relationship where you ask questions and the client decides what to do.) Tell him/her to think about each section and envision how he/she feels at this moment about each section – one at a time – with plenty of time to think about each one. You might say, for example: “Now tell me how you feel about the physical exercise you are doing or not doing every day. On a scale of one to ten, where one is very poor and ten is the best – the optimum -- where do you rank yourself?” Give the client a moment to think. When he/she responds with a number, for instance a three, ask for verification: “So you rate yourself a three on the scale of one to ten, where one is the worst and ten is the best. You believe you are a three right now? Is that right?”

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Note that you are repeating almost everything that is said in this whole procedure. There is a reason for this. Repeating the words reinforces the words and the thoughts in your client’s mind. The more your client verbalizes and visualizes, the better the chance he/she will remember and take action. When you feel that the client has indeed settled upon a three for physical exercise, tell him/her to start drawing a new wheel within the big wheel. This is done by drawing a new line within that sector – a new wheel spoke that is only three units long (about a third the length of the regular spokes). Each new spoke can be visualized as a little ruler within the sector that starts at the middle of the wheel (the hub, which is a one on the rating scale) and sticks out toward the rim. It can be any length from one to ten. Each inner spoke will stop at the length the client decides. It can extend to the rim, which is ten on the rating scale, or stop anywhere short of that to correspond to whatever rating number the client assigns to each particular segment title. Repeat this procedure for each of the eight segments of the wheel covering the eight areas of health assessment. Then ask your client to connect the tips of the new spokes with a curved line. When the inner wheel is complete, encourage your client to take a good look at the resulting inner wheel. It will in all probability be a lop-sided wheel. Ask the client how it looks and talk about it. Ask, for example, “How do you think your car would run on a wheel like this?” The answer will be obvious. If the inner wheel is unbalanced, the client will agree that improvement is indicated in some of the areas of interest. The objective is to focus on which segments of the unbalanced wheel need attention, and how to achieve improvement in each area so that the wheel will look more balanced. Make the point that it might not be possible to create a perfectly balanced wheel, but that a lot of improvement begs to be allowed to happen. Once the out-of-balance trouble areas are identified, you then proceed to ask a series of questions that will bring out answers from the client regarding how to tackle the problem and start improvement in each area. It may very well take more than one or two sessions to cover all the spokes.
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The professional techniques for questioning to bring out the answers, in the client’s mind, to each of the problem areas, are the real keys to being a great coach – not just another coach – not just a good coach – but a great coach that your client will champion and recommend to others. Each Client Is Unique – Each Wheel Is Different Each client has a distinct personality and a way of thinking, so the specific questions you ask and the professional persuasions you perform will differ for each person. The nuances of how to detect these subtle traits and respond to them are skills that are covered in great detail in the Health Coaching Program. When you finish the program, you will be able to smoothly pace each client using the Cooperative Coaching Model. The value of using emotion in the Cooperative Coaching session is a big factor and is covered in the next chapter.

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Chapter 6

Coaching With Emotion
The more subtle a force is, the more effective it becomes.
- M. Gandhi

