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Aztec Empire

The aztec empire came to be around the sixth century. At that time all the new coming
aztecs were residing in Mexico to form the new empire. The sixth century was dated around
1525. When the empire ended, the cause was spaniards were rebelling against the government
and they hung the eleventh and last emperor. But in the time as the empire stood firm, the
geographic location remained in Mexico.
Montezuma was the main ruler of the time. His authority was chosen by an election. He
ruled over the large, centralized empire of the aztecs from 1398-1469. Montezuma was known
for his dramatic confrontation as well as his reasonable knowledge.
The empire had a great variety of gods and goddesses they worshiped. They basically had
a god for all human activities and all aspects of nature. Aztecs would present a sacrifice by
capturing an enemy of war and killing them. They might also kill animals of different sorts just
for the blood aspect to present to the gods. But, they all believed they owe a blood debt to the
gods and they would all cut themselves to show loyalty and respect to their fathers above.
The people of the Aztec empire spoke Nahuatl. It is a language of trade and prestige. It
was used extensively in olden day literature. As for agriculture, they used chinampas (which are
small, rectangular pieces of land that are artificially made) and provided rich soil and easy access
to water for the people and homes established there. The farming system was way more complex
back then and they grew one hundred percent of the food they ate. The most popular food the
Aztecs grew was maize, also known as corn. They are known and symbolized by the corn and
they even had a god that ruled over the cornfields.
The aztecs believe the calendar is a very important aspect of their culture because without
it, they believed, there wouldnt be divided days and rituals for the gods to represent. They
practiced a lot of cosmology, considering they didnt have the technology as we do today, it was
a very delicate and complex system then as how we think of it now. The stars tell you everything
and anything, messages, sent straight from the gods. Their minds were obviously very complex
and open-minded considering the extent of this fable that everyone seemed to believe and follow.
They believed the universe is a very delicate equilibrium. However, the whole concept is a very
dangerous matter because of the delicacy. The shifting powers of the gods can disturb the entire
force of the equilibrium and cause many disputes and other aspects leading to war. But no one of
the gods are above the others, therefore they cannot settle things with a winning individual.
Instead, they continue to dispute until the end of times (supposedly explaining why we have war
and disagreements to this day).
Trade was their only system of exchange. They worked as farmers mostly, but the
payment was food on the table. However, they also produced items from their individual
talents. With these exclusive items, they used the system of trade with other individuals to gather
up everything needed for basic life needs. There was no price or label on the exchanges so,
there was really no social differentiation with wealthy and poor people.
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