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date of birth : 15/02/1983

Tel.: +49 (0) 89 329 289 56

Handy: 015773336422
Adress: Senftlstr 1
81541 Mnchen
Nationality: Frankreich

Email: Frdric Moresmau

Diplom Mathematician, TU Mnchen

(2009) Diplom in Mathematics subcidiary subject mechanical engineering Technische Universitt Mnchen grade : 2,3
Diploma Thesis
Flight Trajectory Optimization of Satellites Calcultion and modelling with MATLAB
Project work
Flight Trajectory Optimization of Satellites Calcultion and modelling with MATLAB
Mathematics Diploma TU Mnchen
Applied Mathematics: Optimization (linear/non-linear), Numerical Calculus, Numerics ordinary &
partial Differential Equations, Numerics of dynamical Systems, Neuronale Networks. Theoretical
Mathematics: Functionalanalysis, applied Geometrie, Differential geometrie, Partial
Differential Equations, Stochastics.
Mechanical Engineering:
Systems Engineering, manned Spaceflight, FEM in structural mechanics, Technical mechanics, Experimental
Mathematics Vordiplom, TU Mnchen
Linear Algebra, Analysis, Numerics, linear Optimization, Stochastics 1
1993-2002 Abitur at Werner - Heisenberg - Gymnasium Mnchen
Leistungskurse: Mathematics & Music
April-August 10 Studies at Ludwig Maximilian Universitt Mnchen Physik

since Mai 2015 studies in Physics/Musicology at LMU Munich

MATLAB - Programm for mathematical and numerical calculus
LaTeX - Software pakage to create scientifical documents
MSOffice: Word, Excel, PowerPoint
OpenOffice, Basic knowledge in C
Programming experience with Eclipse and Java

French - Mother tongue

German - Mother tongue
English - fluent

WORK EXPERIENCE Nov14 April 15 Internship OHB System /KayserThrede MATLAB Cuts of Geometries /
Primitives Meshing with MESH V24

Feb-Jun 13 Musical lessons at Music school

Nov 11 - Bertrandt Mnchen Internship with ANSA (FEM)

April-August 11 ConSol Mnchen
Softwareengineering Java and Eclipse
Jan-April 10 RecySystems Unterschleiheim Part - Time
Technical translations and documentation of company intern documents -
German French - English
Apr-Aug 09 INRIA France
Intern mathematical research (applications in Optimization
isogeometric analysis, Computer Aided Geometric Design with
NURBS(Splines), and applied FEM) MATLAB

07-10 Tutoring in mathematics for scholars and Students

Mai-Jul 03
Juni-Aug 01/02
Mai 99
Deutsches Herzzentrum Mnchen
Internship in hospital- cardiological section
Preparation of surgery room, active participation at operations on patients

World Sports Camp Boston Massachusetts USA

Basketball assistant coach & Full time supervision of high school scholars
LINDE AG - Mnchen
School internship: area mecahnics, work with metals

Music: Violin in Orchestra in SOMA, chamber music (Violin/Piano)
Piano-lessons at Hochschule Mnchen (Prof.Berger)

Sports Track & Field & Basketball

2.Regionalliga Basketball Kickz-Mnchen Basket & MTSV Schwabing

Passed exam for Lehramt Sports for Schools in Erlangen