One of the most effective techniques that can be used in coaching someone is a special verbal probing method based on emotion. Emotion activates the client’s brain, “gets the juices going” and creates action. Taking advantage of the inherent powers of emotion can turn what might have been a routine coaching conversation into a highly successful motivational session – a session that leaves your client eager to hurry up and take specific action. The secret is in the details of how the coaching session is performed. This chapter will lead you gently by the hand and guide you through the specific path and technique of how to conduct a professional probing interview. You can learn how to uncork the bottle in your client’s mind, and unleash the emotion genie. Doing so can cause the client to take action to fix the problem himself/herself and assume vital accountability. Many conventional coaches in the past have ignored the amazing power of emotion, and they routinely omit it from their coaching sessions. This is a serious mistake. You should utilize the magical effects that emotion can generate to achieve the result that you want in a professional coaching session. The task is to get the client thinking and talking about specifics. The end result is action, however small it may be, on the part of the client – action in the face of kno wledge that they have genuinely benefited from their session with you. They feel they have really gotten their money’s worth of professional attention. The voluntary action they take is often a baby step – a small action that can be accomplished without procrastination, rather than an overwhelming action that they will shy away from, and put off starting for as long as possible.
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Successful sales professionals have long known that getting a prospective customer emotionally involved helps close the sale, and also causes the customer to recall and remember the sales message long after the salesman leaves. It’s just the way the human mind works. Why not use that knowledge in coaching, so your clients will remember after the coaching session is over and take action? (In addition, once you get good at creating emotion, and you are talking to someone at a meeting for example, you can weave emotion into the conversation as a way of indirectly prospecting for potential clients.) Pain vs. Pleasure Here’s how the probing technique works. It is a two-step process. Your job is to motivate your client. All motivation is caused by either the desire to avoid pain or achieve pleasure. Since pain is by far a stronger force than pleasure as a source of motivation, you start by probing pain. You don’t tell your client what to do to alleviate the pain that exists. You motivate the action that allows him/her to take the necessary steps to alleviate the pain. To do this, you must determine their pain and then create even more pain in their mind. Yes, your task is to enhance the pain that already exists in your client’s consciousness. This fact is a key to the whole process of probing. You will discover how pleasure fits in as you continue to read. You have already learned how to evaluate a client’s basic state of mind and personal assessment about key areas of concern. You and your client did this by completing the unbalanced health wheel exercise discussed in the previous chapter. You have a concise graphic picture of how the client feels about himself/herself for each of the eight areas, ranked from one to ten in each situation. You have a candid snapshot of the client’s self-analysis that shows an unbalanced health and wellness wheel. For each section of the graphic analysis in the snapshot a “one” is terrible and a “ten” is ideal.
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Your job is to move clients from a series of ones or small numbers to as many tens or high numbers as possible. Probing Questions Are The Answer You must first set the stage for a critical but subtle questioning formula that you are planning to use – a special method that will bring about your desired result. So you start the coaching session by picking one of the segments of the unbalanced health and wellness wheel and exploring the client’s feelings in depth. You let the client choose which segment to consider. . First you say, “Which one of these subject areas would you like for me to coach you on today?” This immediately sets up a proactive, two-way discourse, with the client very much involved – not a lecture/sermon by you the coach. Quite logically, the client will pick a subject with a small satisfaction number – an area where he/she feels some pain. Suppose he/she suggests “stress.” You then say, for example, “I see you have rated yourself in the area of stress as a three on the scale of one to ten – where one represents the worst condition with the most pain, and ten represents the best case, where you are pleased and happy. Tell me what a three looks like.” Your objective at this point is to get the client to paint a mental picture – to start talking and telling you some of the problems that stress is creating for him/her, and to get him/her thinking about the possible consequences. You proceed as follows: “Tell me what’s going on – why do you say you are a three?” He/she might say: “I’m not making enough money to pay the monthly bills.” Then you ask: “How does that affect you?” He/she might say: “It’s keeping me awake at night.” You could respond: “Why is it keeping you awake at night?” He/she might reply: “When I can’t pay bills it affects my sleep.”

