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6th ICSE Early Vedic Period Test

Short Answer questions (1 mark each)

Q1. Where did the Aryans first settle in India?

Q2. What was Aryavarta?

Q3. Name the four Vedas.

Q4. Apart from Vedas, name two important religious books of the Aryans.

Q5. What was the new language brought to India by the Aryans?

Q6. Name the four classes of the caste system followed by the Aryans.

Q7. What was the head of the family called during the early Vedic period?

Q8. What was the caste system during the early Vedic era called?

Long Answer questions (2 marks)

Q1. What was the position of women during the Rig Vedic period?

Q2. What is the chief source of information of early Aryans?

Q3. Differentiate between Early Vedic Period and Later Vedic Period.

Q4. What was the cause of the extinction of the Harappan Civilization?

Q5. How was religion practiced during the early Vedic period?

Q6. What do you understand by the term Vedic Literature?