‘’Suffer Little Children’’

I. - Walter’s Lab. ‘’Damn it!’’ Walter exclaims. ‘’This is unbelievable!’’ ‘’What is it this time, Walter?’’ asks Peter Bishop. ‘’Are all these people nitwits, Peter?’’ Walter continues his gesticulatory cavalcade. ’’Peter, look at what they wrote!’’ Walter’s son scans the text. ‘’Well, Walter, you can’t expect someone out there to know you’re a genius. They think you’re just like them and simply wanna help.’’ ‘’They think they’re so anonymously temerarious!’’ Walter replies angrily. ‘’Jealous, narrow-minded, hypocritical nitwits! Lebensunwertes Leben!’’ ‘’What else is new…’’Bishop replies sarcastically. ‘’Walter, publishing papers about quantum physics on a site that’s supposed to deal with novelists…I mean, you do the math here.’’ ‘’But…but son…this is pure fiction disguised AS the truth! Although nothing is fictional because there is an infinite number of supposed realities…’’ Bishop looks at his son apologetically. ‘’Walter’’ Peter Bishop looks at his father. ‘’Just drop it, alright? We all know just how clever people are. At least it makes them easier to read and to manipulate. Little people – puppets on a string of genius.’’ ‘’I suppose you’re right’’ Peter’s father nods. ‘’I’ll just stick to my daily contemplative rounds.’’ ‘’Yeah, Walter. You do that.’’ Two Hours Later.

‘’Monarch. ‘’What are you saying?’’ asks Walter’s son. ‘’Does she have a younger sister?’’ ‘’Positive’’ replies Broyles. ‘’At first. Walter’’ Peter Bishop interrupts. ‘’What’s going on?’’ ‘’This celebrity. but Broyles wants to see us on the scene. . He keeps repeating ‘’this can’t be’’ over and over again. yes?’’ ‘’That’s correct’’ says Broyles. But then they showed me all the mirrors. We’re waiting. I was puzzled just like you. Walter’’ Olivia answers Walter’s repeated queries regarding the nature of his visit.’’ II. ‘’I’ve got just one word to say to you. son?’’ the scientist asks. ‘’It appears this type of programming is no longer a myth’’ says Broyles. Her younger sister is…’’ ‘’Wait!’’ exclaims Walter. Walter Bishop goes catatonic for thirty seconds.’’ ‘’Walter!’’ Peter Bishop says. they showed me her final moments. ‘’We gotta go!’’ ‘’Where. she was in her mid-twenties.’’ Upon hearing the news. ‘’I don’t know the sensitive details yet. ‘’Why?’’ ‘’We need to get her out of here’’ says Walter. ‘’We need to do it now!’’ ‘’Whoa.(Conversation between Peter Bishop and Phillip Broyles) ‘’You and your father are needed on the scene.

I’m telling you – the girl has to be transported to my lab! No questions!’’ ‘’Well’’ Olivia comes out the victim’s room.’’ ‘’But not this time’’ says Peter Bishop and looks at Broyles. III. Bishop…’’ ‘’Oh. ‘’Yes’’ she nods. ‘’Normally. Can you do that. I thought you’d be some spoilt mentally challenged brat but now I see you’re one smart young lady’’ Walter then adds. ‘’Interesting. . ‘’Very good indeed. that’s my pleasure’’ replies the scientist. all you have to do is look in the mirror’’ explains Walter. ‘’Alright.’’ ‘’Thank you for helping me. We will have to cease any communication attempts throughout that time. ‘’I will scan your brain to determine what is happening – and whether you need to undergo the process of integration. ‘’Very good’’ Walter mutters. I’ll be in touch’’ Broyles smiles and walks away.Walter’s Lab. I also told everyone to leave – as promised. ‘’To be honest. ‘’You convinced me. celebrities are surrounded by lawyers and other privacy-protectors. please?’’ ‘’Sure’’ the girl nods vigorously. ‘’Three minutes – no more. ‘’Alice. let me tell you.’’ ‘’Just make sure her sister’s safe.’’ Alice smiles slightly. Mr.’’ ‘’I’m glad’’ says Walter.’’ .‘’Whoever is around this girl now – she’s just not safe. are sure you want to do this?’’ asks Walter. This is a classic example of ‘end times’ programming at work. ‘’And not many smart women around.

