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Commercial Trench Brick pavers fit directly against the slot. For light
duty pedestrian applications, pavers can be set
Drains on sand; for heavier duty projects, pavers should
be set on concrete. Maximum paver depth 21/2
(63.5mm) to allow for 1/4 (6mm) bedding material.

7/16 flared ADA-compliant slot

prevents debris being trapped and
blocking the opening.

Used with K100S channel -

Brickslot fits directly into the K100
channel grate recess. Brickslot
units are fitted with QuickLok for
easy assembly to the channel unit.
Half meter sections are available.
Half meter access units provide
access to the channel or catch
End caps and accessories are
basin for maintenance.
available from the K100 range.

Brickslot Leaflet

Introduction to the Brickslot Line

Brickslot - 4" internal width, discreet slot drain

Brickslot Parts list
Part No Invert
Depth Weight
Brickslot is a discreet, drainage solution
for use with brick or stone pavers up to Galv S/S Inches Lbs
2.5 (63mm) deep. The 0.44 (11mm) ADA- Brickslot - 39.37 (1m) 98999 99225 - 18.4
compliant slot blends in with paving joints Brickslot - 19.69" (0.5m) 98988 99227 - 9.2
giving an aesthetic solution. Brickslot access unit - 19.69 (0.5m) 96877 99224 - 16.9
Grate removal tool (see 4. below) 01318 0.3
The Brickslot cover is typically used on the Notes:
KlassikDrain K100 channel, but can also be 1. For use with K100 channels and K1-900 catch basins.
used on the H100K if depth restrictions are 2. Add 2.7 (69mm) to channel invert for Brickslot invert.
a concern. An access unit provides discreet 3. Brickslot can also be used with H100K.
access to the channel or catch basin for 4. Only access covers can be removed once system has been installed.


Brickslot is available in both galvanized and

stainless steel to meet the aesthetic needs
and corrosion resistance of any application.
Channel with Brickslot Channel with access Catch basin with access
Brickslot has been load tested in cover unit - use at start of run unit - provides access to
and/or where bottom trash bucket and outlet
accordance with EN 1433 guidelines up to
or end outlet is used for pipes for maintenance.
Load Class C.

Access cover removed

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