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Celestial, Planetary and Astrological correspondences

Planetary Notes:
C - Mars
D - Sol
E - Mercury
F# - Venus
G# - Moon
A - Saturn
A# - Jupiter

Astrological Notes:
C - Aries
C# - Taurus
D - Gemini
D# - Cancer
E - Leo
F - Virgo
F# - Libra
G - Scorpio
G# - Sagittarius
A - Capricorn
A# - Aquarius
B - Pisces

Planetary Tempos:
Saturn 69.3 BPM
Moon 98.6 BPM
Mercury 66.2 BPM
Venus 103.7 BPM
Sun 118.3 BPM
Mars 67.8 BPM
Jupiter 86.1 BPM
Nepturne 99.1 BPM
Pluto 65.7 BPM
Uranus 97.2 BPM

II. Qabbalah/the Hebrew Language, Alchemy/Elements, and the Tarot

Hebrew Letters:
Aleph E Air
Beth E Mercury
Gimel G# Moon
Daleth F# Venus
Heh C Aries
Vav C# Taurus
Zayin D Gemini
Cheth D# Cancer
Teth E Leo
Yod F Virgo
Kaph A# Jupiter
Lamed F# Libra
Mem G# Water
Nun G Scoprio
Samekh G# Sagittarius
Ayin A Capricorn
Peh C Mars
Tzaddi A# Aquarius
Qoph B Pisces
Resh D Sun
Shin C Fire
Tav A Saturn

Elemental Notes:
C - Fire
E - Air
G# - Water
A - Earth

Alchemical Notes:
C - Sulfur
E - Mercury
G# - Salt

Tarot Correspondences:
The Fool E
The Magus E
High Preistess G#
Empress F#
Emperor C
Hierophant C#
Lovers D
Chariot D#
Strength E
The Hermit F
Wheel of Fortune A#
Justice F#
The Hanged Man G#
Death G
Temperance G#
The Devil A
The Tower C
The Star A#
The Moon B
The Sun D
Judgment C
The Universe A

III. Colors, Chakras, Tattwas

Color + Note + Planet:
Red C Mars Mars
Red-Orange C#
Orange D Mercury Sun
Yellow E Sun Mercury
Yellow-Green F
Green F# Venus Venus
Bue-Green G
Blue G# Jupiter Moon
Blue-Violet A Saturn Saturn
Violet A# Moon Jupiter
Red-Violet B

Chakra + Color + Frequency + Note Correspondences:

Svadhisthana Orange 9hz D
Solar Plexus Yellow 10hz E
Heart Green 10.5hz F
Throat Blue 12hz G
3rd eye/Brow Indigo 13hz A
Crown White 15hz B

Suggested tonality of extra dimensions and their corresponding chakra:

Physical Plane/Body Root Chakra
Lower Plane Sound: akin to a low rumbling thunder
Higher Plane Sound: soft whistling sound

Astral Plane/Body Svadhisthana Chakra

Lower Plane Sound: Roar of the ocean
Higher Plane Sound: akin to gentle wind blowing through tress

Mental Plane/Body Solar Plexus

Lower Plane Sound: Bell/Gong Sound
Higher Plane Sound: Waterfall, Rushing Water

Intuitive Plane/Body Heart Chakra

Lower Plane Sound: buzzing, like a light swarming of bees
Higher Plane Sound: Flute Like Tones

Spiritual Plane/Body Throat Chakra

Lower Plane Sound: Wind
Higher Plane Sound: Humming, "ohm"

Collective Mind Plane/Body: 3rd Eye, the Brow Chakra

Lower Plane Sound: Similiar to distant violins carried by the wind
Higher Plane Sound: Similiar to deep woodwinds

Divine Plane/Body: Crown Chakra

Lower Plane Sound: Soft "huuuu..."
Higher Plane Sound: All sound and no sound felt as opposed to heard

Chakra Planet Tattwa Alchemical Metal:

Root Saturn Prithivi (earth) Lead
Svadhisthana Mars Apas (water) Iron
Solar Plexus Jupiter Tejas (fire) Tin
Heart Sun Vayu (air) Gold
Throat Venus Akasha(Spirit-Ether) Copper
3rd Eye Moon All 5 Tattwas Synthesized Silver
Crown Mercury Singularity presented as a point Quicksilver

Chakra + Sephira Correspondences:

Svadhisthana Yesod
Solar Plexus Hod and Netzach
Heart Chakra Tiphareth
Throat Chakra Geburah and Chesed
3rd Eye Binah and Chockmah
Crown Kether

Tattwa + Sephira Correspondences:

Akasha Kether
Vayu Daath
Tejas Tiphareth
Apas Yesod
Prithivi Malkuth

Tattwa Note Correspondences:

Tejas C
Prithivi E
Vayu G#
Akasha A
Apas A#
Tattwa + Geomancy correspondences:
Akasha Caput Draconis, Cauda Dranconi
Vayu Albus, Puella, Tristitia
Tejas Puer, Fortuna Major, Aquisto, Fortuna minor
Apas Populus, Rubeus, Laetitia, Via
Prithivi Amisso, Conjunctio, Carcer

Brainwave frequency rates:

Reptilian Brain Beta 13-40hz
Limbic System Alpha 8-13hz
Neo-Mammalion Theta 4-8hz
4th Brain (crown chakrish in nature) Delta 0-4hz
5-7th Ketheric Brains Slower than Delta

IV. Enochian
Enochian Letter Correspondences:
Letter Astrological Musical Note English Equivilant
Un Air E A
Pe Mercury E B
Ged Luna G# G
Gal Venus F# D
Graph Aries C E
Orth Taurus C# F
Ceph Gemini D Z
Na-Hath Cancer D# H
Gon Virgo F I, J, Y
Veh Jupiter A# C, K
Ur Libra F# L
Tal Water G# M
Drun Scorpio G N
Pal Sagittarius G# X
Med Capricorn A O
Mals Mars C P
Ger Aquarius A# Q
Don Pisces B R
Fam Sol D S
Gisa Fire C T
Vau Saturn A U, V, W

V. The Qlippoth, Tunnels of Set & Nightside

Tunnel Note Color
Thantifaxath B# Black and blue
Shalicu C Vermilion and emerald
Raflifu D Rayed red and amber
Qulielfi B Slug-slime silver & stone
Tzuflifu B# Black and blue
Parafaxitas C Bright red and Emerald
A'ano'nin A Black and indigo
Saksaksalim G# Bright yellow and dark blue
Niantiel G Indigo brown and greenish blue
Malkunofat G# Deep blue and sea green
Lafcursiax F# Pale green & rich blue
Kurgasiax A# Bright blue rayed with yellow
Yamatu F Yellowish green and slate
Temphioth E Sharp greenish yellow & gray
Characith D# dark greenish brown and amber
Zamradiel D New leather yellow & mauve
Uriens C# Flame and brown
Hemthterith A# Lurid red & glowing red
Dagdagiel F# Vivid sky blue & bright rose rayed with pale green
Gargophias G# Silver and black
Baratchial E Deep yellow and indigo rayed with violet
Amprodias E Luminous pale yellow and emerald flickered with gold

Tunnel Translation Path Letter

Thantifaxath Ghouls Tav
Shalicu Tannim Shin
Raflifu The Hagglers Resh
Qulielfi Malignant Women Qoph
Tzuflifu The Bestial Ones Tzaddi
Parfaxitas The Arsonists Peh
A’ano’nin The Fishy Ones Ayin
Saksaksalim The Snaky Ones Samekh
Niantiel The Brazen Ones Nun
Malkunofat The Deep Ones Mem
Lafcursiax The Clayish Ones Lamed
Kurgasiax The Smiters Kaph
Yamatu The Scratchers Yod
Temphioth The Flaming Ones Teth
Characith The Black Ones Cheth
Zamradiel The Clangers Zayin
Uriens The Bloody One Vav
Hemethterith The Herd Heh
Dagdagiel Babalon Daleth
Gargophias Lemurs Gimel
Baratchial Poison of God Beth
Amprodias Vampiric Slyphs Aleph

Additional Points of Reference for Nightside:

Qlippothic Shells:
Qemetiel The crowd of of Gods Ain
Belial Without God Ain Soph
Athiel Uncertainty Ain Soph Aur
Thaumiel Twins of God Kether
Ogiel The Hinderers Chockmah
Satariel The Concealers Binah
Masak Mavdil Place for rejected failures Da'ath
Gasheklah The Smiters Chesed
Golachab The Arsonist Geburah
Tageriron The Hagglers Tiphareth
Oreb Zaraq The Ravens of Dispersion Netzach
Samael Poison of God Hod
Gamaliel The Obscene ones Yesod
Lilith Queen of the Night Malkuth

Qlippothic Astrology:
Beiriron The Herd Aries
Adimiron The Bloody Ones Taurus
Tzelilimiron The Clangers Gemini
Shichiriron The Black Ones Cancer
Shalhebiron The Flaming Ones Leo
Tzaphiriron The Scratchers Virgo
Abiriron The Clayish Ones Libra
Necheshthiron The Brazen Ones Scorpio
Nachashiron The Snaky Ones Sagittarius
Dagdagiron The Fishy Ones Capricorn
Bahimiron The Bestial Ones Aquarius
Nashimiron Malignant Women Pisces

River Element Qlippothic Dragon Cardinal Direction

Acheron Earth Typhon North
Cocytus Air Samael East
Phlegethon Fire Lucifer South
StyxWest Water Leviathan West