yes’’ he walks back and forth. ‘’In other words.Four Minutes Later. I need this phone and I need it now!’’ ‘’Whatever…’’ Astrid sighs as she attempts to locate the phone. ‘’I’m sure you’re familiar with Joseph Mengele?’’ ‘’The Angel of Death? How could I forget one of your heroes. ‘’What are you suggesting?’’ ‘’There’s this…unsubstantiated solution we could try to utilize!’’ ‘’Unsubstantiated solution’’ Peter Bishop replies. ‘’She’s beyond my help.’’ ‘’Peter’’ Walter’s voice becomes shaky. ‘’No time for irrelevancies. ‘’Yes. no Peter. Walter. Walter’’ she tells him. ‘’Oh my God…Asteroid. bring me the phone! Quick! Oh. Six Minutes Later. What’s up. Her brain indicates that the procedure of compartmentalization has been successfully implemented on a multitude of levels.’’ ‘’No. That’s me. don’t be such a sarcastic bloke! He was…perfecting what ancient Egyptians – and possibly Atlanteans – were well aware of! . ‘’Peter? Is that you?’’ ‘’Yes. something that probably doesn’t exist on this planet. Walter…’’ ‘’Oh. There is only one way to help her – if she is to ever regain her true self!’’ Two seconds of silence follow. and tell the girl to wait somewhere else!’’ ‘’It’s Astrid. listen carefully’’ says Walter.

cut to the chase.’’ ‘’So how does that help us. ‘’Exactly! We need to go there as soon as possible!’’ ‘’Alright. I will. Wait for me inside. is that Mengele invented a device capable of integrating all the alters into one! The only problem is…he didn’t leave it in one of his U. ‘’There’s a village. don’t go anywhere. but somewhere in Brazil. I’ll tell Olivia and Broyles.S. ‘’Massive Dynamic has got nothing to hide. In the meantime. the Soviets wanted them. we all know the story’’ Peter Bishop responds. Broyles and Dunham is about to be concluded…) ‘’Of course you can use our teleportation device!’’ says Nina Sharp. wanted them. The art of creating a perfect. labs. Walter?’’ ‘’I know where to find it. Nazi scientists were a valuable commodity…’’ ‘’The U.S. ‘’What you don’t know.The art of mind-control. Are you talking about the village where almost every child is a Nordic ideal?’’ ‘’Yes!’’ exclaims Walter. as you know. Peter!’’ Bishop replies.’’ .the art of dissociation!’’ ‘’Walter.’’ Two Hours Later.’’ ‘’I will Peter. undetectable mind-controlled slave . the village full of twins!’’ ‘’Wait. son. ‘’Peter. everybody wanted them – I know’’ says Walter’s son. (As a conversation between Sharp.

they are electro-shocked and put into cages…the trauma is so terrible.‘’Just like certain…countries that display a particular proclivity towards egalitarian utilization of war criminals have got nothing to hide’’ Walter remarks snidely. ‘’I’m unsure if the twins are here because of Mengele. ‘’Very much so. IV. ‘’Dissociative identity disorder…the butterfly and its genetic predispositions…even the rape techniques they use to program the children. miss Dunham…then. they are raped. ‘’Mengele’s mansion!’’ Ten Minutes Later. so unimaginable. ‘’No. Brazil ‘’I wonder if this zapping to other climates has any side effects’’ says Peter Bishop. perfect . son’’ replies Walter. ‘’You see. maybe it’s just German immigrants. known as alters…they are perfect spies. yes!’’ exclaims Walter Bishop. ‘’I’m curious – do you really think there are about two million mind-controlled slaves on Earth…right now? ‘’Oh yes’’ Walter nods vigorously. Their programming often begins before birth. ‘’That’s what we’ve been looking for. that their mind splits into compartments. ‘’It’s all here’’ says Walter Bishop. ‘’Walter. Candido Godoi. ‘’It’s here’’ Walter looks around. it’s…’’ ‘’That’s it!’’ Dunham interrupts. but you cannot deny his fetish!’’ ‘’Fetish?’’ says Olivia Dunham. time to go’’ Peter Bishop says. ‘’It takes one to know one’’ adds Peter Bishop.’’ ‘’Ah.’’ ‘’Walter’’ Olivia looks at the scientist.

celebrities.’’ ‘’Brilliant.’’ ‘’You’re quite a poet. ‘’Walter…’’ says Peter Bishop. perhaps?’’ says Walter. And that’s what the handlers want…that’s why they created all those foundations to dismiss DID as ramblings of paranoid schizophrenics. son!’’ Walter claps his hands. ‘’I always knew my sperm was worth disseminating!’’ ‘’Why do you think celebrities exist. miss Dunham… unless they go off-script and start acting crazy. ‘’Do we’ve any idea what we’re looking for?’’ ‘’The integrator’s to be hidden around here somewhere’’ says Walter Bishop. like Britney Spears and Vickie Marshall.’’ ‘’Consciousness does not enter a body until a specific event morphogenetic moment occurs. ephemerally. ‘’Some philosophical digression. which leads me to believe nothing would happen. nobody would be hurt. got pregnant and then turned back into a man – while pregnant?’’ ‘’That’s one heck of a conundrum Walter’’ Olivia smiles. a man – turned into a woman. . perfect anyone you would like to put in power and then play them like a violin. ‘’I’ll give you that. Walter’’ asks Dunham. and all those shooters you keep hearing about…we live in a deeply disturbed society where the truth is so shocking people will do anything to deny it. ‘’What would happen if a shape-shifter – let’s say. ‘’Mengele died unexpectedly which is ironic because he was predictable to the point of artificiality…ah!’’ ‘’What?’’ asks Dunham. perfect toy soldiers. Walter’’ Peter Bishop looks around.

