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Please note we do not process remittance within the same currency (Eg: JPY → JPY)

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Amount remitting (approx) : Main contact for KVB : ☐ Applicant ☐ Recipient Name of Applicant : Applicant’s contact details Ph no. : Work ph no. : E-mail : Address Name of Recipient : Recipient’s contact details Ph no. : Work ph no. : E-mail : Address Client ID Mob no. Fax no. : Client ID Mob no. Fax no. : ☐ On Hold ( :★ Date of remittance : )

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Method of exchange transaction: ☐ Automatic Name of sender :

☐ The amount of remittance is above NZD/AUD$10,000 or equivalent, so I would like to place an order for the whole amount at the above desired exchange rate.

Remark / Message etc : Receiving Method ☐ Transfer to bank A/C ☐ KVB’s company cheque Recipient’s bank A/C name Branch Bank A/C no BSB Number : : : : ☐ Cash ☐ KVB holds until bank A/C opened Bank name City
Applies only for AUD A/C

☐ Bank cheque/ Draft

Time required for prossesing, client pays necessary fees.

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Terms and Conditions
Fund must be creditted to the country you dealt with. • All transaction with KVB will be processed only after we have confirmed that your money has arrived in our account and is cleared. • If we recieve the fund in the currency in which you wish to convert to, we will automaticly exchange it to the base currency and buy back the exchanged currency. • Automatic: The currency exchange will be processed soon after confirming that your money has arrived. • On Hold: We can hold your money for up to 6 months for a more favorable exchange rate. We will inform you when the money has arrived, quoting you the current exchange rate. If satisfied with the given rate, we will fix it straight away, and proceed with the transaction. • Commission for exchanging: Less than 1 million JPY or $10,000 USD, EUR, GBP, : Can process up to 2 exchange deals. 1 million JPY or $10,000 USD, EUR, GBP or more: Can process up to 3 exchange deals. • If you wish to receive your money from our office, please bring photo ID. If you fail to provide, you may be refused. • If we are still withholding your money after the limited period (six months), the remaining amount will be automatically exchanged and transferred to your designated account, and we will send (E-mail, fax or post) the transaction details to you. ★ Only for reference, does not guarantee that we will contact you, nor the exchange transaction being processed when rate reaches. ★★ Please tick ONLY when you understand fully the terms and conditions for placing an order.

I have read and understood the above terms and conditions, and also request that KVB Kunlun perform the transaction.

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