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Lesson tittle: creating a Standard: 4 Content area:
Phase 1: rationale for using technology
The flyer could be created faster and
Provide a rationale that explains why the technology-based its more hands on and physical. It’s
lesson offers clear relative advantage over other ways of also less time consuming and errors
teaching the topic or skill.
can be erased quickly.

Phase 2: Lesson Objectives and Assessments
The standard 4 students will learn
1. List your learning objectives or clear statements of -How to create a flyer using the tools
products and/or performances that students are required that are provided in Microsoft word
complete in order to demonstrate learning. Include an
audience, behavior, condition, and degree. which includes word art, pictures and
colored font and shapes, diagram and
Ensure that the objectives reflect measures that are usually charts.
required for the topic/area or that makes sense as
alternatives to those usually required.

The assessment will be for students to
2. Provide an assessment plan and the required instruments. create their own flyer on any topic of
their choice.
Ensure that there is a clear match between the objectives,
teaching strategies, and assessments. -Will be assessed by a checklist

Phase 3: Technology Integration Strategies
- firstly do a Presentation of the main
3. Specify and describe an individual approach or a parts of a computer.
grouping strategy for using the technology resources. -Do an demonstration of how to create
The technology-based activities should be essential in a flyer and also give examples of
helping students to accomplish the lesson objectives. different ways in creating a flyer using
different Microsoft tool
Teachers will help student prepare by
4. Describe how teachers will prepare students to use showing examples of the different
technology resources before their work is graded tools in Microsoft word and how it is
-making all students get hands on
5. Describe strategies for making sure all students (e.g., practice by doing a tutorial of
disabled) are included in learning activities. Microsoft word, and making sure each
student get individual attention.

Phase 4: Preparation Logistics
-Working computer (for each student)
6. Indicate the number and type of equipment and -working key board and mouse
software/media copies required to conduct the lesson. -Overhead projector
-Microsoft word (must be already
installed on each computer)
1 – 1 ½ hour session
7. Specify how long teachers and students will need access
to the technology resources.

Individual devices, they will each have
8. Describe how students' privacy and safety will be their own computer.
protected while using the technology.

9. Provide a backup plan if technology resources are not Another date will be chosen to do this
available as planned. activity