‘’It’s still operational!’’ ‘’Hallelujah!’’ Peter Bishop spreads his arms. my son’’ the scientist replies. ‘’Just me’’ replies Walter. Walter!’’ Dunham shouts.’’ ‘’That’s a polite way of saying something rather impolite’’ says Peter Bishop as the team is searching for the integrator. ‘’And we’re glad you’re done!’’ ‘’I found it. ‘’I will not – and cannot – lie to you.‘’Celebrities exist because people are pathetic creatures who need some sort of consensually constructed raison d’etre. So…well…I mean…can we proceed. ‘’Alice. this is going to hurt’’ says Walter Bishop. ever. it is true I conducted my own experiments but never. It’s here somewhere – I’m sure of it!’ Three Hours Later.’’ ‘’Well’’ perplexed Walter replies. ‘’I found it! I found it!’’ Walter prances around like a child.’’ ‘’I like you. An air of serenity permeates the lab. ‘’Finally!’’ V. ‘’I like your mind. ‘’You have my word.’’ ‘’Will anyone see me like this?’’ asks Alice. ‘’But… where are you!?’’ ‘’We’re outside. Walter’’ the girl says. ‘’Thank you. Yes. ‘’Don’t worry. miss Dunham!’’ Walter brandishes the device like a toy. something so despicable. miss Dunham. . ‘’Walter – do you even know anything about this device?’’ ‘’Yes. Walter’s Lab. Alice?’’ ‘’Yes’’ she nods gently.

Alice’’ says Walter. ‘’I’ve been thinking – what happens to someone who dies and has not been de-programmed? With so many alters involved. you motherfucker! I won’t let you!’’ ‘’Who is this?’’ asks Walter. But you will no longer be an amalgamation of independent alters!’’ ‘’You can’t do it. ‘’A torrent of memories is about to hit you. ‘’Alice. And you know it. but they will become one and then…then you will need therapy to cope with your inner fears. visibly saddened. . ‘’Do you think people know what life is about?’’ ‘’No.‘’Walter?’’ Alice looks at the scientist who is setting up the integrator. you can’t destroy us! We control this body!’’ ‘’How many are there?’’ asks Walter. how do you know who is THE person? And if you’re religious – which compartment will you judge? What if your judgment contradicts itself?’’ ‘’Is that what’s happening to me?’’ asks Alice. ‘’Most people have no idea what life is really about. dear’’ Walter shakes his head. ‘’Terrible memories. since you ask’’ Walter says.’’ ‘’And what about you?’’ the girl continues.’’ ‘’We’re separate individuals. ‘’Twenty!’’ a reply can be heard. ‘’The overseer! You’ll release me – right now!’’ ‘’I can’t do that. ‘’Yes?’’ he replies. yes.

’’ VI. ‘’This can’t go on. could you come to the lab please?’’ he asks. Alice’’ says Walter.‘’I was expecting hundreds’’ Walter continues. Mr. Drones. He then leaves the lab in a hurry. ‘’I’m so glad it worked. While they are not necessarily any less intelligent. And she – of course – agrees. Shopping Mall. you MUST become one!’’ ‘’Create stable memetic patterns and build a massive disinformation field where nobody knows what is real anymore.An Investigation’’ …and starts reading – ‘’Empty people. He takes out a book titled ‘’Blasphemous Rumours: Is Satanic Ritual Abuse Fact or Fantasy? . . Organic Portals.. or physically healthy as anyone else. ‘’Astro. Why do these terms even exist? Because out of necessity they had to be invented by those who independently noticed the same puzzling phenomenon. Cardboard cutouts. Walter Bishop sits on a bench not far from his favorite restaurant. Puppet people. Background characters. Walter Bishop!? You’ve no right to play God!’’ Walter ignores the alters and focuses on the task at hand. they nevertheless show no indication of having any higher components to their consciousness. One Minute Later. successful. Create pointless public debates that give people an illusion of change!’’ the alter screams. one for which there is no official name: some people seem to be missing something very important inside.. ‘’Do you remember this.