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You say: “What are the consequences of that to you – how does this impact you?” He/she could respond: “It affects my marriage and it could affect my health.” Probe on that answer, and keep the client talking in order to bring the pain to the forefront of his/her mind. “What’s going to happen eventually if you can’t overcome this?” This is the point where you must listen carefully to each response, and be sure you don’t go too far. You want to feel sure that you have accomplished your first goal of getting him/her to talk freely, elaborate about the pain, and express some of the consequences of it -- but you want to probe just far enough to highlight the degree of pain your client is experiencing. Then you will suddenly switch your questioning into the pleasure mode. You will slide your questions smoothly into an entirely different slant. This is Step 2 of the two-step process. Exactly when you switch is a subtle but extremely important factor in your probing. It is a skill you must learn in order to become a professional. It varies with each client. With practice, it becomes an easy skill to administer, and a skill that produces great results. One way to make the switch is to suggest: “I want you to tell me how you would feel if your stress became a ten – if you were stress-free. I want you to make a mental movie that tells me ‘what would a ten look like’ – how would it look to you?” At this point, the client will start creating positive thoughts about what life could be without the stress. You want to keep the proactive conversation going so you will continue to probe – but in the direction of pleasure instead of pain. For instance, you might ask: “What do you mean by saying you would make more money? What would that do for you?” Your client might answer in many different ways, but whatever comes out will be a mental picture of pleasure, not pain. You want to keep the client talking about the mental movie – don’t let the opportunity slip away. To keep the probing going, you could then ask: “What other benefits do you see to getting a handle on this stress?”
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You see what is happening. You are probing deeper and deeper into each answer your client gives you. You continue to probe until you know you have reached the magic point where the client is beginning to formulate the feeling that the pain could indeed be cured and that life would be better. Once you feel this point has arrived, your duty is to ask the client a key question which is essentially: “What is a small step you could take, and feel comfortable with, that would begin to move you forward toward removing stress from your life?” and turn the ball over to him/her. Often your client will mention an action or series of actions that could clear up the stress situation – but just as often, the action or what’s worse, a series of actions is a lot more than the client would actually be willing to hurry and start doing. Your job is to whittle the action suggestion down to size. Your client might say: “If I could get two more customers, my income would be sufficient and the money stress would go away.” You could then ask: “What would you have to do to get two more customers?” If your client responds, “I need to talk to all my friends and my present customers and ask them to refer new customers to me,” you know immediately that such a task is way too optimistic to really happen within a few days, so you suggest an alternative. You break the proposed remedy into bite-size pieces. This tactic is taking the client’s own suggestion of what to do and dividing it into small steps that have a good chance of happening. You could suggest, “My intuition tells me that talking to ALL your customers and friends immediately might be too much of a chore to tackle all at once. Is there a chance you can think of a much smaller step to begin – a baby step that you could be sure to accomplish?” Perhaps the client responds: “Yes, you’re right -- I don’t know if I should promise to contact all of them. I know how I think and act. I am good at putting things off.” Your response is: “Well, what would be a number you would feel comfortable contacting?” The client responds: “Three.”
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Your immediate response is: “Okay, three. Do you believe that you will contact three of your friends by the end of next week and ask them for their help, and get the ball rolling with one small step?” This could very well bring a positive answer such as: “Yes, I think I can do that.” As coach, you may well think to yourself: “No, I don’t want to hear what you THINK you might do. I want you to say what you WILL do.” So you emphasize this point with a question such as: “So you are going to contact three people before the end of next week?” If the client says yes or okay, voila! You have accomplished your mission. You have led the client through a path that started with admission of a problem, a series of questions and answers that enhanced the pain being borne, and a smooth transition into a few questions that highlighted the pleasure that could be achieved. You have let the client choose, not only the subject to discuss, but also the solution to the problem. Notice that you, the coach, never once instructed the client what to do. This is a skill that separates you from other coaches. In every instance, you asked questions of the client and let the client choose how to respond. Even though you might have seen immediately what could be done to alleviate the pain, you let the answers develop in your client’s mind and you coaxed the solutions to the surface. What You Did Some of the things that went on in this imaginary coaching session may or may not be apparent. It is important that they be pointed out. First of all, you the coach practiced the fine art of coaxing – not telling. You are not a college professor lecturing to a room full of inquisitive minds; you are not a preacher delivering a sermon; you are a personal coach. Second, you took control, and led the client gently through a complete reversal of thinking. You started off by focusing on pain instead of pleasure as a way to create emotion, because pain is stronger than pleasure as an emotion-builder, but you adroitly switched to pleasure in order to achieve a desired result.

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Third, you concentrated on the root cause of any pain – not the symptoms. If the client mentioned a medical problem, you offered no advice whatsoever about the medical problem or how to solve it – that must be left to professional medical doctors. As a coach, you support the medical profession. Your job is to change the subject to a root cause that can be altered. At this point you may be asking yourself, “How does this apply to the group coaching model described that utilizes the Virtual Coaching Office? This example seems to apply to personal one-on-one coaching.” Well, the answer is simply this: You use this technique over the phone while you are coaching a small group and all the others listen to the coaching technique. In this way, eve ryone learns, and individual students can ask questions. It’s a tried and true technique that works extremely well. There are many nuances to this proven technique of interviewing your client. A full professional course of Health Coaching study will let you in on the secrets and help you sharpen your skills in this amazing technique of verbal probing based on emotion.

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Chapter 7

Marketing By Attraction®
If you stay in business long enough and keep trying to do better, you will eventually learn for yourself the most valuable general principle: There are many questions about marketing but only one answer: Find out how to better serve your customer.
- Michael Masterson

You hear a lot about “marketing” when folks talk about running and promoting any kind of a business. All experienced business owners know that marketing is extremely important. It is vital to know how to go about marketing your Health Coaching practice. Just what is “marketing” anyway? Marketing is really all about lead generation. To sell the Health Coaching services you will offer, you must know how to create and conduct an ongoing, effective, continuous marketing program. You need such a program as a way to expose your business to the marketplace and to generate lists of people who might be interested in buying what you have to offer. Marketing is also all about packaging and explaining your service to your potential clients. There is a caveat in the coaching profession: “If you don’t know how to market your services, you will starve!” How then do you go about creating and conducting an effective marketing program? In order to sell someone something, you must have a presentation. That is self-evident. Marketing is everything besides your actual presentation. Not just one action, but a whole lot of activities. It includes a broad spectrum: • • • What your basic sales message is What your business cards and stationery say and look like Blogs and sales letters

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• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Social Media marketing How your telephone is answered How you respond to inquiries and referrals Creating satisfied customers who will refer you Brochures about the benefits of Health Coaching Publicity about you and your services Newsletters – printed and email Announcements of special offers Showing up at community events Networking Radio and television interviews Your website Free reports you have available Meetings where you showcase your capabilities Teleconferences Webinars Seminars Speeches you deliver to small or large audiences CDs and DVDs Sponsorship of community events Free services or consultations you offer An ongoing Tell- A-Friend program

