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7 Chilcotin Lane W
Lethbridge AB, T1K 7G7
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Bachelor of Education: CTS

Minor: Social Studies Education
Specialization: Early Childhood Education
Date Completed: April 2017
University of Lethbridge

Bachelor of Management
Date Completed: April 2017
University of Lethbridge


PSIII: Our Lady of the Assumption School September 2016-

December 2016
Taught Grade 3 Math, Social, P.E. and Art and Grade 2 Language Arts Tech.
Incorporated a diverse set of strategies, learning styles and assessment practices
into the units and lessons administered.
Brought technology into my classroom by using the SMART board and applications
such as RAZ Kids to create meaningful learning opportunities for students.
Developed an understanding of classroom management strategies that contribute to
a positive learning environment.
Co-coached the Grade 5/6 volleyball teams by participating and hosting practices and
attending all meets.
Planned the November monthly assembly with my fellow teachers.
Organized and participated in Parent Teacher Interviews.
Completed report cards in the middle of the semester.
Attended staff meetings, professional development days, and school events.

PSII: Brooks Junior High School March

2016- April 2016
Taught three Language Arts 9 classes and two Social 9 classes in a culturally
diverse setting.
Participated in school activities and celebrations such as Pi Day.
Participated in and observed Parent Teacher Interviews.
Attended a variety of supplementary meetings and professional development

PSI: Vauxhall Elementary School October 2014-

December 2014
Taught Grade 1 Math and Language Arts lessons in a rural town.
Organized, observed, and taught a class of Grade 1 students, including ESL
Worked one on one with students to practice reading and writing strategies.

Education 2500: Lakeview Elementary School May 2013-

June 2013
Observed and guided daily routines in a Grade 3 class.
Prepared and administered my first lesson about the ea vowel sound.


Educational Assistant at Lethbridge School District 51

January 2017 - Present
Provided assistance and supports to students in a Grade 1/2 class and a student in
Responsibilities included attending to physical needs, assisting with academic
tasks and assignments, monitoring progress and implementing and monitoring
established behavior modification programs.
Gained experience working with students with severe behavior difficulties, as well
as an understanding of ASD, ODD, FASD, ADHD and other behavioral disabilities.
Developed a strong understanding of trauma and loss, resiliency, building
connections and implemented conflict resolution skills.
Created a rapport with students and staff, adapted to dynamic learning
environments and learned the importance of being flexible.

Team Leader at The Lethbridge Boys and Girls Club September

2015 - July 2016
Developed strong leadership skills as a Team Leader at the Daze End out of school
care program for children in Kindergarten through Elementary School.
Led students in engaging and developmentally appropriate activities including
crafts, sports, cooking and free and imaginative play.
Exhibited professional manners while communicating with parents.
Completed required child-care training and continually updated certification.
Refined my communication skills with many different individuals and personalities
on a daily basis.
Training: Acquired Child Care Staff Qualification Certificate as a Child Development
Assistant from the Alberta Children and Youth Services.

Neighborhood Play Program Leader at the YWCA Lethbridge and District

June 2015 - August 2015
Promoted learning through play as a leader at a drop-in summer program for
children ages 6 -12.
Developed a daily program with games and activities tailored to help children
develop their social, physical and cognitive skills in a positive safe environment.
Set goals and outcomes for each week designed to assist in the skill development
of the children as well as monitor and record individual childrens achievements
and progress.
Training: Acquired First Aid certificate and National Coaching Certification for a
Fundamental Movement Skills Community Leader.


Craig Dejong
Principal at Fleetwood Bawden Elementary School

Lorelle Cholka
Kindergarten Teacher at Fleetwood Bawden Elementary School

Andrea Nemecek
PSIII Teacher Mentor at Our Lady of the Assumption School

Arlene Driscoll
PSII University Consultant