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Day Breakfast Lunch Dinner Snack(s)

Monday Milk 2% (61) Filet-O-Fish(380) Chicken Alfredo Yogurt, plain,

Mar 13, 2017 Sliced bread (221) low fat (154)
(83) Apple (95)
Orange (62)
Tuesday Did not eat Chicken Salad Miso Soup (110) Chips, potato,
Mar 14, 2017 (272) Rice (220) sour cream &
Buffalo chicken onion (151)
wings (270) Orange (62)
Wednesday Milk 2% (61) Did not eat Chinese Yogurt, plain,
Mar 15, 2017 Special K Cereal, Dumplings low fat (154)
chocolatey (780) Chips, BBQ
delight (122) Tomato soup flavor (142)
Thursday Milk 2% (61) Spaghetti, Pizza (489) Chips, spicy
Mar 16, 2017 Special K Cereal, spinach (182) nacho (140)
chocolatey Apple (95)
delight (122)
Friday Did not eat Chow Mein(400) Corn chowder Ice-cream,
Mar 17, 2017 Shrimp (190) (149) chocolate (189)
Spaghetti with
meat sauce
Saturday Milk 2% (61) Rib eye steak Spicy Thai soup Ice-cream,
Mar 18, 2017 Toasted Oatmeal (225) (120) vanilla (137)
Cereal (188) Corn chowder Rice(220)
(149) Peas & carrots
Sunday Milk 2% (61) Apple, fresh, Spicy chicken Yogurt, plain,
Mar 19, 2017 Sliced bread med, 3 (95) deluxe (570) low fat (154)
(83) Chips, BBQ
flavor (142)

From this project, I learned that control calorie intake need self-control.

It is not easy to limit food that we eat each day. Some of us really like to eat

snacks and sometimes we eat too much of it and our calories will go up. After
I did this chart, I realized that sometimes I dont eat for breakfast and lunch. I

learned that not eating breakfast is not healthy for my body and I will change

it fast before it becomes a habit. I also feel like I eat fast food too much, I

should eat more homemade food. It would be healthier for my body. Some

people want to control their weight and not eat at all, but is very bad for their

health. We should learn how to control weight on a healthier way. We should

make a menu that have low calories but we still can get the nutrition that we

need. That way, we can control weight and be healthy. By looking at my

calories intake, I feel like I should eat more to maintain my weight.

A menu for one day that will include healthy, low-calorie meal options for


Breakfast Lunch Dinner Snack(s) Total

Egg Breakfast Vegetable wrap Vegetable Apple (95) 1,648
Muffins(260) (440) noodle soup
2% milk (61) Orange juice (140)
(112) Rice(220)
Orange chicken

I think this menu will help me maintain my weight and I would also have the

nutrition I need in my body. The calories that I intake for last week did not

really reach the point that I can maintain my weight. This menu would help

me maintain my weight. 3 nutrition goals that I will set for myself which will

be easy to reach are:

1. Eat three meals every day.

2. Eat more fruits instead of ice-cream and chips.
3. If I dont have time to eat homemade, choose salad instead of burger

in fast food.