And many more things. The list of what marketing consists of is almost endless. It’s about you, and you are unique in all the world, so your total marketing program will be different from anyone else’s program. The more you fashion your marketing message and efforts in a unique manner, the better chance you have to outdistance any competitors. The more you conduct your marketing program in such a way that your clients and prospects have a warm feeling about you as a person, and your service, the more likely you are to make more money than you ever imagined. You Can Learn How To Be An Expert At Marketing Most of us are not born expert marketers. We have to learn how to market. The best way to learn how to market your Health Coaching services is to listen and heed the advice of mentors and professional teachers who know

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how to successfully market. It is significantly important to learn from successful experts who have “been there – done that.” Textbook marketing principles are fine, but what you really want to learn is exactly what works and doesn’t work. As an example, you will not find advertising on the list of marketing items above. That is for a reason. Traditional advertising of health coaching to a large number of people in general, in shotgun fashion, has been tried but has not proved to be cost effective in the business of health coaching. Rifle Shots vs. Shotgun On the other hand, rifle-shot directed promotion works. To create this kind of sales promotion, you must uncover a list of people who are specifically interested in what you have for sale, tell them about it in some detail, explain how you deliver it, and motivate them to initiate the buying process. Then you make the actual sale. The better the marketing, the easier it is to sell them. One of the effective ways to convince possible clients to evolve into actual clients is to drive them to your website. The website itself must be clear and concise in describing what you offer, and it must include a prominent positive path of feedback from the reader to you. To get people to visit your website, you have to drive them there. Emails, publicity and prominent positions on search engines are some of the obvious ways to do so. There are other clever ways also. Driving the people to your website is a broad shotgun beginning, and pre-selling them on the website is the rifle shot. You Must Build A Database Most of the best-performing marketing efforts start with building a large database of filtered prospects – people who are known to have an interest in Health Coaching. Notice that word LARGE. A tiny database of prospects is weak and ineffective as a tool. Think many thousands as you build your list as time goes by. You can be coaching and selling your coaching services while you build your most important marketing asset -- your database.
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Keep in mind that you must diligently continue to add to the database. It starts with your first client, and it includes each and every client thereafter, plus as many other names as you can gather. Niche Marketing Is The Secret Some rifle-shot promotions are obvious, but there are many ways to find people in the niche you wish to serve -- ways that may not be so apparent. You will discover, when you heed the experts’ advice, that niche marketing is the answer. If you are not sure what your niche is, try several niches, and your niche will come to you. Building a large database of people interested in your Health Coaching niche is a skill that you can learn from the pros who have done it. Using that database to sort out the target market niche you want to address is up to you. You cannot be all things to all people. You must develop your own special niche, perhaps a niche within a niche. Niche marketing is what it’s all about. You can discover the secrets of niche marketing and building a database of ideal prospects via the “Marketing By Attraction” Model created and taught by Hilton Johnson Productions, Inc. Spam Won’t Work It is mandatory that the people you put into your database have given you permission to email to them. It is against the law to email to a random list of names and you can be fined heavily for doing it. In addition, you lose the ability to mail to these people. Each person must be given the opportunity to “Opt In” before being placed on your emailing list. What about the people who don’t use the Internet and email? They are important and must be contacted. They will make up your auxiliary list – the Non-Internet People. It will be a much smaller list than your primary email list. These days an overwhelming percentage of the general population uses email on a regular basis. You can send the non-users information via the US Postal Service and keep in touch via telephone. The cost per lead
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generated will be greater for these prospects, but it will probably be worth it to gain extra customers. Once you get your list underway, you must offer everyone on the list various free items and services. The best way to sell, remember, is to give something away. Just visualize walking by a bakery and smelling the aroma of some freshly baked chocolate chip cookies wafting through the open front door. There is someone outside on the sidewalk with a tray of cookies. You take a free cookie. You bite it. You eat it. You like it. You go inside and buy a sack full of chocolate chip cookies and take them home. That’s selling by giving something away! That’s a key point to marketing. Give away samples of yo ur services (e.g. a free actual coaching session) and motivate the people to come to you and say “I was really impressed” or “That was cool. I’d love to be one of your clients.” Then just sit back and take the orders. This is called pre-selling and is a part of marketing. New Wave Marketing Emailing is not the only way to build your business – not by a long shot. It just happens to be a cornerstone that you can put into place immediately and then keep adding to it, for use over and over again to keep the task of marketing continuously alive, flowing and active. Emailing is attractive because there is no postage cost or printing cost, and the task of emailing to thousands of people is simplified and automated through the use of computers and the Internet. One click sends your message to thousands of people at the speed of light. It is quick and very cost-effective. You can let the world know all about you and your services through a variety of channels. It pays to use as many techniques as you can, and approach your buying public from as many angles as possible. Remember that a few hundred small pin pricks at random places are much more effective in gaining someone’s long-term attention than one hefty blow. All professional promotion specialists kno w this principle. In the real estate business the universal catch phrase is that the three most important things that determine the value of a house or business site are
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location, location, location. In marketing and advertising, the three most effective actions are repetition, repetition, repetition. Build Your Public Image By building a public image of yourself and your services, you start the process of awareness that you want to happen. A few examples of the valuable things you can do to build your image are: • • • • • • Show up often at high exposure community events. Become an active member of clubs and business organizations. Conduct free teleseminars. Speak to groups (large and small) as an expert in health coaching. Get sponsors to create audiences for you to present your story at meetings. Make it known that you are willing to share your knowledge and experience as a public service.