But my expectations are too high because most people do not want thought-provoking stuff. ‘’You see. miss Alice. poignant and stimulates my… intellectual glands.’’ ‘’What’s that?’’ she asks. ’’What do you see?’’ ‘’Hmmm…some of them have no auras?!’’ . ‘’Never heard of it. Why is it that in almost every movie there are love references?’’ ‘’Walter’’ Alice butts in.‘’Many more out there like me’’ she is saddened.’’ Alice is more than curious. what some people call ‘red dresses. I’ve yet to see a show which is entertaining. ‘’I’ll take a picture now…a different kind of picture. ‘’Just look here’’ the scientist shows her digital photos and asks. ‘’You see. ‘’Your point?’’ ‘’Ah. she cannot resist Walter’s mesmerizing tone. ‘’We developed a way of detecting spiritless humans!’’ ‘’Spiritless humans?’’ ‘’Oh yes!’’ Walter confirms. people are too dumb to see that this whole Matrix deal is in itself nothing new – and they think it is just some sort of ‘pop-culture’ reference. Yes.’’ ‘’This crowded mall is going to show you that life is not as boring as we are led to believe’’ Walter smiles. we posited that there are people who are simple agents of this reality construct.’ Unfortunately. Sorry’’ Walter says. ‘’Do you know what Kirlian photography is?’’ ‘’No’’ she shakes her head. there is something people don’t know about me and William’’ Walter says. ‘’But there’s something I want you to know. ‘’We cannot help everyone’’ replies Walter. Perfect programming – with mediocre quality shows at that.

This life is their only life.they have no consciousness. like a big pack of wolves? No individuality. it does make sense to me’’ she says. ‘’We theorized that up to one billion individuals can be organic portals. when they come to this world…. I know what you’re about to say – your parents can be one. ‘’You see. just designed to keep…us in this game?’’ ‘’Yes’’ Walter nods vigorously. Organic portals. ‘’That’s exactly it! We have consciousness. No wonder they are materialistic and psychopathic to the core! They are literal children of this Matrix! Yes – they know how to mask themselves. Look around you – see these teenagers there. my dear’’ Walter says. Alice. Always remember. it could be used to kill people. just like me! We’re lucky!’’ ‘’I can see why some people might find it a little controversial’’ Alice remarks sarcastically. they are the ones this edifice put in power! Yes. Maybe more. ‘’So much can be explained away – still.’’ ‘’If you suspect someone you know is one of those cartoonish characters’’ the scientist looks around. but miss Alice…think of all that ganging up on a person! You’re alone and – suddenly – people are all around you! They know you are different and they know you must be kept in line! Unfortunately. we are consciousness – this reality is just another bus stop for us. ‘’Indeed. ‘’Indeed. they are what they are.‘’Ah!’’ Walter snaps his fingers.’’ ‘’So they’re like script-people. there are automatic people out there. To these beings. Alice. ‘’You know how to deal with them – you know there is nothing you can do to change them. Alice – they will . just collective consciousness. They are like the Borg – and we must make sure not to get assimilated!’’ ‘’How many of them are there?’’ she asks. your spouse – even you! Well.’’ ‘’Then again. no. not you Alice you do have an aura.

really…I almost feel sorry for them.’’ ‘’So there are no mean people among the conscious ones?’’ Alice asks.’’ ‘’He reminds me of a used car salesman’’ says Walter and leans forward. there’s just nothing you can do. In other words. Look how much shit they throw at us just to keep us down! They seem arrogant but it is just a veneer – this civilization has been designed to trick us. ‘’Is it true that malls plan everything. we are stock brokers. they are their part and will always be that way. ‘’It knows that consciousness can think it out of existence within seconds.be absorbed by the infinite energy field while you are that energy field! They are sad creatures. something you cannot put your finger on. while the spiritless do not just play their part. it is all scripted. which means there is that divine spark which you can reason with…but with those empty shells. no matter how intelligent they seem. Alice – conscious beings play their part and then move on because they can. ‘’Of course there are!’’ Walter gesticulates. you can just tell that about them. ‘’Yes’’ Walter nods. Alice…deep down. there is just something…missing. including music?’’ . ‘’However. this Matrix can go screw itself!’’ ‘’I know what I’d do’’ Alice smiles. we are our bodies! That way they can control us…but once you awake and become a rezoner.’’ ‘’Is Matrix afraid of consciousness?’’ ‘’Very’’ says Walter. Alice! To trick the conscious ones we are human. but you feel it. ‘’The difference is. they are conscious.’’ ‘’So…can they be like…intelligent and all?’’ asks Alice. ‘’I’d mess with Obama’s teleprompters a little so everyone could see just how eloquent he really is. ‘’But don’t tell anyone!’’ ‘’Walter’’ Alice says.

‘’Yes’’ replies Walter. * * * . ‘’Music is important as it subliminally stimulates you to spend more and save the economy!’’ Merry laughter follows.