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Facility Safety | Employee Safety: Your Life Matters

Course Description: This training is designed to equip employees with the processes set in place for their
facilitys safety and to provide basic response protocol if ever confronted with instances that compromise the
safety of their facility. In this training, learners will be exposed to active shooter incidents that have ravaged
our nation, fires and natural disasters. This training is segmented by three user types: facility management
responsible for the establishment of safety and security protocol, receptionists front-line recipients of guests
and initial point of contact, and departmental staff low level interaction with guests.

Target Audience

Employees of Solid Waste

Services Department
Goals Delivery Modality
Raise awareness of the need
for facility safety Instructor Led 2.5 hrs
Ability to implement Web-Based 1 hr
established safeguards

Learner Analysis: Learner Characteristics: Because of their concern for

Intended Audience: Employees of Solid Waste Services safety, many employees are eager to engage this training.
Common traits: all employees have a level of concern for Levels of concern have heightened incrementally over the
safety in the facility, everyone has expressed a need for years because employees have found vagrants from the
safety training community in the facility: sleeping, wandering, and/or asking
for money. Learners are excited to hear to that the training
Differences: all employees start their day at the facility, will have components of collaborative learning as they feel
but many of them leave at some point in the day to work that their concerns will be heard and addressed this way.
in the field; some employees are predominately Spanish
Range of ability: this type of training will require some
employees to assume roles that put them into the position
of being emergency/evacuation marshals; some
employees are confident in their ability to fulfill this type
of responsibility; those most comfortable have
previously served in the military or some form of law
Motivation: employees motivation for participating in
the instructional event stems primarily from recent tragic
events such as: active shooter and natural disasters;
employees are eager to know recommended safeguards
Noninstructional needs: the instructor led portion of this
instruction is only 2.5 hours but the subject matter is very
heavy; a 15-minute break will be given half-way through
the training; depending on the time of day, snacks will
be provided prior to the start
Effective, efficient, and appealing: this training will
affect employees in a way that is very eye-opening; to
make it effective, efficient, and appealing we will utilize
relevant video, statistics, and opportunities for role
Cultural and physical diversity: printed material will be
provided in English and Spanish; learners will be divided
into small groups to resolve mock challenges and
develop questions in a collaborative style learning
Evaluation strategies: formative evaluation will be used