All these actions and other similar activities will bring people to your door, wanting to know more about what you offer. Then you sell them. The better the pre-sell through your marketing program, the easier it is to close the sale. This model of pre-selling is known as Marketing By Attraction and it has succeeded in turning motivated health coaches into wealthy business owners. You will learn all about Marketing By Attraction when you enroll to become a Health Coach Entrepreneur.

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Chapter 8

The Virtual Coaching Office
Coaching is a highly effective and superior strategy in reducing total cholesterol, and other coronary risk factors such as blood pressure, compared to patients who were prescribed medication but not coached.
- Yale study

Close your eyes and picture a coach who has succeeded in gaining a few paying clients. Imagine that person is coaching some of his/her clients one-on-one and some via small groups on the telephone. Now fantasize that you might be that coach. You would like to generate new business – get more clients and coach them in order to make more money and expand your business. However, you find yourself working harder and harder each time you sign up a new client. You discover that as you grow your business, you find it more and more difficult to devote your time as you would like to spend it. Instead, you begin to realize that you just can’t hand le the workload and frustration of trying to keep up with more clients. So your business levels off, as does your income. Your dreams of having more spare time and more money are evaporating right before your eyes. This scenario has happened to many coaches. Not too very long ago Hilton and Lisa Johnson recognized this situation happening to a lot of people all across America. So they decided to do something about it. They set out to devise a way to avoid this situation and offer the solution to anyone contemplating becoming a Health Coach. The solution they created has made possible a remarkable reversal of this unwanted set of circumstances. It’s called the Virtual Coaching Office (with the fond nickname of VCO). The VCO is a computer software platform at the website. It is included as part of the HealthCoachTraining Program at Hilton Johnson Productions.

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The software was created at great expense over a period of more than two years, and was exhaustively tested in real life usage by Motorola, Google, The Muhammad Ali Center, and other large U.S. corporations. The Virtual Coaching Office is just what its name implies. It is in fact a coaching office, and it is virtual – meaning that the “office” is an Internet-based computer platform that does the work of a staff of multiple live assistants. The beauty of it is that you don’t have to hire and pay those assistants. The computer platform does all the work, and it can handle hundreds of clients. You can use it from anywhere in the world with Internet access, which means you can be free to travel and operate your professional coaching business at the same time. Internet access means telephone access also, and all you need to operate your business is yourself, your laptop computer and a telephone. The Growing Trend Toward A Virtual World These days there are thousands of people around the nation who bill themselves out as “Virtual Assistants.” They are actual secretaries/office managers/administrative assistants who do their work on their home computer and send the results to you, over the Internet, so that you need not have an office staff. Their popularity is rising daily. The VCO, however, is not a person working via the Internet and telephone to assist you. It is a coaching platform that actually does all the work. There is no actual person involved, except you and your clients of course. The VCO makes it possible for you to service more clients, spend a lot less time managing your schedule and business details, and offer your clients customized instant access to professional health and wellness information. Your Clients Can Look Up Important Information Keep in mind that a Health Coach does not offer medical advice, but there are times when your client might very well want to look up information about various health or medical issues.

