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6th ICSE English Literature

Q1. Answer the following questions:

1. Why were Prometheus and Epimetheus so named?

2. How was Prometheus so different from the rest?
3. What did he do to make mans life better?
4. What did Jupiter ask Vulcan to do?

Q2. Answer the following questions with reference to the context?

1. Come now! said Jupiter Let us all give some godly gift to this woman.
a) To whom did Jupiter say these words?
b) Who was this woman? Who created her?
c) What did Jupiter give her?
d) What were the other gifts that she received?

2. The more she thought about the casket, the more curios she was to see what was in
it; and everyday she took it sown from its shelf and felt the lid, and tried to peer
inside it without opening it.
a) Who was she?
b) Who had given her the golden casket? Why was she curious?
c) What had happened when she opened the golden casket?

3. These creatures flew into every house and, without any one seeing them, nestled
down in the bosoms of men and women and children, putting an end to all their joy.
a) What were these creatures?
b) What effect did they have on mans life?
c) Was Jupiters purpose fulfilled?

Q3. What do the following words mean?

1. Roundabout:
2. Morrow:
3. Casket:
4. Ambrosia:
5. Gaunt:
6. Kinsfolk: