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Coach Role
Coach for
and AAHS
Services to Literacy Resource for Teachers to
Help Struggling Readers or
Educators Strategies to Improve Reading in
Your Classroom.
Support teacher
learning to help
improve classroom

Work with
individual or
groups of teachers

Influence literacy
programs school

Air Academy High School



Help secondary-
level teachers
focus on teaching
the content of
their specific
Edited 2017


Point of contact
Additional Resources:

Jody Montoya-Reading Interventionist

We shouldnt teach great
books; we should teach a
love of reading. ~B.F. Robin Koldenhoven-MTSS Coordinator

Reading Leadership Team

Kelly Scott
How Can We Work Together?
Dallas Hall
We can brainstorm and reflect on your
professional goals regarding My Mission 234-2489
Korina comprehensive
Bierman-Literacy Coach
literacy, knowing that it
Is to work with all teachers and support all
will be confidential. David Meisinger
students to improve reading in our school. I will
I can model a lesson that incorporates be supportive and guide collaborative discussions
any area of comprehensive literacy as you to improve and add to the literacy skills in the 234-2445
observe and take notes. district. I will work together with parents to help
them learn literacy strategies for their children. Katie Ulberhober
We can talk, and after I listen to you, I By meeting regularly with my administrators and
can hook you up with resources that will superintendent, I will coordinate the schools 234-2562
help you to find answers to your needs and ensure that they are allied with the
district-wide plan.
question(s) and probably prompt you to
pose more questions!

We can work in small inquiry groups to

discuss a common question about our
students literacy needs.

We can have a follow-up conversation

after a school-wide professional
development, an observation lab, a
literacy course, or a book study.