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Many thousands of pages of such general information have been published. The trick is to know exactly how to find specific information, in a hurry. The VCO makes it possible for you to recommend specific articles that you believe a client should read, and makes it easy for them to pull up the articles about maintaining a healthy lifestyle -- on their own computer screen. It ties your “reading assignments” to each client so that you can quickly monitor which client has been referred to which article. It is not a “one size fits all” approach to client education – quite the contrary: It is a system for aiming proper information to each client on a case by case basis. Keeping track of who is supposed to read what, could be a mountainous manual clerical task if you have dozens or hundreds of clients. The VCO program simplifies the entire process and lets the client do the work while you have the capability to monitor the results. So the VCO provides you, the coach, with time-saving abilities, and provides each of your clients with the ability to search for information and account effortlessly to you what he/she has done to follow your recommendations. You can monitor your clients’ progress at times convenient to you, and they can look up information and report back to you at times convenient to them. If they haven’t done their task yet, the program makes it easy for you to prod them. It makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it? The Three Elements To Profitable Coaching The VCO rounds out the set of three elements that are essential to profitable Health Coaching – the art of coaching, the art of selling/marketing your services, and the art of efficiently managing your business by utilizing today’s technology. Combining these three elements into one concise coordinated training program is what makes the HealthCoachTraining Program unique and extraordinarily valuable. How The VCO Works Using the VCO is intuitive.

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You perform your initial discovery session (fact-finding interview) with your client, either in person or on the telephone. Then you enter the basic information into your computer. From then on, accessing that client’s information is only a mouse click away. You need not worry about a computer crash destroying your records because the program uses the Internet and stores your confidential data on a secure server, backed up automatically by additional remote server systems. You analyze each client on an individual basis and enter into the client’s record what you want to happen. The client is required to report back to you, via the Internet computer program, when and if he/she performed each task which you requested or which they agreed to do. You can then scan all the clients quickly at your convenience and act upon those who are flagged because they are tardy in doing what you have asked for or they have promised. The VCO shows the current status of each client, organized in an easy-touse fashion. You can tick off what they have done, and what you have done, and then you can review the history and status of each client any time you desire. Your schedule is laid out for you as though your personal assistant handed you a reminder memo. Business information (billing, money receipts, etc.) is available at the click of a mouse. Your virtual office is well-organized, easy to use, and always available, wherever and whenever you choose to work with it. A few snap shots of the VCO are on the next page :

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Chapter 9

12-Month HealthCoachTraining Program
Curriculum Overview
Here is the outline for the 12-Month HealthCoachTraining Program created by Hilton Johnson Productions, Inc. The Program Outline

Ø Orientation
You will get acquainted with your coach instructor and other members of your program, learn what you can do to get the most out of your HealthCoachTraining Program and be better prepared for the classes. Ø Month 01 1. The Gremlin and Self-Management – You will learn how the inner critic impacts both coaches and clients alike. Then you will discover how to break through the barriers that hold us back, allowing both coaches and clients to take control and capitalize on their natural gifts and talents. 2. The Basic Coaching Model – You will learn the four most important components of coaching and a simple seven-step coaching model to get you coaching almost immediately – even while you are progressing in the program. 3. Impact Listening –You will learn how to listen on such a deep level that you will be able to hear what your clients are not telling you as well as what they are. 4. Empowering Questions – You will learn the importance and the art of asking questions that will deepen the coaching relationship and have so much emotional impact that it gets your clients thinking and moving forward into positive action.

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Ø Month 02
5. StageCoaching for Change Part 1 – You will learn how to combine the nine psychological processes for change and a six-stage system of change that will create a formula for helping your clients overcome undesirable behaviors. 6. Clarifying Values and Goals – You will learn how to help each of your clients clarify their values and goals and create their own life map, utilizing their strengths to create more fulfilling lives. 7. Designing the Coach-Client Relationship (The Intake) – You will learn how to conduct a “discovery session” with your client that sets the tone for your coaching alliance and the entire coaching process. 8. Demonstrating “The Coaching Experience” (The Wheel) – You will learn a powerful and compelling, yet non-threatening, visual sales presentation that helps your potential clients see for themselves the value of Health Coaching.

Ø Month 03
9. The Ideal Sales Model – You will learn a proven 11-step formula for creating your own ideal sales model to sell your coaching practice. 10. Pre-Sell Marketing – This is a unique marketing process for preselling one or more potential Health Coaching clients via a company sponsored conference/webinar event prior to the coach demonstrating and explaining his or her personalized coaching program. 11. HealthCoachingU Part 1: The Public Component & Members Area – An overview of the public component of the HealthCoachingU® website and how to demonstrate to your potential clients all the resources available to them at HCU. Then you will go behind the scenes to your clients’ private website and learn how to use the menu of services available to you through this web-based technology and how to get your coaching clients doing most of the work instead of you. 12. HealthCoachingU Part 2: The Virtual Coaching Office – You will discover all the tools available to you to communicate with your clients through the Virtual Coaching Office to support their health progress.

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Ø Month 04
13. Co-Branding with HCU – You will learn what it means to co-brand with HCU and a step-by-step system to help you stay organized and manage hundreds of clients on a daily basis. 14. Energy Sappers – You will learn how to help your clients eliminate the things that sap their natural energy and how to replace those habits with positive actions that will attract abundance, joy and great opportunities into their lives with this newfound energy. 15. Establishing Trust and Intimacy – You will learn how to create an environment where your clients really open up to you – clients will discuss things with you that they will not discuss with anyone else. 16. Managing Progress and Accountability – You will learn simple but powerful tools to help you monitor and manage client progress and hold your clients accountable.

