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Sensoriamento remoto para a deteco de pragas em

cultivos comerciais
Christian Nansen, University of California, Davis
Background the fundamental assumption

A radiometric fingerprint

Decoding reflectance
signals by crops
The ideal remote sensing system

Early stress detection (high sensitivity)

Detect stressor in many fields and growing

seasons (high robustness)

Detection of a specific stressor (high level of

The ideal remote sensing system

Real-time conversion of reflectance data into

management solutions
Easy to obtain remote sensing data

Obtain remote sensing data at low cost

Coverage of large fields (areas)

Having the best possible technologies and tools.

There are very important questions to ask and investigate

Remote sensing system

What camera should

I mount on my
Spectral bands (Spectral resolution ) RGB (3)
Low cost
High spatial resolution
Low spectral resolution
Low payload

Multi-spectral (4-12)
Medium cost
Medium spatial resolution
Medium spectral resolution

Hyperspectral (16-200)
High spectral resolution
Low spatial resolution
Higher payload (shorter flight time less coverage)
High cost
Spectral bands (Spectral resolution )

Spectral bands
B G R 3: typically RGB
4-12: multi-spectral
16-200: hyperspectral
Dynamics associated with solar intensity and solar angles

When during the day

to acquire remote
sensing data?
Continuous white calibration
Reflectance from a green plastic card within 15 seconds..
Reflectance sensitivity is only an advantage if we can correct
for solar dynamics

Reflectance data must be subjected to continuous white

calibration to account for dynamics of solar intensity and
Case story - remote sensing of risk of spider mite outbreaks
in almond orchards

Is it possible to
forecast risk of
spider mite
outbreaks in almond
Spider mite susceptibility of almond trees
Leaf preference bioassay
Two-choice bioassay No-choice bioassay (eggs
(mites per leaf) per leaf)
Spider mite susceptibility of almond trees
Leaf composition and spider mite oviposition (N = 6)

Positive correlation

Negative correlation
Spider mite susceptibility of almond trees
Remote sensing


Low Low

No remote
Spider mite susceptibility of almond trees
Remote sensing



>90% data reduction

Spider mite susceptibility of almond trees
Remote sensing
nugget values at 683 and 775 nm responded significantly to abiotic
stress, and nugget values at 731 nm and range values at 715 nm
responded significantly to biotic stress..

Four wavelengths of 550 nm, 560 nm, 680 nm and 740 nm were
important for detecting the spectral differences among mite infested
cotton plants treated with various rate of Temprano..

Finally, R710/R760, (R780 R710)/(R780 R680), (R750 R705)/(R750 + R705),

(R680 R430)/(R680 + R430), R860/(R550 R708), (R695705)1 (R750800)1, and
REP-LEM (a index based on red edge position and estimated with a linear
extrapolation method) were identified as optimum indices.
We will soon see many different remote
sensing systems

Remote sensing systems will be optimized

to perform specific management tasks

Important to appreciate the dynamics of

remote sensing data
Presentation highlights

In 5 years, remote sensing systems will be like smartphones today


We will soon learn more about advantages and disadvantages of different remote
sensing systems lead to development of more specialized systems

To much remote sensing data is being collected without attention to details

Calibration, correction methods, and data filtering must be included to increase the
robustness and sensitivity of reflectance based classifications

We need to attract new types of professionals to the industry of precision

Presentation highlights

Crop infestations are typically aggregated and non-random

The importance of crop fertilization and crop health should be viewed in the context
of pest prevention.

Growing understanding of the meaning of reflectance features

Research into associations of reflectance profiles with crop traits is profoundly


Remote sensing systems may be as important to agriculture as the plough and

the tractor
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