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Causes of the First World War

1. To introduce the MAIN long term causes of WWI Extension: Word Jumble
2. To recall the countries in the Triple Alliance and the
Rearrange the letters to reveal keyword equations.
Look at the Write your answer beside the jumble.
source on the
right. Which CANELLIA = DRIPSHEINF _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ = _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Militarism: Building up armies, getting ___
country is ready for war
each MARY = SMALTRIMII ____=_______
Alliances: Agreements or promises to help ___
character another country.
supposed Imperialism: Building up of empires.
represent? Nationalism: Having pride in and love for Task Two: Whos Who in the Alliances
Why? your country, willing to defend it
(Patriotism) Use the map below. Colour in the countries that
Germany, Empire: When a powerful country controls form the Triple Entente in one colour and the Triple
France and areas of land called colonies and other Alliance in another colour.
Triple Alliance: Italy, German and Austria-
Task One: Long Term Hungary.
Causes Triple Entente: Britain, France and Russia.
Task Two: Practicing the key terms
The acronym M.A.I.N. will Britain
Find the correct term in the glossary and
help you remember the long-
write it in the blanks.
term causes of the First Russia
World War. Find the Germany wished to build up her
appropriate term in the Empire. This is known as France
glossary and write it beside _________________. Germany also Hungary
the letter. wanted to build up her armed forces,
this is known as _____________________,
Britain already had a large amount of
M =_______________________ colonies, Britain had an Italy
A = _______________________ Britain made friendship agreements
with Russia and France, these are
I = ________________________ called ____________________.
Serb people were proud of their
country, this is called