Ø Month 05
17. The Nuts and Bolts of Starting a New Business – You will discover the importance of creating your own “team” of experts to create and maintain the business of your dreams. We will also discuss the practical basics such as setting up your home office. 18. Niche Selection - Find and Follow Your Passion – You cannot be all things to all people. You will learn how to define your coaching niche, making people more likely to believe that the specific coaching service you offer is worthy of their investment. 19. Creating Your Business Plan - The Funnel of Trust – You will learn how to create a step-by-step blueprint for filling your coaching practice and fulfilling your income goals. 20. Creating Your Coaching Program – Learn how to develop, create, package, price and promote your own coaching program. This will enable you to secure clients quicker and achieve the success level you seek in your coaching practice.

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Ø Month 06
21. Setting and Raising Your Coaching Fees – You will learn how to create a range of coaching fees that is right for you to attract more clients and increase profitability. 22. Marketing Products and Services with Coaching – You will learn a 3-step formula for marketing your products and services with coaching, thus creating new and compelling ways of introducing your products and services to prospects and adding the professional credibility of coaching to your business. 23. Business Cards, Flyers and Brochures – You will learn how to create print media that attracts the right clients to you and a six-step formula to leverage your time as you get coaching demonstrations while putting your marketing materials into the right hands. 24. Marketing By Attraction® - Coaching Introductions – You will create unique and compelling ways to introduce yourself as a coach that put prospective clients into a moment of benefit, making your coaching practice almost irresistible.

Ø Month 07
25. Group Coaching Part 1 – You will learn how to develop different types of group coaching models that will allow you to leverage your time in helping people, building community, enhancing your one-on-one coaching and earning a significant income. 26. Group Coaching Part 2 – You will learn how to create engaging and interactive groups and how to generate additional income streams using different group coaching models. 27. Pro-Active Health and the Mind-Body Connection – You will learn the three P’s of being a health and wellness professional and the six basic steps to getting your clients to become proactive about their health. 28. Achieving Balance – You will learn how to help your clients increase the pleasure, meaning and flow in their lives, resulting in a more pleasant, full and engaging life that is in balance.

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Ø Month 08
29. Understanding and Managing Stress – You will learn the impact of stress on our health and strategies, techniques and formulas for helping your clients identify the underlying causes of stress and how to manage, cope with and eliminate any stress in their lives. 30. The Importance of an Active Lifestyle – You will learn how to help your clients recognize the importance an active lifestyle plays in their overall health and how to get your clients to begin to take steps toward a more active and healthy lifestyle. 31. The Foundations of Nutrition – You will learn about your role as a coach in helping your clients improve their health by taking steps toward implementing good nutrition in their lives. 32. The Attraction Class – You will learn everything you need to know about creating a free sample of the coaching program(s) you offer. This will enable you to get more prospects to join your group coaching programs.

Ø Month 09
33. Public Speaking and Training – Learn everything you need to know about promoting and filling your coaching practice through public speaking and creating multiple streams of income. 34. Social Media Marketing – Discover how to acquire paying clients using a benefit-oriented marketing system utilizing social media like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc. 35. Prospecting for Clients – You will learn how to identify people who want to improve their health and wellness, get them to request more information about your coaching services and offer them a free demonstration or presentatio n. 36. Target Markets – You will learn a simple formula for contacting small businesses and getting their endorsement for you to present your coaching services to their group, thus leveraging your time.

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Ø Month 10
37. Creating Strategic Alliances – Learn everything you need to know about creating strategic alliances with centers of influence who will endorse you and your services to their client base — one of the quickest and easiest ways to fill your practice. You in turn can introduce their products and services to your client base, thus creating multiple streams of income for yourself. 38. Selling By Attraction Part 1: Information Gathering – You will learn all you need to know about delivering a powerful and compelling coaching demonstration/presentation. 39. Selling By Attraction Part 2: The Coaching Experience – Learn how to deliver a “coaching experience” for potential prospects during your demonstration so they see for themselves what you offer is a better way of accomplishing their goals than what they are doing. 40. Selling By Attraction Part 3: How My Coaching Works – You will learn demonstration strategies that will show potential clients how they will benefit by being a part of your coaching program and having you as their coach.

Ø Month 11
41. Selling By Attraction Part 4: Closing and Forwarding the Action – You will learn how to eliminate stalls and objections before they come up. You will learn exactly how to enroll more clients into your coaching practice. 42. StageCoaching for Change Part 2 – You will learn how to identify the stage your client is in, and how to start the process of moving your client forward. 43. The Skill of Presence – You will learn simple yet powerful coaching techniques to increase presence with your coaching clients thus deepening the coaching relationship and coaching experience. 44. Empowering with Messaging – You will learn specific proven coaching skills to empower your clients and acknowledge them for who they really are, thus allowing them to move forward and make shifts in meaningful ways with profound results.

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Ø Month 12
45. Intuition and Curiosity – You will discover the importance of intuition and curiosity in coaching and how to access and develop these skills in your coaching. 46. Coaching Tools and Skills –You will learn additional coaching skills to make you a well-rounded coach and give the utmost benefit to your clients. 47. Coaching Ethics – Creating a solid ethical foundation for your coaching services will enable you to keep clients for life and build a referral coaching practice. 48. Closing One Door and Opening the Next – This final class will include reflection and self-evaluation to position you for continuing your coaching journey. You will learn how you can take what you learned in the 12-month coaching program to an even higher level with our Advanced Coaching Programs. You can also become a Junior Partner in the Hilton Johnson Productions Company and leverage your skills and talents as a Health Coach to create multiple streams of income.

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Chapter 10

12-Month HealthCoachTraining Program

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HealthCoachTraining has trained and coached many thousands of people to become Health Coach Entrepreneurs. As of the date of publication of this book, more than 1000 people have graduated from the 12-Month HealthCoachTraining Program. Here are just a few of the many testimonials received: "I would like to express how grateful I am to be a part of this program. After many, many (too many) years of college, I have gained more from this experience than I ever did in the classroom. Thank you." --- Patty H., Medford, OR "The more I delve into the HealthCoachTraining Program and the more I study, the more excited I am. There is a wealth of information for the small amount of money you are charging.” --- Jayne B. Hudson, Quebec, Canada
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"I have just graduated from the HealthCoachTraining Program and I have got to say this program exceeded all of my expectations and the value of what I have learned during my time in this class is far greater than the dollar amount I paid for it. The instructors are superb. The commitment and caring shown during the classes is several steps beyond anything I have experienced before. They are highly skilled at what they do and have a wealth of knowledge and experience. The comprehensive curriculum covers every aspect of coaching and building a successful business. It was particularly useful for me as a coach and educator with no experience of marketing. I totally recommend this class as the most comprehensive health coach training class that I know of. The program provides all of the tools to take what is learned and turn it into a thriving business." --- Liz A., Miltitas, CA "I am so excited. I did my first Free Demo with the Health Wheel and then showed the HealthCoachingU website and showed some of the cool things available once one enrolls. The person LOVED it and she insisted on signing up on the spot. Very exciting (and it was so EASY - I did it just like we learned). Have another two free demos booked already this week." --- Cindy S., Acton, Ontario, Canada "Wow, what a program! I am very impressed with the internet Health Coaching program you've developed. I've been doing health coaching full time since 1992 and found it difficult to keep track of my clients and to whom I sent what info. This internet system has helped me to better manage the clients I already have plus manage all of the new clients I can now work with as a result of this program. Your program allows me to do more in less time (always a good way to go)!" --- Glen W., Colorado Springs, CO “I'd like to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for all of YOUR efforts and diligent work during this past year...The amount of work needed to run a program like this is just monumental. You've delivered all that was promised, and so very, very much more." --- Philip Y., Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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"Just wanted you to know it's been quite a year for me. Learning coaching has not only taught me the skills needed to 'coach,' but I feel that the personal development has changed me and given me the confidence needed to succeed in whatever I tackle. Thank you for all you've done." --- Ann B., Shellbyville, KY "I want to thank you a thousand times and more for what you’ve brought to my life, it’s been such a transformation.” --- Stephen L., Urciers, France "I wanted to let you k now how I appreciate this great program and how I realize the intrinsic value this program has. The Virtual Coaching Office is an excellent tool, and the business guidance will enable me to systematize my business without me having to reinvent the wheel. I have already established a comprehensive business plan with three products/programs that will serve as back-end revenue streams." --- Marlene L., Winter Park, FL "The Health Coaching Program has changed my life! I have discovered that I have so much more in me than I ever thought I had. I will be 65 years old in December and I am launching a whole new career. Your instruction, your mentoring and coaching are certainly a big part of my success and I thank you so much!" --- Jane S., Douglass, KS "Just wanted to say again how thankful I am to be a part of this process, having access to such an amazing source of knowledge and experience. I'm especially grateful to be a part of this exceptional class. Thanks for all the support, courage to share, and the "million dollar" pearls of wisdom!" ---Faris Jean A., Grand Prairie, Alberta, Canada

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